Sunday, November 15, 2009

Autmun on the Island and a Makeover

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Hello, Dear Ones! So many of you are sharing all of the orangey colors of Fall in the areas where you live. Well, that is what I'm doing today!

I got out early to catch the sunrise just for you!

I wanted to share some Fall colors too! This is the color of Fall in the Gulf of Mexico! Blue! Isn't it lovely?

We have lots of little visitors to our island - the pelicans. I just love these awkward looking birds. I played with the background for this mosaic.

So I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little island Fallness today!


Now to a tiny bear with me, I said tiny! :)

See this olden tray? I'll bet most of you would have just passed it by. Well no no Nannette, not me! I fell in love with this big olden wooden nasty looking tray! Yes, I did!

When I got this olden tray home I flipped it over and found these words on the back. Hmm...
I was all ready to paint. See, I can spray paint too! But decided I would tape over the writing and I would get down to finding out about my olden tray later after a good ole paint job.

Look, my olden tray painted Ivory to look, well, olden. I decided to distress my tray. This was my first time at doing this and it was fun. Now don't laugh at me, so many of you take huge furniture pieces and go to town distressing. But, Dear Ones, I have to start small! I liked the way it looked and decided to spray a sealer on it.

I must tell you I went right to the internet and found out about my olden tray. This is an ad about my olden tray from the 40s 0r 50s. Now my Dearest Tiny Ones, sit down and I will tell you a little story and you know how I love to tell you little stories! :)

Once upon a time, in the olden year of 1926, the first pop-up toaster was born! The "Toastmaster" brand toaster was sold for $12.50 and its ad promised "perfect toast every time - without watching, without turning, without burning". I'm so glad someone thought of all these functions we all take for granted today, aren't you? :)

From 1933 to the 1950s times were a lot different than today. These earlier times were full of stay at home moms who were busy with their families, participating in clubs, parties and ladies groups therefore the need for this accessory. Well, we still have stay at home moms doing the same thing today, but I'm talking about more on the lines of June Cleaver and Donna Reed. You More Olden Like Me Ones know what I'm talking about. So the "Toastmaster Hospitality Set and the Toastmaster Hospitality Deluxe Set" was born! Doesn't this just make you all tingly inside? ;) Making life easier for us ladies was their motto!

A typical Toastmaster set would include a wooden hospitality tray along with a Franciscan jam jar set or waffle set. The waffle set consisted of a batter bowl, a syrup pitcher and chromium ladle that would measure exactly enough batter in one scoop. The jam set would have one or two jars with lids and a small plate in which toast could be held. Of course sitting in the middle of the tray would be either the toaster or the waffle maker. Some of the models included a toast cutting board and little relish trays. Oh, wouldn't it have been marvelous if my olden tray had had all these things intact?

Don't you just know every bride to be would have this Hospitality Hostess Set on her gift list? This would make such an impression on her guests as she entertained. I'm sure she was just a dreamin' of the day she would have her Hospitality Hostess Set. :)

Now fast forward to today...

I had to add a touch of oldeness to my tray with a little doily my grandmother embroidered and crocheted around the edges. Isn't this sweet? She would be so pleased to know I just cherish her work and use it in my home.

Ta Dah!! Here's my olden recently painted to look olden Toastmaster Hospitality Set, minus the toaster.

I thought I would set my tray for tea time using a pretty white tea set and lovely little tea cup and saucer.

I think it gives me a little feel of olden elegance to use these tiny little sugar cube tongs!

Does this spout on my tea pot remind you of a beautiful bird? I think it does! :) Do you think this was on purpose?

I added two little crystal serving trays filled with little tasties for my tea time. Well, I know you're seeing lots of lemons but hey, I had a couple ripen on my tree early and I wanted to share them with you. Aren't these slices so juicy looking? I just had to have a bit of cheese! We love cheese!

Since we've had a little bit of cooler weather, my tiny knock out roses are beginning to bloom. I just had to cut one and show you. So tiny and sweet and pink!

After my tea time, I reset my olden recently newly painted to look olden tray with another little tea set just to look at! Those red roses were given to me by my most precious Mr. Precious! I had to share!

I've had so much fun today joining in with Blue Monday hosted by our Dear Sally at Smiling Sally, Mosaic Monday hosted by our Dear Mary at Little Red House and Met Monday hosted by our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Please go visit them today and see all the wonderfulness a Monday can bring into your tiny life.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Somewhere That's Green

A matchbox of our own
A fence of real chain link
A grill out on the patio
Disposal in the sink
A washer and a dryer and
an ironing machine
In a tract house that we share
Somewhere that's green

He rakes and trims the grass
He loves to mow and weed
I cook like Betty Crocker
And I look like Donna Reed
There's plastic on the furniture
To keep it neat and clean
In the Pine-Sol scented air,
Somewhere that's green

Between our frozen dinner
And our bed-time: nine-fifteen
We snuggle watching Lucy
On our big, enormous
Twelve-inch screen

I'm his December Bride
He's father, he knows best
Our kids watch Howdy Doody
As the sun sets in the west
A picture out of Better Homes
and Gardens Magazine
Far from Skid Row
I dream we'll go
somewhere that's... green
~ sung by Audrey from the musical 'Little Shop of Horrors'


  1. Your first "distressing" job turned out beautifully! Ilove having old things and knowing their history. You have set your tray beautifully for tea! Love those pictures--I could use a beach fix :)

  2. Hi Shelia! I love your photos of the Gulf! I also discovered that the only orange at the beach in the Fall is the sunset!! And I think your hostess set is just lovely! Were you wearing your June Cleaver pearls when you were serving tea? lol Have a wonderful week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Hi, Shelia... love the olden tray! I also love your beach shots.

    Listen, I copied and pasted, and it worked just fine. Then I took it off because BJ said that all of this stuff is slowing us down. I just stripped my blog of the blingy things and of the music. Can you get on my blog okay? I never have trouble loading except some of the ones with bigger pics. Yours are fine, though. Just tested.

    I am now thinking of being a lean, mean fighthing machine, but that makes me kind of sad. I have a lot of visitors so I don't think I'm too top heavy with shiny objects on my sidebar. But I don't know. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

    Love you...



  4. Hi, Shelia... love the olden tray! I also love your beach shots.

    Listen, I copied and pasted, and it worked just fine. Then I took it off because BJ said that all of this stuff is slowing us down. I just stripped my blog of the blingy things and of the music. Can you get on my blog okay? I never have trouble loading except some of the ones with bigger pics. Yours are fine, though. Just tested.

    I am now thinking of being a lean, mean fighthing machine, but that makes me kind of sad. I have a lot of visitors so I don't think I'm too top heavy with shiny objects on my sidebar. But I don't know. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

    Love you...



  5. Wooo hoooooooooo! Trash to treasure. Looks great, Shelia! Now pass me some of that cheese. I loves me some cheese!

    Justiney :o )

  6. Oh Shelia, I just love to read your posts. They are always just the greatest. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wonderful tray and the story that goes with it. Both tea sets are stunning. What a super find. Hugs, Marty

  7. Dear Sheila, I thoroughly enjoyed this post :o) Liking your tray; for some reason the only trays I see are plastic. Lovely transfer ware too. I have some brown ones that I might post soon :o)
    Hope you had a bleesed day.

  8. Shelia, get your hiney to your email inbox! I couldn't wait for you to figure out the right html code for your button, so I did it for you! Go go gooooooooo!

    Justiney :o )

  9. Thank you so much for the seaside photos. They are beautiful with the sunlight on the water!

    Your tray turned out great. Glad you saved the info on the back. It's always nice to know the history of something.

    I just started collecting buttons and I'm adding yours as soon as i get done here, which is now!

  10. I love the olden tray, Shelia and how you dressed it up in all of your finery! How pretty all of your things are. And I think you really got a treasure, reading the history of the hostess was very interesting!! You have a lemon tree?? Oh goodness...and roses blooming!! And beautiful sunsets and pelicans? BTW, the picture of the pelicans on the dock that you tweaked it gorgeous!!

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!! :-)


  11. Lots of memories for us brides from the 1950s. There were all kinds of hospitality sets available for the June Cleaver types. I was one of them complete with a frilly apron!! What fun this post was!!! Sally

  12. I love your olden tray and the story behind it!!! So great that you were able to find out all about it! Love your pics, too, and I'm missing the beach!

  13. Thank you for sharing Fall in your world! Beautiful photos.
    Now to the tray - I love it! What an interesting bit of history and what a neat find. You did a good job distressing it and I love your pictures with it set up for tea time. I hope the week ahead is a good one for you.

  14. Like your beach pretty. You did a great job distressing your "new" wooden tray! It looks so pretty w/ your teapot & cups...and roses.

  15. Hi Sheila,
    Everyone of your posts are so much fun and beautiful to boot! You just have that knack girl, such talent! Loving your tray, the story, the pretty china and the oh so beautiful roses! I am lovin your pics of the outdoors too, so different than here right now. Thanks for sharing, Cindy

  16. Oh the beach looks so delightful! and I love your new little olden tea tray -- thanks for sharing tea with us!

  17. Hi Shelia,
    Your beach photos are lovely! I love the tray you painted and distressed and your china is always so pretty.
    Take care,

  18. Great post, Sheila! Love the beach photos! Your tray came out lovely! I am crazy for your white tea set! The tray vignettes are both so charming!

    Have a lovely week!


  19. I LOVE your beautiful ocean pictures!!! You did a great job distressing that tray. I enjoyed the lesson about it too! Your tea time looks so lovely and how neat to have a lemon tree!

  20. It's so neat that you were able to find out the history of your tray. It looks great! I'm very glad the toaster was invented, we use ours every single day.

  21. {{{{{{Shelia}}}}} That was so sweet of you to give me a shout-out just for fixing your code for ya. You know I love ya and will always do anything I can to help you!

    Justiney :o )

  22. Hi Sheila, Thanks so much for the history lesson. I love history, especially about women. When I was little I thought Donna Reed was the perfect woman and I wanted to grow up to be just like her. Sadly, I failed miserably. And I always forget to wear my pearls when I'm vacuuming, gosh darn me. Your tray turned out fabulous. Enjoy.

  23. Come on over and I will help you with your code on your button

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  24. I love the beach shots...keep them coming...we always need beach shots in Tennessee...
    The tray turned out it!!!

  25. Oh Shelia, thank you so much for sharing such beautiful blue seas with us at MM. And I love your little project. You are so creative! :)

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  27. As much as I love our seasons here in New England I would LOVE to be at the shore like you. Beautiful! Love your tray pictures as well and the story behind. Have a wonderful week!

  28. Oh Shelia, love the soft hues of the clouds. The ocean view is terrific and love those shimmering waters.

  29. Sheila, love all the photos of the Gulf. Your tea tray is absolutely beautiful. Great job! And yes, the teapot spout does look like a graceful bird. What a lovely set!

  30. Hi Sheila, I love your pelicans at the Gulf. Beautiful mosaics!

  31. I love your pelican mosaic; the way you put them in silhouette is really cool!

    That tray is awesome; isn't it fun to research our old things?

  32. what wonderful beach photos Shelia, hope you thought of me lol!


  33. Well, alls I can say is that this post deserves a "SMASHING!! simply smashing my dear!! WOWOOO. I loved it. How interesting about that tray. So comical in some ways and sad in others---but I guess since lots of us still love these things there is hope ;-). Oh--the tray settings you should use for tablescape Thursday, girl!!These were awesome---so beautiful. I love the purple tea cup! I often have tea on a tray, but not fancy like yours!! WOOOO

  34. What a great post, educational and entertaining with great mosaics, a story and some history!

  35. So enjoyed your history/story of the wooden tray. What a lovely dressing you have given her ... as she sits so beautifully dressed in her inviting tea attire.

    Have a great week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  36. Shelia, Your tray is just delightful! I would love to find one like it. I need it for the bedroom I have just redone. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story. Have a good week.


  37. Wonderful ocean photos and such a lovely tray too!

  38. Oh Pickle I love your olden tray and what you did with it and girl I do have the toaster that goes with it...its OK to hate me...ha ha!! Love alwys my visits with you my dear friend...Hope all is well with you health wise and hows that grabd baby baking girL...Many hugs and smiles to you dear one....Gl♥ria

  39. Hi Shelia
    Your tray looks beautiful ..and to think it was actually made in the USA! Hard to find that now.
    I love all your mosaics...the picture in a picture were especially nice. The pelicans were fun to see!
    Have a good week!
    XO Pat

  40. Trash to Treasure for sure Miss Shelia. I distress everything even Randy, oh that's stress sorry lol
    Love your beautiful tray and it's history. Glad you taped over it.
    I want to go to the BEACH!!!!!! NOW!!!!!! Ok now I feel better and I must get to bed. It's after 1:00. I keep saying that, but I never get my "derriere" off this chair.
    Love You Nannette
    Love Claudie

  41. Every post you write inspires are a blessing...

    I have had so little time to do any blog reading and I have missed it...stop by my Christmas blog and leave a comment. The giveaway is a great Christmas CD to add to your collection.

  42. I love your old tray, you did wonderful. Your photos are great too, I love beach scenes and birds. Lovely mosaics and photos.

  43. Shelia,
    Thanks for sharing those photos, they were wonderful. Now onto the tray, you did a great job and the tea service looked sooo good on it. Thanks for sharing and for visiting.

  44. Love the beautiful photos!
    And the tray is delightful, it's breakfast here and I felt pampered just looking at it!
    All Things Heart and Home
    ps...I'm being a Sweetie!

  45. Shelia, I just love this post - sooo intesting! The beach pics are just and Debbie @Conffesions are fab photographers! Did y'all see ach other there? But the tray - oh, my! I love that story and your finished product is just gorgeous! Well done, spray paint lady! Linda

  46. The tray is a fabulous shabby chic style now. How great that you were able to find the history of it! I have enjoyed reading your post and will come back to read more.

  47. Oh Shelia! Your mosaics are just beautiful and your water pics of Galveston are superb! We went fishing and crabbing there once and got so much more that we could handle. I love the story about your olden tray and you transformed and distressed it so perfectly. If you ever come for a visit, please scroll down one more post on my blog cause I would love for you to see my pictures of London. Thanks...Christine

  48. Ahhh, I wish I was there on the Gulf right now. Beautiful!

    How FUN to see these old advertisements. I love stuff like that. Seems like $12.50 would not have been cheap then for that toaster--must have been somewhat of a luxury item.

    Wish I could join you for tea! That cup with the purple flowers is so pretty. :-)

  49. Great job distressing. Lovely idea.

  50. Oh I always love a good behind the scenes history lesson.

    Your tray is wonderful. The china is so pretty. Love lavender.

  51. What a MARVELOUS Monday post ;-)
    Before I forget, I love the Thanksgiving header and your nifty button. Glad you have friends to help you out with such things. You mosaics and photographs of the ocean are beautiful and the transformation of the tray nifty. You, my blogging friend, are a TREASURE in this virtual world! I'm glad to have encountered you and would LOVE to chat over tea and those delicious treats. Hope you're having a delightful day!
    Hugs and blessings,

  52. You did a great job! I love it and I love the way you set your beautiful treasure perfectly for tea!
    And I appreciate the story and the olden advertisement! I really think I was born in the wrong time, I love all the ideas of the old 'housewife' advertisements, and the whole 'Donna Reed' and 'Ozzie & Harriet' and 'Leave It To Beaver' way of life! I love reading how being a housewife was a career! I think it's sad how it's been so denigrated today. That 'look' women get when they say they are a housewife, that 'sniff' some other women make like they've just smelled something horrible and then turn their attention to someone they feel is more 'worthy' of their attention, someone with a 'real' career.

    I've had jobs outside my home in my life, but none of them have been anywhere near as fulfilling to me as the projects I've tackled in my house making it a home. None of them compare to preparing my home for family gatherings.
    I wish the 'art' of the housewife' would come back in vogue.
    It's nice to have blogs to visit, between old TV shows and blogland, I get my fix!

    Great post, you made my day!
    All the best,

  53. Wow Shelia! So many wonderful things to see here. Love your gulf shots and your tray redo is fabulous. Looks so sweet all decked out for tea!! That white tea set is so pretty and the tea cup...precious. Have a wonderful week!!

  54. I remember this tray from one my mother had in the 50's ..we also had the toaster that lasted well over 25 years.
    I am loving all the beautiful things you are showing. Just wonderful and I do believe we must crown YOU the QUEEN OF MOSAICS. You do the BEST job on them ...they are always so pretty. And, I know you love doing them!
    I want to have a tea party but, alas, I gave my one and only tea pot to a precious granddaughter that loved it. I am now on the quest of that I can invite YOU and all our friends to a tea party.
    hugness to you,

  55. That's a very pretty little tray. and so cool to know the history of it!

  56. LOVE the tray... and of course the beach... hmmmm... your tray at the beach would be DIVINE!!!

  57. Loved the story, your tray, your pretties, and the memories in that embroidered tea towel!
    Wonderful post, Sheila..hope you are better!

  58. Hi Shelia~ ~ ~Nice job on the tray it looks great. Loved the story and history lesson. I love all things vintage.
    Your cup and saucer is so pretty.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  59. thanks for sharing all those wonderful photos and for even waking up early just to capture those :)

    u may view mine if u have time

  60. Shelia, you are right, I would have walked on past that tray. Look what you did - you transformed it into a beauty! It will have so many uses too. Great job!

    Thanks for those beautiful peeks at the Gulf of Mexico. Love my Texas!

  61. Great overhaul on the tray. I must say I love your transformation and how you cozied it up!

  62. Hi Sheila...

    My friend, I'm just tickled pink for you!!! Not only did you find a fabulous tray (with grand history) but you also transformed it into a lovely piece!!! I do like the white...and the fact that you distressed sweet!!! You did GOOD, Girlfriend!!!

    Loved reading the history of the Toastmaster Hospitality Set! Ohhh...and aren't those olden ads just fabulous? I think they'd be fun to frame!

    My friend, you set such a lovely tea on your new tray! It was absolutely gorgeous! That embroidered doily...soooo pretty and sooo perfect! Ohhh...and I love your red transferware teapot and pretties too! Red transferware is my favorite glassware!!!

    Thank you so much for coming by and taking a peek at my faux fireplace project! Your sweet note just made my day!

    Have a marvelous Monday, my friend!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  63. Hello Sheila, I have missed your last few posts and I am so sorry. I have been down with a very bad cold. I tried to visit some but I was just not well. I am feeling better finally, today.

    I love your olden tray and I can assure you I would not have given it up. It is a treasure. I love your story about it and the photos are just too cute. I'm glad you didn't paint over the info on the back. Your shabby chic white looks great. The tea party was so sweet. Is that cup and saucer pattern of violets Spode? It looks like a tea set pattern that I gave my DIL.

    The doily looks sweet and the last tea set you displayed looks so sweet. Love the roses. Your hubby is a sweetie. I have pink knockout roses too. I love them.

    Sheila, did your button work? I do not know how to do much on the computer. Beverly always helps me. She is so helpful and I am so thankful.

    Thank you for a very entertaining post.

    Hugs xoxo, Jeanne

  64. Hi Shelia! Hi! Can you see me waving at you?! I'm all the way on the other side of the Gulf of Mexico, on the west coast of Florida!

    Love your tray makeover! Who needs the WHOLE Toastmaster Hospitality Set? Certainly not you because YOUR pretties look fabulous on your new, olden tray!

  65. how cool! i love the re-do and the originial print ad from back in the day, lol.
    very nice!

  66. You did an amazing job on that tray and I've never seen ANYONE work so hard on a post. Whew! Lovely mosaics.

  67. First of all, Shelia my sweetness, your photo's are just plain beautiful! Sadly, there are no Fall colors anywhere around where I live. Believe me I look. I buy dried ones or silks and do my best to bring those lovely colors into my home. I began in mid August, slowly, as I was a bit on the ill side and knew I would miss all of October. :(
    Your just precious! You shabbied it and oldened it just to perfection. Made me want to say "S'cuse me..." and sit right down for a cup of tea and a tidbit! :) All your beautiful white dishes and that lovely Pansey cup and saucer and the tiny pink roses... all so very cozy.
    Isn't it wonderful to see something change before your very eyes into something just perfect?
    I LOVE your tray! :)

    At this point I wish to apologize for my JUMP into the Holiday season. Sweet Debbi did my blog background for me, this is her very busy season on ebay and etsy etc. and she asked if I would like it installed when she finished. (Since I am not too savy on here, she does installing..and I said that would be fine. I am all outfitted for my favorite season..and want to be forgiven for sort of jumping the gun. I LOVE Fall..I was born in October...and I missed a lot of it this year. Faux colors in California or not..I love it! I have saved it for next year..all my lovely leaves...

    Now..I am going to creep back and roll around in your Fallness..if of course..that is alright with you! :):)
    Sending you all the love and hugs I have in my heart.

  68. Wait! Wait! I..thought there were Fall colors! NOPE! YOU HAVE BLUE! LOL So...we are not's just that I always think the colors are everywhere but here..??? Serves me's my guilty conscience getting to me..that's what it is! LOL

  69. Oh Sheila, I love your olden tray. You did an outstanding job on it.. love all your beachy pictures. They especially look good to me tonight. We're getting a rain/snow mix.. and it is sooooo cold. Well, maybe not as cold as it sounds but gosh girl.. 39 now that's cold to me.. thank you for swinging in and seeing the start of the open house event. Stayed tuned upcoming pics are soon to
    hugs ~lynne~

  70. Hey Shelia; I just adore you olden tray,, and I am still waiting here in bed for my Tea......hehe.. It is just gorgeous,, great job... and I want to come to your house,, I so love your photos of Fall where you are,, the Ocean photos are so beautiful,, thanks for sharing with us... have a great week..


  71. Dearest Shelia~

    Now is that not the sweetest little tray on the planet...I'm pretty sure it is. :) Love what you did and that is a darling little tea set.

    Be still by beating know my love of our dear gulf day I will live closer to that darling bay. It is just beautiful. I keep telling my Mister he needs to take a day off with me so he can drive me down there to watch the sunrise over the water....I would love that. You know we honeymooned their 10 years ago. Yes...Miss Shelia, I love your little bay.

    Hugs~ J

  72. You did a great job on the tray. I'd love to have one like it. I'm like you, start small :-) You're photos are always so wonderful, and your sweet words make everyone feel so at home.

  73. Shelia,
    You’ve brought that tray into the new millennium, and breathed new life into it! Good for you.

  74. I think it is just perfect!! I know you will enjoy it and look at how you brought it back to life and gave it back it's purpose!
    YOU are perfect!

  75. You are making me long for the sea. Can you believe one of my best friends has a beach home that I can use and I never take the time...Your tray looks great! 5*

  76. Hi Shelia,
    Your tray turned out beautiful. The Gulf looks beautiful this time of year, wonderful pictures. Loved your post!

  77. You've been quite busy. In fact, you've been so very busy that you forgot to link in for Blue Monday! I had a rather busy day yesterday, so I just now came to visit and discovered that you THOUGHT that you linked in to Blue Monday.


  78. Now Sheila...that was one of the most amazing makeovers I have ever seen! I am NOT kidding! Gosh...I've seen those old trays at yard sales up here many, many times and just passed them by. What you did with that was spectacular! I'm so proud of you! It's so shabby chic it really the same tray?? It sure doesn't look like it...really...I mean that. This was also a funny post....will all that olden and former olden stuff going on, you had me in stitches! Beautiful tea set and I am so jealous that you have a lemon tree??? My God!

  79. Shelia..your little button works perfectly! :) It really is so cute!

  80. Spectacular beach mosaics!...and the tray turned out great!

  81. What beautiful photography on the island!

    I love the tray and the way you have presented it!


  82. Hi Shelia, I have been following your blog for a while and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. I am a BOI, so I especially enjoy your pictures of Galveston. I also, have a black mini, that looks just like your Chloe!! She is my baby also and is very spoiled! It is jus something about that little face, with the big black eyes! Keep up the great blog and take care. Susan

  83. oh, how pretty ~! You sis a great job on that tray.. being a tray addict myself I am of course envious of your newest treasure.. well done indeed..
    Sonny Dayz

  84. You sure know how to make a guest feel like a guest. I love that little white tray. Everything is so beautiful.

  85. Shelia, your mosaics of the ocean are gorgeous! So tranquil. Love what you did with the tray, and I enjoyed the history lesson about it. How sweet of Mr. Sweetness to bring you beautiful roses. laurie

  86. Love the tray and your photos are beautiful!:)


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