Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas at The Breakers

Hello, Dear Ones! I must tell you Mr. Precious and I left the day after Christmas to fly to Palm Beach, Florida(Mr. Precious' last business trip with fun mixed in). I apologize to my Dear Florida Blogging Sweeties - we were here only three days and I only decided to go at the last minute and being right after Christmas thought it would be a little selfish of me to tear you away from you families. I would have so loved to have contacted you to see if we could meet! There has to be another time or I'll just die!!! :(

Well, I had to share some of the inside of this beautiful place! My photos do not do this place justice! It was so gorgeous!

I just can't take night time pictures - even with the night time settings! Shoot!
There goes Mr. Precious! Wait for me!! That boy walks too darn fast!

All of these most beautiful flowers were real and of course - I touched them!

Perfect place for a photo! I'll share some more with you in a few days.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Puttin' On the Ritz

Have you seen the well-to-do
Up and down park avenue
On that famous thoroughfare
With their noses in the air

High hats and Arrow collars
White spats and lots of dollars
Spending every dime
For a wonderful time

Now, if you're blue
And you don't know where to go to
Why don't you go where fashion sits
Puttin' on the ritz
Different types who wear a daycoat
Pants with stripes and cutaway coat
Perfect fits
Puttin' on the ritz

Dressed up like a million dollar trooper
Trying hard to look like gary cooper

Come, let's mix where rockefellers
Walk with sticks or umberellas
In their mitts
Puttin' on the ritz

Tips his hat just like an english chappie
To a lady with a wealthy pappy
Very snappy

You'll declare it's simply topping
To be there and hear them swapping
Smart tidbits
Puttin' on the ritz
~sung by Mr. Precious and Me


  1. Oh my! What a beautiful place to have been! I want to go there!

  2. Gorgeous place!

    You are gorgeous too! Are you wearing Chico's? I love that outfit!

  3. My lord woman....you even take the time to post a blog with lovely pictures even when you are on vacation!! Thanks so much for your comment in my blog and for your prayers. We could use all we can get right now. There seems to be a bit of stress on me and hubby too shhhh...don't say anything...just keep praying if you would...I love that and so appreciate it my friend. Have fun with your wonderful Mr. Precious!

  4. wow, magnificent is the word that comes to mind after seeing these photos! love the picture of the two of you. too cute!

  5. Lovely post, as usual. You both look so relaxed and happy :o)

    God bless you both.


  7. Shelia. Great photos! How pretty! But I like the one of you and your husband the best! It's . . . perfect. I think it deserves a frame!
    HAGD! Karen

  8. Oh Shelia it looks just BEAUTIFUL!! I bet you are glad you went with him. Love the picture of both of you...so sweet. Hope you are having a Happy New Year!♥

  9. What a gorgeous place! You did just fine with the pics, it's all lovely. Glad you are enjoying your travels!

  10. Looks like a fabulous place to stay. A perfect time too with all the Christmas decor. I have never heard all the lyrics to Puttin on the Ritz - enjoyed them.

  11. Look how ritzy you two look - such elegance in elegant surroundings!! Looking forward to your new life in 2010. Sally

  12. Oh! You and Mr. Precious ooks so lovely! Thanks for sharing pics of the beautifully adorned place, Shelia. Enjoy your trip...Christine

  13. Ohhh Miss Shelia, how I've missed my visits to your blog. I've been distracted with nursing my sick kitty. It looks like you and Mr. Precious are living the high life at the Breakers. What a lovely photo of you two. I hope you have a fantastic work vacation. I look forward to a continued friendship and a new year filled with "Sweet Surprises"!

    Sweet wishes,

  14. Look at you two cuties....love that hotel too!

  15. Don't you and Mr. Precious look so cute -- Puttin on the Ritz! Hope ya'll are just kicking up your heels and having a grand time celebrating his upcoming retirement!

  16. How magnificent! I've been there, but never at Christmas.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. WOW!!! What a gorgeous place....I'm still being a little jealous here! Continue to have fun and pass the fun on to us jealous ones out here in blogland!!!

  18. Hi Shelia; G.O.R G.E.O.U.S!!!! what an amazing place,, those swags are so huge and full.. Love it.... how sweet you two look together... ;) can't wait to see more.... Have a great week..


  19. Girl, you are stylin'! Loved the pics, Shelia, and y'all look wonderful! The Breakers is just amazing. I'm sorry we couldn't get together, too, and you MUST come back to Florida to see us. Maybe a girl's trip??? Some of us are getting together in the spring if you want to hop a flight. Claudie is coming for her birthday.

    Sending big hugs. Hope you hae a fabulous time. Looks like you did!


    Sheila :-)

  20. You both look like you are having a great time...your photos look great and hotel is gorgeous.

  21. You and Mr. Precious look as stunning as the gorgeous setting. Thanks for sharing. I've been there but haven't seen the Christmas decor.
    Happy Twirls

  22. Yes I will be in Fla. in March for my birthday. Will you come and join us? We should be at Mrs. Magpies by March 19th or so.
    Would be sooo nice to meet you Shelia.
    You look fabulous with Mr. Precious by your side.
    Ahhh to be in the sun now.
    Sending New Years wishes to you.
    Love Claudie

  23. Looks like a fabulous place...Glad you had a good trip

  24. Mr. Precious is a cutie! What a beautiful place!! You looked wonderful!
    Happy New Year my friend!

  25. Oh, but that hotel looks amazing!

    I can't take nighttime pictures either! Waaaaaaaaaa

    Love that picture of you and your man. What a beautiful couple you are.

    Can't wait to hear more!

    Justiney :o )

  26. It is a gorgeous place. And, it looks magical for the holidays.

    Great picture of the two of you.

  27. Very fun indeed! What a beautiful place to get to visit.

  28. Hi Sheila
    That looks a stunning place. I love the beautiful picture of you and Mr Precious.
    We have had 9 inches of snow during the last 24 hours.It's the worst snowfall here for 20 years. Everything is closed, the schools, airports and businesses. I am sure the ports will be ok!!

  29. In our family, I'm the one who walks too fast! Looks like you're having a big time. Those smiles say it all!

  30. What a beautiful place, but even better...what a beautiful couple!! This photo is so great, Sheila!! You both look rested and happy, and are quite photogenic, if I do say so!!

    Look forward to more!!
    Love n hugs,

  31. You look gorgeous. That is a wonderful photo of you and Mr. Precious! What a gorgeous place, I'm glad you decided to tag along. I hope you had a lovely time.

    Hugs and Happy New Year, Bridge

  32. Wonderful photos and you come up with the best songs for your posts. Mr. Precious looks so cute making that face.

  33. What a great picture of you and your sweetie. Great outfit. Love the color and it looks great on you. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Oh - I have so added this to my list of "places I want to visit" and moved it to the top!! Just beautiful:)

  35. Hello Shelia darling, I do hope you had a wonderful time ringing in the New Year and that 2010 turns out to be the best year of your life, followed by many more. Thanks for all your visits and sweet comments; you are a dear friend...a treasure.

    Love & Hugs

  36. How cute you two are!
    Oh my goodness...your love shines brighter than any of those Christmas trees!

  37. Hi Sheila, what a really fun, impromptu trip. Everything looks so beautiful. and what a cute couple you are! Hope your year is off to a great start!

  38. Happy New Year Sheila! I am so happy I popped in to see you when I did only to find this post. My dear husband and I also stayed at The Breakers when I tagged along on a business trip. It was back in the late 90's but I can still remember it quite well. Who could ever forget that beautiful place? We took a picture of our heads and shoulders wearing those white robes..lol! Aren't the fresh floral arrangements something else? Oh it was so fun to see you and Mr. Precious where we once stood as well!


  39. Oh Shelia, this is beautiful! I'm so glad you went at Christmas time, so we could see all of this beautiful Christmas decor. You and Mr. Precious are such a great looking couple, and you look so happy to be on a retirement trip. laurie

  40. ~WOW! You look BEAUTIFUL and that gorgeous blue is your color!

  41. Awww...you and Mr. Precious are adorable! What a gorgeous place!


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