Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Much To Share!

Hello, Dear Ones! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! Our garage sale went very well and Mother sold lots of her 'extra' things! Our garage has been transformed and now we can park both our cars in there! I'm pooped! Garage saleing is very hard work you know! Shoot! I should have taken a picture of our garage and I could have played in Met Monday! Shoot! Oh, well. ;0

I just have to tell you something. I'm blessed! Yes, I am! You all know what wonderful folks we have in the Land of Blog, don't you? Folks who are just nice for no special reason. They're just nice. One of these most precious Nice Ones has been so sweet to me! I apologize to her in advance for not getting this post up sooner.

Our Most Wonderful Nice Bridget at My Silly Blog sent me this sweet little Rooster painting just because she saw my post with all my Roosters! Can you believe it? Oh, I just think it's the most wonderful painting! The colors are so bright and that little yard bird is just strutting his stuff! Thank you, thank you, Bridge! I call her Bridge because I know her. I will always cherish this painting! She's a fine artist and I need to toot her horn a bit. If you don't know her please pop in and tell her I sent you. Thanks so much, Dear Bridge!

Is he just not the cutest little yard bird you've ever laid your most gorgeous eyeballs on?

Like my friend, Picket, I had to run and grab my tissues!

I just had to make a mosaic showing every little part of this precious painting!

Then look what else...

I entered Stacey's giveaway at Poofing the Pillows and won!! Hallelujah, this is so much fun! Don't you just love those foamy peanuts!

Sweet words...had to grab tissues again.

Just look! Me, being the Fallen woman that I am ~ what could be more appropriate? Fallness!
I just love it!

Look at all I received! Three very Fall smelling candles, two precious tea towels ~ one with pun'kins, and then this beautiful divided dish ~ see the writing at the bottom? Share the Bounty of the Season! Oh, it's just wonderful! Thank you so much, Dear Stacey for drawing my tiny name! I was just Falling all over myself playing with my new pretties! Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you don't know Stacey, go on over for a visit!

I have played in Blue Monday today hosted by our Most Smiling One, Dear Sally st Smiling Sally.
Also, I've played in Mosaic Monday, hosted by our Most Fabulous Photographer, Dear Mary at Little Red House.


We must interrupt this post! We have breaking news to report! There has been a lot of activity going on in bathrooms all across Blogland! Yes, believe it! This phenomenon just doesn't seem to ever stop!

Well, for those of you who may be new to this blog, let me introduce myself ~ I am the Queen Diva of the Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas and I am here to do my job! Yes, my Bathroom Business. This is very serious stuff, so don't leave yet! There are many Bathroom Diva imposter's out there, Most What in the World is She Talking About Ones, and I, and I alone am qualified to determine the true Divas! So, let me get started...

Oh, my goodness! Just look what we have here...two Most Gorgeous Ones! But, looks can be deceiving. I have to investigate!

Oh, I see two Most Beautiful Ones with the Most Pearliest of Whites! Please hand me my sun shades! Then I see four lovely peepers! Not on the same head, Most Wondering Ones, but two peepers per head! Yes, I do! I also see the most creaminess of complexions! Look at the most beautiful locks on those most gorgeous heads and yes, Dear Ones, they are just filled with Bathroom highlights! I can even see four of the most slender arms and only two hands. But if you'll just tiptoe like this and peak down you'll see the other two! See! There's those two other hands. Now the visible hand is attached to a CAMERA! Yes, yes, Most Excited Ones, we have two more Bathroom Divas! I'm so excited! Do we know these Most Gorgeous Ones? Why sure we do ~ this is Our Most Wonderful Susie Q at Rabbit Run Cottage and her Most Wonderful Daughter, Grace!
Oh, Most Thrilled Ones, just look our Grace is Bathroom Posing for us! Now that's one pull cord for the toilet, don't you think! She is a natural at this! She's a Bathroom Diva and she knows her stuff!

So let's all welcome our two new Bathroom Divas ~ Susie and Grace! Now ladies you've joined the most wonderful group...

Oh, please, don't tell me!! There's been another Bathroom invasion, Most Alarmed Ones! My Bathroom Business is just never finished. I love my job!
Okay, I will not let you down, Most Ones in Need of Protection! I will continue to do my Bathroom Business...
Okay, Most Trying to Get Focused Ones, I see two more Gorgeous Ones. Now they do look a little fuzzy, but sometimes that is a sneaky way to try and fool me. You just can't fool Mother no Nannette...I'm not Mother Nature, I'm the Bathroom Diva Queen and I'm good at this.
Okay, let me see...I see two Most Gorgeous Ones, smiling with the pearliest of whites! I'm so glad I still have my shades on! The most gorgeous of complexions, locks filled to the brim with Bathroom highlights, shiny and bright peepers - four to be exact. Again, not on the same Most Gorgeous Head! Two peepers per head. I see two most slender arms but three hands! The most creamiest of hands! But oh, my, Scratching Your Heads Ones, these Gorgeous Ones are magical! I see no camera! There is no CAMERA attached to dainty fingers here! Oh, this is special, Most Wondering Ones! It is getting close to Halloween and all! Now who could these Lovelies be? I know ~ it's our very own Claudie from Bubblin' Over and her friend. Welcome new Bathroom Divas!

Now please stand in front of me, Dear Susie,Grace, Claudie and friend as I crown you with the most sought after title in the Land of Blog! Oh, yes! Many have tried and failed! Many have coveted this title, but they were not worthy! But you, Dear Most Gorgeous Ones have pushed through the Bathroom Door and snapped snapped away! Now, Dear Ones, I now crown you as Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas! You will be one now and for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Please take the Bathroom Beauty Snapping button that I have made with my own tiny hands and shine it proudly on your blog! Now, go and snap for the world to see, Divas Dear Susie,Grace, Claudie and friend!

Oh, Bathroom business does a body good! If you're wondering if you can be a Diva too and join this marvelous gang, yes, you can if your daring and brave enough. Just run into a bathroom of your choice (in my olden age I'm getting easy and will allow you to snap in front of any mirror), turn your camera's little flash off and snap your most gorgeous smile in the mirror. Post it on your blog or either email your snaps and I will post you here on Note Songs and crown you before all of Blogland. Then you can take our little Bathroom button that I so meticulously made with my own dainty creamy tiny little fingers and proudly display it on your blog. Now don't be a little chicken, just do it! Snap snap snap on, Dear Ones!!

I'm exhausted now, Most Please Shut Up Already Ones, and I think I'll retire to my throne! :)


Due to the lengthiness of this post, there will be no Note Song for today.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)