Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Across The Pond

Hello, Dear Ones and I'm so glad you've come along with us on Mr. Precious' retirement, um, new chapter in his life celebration trip! If you would like to hear about the beginning of our trip just go to my previous post. We had such a wonderful time sailing on the Queen Mary 2 but I must tell you, my tiny feet were itching to walk upon the ground. My itch was satisfied when we disembarked at Southampton, England!

We had looked on the internet to find a place to stay and discovered the Hunters Lodge in Southampton. An olden house with nice clean rooms, although small. We were treated to tea and cookies a couple of times a day.

These last three pictures were taken as I looked out our window ~ snow!

Now we had so many plans to explore while in England. One was to go and visit Stonehenge but to our great disappointment because of the snow, it was closed along with many of the roads and rail tracks. We had reserved a car but we were discouraged from picking it up ~ so we didn't! Boo Hooness~
Well, we were going to get out so we walked to the train station and took a tiny little trip to Winchester. We didn't ride in the first class car, I just took the picture because the colors of the car looked like the old Southwest Airline planes and the name of this line of train cars was Southwest! Cool, huh?

Did I tell you Mr. Precious' sister and her husband traveled with us? We walked a bit around the streets of Winchester with frozen toes and decided to pop into a little cafe and have hamburgers! I couldn't resist a chance for a group snap! Everyone did so well except me! :)

After a couple of days we had a car drive us to London and of course the first thing to do was find some food! :) We walked into this precious old English pub and everyone was just too happy.
Say 'cheese'! :)

We've been to London a few times and wanted to show dear SIL and BIL the sights on frozen footsies! Being from a much warmer climate, I don't have any snow shoes! My toes are still cold!

The first stop on our frozen toes tour was Buckingham Palace. We tried so very hard to get through that gate and visit with the Queen. But no, no Nannette, those guards wouldn't have it! I just wanted to have tea with her and see what brand of tea she drank. :) You know I'm kidding.

Next we popped into a little toy soldier shop! Oh, it was so cute and little soldiers were from every time period of history.
Oh, look! A parade! Mr. Precious just loves parades! Here comes the Queen!! I'm sure that is why the guards wouldn't let us in the gate. She wasn't home! :)

Next on our frozen toes tour was Westminster Abbey. Isn't it so lovely?
This side always reminds me of Notre Dame. The official name is really The Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster.
I know, I got a little carried away with my snaps, but it's just such a beautiful place.

It's almost dark now and our frozen toes tour is bringing us up close to Big Ben! Big Ben is really the nickname for the bells inside the clock tower. This clock tower is at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. Big Ben is a focus at New Years Eve and chimes thirteen times! Now, don't you feel just so educated? :)

It's dark and cold outside now so we popped into the Burlington Arcade. When I think of an arcade, I think of games and quarters. Well, it was quarters when my son played. Let me tell you, there were no game rooms here. No, no Nannette! This is a very lovely covered shopping area filled with high end shops! My tiny eyes were spying some antique shops. Look at the bottom left hand photo - those are antique fish servers. Aren't they beautiful? Well, they all stayed right there in their tiny glass cases ~ the prices were way out of my budget! :)

Now we arrived at Piccadilly Circus, my toes still frozen! This is a very people crowded spot, bright with the lights, filled with shops and a wonderful place to visit while in London. This was our only day to be in London. We were getting tired, feet were frozen and we had to get up early for our flight back to the states the next morning so off we go!

So as we turned to walk back to our hotel, I saw this huge mannequin and was about to snap a picture when ~ he moved and blew me a kiss! Yes, he did! Now that just finished our frozen toes tour with a bang!

We boarded our plane for home the next morning and here we are ~ home! What a wonderful trip and we've made many great memories. Thank you for coming along with me.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with the perfect little Note Song~

England Swings

England swings like a pendulum do
Bobbies on bicycles, two by two
Westminster Abbey, the tower of Big Ben
The rosy red cheeks of the little children

Now, if you huff and puff and you fin'lly save enough
Money up to take your family on a trip across the sea
Take a tip before you take your trip
Let me tell you where to go
Go to England, oh

England swings like a pendulum do
Bobbies on bicycles, two by two
Westminster Abbey, the tower of Big Ben
The rosy red cheeks of the little children

Mama's old pajamas and your papa's mustache,
Falling out the window sill, frolic in the grass,
Tryin' to mock the way they talk, fun but all in vain,
Gaping at the dapper men with derby hats and canes.

England swings like a pendulum do
Bobbies on bicycles, two by two
Westminster Abbey, the tower of Big Ben
The rosy red cheeks of the little children

England swings like a pendulum do
Bobbies on bicycles, two by two
Westminster Abbey, the tower of Big Ben
The rosy red cheeks of the little children

~sung by Roger Miller


  1. What a fabulous trip though it does look and sound quite chilly there! I bet your toes and your nose was about frozen!!!

    As always I LOVE all your beautiful pictures and feel like I get to visit places through you. What a fun time!!! Thanks again for sharing Shelia. I know Chloe Dawn is glad you are home.♥

  2. Oh what a trip you had. I'm sorry you couldn't see some of the sites you dreamed of visiting but maybe there will be a day when you can return and see much more. Thanks for taking us along through your photos. Loved seeing you there! My sweetheart can't retire for two more years but we are already beginning to plan a trip we've dreamed of. It won't be to Europe or the Bahamas or the South Pacific - nosireesir, we want to head to Alaska and explore some of the beauty (and the fishing for my sweetheart) there. Until the day comes when we can go we are dreaming and planning.

  3. Shelia~~~

    It sounds like you had a great time in jolly old England...except for some frozen toes! I so enjoyed this post, as you did all the things and saw all the places that I want to. And it was very informative. Was that really the Queen in the carriage? Loved the pictures of Westminster Abbey, another place on my list.

    Thank you so much for the great tour and I am glad you are back safe and sound. Take care of those tootsies!!



  5. so beautiful! what a fun filled adventure. I love the kissing mannequin, LOL!

  6. Dear Shelia,

    This has to be one of the best 'cyber' tours yet! I feel as though I traveled back to jolly ole England once again and this time I didn't have achy feet to go with it! Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonder!

  7. I really enjoyed London and thanks to you my tootsies stayed warm too. I hadn't hought about that song by Roger Miller in years and now it's just running around my head. Thanks for the photos.

  8. Oh how wonderful Shelia!!!

    You all are traveling to some amazing places and really enjoying the retirement life. England looks so stunning and scenic. Lovely photos of you all too!

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  9. Sigh...I love all your pretty pictures. One day I would like to visit England. It's so fun that your SIL and BIL got to go too.

  10. Hi Shelia, I hope you are getting over the jet-lag. London is one of my favorite cities. I haven't been there in quite a few years though so it is nice to go back with you! I'm glad you had a lovely vacation ala start to the new chapter in your life. I hope that is going well. I'm sure it will be a bit of an adjustment for you both but you'll fall into a new routine soon.

    Hugs, Bridge

  11. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mr. Precious' new Adventure!! Memories you will cherish forever...

    Thank you for taking me along with you....glad your home safe and sound!

    Lou Cinda

    PS Love "Boo hooness"! So funny!

  12. Shelia, wouldn't you know y'all would go to Eng. the only time it's ever snowed there (well, almost). Your collages and photos are beautiful, and I love the photo of the mannequin blowing you a kiss! laurie

  13. So sorry the weather curtailed your plans but these photos are just wonderful...did ya bring us a souvenir!!! (that lovely necklace would be nice)

  14. It sounds like such a fabulous trip!!! I really enjoyed looking at your photos. I am not a traveler. I am quite content at home! But...if I were to travel, I would LOVE to go to England.

    take care,

  15. Shelia I am having so much fun following along! I've enjoyed all the photos and I absolutely love that last photo!

  16. Hi Sheila
    I loved hearing about your trip over here. Looks like you had a very busy day in London and took some great pictures. Sorry your toes were frozen, it was the coldest winter we have had for 25 years. You must come back and see Stonehenge. I'll come with you, as I have never been either! If you come back in August you can go inside Buckingham Palace because The Queen goes away on holiday then. The tour is great and you can walk in the gardens too.

  17. Oh Shelia I so enjoyed seeing England through your eyes, (or should I say through your lens?). I've never been there but would love to go some day. I'm not surprised that your poor toes froze, Lindsay has been telling me about the record cold and snow in England this winter. I'm glad you were still able to get out and about as much as you did.

  18. Sheila - you just crack me up !
    Love all the pictures and I bet you are a hoot to hang out with !
    Looks like everyone had fun !

  19. What a wonderful way to start retirement life. Looks like you all had a grand time. What beautiful pictures.

  20. answer your questions....
    the match box is about 3 by 5 inches. I am going to fill mine with valentine's candy for gifts. I am doing some in pinks for Valentine's. But you could put little goodies in them, stickers, magnets, antique buttons...a mixture of things.
    Bentley is wonderful. We are just crazy about him. He has come so far since we got him. He isn't so afraid anymore. Still not in love with strangers...but we are working on him at least letting them pet him a little. I don't know what we did without him. He is so good for me. Thanks for asking. you will see more of the boxes, because there is a swap of them out there. Some will be so fantastic...I just know it!

  21. beautiful pictures!!your mosaics are just amazing, what a trip eh??i'm sure you guys had sooo much fun,even if it was cold.i really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful places, maybe someday,i'll visit England, i would love to...
    thanks for taking us along, i wish Mr Precious a happy retirement..thanks for he visit tonite..

  22. Thanks for bringing me back to London, Shelia. I miss it already. I can imagine how cold it was when you were there cause it was already too cold for me when we were there in Novemeber. Your photos are beautiful!...Christine

  23. Hello Shelia; OH what gorgeous photos,,,, what a great place to visit.. Love the family photo,, you all look so happy and having a blast.. thank you for the tour,, love it... have a great week.


  24. Sheila, I enjoyed going on your trip with you. How exciting to go to NY and then to England on the QM2. I love going on a cruise. I checked out both posts and was loving your many mosaics, your bathroom pics and especially Mr. P. in the photo. HA! that made me laugh. It all looks wonderful and cold. Oh what the heck, it was cold here too. Better to be on a wonderful trip than staying home and have frozen toes. It was all worth it I know. All the photos of you and Mr. P. are so cute. You are very photogenic and always looked pretty. I smiled a lot looking at all the beautiful places you have been.

    I am glad you are home safe and sound.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  25. Dear Shelia,
    Fantastic pictures!!!
    What a great time by all.
    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  26. So enjoyed this post...Your trips are amazing...and I love going along

  27. What a beautiful city. I so hope to visit there one day. What WAS that funny looking slop in your soup bowl though? LOL

    I didn't realize your voyage was just a one way trip and you'd have to fly back home. Wow.

    Justine :o )

  28. O my...a trip of a lifetime. So so glad ya'll had such a wonderful time. I am sure you can go back sometime and do the things the old cold snow kept you from doing this trip.
    You all look so happy and having such fun.
    Glad you are home, safe and sound.
    You will have a lot of photos to show your mama...:)
    xo bj

  29. Thank you Shelia for sharing. Now, I know more about England. Great informations you put here.
    Beautiful trip and beautiful pictures! And of course - beautiful people!

    Hope your toes are warm now?

    Have a blessed day!

  30. What a fun trip!!! I hope your lil toes feel warmer now. My feet always get cold so I wear socks..all the time. Marc thinks its crazy because I wear them to bed then cant find them in the morning..ha!
    Thank you for leaving that sweet comment. You have been such a dear sweet blogging friend and one day we will meet and have lunch! ((hugs)) Susie~

  31. Lovely pics! I went to London 26 yr ago and your photos brought back such great memories.

  32. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful images of your fantastic trip. Sorry it was so cold. My feet are always cold, I guess that's why God planted me in the desert. We even had snow yesterday, so my toes aren't warming up anytime soon. Have a wonderful day!

  33. Hi Shelia
    Oh what a fabulous trip you had. I have never been to England and would love to do that someday.
    YOur pictures are wonderful. You did some nice shopping too I'm not sure what you purchased but there lots of window eye candy thats for certain.

    Love it. Your poor little tootsies they would be cold because you aren't used to "this" kind of stuff. We actually have been having a remarkable good winter. We haven't had much snow but its hanging around on the grass even with the "milder" type of weather.

    Anyway...thank you so much for sharing wonderful pictures and taking us on your tour...we'll await more...

    have a lovely day

  34. Hi Sheila

    I am sure you are glad to be back home after your travelling adventures and the cold in the UK!!. Yes it has been the coldest here for a number of years. I am so pleased to see you visited Winchester, it is a wonderful place. Did you see the house that Jane Austen lived in for a short time until her death and also her tomb in the Cathedral?

    We have been to a Buckingham Palace Garden Party and Princess Anne and Prince Edward were our hosts, although we weren't introduced to them, it was great to see the gardens. I have also been on the tour of the Palace when it is open to the public in the Summer and that is very interesting, well worth visiting.

    Windsor Castle and Sandringham, are also worth visiting!!

    Thank you for visiting our country and I hope everyone made you feel very welcomed!! Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  35. Welcome to the Texas-Blogging Gals!. I'll get you on the next revised list.

    Enjoyed my visit here; following now. Love the pics you have shared.

    Come over soon to my personal blog, too.

  36. You guys must love to travel! I'd be heading for home within two days. I admire those like you two who can enjoy themselves and leave home behind!

  37. See....the English know a good thing when they see it! LOL...
    Your sweetness better hold you tight~kisses from across the pond...
    Oh you wild woman!

  38. I am just catching up with you! You have had the most wonderful time haven't you?!!

    England looks like it is a wonderful place to visit...

  39. Hi Shelia, your pictures are great! I know this has to be a wonderful trip. I really have to bring my husband in here to see this. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    Thanks for your sweet visit today.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  40. Sounds like you made the best of it, despite the weather. I was in London 2 years ago with my daughter. How I would love to go back, but we didn't arrive by ship!

    You should do a post about the treasures you purchased along the way, I'm sure there are a few!

    - The Tablescaper

  41. Shelia, this is wonderful. I wish I had been with you. I love England to pieces!


    Sheila :-)

  42. I'm still catching up on your trip! How wonderful to have had such a fabulous trip together to celebrate retirement. ~ sarah

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