Friday, January 8, 2010

Grab My Tiny Hand...

That's right, Dear Ones...grab my tiny hand and I'll bring you along on my little trip at The Breakers!

Here was our room. The room was a little small but it was very pretty. The bed was so comfy and even though the pillow was as wide as I'm long - it was nice! :)

Just a few little elements that I liked around the room. You can sit down in that neat chair and just gaze at the beautiful orchid if you'd like! See the flat screen pretending to be a painting - matted and everything! :) Pineapple lamp and pineapple finials on the curtain rod. Are you getting hungry? :) Starfish in the wood on the headboard and a little palm tree poof at the top of the bed posts! Just so very beachy, don't you think?

Now I did fall in love with these draperies! Reminded me of crewel embroidery. Look at the trim! I love this! Little wooden doodad tassels! I love this! I wanted to take them down and bring them home but Mr. Precious wouldn't let me! You know I'm kidding! :)

Come on into the bathroom because I want to show you, no, Nannette, not just me snapping! Look! See the darker rectangle on the mirror? Well this, Dear One, is a TV! Don't you just love this? Now just pull up a chair...well, there is the throne!! :)

Okay, let me show you where I rested my tiny bum ( now you know I'm really kidding! ) ;) I sat in that pretty pink stripped winged back chair and people watched while Mr. Precious went for a tiny run! I looked up at the ceiling a little while - isn't it beautiful? I peeked out the window a bit and then I just sat back down and propped my tiny little feet up on a gorgeous pink ottoman.

Let's go outside and see if Mr. Precious is back yet! Oh, the sea was so gorgeous and just rolling away! The sun was shining and the sky was filled with those cotton ball clouds! Don't you just love it!

It feels so nice outside with the sun shining down on our tiny bodies! ;) We can sit in these lovely cushy rocking chairs or this hard bench - you choose!

All this sun and waves and sitting is making me hungry! Well, we heard a great place to eat was called Echo. So off we went. What a trendy looking place but I hate to admit it but this was absolutely the nastiest most horrible food I have every put into my most tiny mouth! We ordered hot and sour soup - nasty! I ordered lemon chicken and it was nasty! The sauce tasted like vinegar! Do you see that awful looking fish? That is what Mr. Precious ordered. I almost couldn't look at it without being sick! Oh, my goodness! This was an entire whole Red Snapper! I did take a tiny bite and it was good. But I couldn't look at it! Nasty nasty nasty food! Do you think maybe I just ordered the wrong things? Oh, well! Don't feel too sorry for me. When we got back to our room we ordered up a bowl of ice cream - strawbaby for me!

Well, good morning! It's another day you know! LOL Now if you would like to pop into the back seat of the car you can go with us over to The Boca Raton Resort so Mr. Precious can do just a tiny bit of business. Buckle up for safety!!
This is a pretty place too ( but not as nice as The Breakers ) and is all decked out for Christmas too! Seems everyone in this part of Florida has heard about Pink Saturday hosted by our own Beverly, don't you think? Everything has pink on it somewhere.

Do you think we have a present under that tree? Let's go check! :)

Just like this little merman, well, I guess he's a tiny merboy, I'm sure you may be getting sick of this post! This is rather how I felt after eating that nasty nasty nasty meal you know! :)

Anyway, this was Mr. Precious' last official work assignment so I thought he could tell them "I quit"!! He didn't do that and he wouldn't do that, but with that expression on his face, I couldn't help myself!! His last day of work was December 31st!

Time to head back to The Breakers...

Now that the sun had set on the lovely town of Palm Beach and the full moon was in view, the Christmas lights were all turned on, I was settled in my tiny bed and you are across the hall settled into your tiny's time to go to sleep. Now sleep tight because we'll be flying home tomorrow!!

Hope you've enjoyed traveling with me!
Actually, we're still not home but traveling and I'll tell you a little later what we're up to!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Florida By the Sea

Down in the land of the cocoanuts
Before the welcome season shuts
A million "million dollar nuts" will be found
Down in the land where the trees are tall
We're asking you to pay a call
And live where it is summer all the year 'round
Buy a lot, any piece that we've got
Will increase ev'ry season
Ask us why ev'ryone wants to lie in the sun, there's a reason
One little ride in a Pullman car
A night and day and there you are
Come on, it's time you should be Florida bound

In the lovely land of Florida
Sunny Florida by the sea

All the sunshine in America
Is in Florida you'll agree

When they're freezing up north
Sneezing up north
Always it's July the Fourth

In the lovely land of Florida
~sung by me!


  1. Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, how pretty! The sun and warmth sounds so delightful. We've had highs of 22 and snow!!! Brrrrrrrrrrr...but the pups LOVE it!! I think they're really Malamutes or some other kind of eskimo dogs!!

  2. What a lovely place Shelia, thanks for sharing all the little details that make it special. Sorry you had a nasty dinner though.

    Congrats to Mr. Precious on his retirement!

  3. What a beautiful place and sounds like you had a great trip....well, aside from that nasty food! I always love traveling along with you on your trips cause you capture every beautiful detail.

    Again, congratulations to Mr. Precious on his retirement and both of your new chapters in your life!!♥

  4. Is there anything worse than getting a bad meal? Not too many things....looks like you rallied and had a great time. Looks like the Breakers is a beautiful place...maybe the chef was just having an off day. Can't wait to see where you go's almost like Where's Waldo!!

  5. O my...this is, indeed, a place right out of a dream. It is just stunning.
    It sounds as if you and Mr. Precious are already enjoying retirement. I am so glad.
    Sorry the food was bad...sometimes, if you complain a tiny bit, they will bring you something else or not charge. This has happened to me before.
    ANYway, glad you had a good time.
    xo bj

  6. What a fabulous place and I am sure you had a marvelous time. I love the wooden tassels too. Now how cute is that. Hugs, Marty

  7. Oh Shelia, how I wish I had really gone on this trip with you. It looks so warm, and I am so cold. What beautiful photos and great mosaics! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing it. It did make me feel a little warmer to look at your pretty photos. laurie

  8. Loved my mini vacation at The Breakers, what a treat since we are "snowbound" right now! Happy Retirement to you both and hope you are having a wonderful time wherever you are!
    joycee at grannymountain

  9. Ok, it's below zero here in KC and I want to just crawl through the monitor and go with you. What a beautiful spot. Sometimes we do get a bad meal even at places we have been many time. Enjoy your new found time together. Stella

  10. what a gorgeous place. beautiful photos too! that's horrible about the yucky dinner you had.

  11. Dear Shelia,
    Fantastic place!
    Have a sweet new year.
    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  12. Well, that looks so much better than the weather we're having. Those palm trees are just gorgeous, as is the hotel room. Congrats to Mr. Precious on retiring! How is your daughter doing? If you've posted anything, I must have missed it!

  13. What an awesome place! The room looks beautiful and your pictures are great.

    I'm glad that nasty food didn't make you sick! Doesn't it just bug you when it's nasty?

  14. Wonderful photos Shelia, and it sounds like you're having a great time. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  15. Shelia, I loved seeing Palm Beach through your eyes!

    And you know how much I love The Breakers. I always end up there in off season, though, when it's hot as hades. I think I would prefer the "on" season! Sorry your tiny stomach was offended by the food at Echo, and I'm glad to know that so I can avoid it like the plague if I get down there to see my friend Patti H!


    Sheila :-)

  16. Wonderful photos ~ I always love you peeking out at us. Sounds like you missed the horrific cold weather so much of Florida is experiencing right now. Good!

  17. What a beautiful place....have a great trip...Congratulation to Mr Precious you both will love retirement....thanks for sharing...Pat H

  18. Oh Sheila, What a paradise! So nice to see, especially while I am wrapped up here....freezing!!! :) Can you pipe some of that beautiful weather to the Carolinas! That'd make you a "real sweetie," for sure! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  19. What a fun post, Sheila! The pictures are beautiful. I never like food that looks too real like that fish, oh my! Have fun on the rest of your journey.

  20. Well I am here in almost zero degree weather for the 4th week in a row, and you post this, lol:-( Well at least I can look at it and feel warm, right?? It looks SO wonderful! I hate those places where the food is awful, too. Oh, those drapes, I love also! Glad you are enjoying yourself!!

  21. Oh what a lovely vacation, even if there was that bit of business thrown in. I've been to the Breakers but never stayed there. It is very grand. I too love the detail of those drapes in your room and a TV IN the mirror - WOW.

    Can't wait to see what you whip up after your creative genes have been restored on this wonderful vacation. Did you make any purchases?

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Yummy! The Breakers looks like a wonderful place! Just beautiful.....I'm sorry you had a n.a.s.t.y. dinner. Isn't that sad when you're anticipating a wonderful, tasty experience?

    Hope you're having fun doing a bit more traveling.


  23. You both so deserved this time!

  24. Hello Shelia; What gorgeous photos,, Ok except the food ones... lol how pretty you are in the mirror.. The Breakers looks like a wonderful place to stay and play.... I am happy that you had this fun time in the sun with your honey.....


  25. ~WOW!!!! Shelia it is an amazing place. I'm so glad you had a vacation at such a beautiful and relaxing spot.'s just heavenly.

    Happy 2010 sweet lady! ~Melissa :)


  27. Looks like a wonderful trip....loved all the pictures...
    I am so looking forward to a week in VAIL. Maybe I will do the same kind of post....I love traveling vicariously through others.

  28. Thanks for taking us along with you on your trip, Sheila, and many congrats to Mr. Precious. Have fun!


  29. Hi Sheila
    Your room was beautiful. I love all the beachy touches. Great bathroom diva moment too. I must do one of those sometime.
    Hope your are enjoying your trip.

  30. i swooned from the beauty of it all! except the nasty fish all scalded looking. GA-ROSS! but everything else? heavenly!!!! thank you for sharing.

  31. WOW! What fabulous pictures of a gorgeous place. It must have been so dreamy being there. Thank you for sharing.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  32. I tlooks beautiful..I have never been there, but I have a visor my son brought me back when they stayed there..Yep, all I got was the stinkin' hat :)

    Looks like a great stay! And yes, here up North, we are freezing our buns off!

  33. I'm so glad that the weather stayed nice for your stay. The Breakers is a gorgeous place.

  34. Oh boy, this place looks incredible! Mr. Precious's company sure does know how to send him traveling, don't they?

    That merboy was disgusting! Who the hell would want something like that? And that food!!!!! Well, I guess it's artsy fartsy, but I don't think I could have sat there and watched him eat from a whole fish. Blechhhhhhhh!

    Justiney :o )

  35. Thanks so much for the tour! What a beautiful place. Sorry about the food ~ wow, that was a surprise. The details are lovely though. And a TV behind the mirror ~ how decadent is that??!! What did you watch??!! I always wonder what folks watch in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing!
    Paula Grace

  36. That was such a fun trip (now, I just wnat to go there with Hubbie..for real:) ) Thanks for taking us along!

  37. That's not fair that his business allows y'all to stay at the Breaker's. I always got Marriott Courtyards! Bless your heart you lucky lady! Happy New Year to you. I see in a recent post that y'all are on the QE2! Good Lord, you are one lucky lady! Enjoy!

  38. Hey Sweet Shelia, thanks for sharing the interior of The Breakers with us. I always enjoy seeing (nice) hotel decor. SO sorry you had a yucky meal. There are so many great places to dine in So. FL, too bad you stumbled into a bummer of one. If I had know you were going to be in Boca, I could have steered you to a divine meal just across the street from the Boca Resort. Oh well, I'm sure you are having a few good meals on the QE2! I hope you are having a swell time!

  39. I have seen this gorgeous place but never stayed there so I am so enjoying it vicariously through you!

    I know you had a sweet, sweet time!


  40. Yay, retirement! ;-) Thanks for taking us along on this vaca...soooo much fun. It's in the teens here tonight...tell me you feel sorry for me. LOL


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