Saturday, November 14, 2009

Would Somebody Check Me Out?

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, shoot, this little button has been a booger to me. I have had some lovely advice, but I've decided I'm just going to ask you to copy and paste it on your blog if you want it. My friend BJ at Sweet Nothings has a wonderful post today about what slows your blog down and the text in the box for the little buttons is one among other things. So...will I be awful if I just ask you to copy and paste and you all know how easy that is.

Forgive me for not being techy. If you know how to do stuff you probably just thumb your tiny little nose at me. But just love me and don't hate me!! :)

Love you all,
Shelia ;)

Hi Dear Ones. I've seen so many of you have the darling little Blog Buttons and I wanted one too but didn't know how to do it. Well, I've been trying. I've just worked on my little Note Songs button but need to know if it works!

Would any of you copy the text in the Grab My Button section and paste it in your side bar and see if it works and then let me know. I've been just trying so hard and really don't know too much.

I would appreciate it and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)