Monday, March 1, 2010

Tabletop Tuesday - Den Bookshelves

Hello, Dear Ones! Our Dear Marty at A Stroll Thru Life has taken the torch from our Dear Barb at Grits and Glamour to continue on with Tabletop Tuesday! Thanks to both these Dear Ones! Please pop on over to Marty's blog and you're tiny most gorgeous peepers will be filled with wonder!

Okay, now on with the tops - Marty said anywhere you can poke stuff is a tabletop.
So, I'll be showing you my shelves in the den.
This is the room where Mr. Precious and I spend most of our time! Yep, he loves his big ole TV and I guess I do too. It's like the enlarged pictures in Blogland!Enlarged TV shows! :)

Okie dokie, here we go. We'll start with this cabinet.

Look at the very top - greens! Now I know some folks say, "Don't put any greens atop your cabinets - kitchen tops or otherwise!" Well, I don't listen to some folks and just do what I like to do. I've put greens up on the very top to help and disguise Mr. Precious' tiny little Bose speakers - works too! :) I also poked up there a lidded jar with star fish.

Here I've poked on some books, a fluer de lis, and a bird plate on a stand.

A few months back I copycatted someone and covered some foam board with fabric and poked it at the backs of the shelves! The fabric makes these shelves seem brighter and my things show up a little better and I like it!!

On the second shelf - more books and some little birdies. I even dusted for you! ;)

I call this the 'male side'! Filled with mostly Mr. Precious' books.

Here is the other cabinet flanking the big ole TV! This would be the 'female side'!

Again, more greens and another little bitty Bose speaker.

More books and birds!

Here's a blurry closeup of one of the plates!

Popping on down to the second shelf you'll see more of my books and a clock. Very dear olden clock given to me many years ago on Mother's Day. Oh, please hand me a tissue. Sniff...sniff! It has the most marvelous bing bang bong...bong bong bang bing! :)

And to continue with the bird theme, there sits a trio of little blue ones! Tweet tweet!

There you go, my shelf tabletops! Thank you, Dear Marty for being our new hostess for Tabletop Tuesday! Please pop on over to her blog and your tiny most gorgeous peepers will be filled with beauty!
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You Decorated My Life

All my life was a paper once plain, pure and white
Till you moved with your pen changin' moods now and then

Till the balance was right

Then you added some music, ev'ry note was in place

And anybody could see all the changes in me by the look on my face

And you decorated my life, created a world where dreams area apart

And you decorated my life by paintin' your love all over my heart

You decorated my life

Like a rhyme with no reason in an unfinished song
There was no harmony life meant nothin' to me,
Until you came along

And you brought out the colors, what a gentle surprise

Now I'm able to see all the things life can be
Shinin' soft in your eyes

And you decorated my life,
created a world where dreams are a part

And you decorated my life by paintin' your love all over my heart

You decorated my life

~sung by Kenny Rogers


  1. I can just hear your beautiful clock, and here's a tissue for your baby blues! Pretty soon you can also celebrate Grandmother's Day. It's March 1st - yea! Keep us posted on the new arrival. Sally

  2. Girl I so missed your last post...I seen it but I could't leave a comment on it...don't know why so anyway I knew with retirement you would be busy...don't you love having them home all day ha ha!!
    Now I just love your den and all your shelfs looks so clean and pretty with all the birdies on them...Pickle how did you hide hat TV cord girl I have been trying since Dec when we also got that BIG tv to hide all those dang cords...not like plugging in a toaster is it...Hope you have a GREAT day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. I love your den Shelia. Those birdies are so sweet and got me thinking of Spring. Can't wait!

  4. Oh, Sheila, I so enjoy your posts. I get a good laugh all the time. Now here's a tiny tissue for your tiny tears. lol. I just love those birdies. And perfect fabric at the back of the shelves. I think the ivy looks great on top the shelves.

  5. I loved your birds! The green material is lovely as the backing to your shelves! That is a great idea!

  6. Oh Shelia,I love your shelves. It is so much more interesting than just a TV stand. I love all the lovelies you put in there. I love your bird plates too...Christine

  7. You are really good at "poking" things in all the right places! Looks great! The birdies are so cute!

    I like greens on top, and everywhere, just gives a nice pop to have greens added in!

    Love the song "You decorated my life!"


  8. Hello, Mrs. Precious... I love the fact that you defy those that would have us get rid of our silkness. I agree... who is going to arrest us? The silk police??? ;-)

    Love your shelves, but love you more...


    Sheila :-)

  9. Prettinesses! I, to, have not decreased in upper greenery. I actually bought some new and additional greenery for upper spots. Don't care. Love it!


  10. Shelia, you've made me want to run out and find some star fish to put in a pretty jar. That looks so pretty. Your shelves are so nicely arranged. laurie

  11. The last few days I've been adding the new "pages" to my blog and one is for the music I have on my iTunes, sweetpea. Every time I worked on getting those tunes on "My Music" on the header page - and I'm not done with the look of it yet - I thought of you and knew you'd come up with the words to each and every single one. Funny how we think of those things when doing it, chick, but that is absolutely true. It's going to take me a while to do the effect I want but soon, very soon. LOL

  12. Shelia. the cabinet and shelves are very neat and I love the pieces you choose to decorate them. I noticed some of the books and I wondered who the history buff is,,,,,if there is one.

    Glad to hear you are having spring weather, anxious to make a trip down there.


  13. Looks fantastic! I do not listen to decorating rules's my home and I do what I like:)!!~ I love your entertainment center and you tastefully decorated it with all the cute birds, plates and books, such a lovely display! Thanks for coming over for beer and bratwurst!

  14. Shelia, Everything looks so pretty and CLEAN on your shelves. And I LOVE your greenery on top of your cabinet. I put it on top of everything in my house, be it curios, china cabinets, or Grandfather clocks. I think it just tops it off nicely! Thanks for sharing.

  15. OH SHELIA! I have greens on top of EVERYTHING! No one ever told me that...and I mean I REALLY have green stuff up there! I wonder why not? I love it! What's the reason?? I 'm stressing here! I am doing a designers NO NO??
    I like yours....I looks good to me! YIKES!
    Anyway...your room is lovely. It looks very comfy..

  16. Morning Shelia

    I love the den, it looks a great place to chill out in, although before I sit down I would have to have a slow walk around the room looking at pictures, books etc....

    Your vignettes are lovely with books, birds etc...and that clock!!

    Jackie in UK

  17. Hi Shelia, I enjoyed looking at all your lovely table tops. I have to admit that I've never heard that one should not put green on shelves...what's that about?

    Keep well, dear lady :o)

  18. You've made very pleasing and interesting displays on your shelves.

    Oh, I also have greens on top of my bookcases in my study!

  19. Shelia, I'm all in favor of greens on top - especially to hide the speakers. I have done the same thing! Love the "his" and "hers" books - great idea! Lovely bookcase! Linda

  20. I am right there with you with the greens.....they add just the right touch! :) You did a great job adding and poking things here and there you and Mr. thoughtful of you! Thanks for stopping by!


  21. Sheila,
    Love the look of your book shelves, especially the bird plates.

  22. Shelia, your shelves look amazing. I love the mix of books, plates, clocks and birds. Your greenery on top looks perfect to me. I have greenery on mine too. Your apothecary jar up there is stunning too. Thanks so much for joining the party. I need to redo my shelves, and this is great eye candy. Hugs, Marty

  23. I am SOOOOOOO glad I came for a visit and saw your room and most especially your Greens on top. Now I can get my huge container out- wash n dry my greens and put them back on top of my cabs, cause if its good enough for Sheila, its good enough for me.

  24. I'm so glad to see someone's shelves in such lovely shape. Makes me feel there is hope one day. Wish you could come over for coffee and give me direction. Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by my blog to see my new picture wall. I so enjoyed this visit. -- Jane F.

  25. Beautiful vignettes, Shelia! I loved seeing more of this room.

  26. Hello sweet lady...

    Ohhh...what a lovely den, Sheila! I certainly can see why you enjoy spending alot of time here! I was admiring your beautiful sofa...I love that demure pattern on the fabric...sooo pretty! Well Darlin', you've just done an outstanding job of decorating those pretty shelves! Hmmm...who said we shouldn't use greenery up on top of things? I have greenery on top of everything I can get it on! Hehe! I think it always adds such nice color and it also adds height to the room! Sheesh...someone didn't know what they were talkin' about! hehe! I love how you added that beautiful fabric to the backs of the shelving! I AM going to do this as well! Of course, I've been saying that for a year now! Using the foamboard is a terrific idea...I like that it makes it easy to change out the fabrics, etc. Great way to decorate for the different seasons...don't you think? Anyway, you have accessorized your shelves perfectly, my friend! I love all those sweet little birds!!! Thank you so much for sharing more of your fabulous home with us!!!

    Also, thank you so much for coming by for a visit in my Tea Rose bedroom...I really enjoyed your sweet note, Darlin'! Thank you!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  27. Sheila darling, you and Mr. Precious share a gorgeous home. I like what I see each time you feature a part of your home. I agree with you on the "green on the cabinet or high areas" I love green inside and out, and I too place them everywhere. Take care darling, enjoy your beautiful home, wishing you a day full of blessings.

    Love & Hugs

  28. Hi Shelia!

    I just love to visit your lovely home! It is always so welcoming.

    Love all your little birds. They just sing "Spring". And the fabric in the back of your shelves is a wonderful idea. It really does brighten it up!

  29. Shelia, what is it with men and speakers? I made mine get one of those things that sits next to his chair and he can hear the tv, but I can't. (Aren't I mean?) I say "poke" whatever you want up there. I love your birds. I may have to do that fabric in the back thing.

  30. Greenry is just another medium for decorating and I find it very helpful and beautiful. Love your shelves, your wonderful books and little birdies. I like the fabric on the back of the shelves too.

  31. Greens are good no matter what anyone thinks. The dress up the top of your shelves perfectly. And it makes all the little birds feel at home too.

    Very homey room I could just sit down and read my book.

    Thanks for sharing.

  32. Shelia, I have nearly the same clock! Well, mine isn't olden, only about 14 years old or so, but it sure does look alike! I never would have thought to put a mantel clock on an angle, but I like it like that.

    And wow, you sure are into reading about Norway, aren't you? Monica would be proud!

    Justine :o )

  33. What a beautiful room! So very comfortable and inviting!
    I have the Mitford cookbook too. I loved that series!

  34. I love your den Shelia, it looks like a wonderful place to relax in front of that super TV. You've done such a nice job decorating. I agree--if you like greenery then use it!

  35. Books, birds and clocks...three of my favorite things all together. Your shelves look great and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  36. Hi Shelia
    Nice tabletop displays Shelia...I love the theme of the birds. The pictures are lovely and the ones on the shelves also. Very pretty and so nicely organized and would be such a pleasure to sit in there.
    hope you aren't working too hard...I barely see you. :o(

  37. Just beautiful!

    I am so glad I found your site I have linked up, and I am now following you. Pop on over and see mine. I would love to hear from you.

    So many lovely things!

  38. Sheeesh! Having lots of speakers must be in men's DNA. We have a saying at our have to have everything "Bigger, Better, Faster." We should probably change that to "Bigger, Better, Faster & Louder."

    Anyway, you are not alone in your use of greenery because I use it too. IMO even the worst greenery looks better than the best looking speakers any day!

    You are so good at tablescaping and shelf arranging that I wish I could take lessons from you. Love your cozy den. :)

  39. Hi Sheila
    Love your Mr & Mrs bookshelves and all the cute birdies everywhere.
    Your den looks a perfect place to relax.

  40. Loved it have a good eye about placing things my dear! Can't wait to hear about the birth of the new grand baby! Come say hi :D

  41. Oh my goodness, Shelia. I love it all. And my honey has a huge tv as well. His pride and joy:)
    I think the greens look awesome up there, sweet friend. The birds are so cute. Have a nice day.

  42. Your cabinets are beautiful. I love the bird plates! We have a Big Screen tv, too, and I do love it. I'm just like Little Red Riding Hood--all the better to SEE you with, m'dear!

  43. Shelia,

    I love your comfy TV room and your shelves are filled with wonderful books. I can see you all snuggled up watching your favorite shows, just like me.

    Hugs, Gretchen

  44. I love how you arranged your book shelves... I also love how you set them on each side of your TV, it looks like one piece... such pretty little things you have sitting on them....


  45. I love your cabinet display. Your fabric backing is fabulous and I'm thinking of doing that with one of my bookshelves. I've heard the thing about greenery, but I can say that I still have it sitting around on top of armoires and on bookshelves.

  46. All of your little birdies are so precious! It's always interesting to see what people read, too. I use the greenery too. I believe it helps the room come alive, no matter what some might say. My favorite of your birds are the 3 blue ones on a branch (I just bought the green ones like it for my laundry room), and the ones on the coffee table. Also like the fleur de lis. Good job describing the chime of the clock. I knew exactly the sound you were describing.


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