Sunday, January 17, 2010

Voyaging Into The Next Chapter...

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm so happy to be back in Blogland! I've missed you all so much. You're just a part of my tiny life and it's hard to be gone from you very long. So...I'm just gonna take you along on my tiny little voyage. Okay?

If you visit me very often you know Mr. Precious has retired, um, I mean he's started a new chapter in his life. So a transatlantic sail was his gift to himself and me too!! We flew to New York to start our journey. Above was the view from our hotel window.

Breakfast was a must before we took our tiny selves to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. You can see my 'breakfast for champions' - sour dough bread french toast with pecans! Yummage! Mr. Precious' sister and her husband came along with us for our voyage.

Here we come...there she is!!

We love to go on cruises but I must tell you...this adventure was not a cruise...this was a passage across the Atlantic Ocean! Seven days on the ocean! I tried not to think about this too much. :0 This ship is not flat bottomed like all the other ships we've been on. This ship is built like a clever and sliced through the water like a knife through butter. Coolness, huh? Our sail was really smooth accept one evening...there were twelve foot seas! We wobbled back and forth a little bit but it wasn't too scary! I only slept with my life jacket! No, no Nannette, I'm just teasing you!

Mr. Precious was so excited! Here he is on the deck as we began to sail...
Dear Ones, I must tell you, it was freezing in New York! I think it was 19 degrees! My tiny gorgeous face was so cold!!

These are not good photos but I had to show them to you anyway! It was so exciting to sail by the Statue of Liberty.

Here's our little cabin. It was kinda small, but very comfortable. We had a little balcony but didn't go out there too was pretty cold and wet most of the time. Look how pretty the linens looked at turn down. There were no towel animals on this boat!! No, no Nannette. No silly little things like that! :) I just had to toss in the unpacking bit. It's an ugly thing, isn't it? But, hey, I have pretty redness of suitcases! :) and I did find a place to put all my clothes.

This ships decor was so different from other ships we've been on. The QM2 has a quiet elegance about her. No flashy gawdyness. But I must say, I love flashy gawdyness, don't you?

There were these olden pictures all over the ship showing most famous ones who have sailed on the original Queen Mary. Do you see that picture of Pearl Baily (second from the left on the bottom)? Doesn't she look like Queen Lahtifah?

Dear Ones, I don't want to bore you to death with words, and I can talk I'll just show you a few mosaics...

The dining room

The Todd English Restaurant (a charge of $30 per person and you can eat til you pop!)

Food...glorious food!

Always checking emails

I must talk now! Every afternoon at 3:30pm there was High Tea in the Queen's Room. Notice the gloves on the server - so proper!! Look at the china used ~ Wedgewood especially made for the Cunard ship lines! This was so exciting to me so I quivered and shook and made a fuzzy photo! Now here is Mr. Precious and me having tea and we were posing with our most tiny dainty pinky fingers poked out! I have to confess to you...if I weren't a good Christian gal, I would have tried my best to steal, I mean, take that cute little tea pot! I looked in the shops to buy one! But alas they were not selling any of these darling little tea pots, no, no Nannette! Shoot! I sure did want one for my most tiny self! Shoot!!

I could not let you down, so I snapped at every opportunity! Just for you, Dear Ones. Notice the bottom photo on the left! I was posing so sweetly in the bathroom mirror and then I snapped! When I downloaded my photos, there was Mr. Precious popping his head into my snap and he wasn't even smiling!

There are three ships in this Cunard fleet- The Queen Mary 2, The Queen Elizabeth and The Queen Victoria and if you have the opportunity to take a voyage - do it! We had a marvelous time of relaxing, eating, resting, high teaing, listening to lectures (yes, I'm high brow like that ;), resting, line dancing (wish I could have gotten a snap of me and my fancy line dancing footwork) :), listening to music, eating some more, resting some get the picture.

Thank you for coming along with me on our voyage! We arrived in Southampton, England, and I'll share that experience with you in a few days.

I'm joining Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday

and Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Songs~

Beyond the Sea

Somewhere beyond the sea
somewhere waiting for me
my lover stands on golden sands
and watches the ships that go sailin'

Somewhere beyond the sea
she's there watching for me
If I could fly like birds on high
then straight to her arms
I'd go sailin'

It's far beyond the stars
it's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
my heart will lead me there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
we'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
and never again I'll go sailin'

I know beyond a doubt
my heart will lead me there soon
We'll meet (I know we'll meet) beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll be beyond the sea
and never again I'll go sailin'

no more sailin'
so long sailin'
bye bye sailin'...
move on out captain
~sung by Bobby Darrin


  1. WOW, that looks like the trip of a lifetime. And you left from my state!
    It all looks fabulous, and you were treated like a queen on the Queen Mary..and speaking of Queens, yes, Pearl and Latifah do resemble each other.
    What a wonderful voyage!

  2. What exquisite photos of your lovely trip! Good for you two getting to take this trip and I enjoy seeing all the lovely food etc. I've never been on a cruise and wonder if I would get sea sick. Welcome back and I look forward to more pics.

  3. You are sooooo cauuuuute, sugar!! LOL

  4. Everywhere I looked...smiles, smiles and more smiles...
    I am so delighted for you and your dapper Mr P :)

    And just loved your notes about the teapot!!! (hugs)

  5. Oh what a wonderful opportunity! We've been on several cruises but never at sea for seven days! I wouldn't want to think about that either. HA! Just wondering where you landed and did you spend much time on land across the Atlantic? Thanks so much for sharing! Feel free to post more about this trip. Would love to see more photos!


  7. Oh I luvd this!!!
    So glad you took us for a ride on the Queen Mary. What a treat!

    Twas fun.

  8. Great photos, Shelia. You both looked so relaxed and happy. Glad to see inside Queen Mary 2 cause I have never been in it but I like flashy gawdiness, lol. Thanks for sharing these pictures...Christine

  9. What a wonderful trip..that will be one to remember forever!
    Hoping you will be posting more about your trip..
    Did you ask about buying one of the teapots..I've found in many places they are willing to do so...

  10. Thanks for letting your readers tag along on an amazing trip; I've always wanted to take a cruise across the Atlantic.... maybe someday.

  11. Hi Sheila

    We have thought about doing the same trip but the other way, are you flying back from the UK. I think I would prefer to do it when the weather was warmer!! It has been so cold in the UK recently. Hopefully by the time you got here most of the snow had gone.

    Enjoy my wonderful country, it will be interesting to hear where you are visiting in Great Britain.

    Enjoy, Jackie in UK.

  12. Shelia, what a fun post! I'm enjoying your trip and can't wait until the next chapter. Linda

  13. What a fun blog! I like the mosaics (That's how I came to you) - but find we have a little in common (music/piano) too. I have to come back to see what else you did on your super adventure.

    Please tell your Mr Precious congratulations on his retirement. I sure hope that you enjoy every second of every day ahead. After a lifetime of working hopefully this will be a second lifetime of new pleasures and joy!

    Thanks for dropping by my mosaic at

    I also have a new project for this year that might interest you:

    One picture
    One scripture verse
    One Quote (sometimes from a song - they are always running thru my head - I majored in music in college)

    I will be back!

  14. What a glorious trip you had Shelia. The QM2 looks like a very classic beautiful ship. My parents have been on her a couple of times and loved every minute of it too.

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful cruise on the QE2. Loved all teh photos from the ship, just gorgeous!

  16. Shelia I enjoyed seeing the highlights of your journey, the food oh! dont do that to me!!

    You look so pretty in all your photos, and the hubby so handsome! Congratulations to both of you on this new chapter in your lives, now he'll have all the time in the world to spoil his grandchild rotten!

  17. Oooohhh what an amazing experience. You're right it was a voyage not a cruise. Love love love all the pictures. Keep them coming. Wow! Have to giggle ov3er your mirror snaps. That would be my hubby too in the background 'hurry up I want to eat!"

  18. What fun! Keep the memories coming, we love it! I agree with Jeanne...I had to giggle at the shot with hubby in the background. "Let's go already" :)

  19. How exciting!! You both must have had a wonderful time. Show more next time. Happy Blue Monday.

  20. What a LOVELY gift...the cruise of a lifetime!! Glad you're both back, though. We've missed you!!


  21. What a fun trip. I really enjoyed your post.

  22. Thank you so much Shelia for the lovely post. Your trip was wonderful. How nice that you allowed me and others participate in this marvelous journey sharing the wonderful pictures and as usual an interesting description. I really spent a nice time "being" on a cruise with you. How well that you are blogging. I could see the beautiful wonders. World is beautiful. We just need to be able to see it.
    My best wishes to you and your spouse. You are the great couple!

    God bless your life!

  23. Awe I there is Shelia in all her fabulousness ( that's a Shelia word isn't it? :) Looks like an amazing time~ great pictures as always.

    Hugs to you~ J

  24. I felt just like I was on board with you :) She's is a beautiful ship and I loved seeing your mosaics of QE2!

  25. Wow, I almost feel like I was there with you. Your photos are stunning. What a grand time you must have had. There was so much to take in. Thanks for sharing your trip.

    take care,

  26. The QE2, fabulous! Enjoyed your cruise pics! There is nothing like sailing past the Statue of Liberty!

  27. Mummy! So glad you had a fabulous time on the QM2! The pictures are wonderful & everything looks so elegant! I bet the high tea servers are missing a little tea pot! Ha ha :) I am so happy for you & Daddy that you get to have so much fun!!

    Luv, Me

  28. Oh, this ship looks GLORIOUS! Nothing like the tacky Carnival cruise I took, with fiber optic lighting all over the place. Blech!

    Now, is the ride really smoother on that kind of ship? I mean, if it is, why aren't all of the cruise ships built like that?

    Love the picture of you squinching up your eyes! Too cute!

    Justiney :o )

  29. You make me feel as if I went along. Thanks for all of the pictures; what an adventure! Happy Blue Monday.

  30. this post reminded me of the old events I would attend with my parents where the slide show was shown and stories were told of places far away

    I am green with envy, this trip look's fabulous!!!! I love all your pics, the famous people one is just too cool, and what elegance! Thanks for sharing I feel like I got to go along just a wee bit. Hugs and glad you made it home safely! Cindy

  32. Your smile says it all. It is plain to see you truly enjoyed every minute of your cruise. Congrats on retirement.

  33. I've been waiting patiently to see these pictures - what a fun adventure you had. And, now you are in England - can't wait to see more. And, plus, my favorite Bobby Darin song. Sally

  34. So I tell my hubs that you were on the QE2...he says, oh, they went to England. I said, well, I don't know, she didn't say...he says, well, I guanrantee you they went to England...he knows is so frustrating at times! Glad you had a good time...I love crusing...haven't been a while and won't be for another while..but I will get there again eventually!

  35. Hi Shelia, your pictures are awesome. New York is some city, isn't it? Hope you are havinga wonderful time. So good to have you here with us.

    Happy Blue Monday.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  36. I am so happy to see you back home! What a trip!! The ship was just gorgeous. Queen Mary the first is parked off our shore nearby and that is probably as close as I will ever come to a Queen of any sort. :) Lovely stateroom and I enjoyed seeing all the old photo's.
    S'cuse me, but where did your little Chloe Dawn stay??? I'll bet she was happy to see her Mommy!
    Love and hugs,

  37. What a fantastic adventure and wonderful way to start retirement. Your photos are spectacular. I hope you are having a wonderful Blue Monday.

  38. OMGoodness, Shelia...this all just takes my breath away. How blessed you are to be able to afford such a wonderful trip. I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time!
    xo bj

  39. Hi Shelia
    Welcome home. What a fabulous trip you were on and the pictures are great. The ship looks lovely and there would have been so many yummy goodies to eat too...thank you for sharing all the loveliness and we'll look forward to more pics.
    Hope you are having a lovely day

  40. Oh my goodness, what a classic journey to make! Wonderful. And I agree, that ship is pure elegance!!

  41. Shelia! You are so darn cute!! What a wonderful retirement voyage. How exciting that you landed in Jolly Old England. I'm looking forward to seeing more photos from there. Your husband looks so happy :0)
    Congratulations to you both on his retirement!

  42. OMG How nice was that? You have the BEST pictures. I love it when you take us on your trips.
    I noticed there wasn't any snow in N.Y.? How come?
    Mr. Precious looks a lot like his brother.
    Your room looks very comfy and the gallery to die for.
    I would pop also if I ate all that food. My gosh they do go all out don't they?
    Even a Harrods on board holy cow!! but then it is the
    Q 2.
    Look at you with the snapping going on in the are the DIVA for sure Shelia
    Much love
    Happy Blue Monday. So glad your home safe.
    Love Claudie

  43. You are a BEAUTIFUL woman and Mr. Precious is as precious as he is due to your preciousness! I LOVED this post. Will you please tell the sister that she was just too quirky sweet her in the picture? Wonderful! Have a week filled with love, Cherie

  44. Oh this looks like a wonderful trip! Thanks for taking us along in your tiny little pocket!

  45. Hi Sheila
    You look to have had the most wonderful time. The ship is so elegant and as always you showed me everything I wanted to see even the shop. I enjoyed seeing your cabin, the food, the library and everything. It must have been such an experience. I would have been really scared with the 12 ft waves and I definatley would have worn MY life jacket! No joking there.
    Looking forward to part 2.

  46. what an amazing trip! i've never been on a cruise or will I ever be on one. i have horrible motion sickness.
    it's so beautiful though! i love seeing your photos and hearing all about it!

  47. Welcome back! It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I would definitely love to go on one of these cruises. I loved those teapots too, bummer they were not selling them. Everything just looks so divine.

    Thanks for sharing your trip of a lifetime with us.

  48. Wow! Looks like you had a really great time!

  49. Good to hear from YOU! Glad to know you have been off on a FAB adventure!

  50. It looks like you and Mr. Precious had so much fun. I would love to attend a formal high tea. The boat looks wonderful. Will you take me on your next trip??!
    Paula Grace :)

  51. Hello, Bless your heart for visiting my blog today! I so much enjoyed your comments. I have decided to visit you again, as I am going to stand beside you and follow you as my friend. Much love, Cherie

  52. Sheila, thanks for taking us along with you on this "wonderful" voyage. It's probably the closest I'll get lol.. the pictures of all those that have been onboard the origianl ship are amazing.. I'm glad to see you are enjoying his retirement.. hugs ~lynne~

  53. Thanks so much for including us on your terrific journey across the oceans!!! I enjoyed every little bit of it!!!

  54. Oh Shelia this looks like such fun--not the freezing cold part in NY--but the rest of it. I've never seen such elegance and I love that you have shared it with all of us. I would want that little teapot too and I'm surprised that they are not sold on board. Cruise ships like this truly evoke an era of days gone by.

  55. I am glad you enjoyed your trip. Love your photos and I look forward to seeing England next.


  56. Wow! Great photos Sheila! Sounds like you a trip of a lifetime! Welcome back!


  57. I am enjoying all your photos of the trip and I sure hope you add more because it is my only means of traveling. I love the tea and the tea pot and the white glove service. What a magnificent trip!

  58. That was a most enjoyable post! Love the pictures and mosaics of all the lovely moments of your voyage.

    Kindly, ldh

  59. Shelia, what fabulous mosaics of your fabulous trip! The ship looks so pretty, and you are sooo cute! Mr. P is pretty cute too. So glad you had such a wonderful, well-deserved trip. It may be more difficult to photo tablescapes with Mr. P hanging around the house all of the time! laurie

  60. When you get a chance stop by my blog and pick up a little something I have for you. Stella

  61. Shelia, what awesome photos! I almost felt as I was right there! I love the pictures you took of yourself and especially the one where your hubby is peaking. lol How cute!! Thank you for sharing your photos with us!

    It was like being there! You were so brave to whip your camera out and take the photos for us! I can't help but giggle when I think of Hyacinth on the QE2, and practicing her wave! I'm sure there would be a special wave for the QM!

  63. A great treat for both of you. Congratulations for this retirement present. QE2 looks so gorgeous. Its like sailing along with you. I have so enjoyed all of your photos!

  64. That is definitley a trip of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos with us. Can't wait to see the next part of your trip.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  65. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Welcome back!

  66. Sheila, what an amazing trip you have had! The picture of you on the boat (without the scarf around your face lol) is so pretty!! Your eyes are beautiful!

    I thought that WAS Queen Latifah! The food looks divine!! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos of your trip!

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda :)

  67. Thank you for leaving your Friend Description Word :)
    Ok, I was coming over to look at your pictures once more, too!

  68. Hi Shelia, I wanted to let you know of a blog called Texas Blogging Gals. You need to join, my friend! :) Here is the link.

  69. WOW Shelia what a fabulous voyage. Thank you so much for bringing us along. I bet you and Mr. Precious are having the time of your life!!!!!

  70. Shelia, It is very nice to meet you, too. Thanks for being my follower,also.That does look like the trip of a lifetime .Like going back to a different era . Looks like you both has a fantastic time ! Can't wait to see more .

  71. Oh, Shelia, what a grand ship & time you had on her. You just sparkle! TYSM for sharing such wonderful 'snaps' of your trip.

    Oy! You came home 'teapot-less'? I'd have loved one for a keepsake, too.

    Hugs, Marydon

  72. What a FANTASTIC SHIP! You must have had such a wonderful time. Where did you all stop? What was your itinerary?

    We are going on a Western Meditteranean cruise in 2 weeks. Can't wait. Wish it was on the Queen Mary :)

  73. Thank you for bringing us with you Sheila - what a great trip...
    Next time where a big moo moo with pockets for that tea pot, LOL !
    On a side note, (note -LOL !) I
    had to do some singing in my blog today and mentioned you :o)
    Got to go read and catch up on your trip - yes, you are a trip, LOL !

  74. Shelia I am way behind this week and here I am #76!!!

    I loved every bit of this post and am sending the link to my friends. What fun this was for you two. A great way to celebrate the beginning of this new chapter. We didn't set sail, but we did go to Biltmore, when J retired, umm started the new chapter, 2 years ago. It was lovely, but somehow...not as spectacular as your celebration.:-)

  75. Oh and yes, I agree with you. Queen L. does look like the fabulous Pearl Bailey

  76. Sheila, I can't believe how brave these little critters are. He's been a regular visitor the last couple of days and nights.. I know they are hungry, but sure wish he'd move on.. lol hugs ~lynne~

  77. Well looking at that post when I was hungry was not a good idea. Goodness, I'd be tempted to book the next sailing just so that I could eat my way across the pond! lol

  78. Oh Sweetie what a fun trip you guys had,,,Oh I'm having envy big time right now and to go to England has always been a dream of mine...Shelia you look so happy and just darling girl..Is your jet lag over with yet ha ha!! Thank you so much for the fun trip my friend...Now is Mr. Picklepoo retired already ??? you know what I say about retirment...half as much money twice as much husband ha ha!! Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  79. Shelia... this had to be the best trip ever! I love ships. Love, love, love, LOVE ships!


    Sheila :-)

  80. Sheila, I'm just now realizing that you have left these amazing posts of your trip. I haven't been on the computer much of late and missed that you had returned. I'm officially green with envy of this fabulous trip. Wow! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos! As always, you shared the perfect songs! ~ Sarah

  81. Sorry I missed this last week Sheila--I've been having a lot of computer problems lately that have slowed me down.

    My husband and I traveled during the maiden year of Queen Mary 2 on a fall folliage cruise to New Rngland and Canada for our 30th wedding anniversary in 2004! It was a lovely ship and we had such a good time!

    Did you enjoy the transatlantic voyage? We might do the same trip when my husband retires.


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