Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Song Title Twist

Hello, Dear Ones! I have missed so much of the fun going on in Blogland and wanted to join our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday! Now I'm cheating a bit. Since I've been grand babying, I've used a post from last year. I've enlarged the photos and changed the wording so that makes it an 'almost new' post, don't you think?
Make sure you go and visit our Dear Susan after you leave here and see lots of dishes and lots of pretties.

I've set the dining room table for Easter with lots of sweetness. I just love sweetness. You may ask, can you love sweetness? Well, you bet your pink and yellow peeps you can! :)

As I said, I'm going to change the wording of my post from last year. I believe I'll just caption each picture with the name of a song. Would you like that? Would that be okay?

Okay, here goes...

Don't Leave a Mess at Lunchtime -preschool song

Polk Salad Annie - Tony Joe White

I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket - Ella Fitzgerald

Anticipation - Carly Simon

Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations

You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore - Neil Diamond/Barbara Streisand

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson

Long Tall Glasses - Leo Sayer

Dizzy, I'm So Dizzy - Tommy Roe

Red Roses (Hydrangeas) For a Blue Lady - Wayne Newton

In Your Easter Bonnet - Fred Astaire

A Tisket, A Tasket - Ella Fitzgerald

I'll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends - Ringo Starr

And Then He Kissed Me - The Crystals

You Lift Me Up! - Josh Groban

I Only Have Eyes For You - The Platters

Baby Love - The Supremes

Come On Baby Light My Fire - The Doors

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies

You've Got a Friend - James Taylor

I Saw The Light - Hank Williams

Happy Trails To You - Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans

I hoped you've enjoyed my little 'song title twist' for Tablescape Thursday. Please pop in to see our Dear Susan.

Shoot! I can't help myself. I just have to show you another picture of my dear little Grand daughter, Carter! Will this Grandmotherness wear off? I sure hope not! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll spare you a little Note Song today since I have you humming so many olden songs.


  1. Sheila, such a great table and I love the song titles for captions. Dizzy is one of my favorites. Your granddaughter is just beautiful. I know you are already spoiling her!

  2. You have such fun Easter critters upon your table! Carter is so precious -- Please keep us supplied in pictures -- she's just a doll!

  3. Beautiful table, the kissing bunnies.
    Beautiful little granddaughter. I really like her name, anything out of the ordinary and unexpected is right up my alley.

  4. Love the table and the song titles were so fun. That Carter is a doll!

  5. Hi Grandma,What a little cutie...You are going to have so much fun.... My new little one is 1yr and 5 months...I am having a blast...Do stop over I have pictures up...Oh and I love the tabel

  6. Lovely table setting! I knew all the songs you chose!

  7. Sheila, I love your 'almost new' post!! But more than that, Carter is such a beautiful baby!!! I love the 'bathroom diva' shot on your side bar too!! I bet you are quite comfortable in your grandmotherness!! Easter blessings to you and your family!

  8. Little Carter is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing her with us!

    The tablescape is gorgeous! I didn't see it last year. The songs idea is so cute!

    I love that little duck in boots!


  9. Noooope, it never wears off, sweetpea. I was wondering if we'd see another pix of that doll at the end of the post and you didn't disappoint. BUT now you'll have to see endless pix of our Miss A (since they haven't settled on a name yet I'm calling her by her last name from here on out, honey! Be prepared in June to see lots of pix of her.... LOL

  10. When your table is that beautiful, it is definitely OK to use it again. Just gorgeous! And the last picture is by far the most beautiful! Congrats on that Cutie Pie!

  11. Sorry but the grand mother-ness just gets worse...or should I say it gets better and better, cause it does!
    I loved the song titles with each pictures..very cute and everything is so it all.
    I tried to re-post and older one today but on everyone's list it still shows my previous post but when you come to my blog it's I am confused, it's been all day and I don't know what I did wrong. So good job..I loved it all. Come say hi :D

  12. This is just too much fun! Adorable table. LOVE the china, the glassware, well just everything! And the "commentary" is just perfect! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!!

  13. Beautiful Easter Tablescape my sweet friend... I loved it! And you could never post to many photos of sweet little Carter... We love seeing them! Have a wonderful day Grandma...

  14. Sweet baby and a sweet table. I just love your plates. Joni P.S. and the song titles!

  15. Morning Shelia

    it is a great table and I am sure you have lots of new followers who haven't seen it before. Love the way you have added the song titles. Best of all that beautiful grand-daughter, Carter the best addition to any post!!

    Jackie in UK.

  16. Sheila,
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful tablescape from last year. And thanks for changing up the wording. I laughed and smiled all the way through that. You are a very clever girl. :)
    Love the little bunnies kissing.
    Cute grandbaby post.

  17. Shelia, I didn't see this table from last year, so it is a lovely inspiration to me now!! Gorgeous dinnerware! Love all the little song titles to caption your pics, too. :-)
    How sweet your grandbaby is.
    Happy Easter, toots!
    hugs, Sue

  18. Oh, Shelianess, this is a most delightful and fun post. I do remember your beautiful post from last year but with the song twist, it is all fresh and new and chock full of cuteness.
    As for GRANDMOTHERNESS wearing off...NEVER...NEVER...NEVAH !!

  19. It is all so pretty. I especially love the duck with the rain-boots. That made me laugh. Enjoy Easter with your family and just keep on posting those grand-daughter pics. Love it! Deb

  20. Dear Sheila, I had so much fun reading your post today. Your tablescape is awesome. I adore all your sweetness and prettiness. I am glad you shared this post again. I don't remember it. Your sing choices made me smile BIG!!! I too love music, even though I haven't a musical talent at all.

    I love Carter Ashlan to pieces. She is beautiful and I think she has her grandma's wonderful personality already. Lucky you and all the family to have such a wonderful blessing as a baby girl.

    Your daughter's home is very attractive. No surprise to me!!! I love the very whimsical color purple in her kitchen. It is all lovely.

    Since I have been gone too, (10) days, I have had little time to visit. I have missed you too.

    Hugs xoxo,

  21. Stunning just stunning.
    Love the captions!

  22. You are so clever. Lots of memory songs titled there. Carter is adorable - I told you it was unbelievable being a Grandmother. Happy Easter to you and yours. Sally

  23. Your table and the baby (OF COURSE!) are beautiful! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  24. Ooooh! Little Carter is so adorable! We need to introduce her to little (well not too little anymore, lol) Nathan. We need to put him on a diet. Nope Shelia, grandmothering excitement and pride never end. Your bunnies and other accessories are just so lovely and you know I love those plates. I have the Spode Emma's Garland set also and my stepdaughter just sent me the green buuny Bordallo Pinheiro set. Love the song title caption....Christine

  25. Your Easter table is so worthy of showing again first time I got to see it and Carter is a doll....I would love to show my grandchildren to all my blogging friends but I just can not bring myself to post thet're pictures on the internet...I've tryed to and changed my mind it causes me great anxiety.Trish

  26. You made my day- what a wonderful post!! Carter is beautiful-lucky you!! And no- the grandmotherli-ness does not ever wear off (spoken as the adoring Grandma of 2 little angels) and you certainly don't want it to! I LOVE your dishes too
    xoxo Pattie

  27. You are so funny! Your granddaughter is precious, and yes, I am a tad jealous. My son just won't get with the program...

    Aside from little Carter, my fave is that Ella Fitzgerald Egg! But the whole table is gorgeous.


  28. Oh my goodness isn't she precious Shelia! You are a very blessed family. Gorgeous!

    What a beautiful tablescape for Easter. You made me smile with all of your song titles. Too cute!

    Thank you for your kind visit. That is just too funny you said that about cutting my hair off. HeHe! I really have been thinking about it. I'm a big chicken to cut it too short though. I do need a good trim soon.

    Happy Easter! ~Melissa :)

  29. I love the baby photo and I am laughing when I see the photo of all 3 gals in the bathroom mirror. Too funny:) Happy Easter.

  30. You are a HOOT....Love your sense of humor and creativity....what a nice twist on the standard descriptions to use song titles....loved all of them...
    beautiful tabletop too!!Sharon

  31. Wonderful post, great photos...esp. that little bundle of joy! I love the pink stemware, the lidded's all so beautiful!

  32. you had a blast! so many cute things, happy easter!

  33. So glad to see this again, it's just beautiful! Happy Easter and congrats on you sweetie Carter! She's a looker just like her grandmommy!

  34. You my Dear are a Joy. Its a joy to see you posting, a joy to view your beautiful table and all your Easter decor and a joy to see the smiling faces of some of the happiest grandparents I think I've ever seen..
    Thank you for always bringing JOY into our lives..

    Happy Easter to You and Yours

  35. HOW do you stand it! She is just such a little dolly! Your Easter tablescape is lovely enough to do you for years to come! I wouldn't even mind seeing it next Easter. I am sincere when I say it is exquisite! Now...back to our little Carter... :) Our tiny one is already nearly two..and I am ready for another!

  36. We forgive this time for using an old post and spicin it up alittle. When I think of Polk Salad Annie, The King , Elvis Presley jumps into my mind. Huge Elvis fan of course! Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for sharing! Happy Easter!

  37. Your table is just lovely, so springy! So many combination's!
    I hope you are loving the new grand girl to pieces. A more precious gift you will never get..well maybe baby # 2 and 3..LOL
    Have a glorious Easter with your new bunny!

  38. Clever, clever and beautiful settings to go along with the songs. And, NO, "grandmotherness" should NEVER wear off. I'm jealous. Adorable.


  39. I liked your Easter post - but I especially like the last one about the new grandbaby. Yes, being a grandparent is one of God's greatest blessings! And I know you are a special gramma. Your little one will love your singing all your songs to her!
    Happy Easter.

  40. What a lovely table. What a harmony of colours make this mixed plates. And my favorite is this rose decorated porcelain egg with stands. I am sure next year your little granddaughter will have much fun with the Easter decorations of her granny.

    Wish you a happy Easter.

  41. Very clever Miss Sheila!
    You have created a gorgeous table, every little item is so special! I wish I knew how to fold napkins like that! And the baby girl is adorable, enjoy your Grandma-hood~
    Hugs and Happy Easter,

  42. I wish you a Happy and Healthy Easter!

  43. I wish you a Happy and Healthy Easter!

  44. Happy Easter to you, Maria! I couldn't comment on your blog so I hope you'll see this.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  45. Sheila, it looks absolutely new - and beautiful, too. I see lots of pink.

    You've got the very best pink in the world now. Your beautiful Carter.

  46. Beautiful tablescape! I'm sure you're jumping up and down over grandma-hood. (She has your nose.)

  47. Hi Shelia
    Happy Easter! And you now have your own little baby girl bunny too, Carter. Next year you can start hiding Easter eggs for her..*s*...though she might be a little too litto to eat them.

    Your tablescape is gorgeous. You did a great job humming and making it new for this Easter. *hugs*

    Have a beautifully Happy Easter ..
    all blesssings..

  48. Oh Sheila, I love your table. And you have got me singing all the songs (at least the ones I know, which were most of them). That was fun. Thanks for sharing. Your grand baby Carter is just precious. You are a lucky Grandma. Have a Happy Easter. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  49. I love the little "cabbage" bowls ! All adorable !
    The Little Things

  50. I didn't see it last year so it's new to me ;) Beautiful table! I love all of your charming Easter decor and that new babe is a sweetheart.

    Happy Easter!


  51. Sheila....that is THE most beautiful Easter table I think I have EVER seen!!!! You, nor anyone else could EVER top that! You just can't do it! I just love those little bunny critters under's the sweetest thing...not sure why but it is. Oh...that little Carter is a doll and your daughter and hubby have a beautiful house. The apple does not fall far from the tree....she takes right after you Sheila. How lucky are you to be grandma to that precious little angel? What a beautiful gift from God. I have been praying every morning for little Carter and your daughter and son in law and you and Mr. Precious too. Happy Easter to you all....what a blessed time this is for everyone.

  52. Oh your gorgeous table but that precious angel just steals the show. What an absolute slice of are sooooo blessed!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

  53. what a fun post! i love all your pretties :)

  54. Shelia darling, congratulations on the arrival of your adorable grand-daughter. I can't wait to become a grandma myself, one day. Darling wishing you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter. I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Therefore, this Easter I will count my blessings and will count you twice luv.

    Love & Hugs

  55. Hi Shelia! I posted a new picture of the baby in my blog, thought you might wanna see how much he has grown. Happy Easter!...Christine

  56. Sorry, I almost missed this post...lovely...and loved the songs!!!

  57. Your granddaughter is just beautiful!We are expecting our first grandchild in July - also a girl! Also have a grandpuppy but looking so forward to the human variety! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I invite you to become a follower.


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