Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Spooky At My House...

Hello, Dear Ones! Now I must tell you, we just don't do spooky at our house for Halloween! But I do have this little display ~ not scary, but pretty cute.

We do have many many trick or treaters come to our neighborhood and we do give the little children candy! It's interesting to see the little cute ones and to see how many actually have manners and say thank you! I don't think many parents teach their children manners anymore, do you?

Well, we have taught our little Chloe Dawn manners and she does say thank you each time she gets a treat. But she is a big ole scaredy cat or I guess she's a big ole scaredy dog! I picked her up to show her these little cats and she jumped out of my arms and ran outside!

Well, Dear Ones, I found her outside just a'trembling! I told it was okay and they were not real cats, but she said, "No way am I coming back in, Mommy". Well, what's a Mommy to do? Go give her another treat...

I'm getting off track because I wanted to share a little trip we took a few years ago when our Dear Daughter lived in England. We went for a visit and took a tiny trip to Whitby, England.
Now I need to tell you, my sweet friend, Lindsay who lives across the pond at The Cross Stitch House actully took us on a three post tour to Whitby a few posts back. Go visit her sometimes ~ she's a real sweetie.

Here is the beautiful quaint fishing town of Whitby by the sea. Whitby is located on the North Yorkshire coast. Look at all those enchanting red roofs!

But Dear Ones, I must tell you, there are some scary things that have happened all around this town. Now beware as I share a tiny bit of spookiness with you.

Here we stand at the base of the 199 steps that lead to Whitby Abbey. The steps were originally wooden and were used to carry coffins up to the church. Now do you have your tiny walking shoes on? Well, take a deep breath and let's start the climb.

Congratulations! We made it to the top and we're looking over at St. Mary's Church.

There's Dear Daughter and Mr. Precious on the right. You can tell I'm tagging along behind! Whew! What a climb! Now here is the scary part ~ St. Mary's Church will always be associated with DRACULA!

In 1890, on this windy cliff, Bram Stoker (if you don't know, was the author of the original book named "Dracula") watched the mist descend upon the ruins of the 12th century Abbey and neighboring graveyard. His thoughts turned to vampires and Dracula was born! Could that bench be where Bram Stoker sat and peered over into the ship harbor and got his ideas for writing his book "Dracula"?

Now if you're familiar with the Dracula story, you know who Lucy was. Well, Dear Lucy sat here, maybe on one of these benches and watched the ships sailing till the sun set.

Here we're looking over the the cliff and guess what ~ the infamous Count Dracula arrived on a ship washed ashore in this harbor and his vampirish feet touched the soil of Whitby! Oh my!

I suppose she was not afraid! Would you be afraid being here? I would be, especially after dark!

It's a bit spooky, but lovely at the same time!

This is the Caedmon's Cross looking over the graveyard. Don't you think this cross should have scared Count Dracula?

Now we're looking over at Whitby Abbey. Did you see something? I think I saw a dark figure in the distant, did you?

These desolute ruins stand above the steep steps we just climbed and overlooks the village.

I found these two awesome looking photos of the Abbey and just had to make another mosaic!

What was that? I heard something...did you hear it? I'm not scared, no no Nannette, I'm not!

The Abbey was founded in 651 AD and became the focus for folklore and legend. Here are some of the stories that have developed through the centuries: there is a phantom coach and horses which thunders to a halt outside the church; there has been seen a headless spectra standing at the bottom of the 199 steps; and there's been told there is a mischievous sprite who haunts the dark countries lanes around Whitby; and we must not forget ~ Dracula! His ghost is supposedly prowling around all over this area! OOOH! Please don't be scared - it's all legend and fiction.

We're walking and we're walking ~ oh, no! What is this!? I don't even want to guess! Let's just get out of here, okay?

Woof Woof! Oh! Did that scare you? This was so funny ~ when we were walking back to our accommodations, this little fuzzy face poked his tiny head out and was barking at us to high heaven! We almost jumped out of our socks ( I was wearing socks and shoes because we were here in late October)! This was the most scary encounter we had on our trip.

If you ever visit Whitby in the new future, please be warned: there are those who say that Dracula's spirit still is present in this town. Of course, like me, you are a rational being and do not believe that, do you...

Now Dear Ones, don't be afraid of the scary legends or ghosts or goblins on Saturday night - but have a safe Halloween!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Oh, Dear Ones, I have committed a Boo Boo! I would never intentionally do something wrong, but I have copied this song and didn't realize it was copyrighted. The author wrote me and asked if I would post the link, and so I will. It is from this site Halloween Poems and Lyrics.

I'm so sorry for doing the wrong thing, Mr. Ryan, but I do love your song.

Dracula's Theme Song

He comes upon the wings of night
He comes, my dear, to have a bite
His vicious
Fangs baring just above your neck
He wants much more than a love peck

Oh you can run, you can scream and hide
but his sense of smell is a source of pride
then there’s his
hearing keen with a sonar’s guide
he will find you out you will be his bride!

you will be his bride!

He comes upon the wings of night
He comes, my dear, to have a bite
His vicious
Fangs baring just above your neck
He wants much more than a love peck

~sung by M. Ryan Taylor

Copyright © 2008 M Ryan Taylor / Vocal Works
Used by permission.


  1. Beautiful photos Shelia...but now I'm sceirt!!!!

  2. My face looks about like your little dogs face right now! Thats a scary, dreary place..don't think I'll go there! Just right for Halloween though..think I'll stay clear of cemetarys though~
    Come say hi :D

  3. You keep trying to scare us - first was Notre Dame and now this. Well, I'm just not going to be scared; but I'll be glad when Halloween is over. We don't do 'scary' either. A little story -- we were coming home from church Sunday, and a black cat crossed our path. I said I wasn't going to be intimidated by any old neighborhood cat; but then in the night our tree came crashing down (my current post). Does that cat have it out for us? I'm rethinking this superstition thing. Have a great Halloween week. Sally

  4. Hi Sheila
    Loved this spooky post. You took some great pictures in Whitby. I hope you go back one day and we can go on one of the organised ghost walks there together. Wouldn't that be fun? It must have been very cold and windy in October. Next time come in August and it should be perfect.
    Poor Chloe Dawn. I hope she has overcome her fear of the cats! Please give her and hug and pat from me and Jessica.

  5. I don't know, sugar, that Chloe Dawn looks like she's trying to spook someone! LOL She's cute!

    I'm going to visit the blog across the pond right now....


  6. Great post, Shelia! Your pictures & info about England are wonderful.


  7. Great pictures...looks like you had a great time.

  8. Hi again...Yes I did make all the food that you see on this post...guess with raising 8 kids and coming from a big family myself it just come4s with the territory! It was fun though, thinking of how delighted the grand kids would be..and they were! :D

  9. Wonderful post Sheila...I'm scared!lol...Actually it does look like a spooky place with all the graves. I sure wouldn't want to be there at night by myself! I bet it was really neat to visit during the daytime though. I hope you have a wonderful halloween! I'm fixing to go get my candy...6 big bags!! We have a ton of trick-or-treaters. Have fun! Kristen

  10. Hi, Shelia! Poor Chloe Dawn, afraid of those scary cats! :-)

    And believe it or not, I wasn't scared in the graveyard. We had one behind our house growing up, and I used to play there some. My cousin and I had picnics on one crypt. Maybe that's what's wrong with me, you think??? ;-)

    That is interesting that the legend of Dracula started in that sweet little town. It really is a pretty place, and I loved the ruins. I like a good ruin.

    Love to you...


    Sheila :-)

  11. Fun post...I love old cemeteries, and this is a gem, love all the old headstones, there is always a lot of history to be learned in an old cemetery. Great pictures I might post!

  12. I don't like scary either! So what did you scare me with that spooky cemetery?? :) People are dying to get in there...
    Happy Halloween, Shelia...

  13. Oh my, I would love to go to England! Those photos are fascinating, and a little spooky!
    I like your fall decorations. I don't do spooky at my house either. But lots of pumpkins and fall leaves and such.
    I just wanted to come by and thank you for your sweet comments to me on my blog. You make me smile everytime I read them! God Bless YOU for being such a "sweetie".

  14. Shelia darling, this post brings back so many fond memories for me of Whitby, thanks for sharing it. Your blog is beautifully spooky, good job luv.

    Love & Hugs

  15. The words to my Dracula song are copyrighted. I really don't mind your sharing them here, but you must post a link to the source:

    as well as the copyright notice:
    Copyright © 2008 M Ryan Taylor / Vocal Works
    Used by permission.

  16. Oh my gosh Shelia! It's positively gorgeous there! What a lucky soul you are to have visited.

    Oh and let me tell you what.... I would never in a million years think any bad thoughts about you. Do not worry about what I said on my blog. I love you sweet friend :)


  17. Shelia...these pictures are wonderful and I love your little fall vignette! Chloe Dawn is such a doll :)


  18. No wonder you don't "do" spooky at your house -- first it was gargoyles and now graves! You've seen about enough spooky! After that trip if that little dog had barked at me out of that door - I would have dropped the camera and gone flying down the street sure that a warewolf was after me!!!!

  19. Shelia...I wish I had gotten a better picture of the painting...
    Your home looks absolutely lovely and prettier each time I visit! :) What fun you must have with it!! :)
    You always make me feel SO good when you stop by for a visit! I feel like the clouds have just moved over and the sun is now shining! :)

  20. No spooky creepy things here either! I love this POST! I so want to visit a place like this some day.

    That doggie with it's head out the door cracked me up!


  21. I love this, Shelia! It is an absolutely wonderful post!

  22. Shelia~~

    Love your Halloween vignette. I don't do much Halloween decorating inside and this would be perfect for me. And that poor Chloe Dawn...I just don't think a dog can get too many treats!!

    Love the spooky pictures. I really don't get scared over that stuff. I get scared if it sounds like someone is breaking into my house!! I lived alone behind a cemetary and it never bothered me. Awfully quiet at night...But love the England pics!!

    Happy Halloween, my friend!!


  23. When I came to America few years ago I didn't understand what was Halloween. I was walking and what I saw ... OMG... I was sooo scared. Never forget.

    Thank you Shelia for beautiful post and beautiful photos!

    Happy Haloween!

  24. I love Chloe Dawn! Give her another treat from me and Harriet. What beautiful pictures you have shared. What a wonderful trip that was! Hope you have a peaceful evening.

  25. Shelia, Caedmon of Whitby is famous as the first known English poet! So, you were in the presence or past-ence(!) of someone even more famous than Dracula.

  26. Fantastic photos you have shared!
    Have a great week,

  27. Your decorations are cute and I loved that you took us on a trip to see Dracula! :D Jewel

  28. Hi Sheila, What a super cute vignette! I'm with you on cute and not spooky! I decorate the same! :) Love the black cats!

    The pics from your trip were amazing, even if they were a little spooky! LOL! You captured the magic and intrigue of the sites so well with your camera!

    ~Hugs, Rhonda :)

  29. Shelia, this was such a neat post to read! Oh, the pictures are just amazing and the lore and history incredible. Those tombstones are truly THAT old? How are they still standing? Did you notice the beautiful craftmanship on them?

    Ya know, I've never read Bram Stoker's Dracula. I'm not sure I'd like it because I'm sure it's written in that old English verbage.

    Justiney :o )

  30. Shelia, Your Halloween cats are so cute, but I'm so sorry Chloe Dawn is scared of them! H'ween night is always crazy around my house because of our dog. She is goes nuts with the ringing doorbell and screaming kids. Your pictures of England were so pretty, and what a great H'ween post. Scared me to pieces! Happy Halloween! laurie

  31. Hi Sheila,
    I don't do scary either...cute costumes only allowed at my door! Love your little Chloe Dawn...what a sweetie! Those are gorgeous photos you took of your trip, but Dracula? and all those graves? that would be scary! Glad you had a wonderful looks like a very interesting place to visit...but I wouldn't want to live there.

    God bless!

  32. What a great Halloweeny post, Shelia! You're right, Whitby Abbey is creepy and beautiful at the same time. The photos you took are wonderful.

  33. Ohh, sure do have a cutie in that Chloe Dawn..she wants her mommy! Those pics of the tombstones were amazing. Great post!

  34. hi Shelia, what a great post and what a great trip! loved all the pictures and the story too..
    i thank you for coming by today and wishing Sophia a happy b-day., she had a great day.. you are toooo sweettt!!..happy halloween!..
    xx Silvia .

  35. Beautiful Halloween vignette, Shelia. What an interesting city! I am excited cause we are going to England soon but probably won't go to Whitby. That graveyard looks really spooky....Christine

  36. What a cute Halloween post with the scary story! Yep, I'm a scaredy cat!

    I like your cute Halloween decorations!


  37. YES I'M SPOOKED!!!!! I never liked Dracula or night scenes, especially in a grave yard. When I think about one day, maybe living in a church, I wonder about the grave yard. I think my fur babies would be scary cats for sure!!
    Poor little Chloe Dawn. Shame on you mommy for trying to scare her.
    I do LOVE your story and the sights you have taken us on. Extraordinaire!!!
    Thank you Shelia.
    Your the sweetie in my books.
    Love ya
    Love Claudie

  38. Like your kitty cats & non-spooky decorations! ;O)

  39. Hi, Shelianess... okay, I know you came by to visit me ealier, but I just put a post up you won't believe. It's about burlap, and it's a must read. Okay?

    Love you...


    Sheila :-)

  40. Sheila,

    I don't do spooky either...I do fall decorations...

    The pictures of England are beautiful and so interesting. We have English friends who now live in Wales. They came for a visit in May of 2008 for twelve days...we hope to go see them in the future...I enjoy all things English. I did post about their visit if you care to read it. In the archive....July and August 2008....

    Thanks for visiting with me and please do come again...I haven't been a good blogger of late.


  41. These photographs are extraordinarily beautiful and quite spooky too. Thanks for sharing stories about your great trip.
    Best wishes, NM.

  42. Hi Shelia, I love your unspooky cute!!!

    The English pictures are awesome!!!!!! Wow, wow.

    Barb ♥

  43. Morning Shelia~

    We sure are in for a creepy day today~ with all this bad weather coming. Amazing photos I love the mosaic of the Abbey~ Incredible!

    Love the bigger pictures, too....when I try that mine don't look right. :/

    I'll let you know when I decide to come to Galveston....I haven't been on their fishing expeditions ( although I love to fish ) I just haven't felt comfortable enough to walk out on the slick jetty's. But it would be so great to meet up with you!

    Big hugs~ J

  44. Hi, Shelia -
    I so enjoyed this post and all the wonderful photos of your trip.

    We don't do spooky at our house, either, but have decorated in honor of fall. This weekend or early next week I'll add my pilgrims as we head toward Thanksgiving.

    I haven't been checking in with you lately - I had a bit of a computer problem and somehow I "lost" you. Now we're back together again - and I'm so glad!

  45. OhI loved this post! I don't know if I will ever get to go in person, but if I do, this place would be at the top of my list! Not that I like Dracula or anything - but it is just simply GORGEOUS!
    Yeah, we don't do spooky Halloween at our house either. Just scarecrows and pumpkins, and maybe a very friendly looking witch.
    Thank you for your sweet words this morning.
    Isn't blogging grand? Such inspiration from people just when you need it most!
    HAGD! Karen

  46. Hi Sweet Shiela, What a fabulous post. Such great history and informantion. A bit dreary, but interesting. Perfect for Halloween. You always have the best pics. Love the little dog poking his head out the door. He sure is trying to show his athority! LOL! I imagine it was a great trip espcially visiting your daughter.
    Your home decor is delightful. Love the table display. Your sweet pooch is a darling!

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by dear one. Hope your weather is good there on the gulf. We are in for wicked storms here in North Texas. Miss Beazy is not happy!
    Blessings to you,
    Celestina Marie

  47. What spooktacular images!

    Your little fur baby is so precious.

  48. Oh Mummy,

    It's so lovely & sweetly spookie! I want to go back. We had such a loverly time. My heart longs for Whibty in October, of course with me Mum :)


  49. Oh what a spooky post! I can't believe you have actually been NEAT! I visited with Lindsey in her post about Whitby. It really looks like a fabulous, old town with so much history. LOVE all of the pictures!

  50. Loved all the pic's, a lil spooky but still beautiful!!

  51. OOOOO, I was scared all thru this spooky but beautiful posting. I am such a scardy cat!!
    It all looks so have been to some wonderful places, dear Shelia. Thanks for sharing this trip with us.
    xo bj

  52. This was a spooky post, Sheila, but in a good way spooky :-)

    I saw the birthplace of Bram Stroker in Dublin, Ireland, a few years ago and now I can say I saw the ruins of the Abby that influenced him to write Dracula!Very interesting and it does have a eerie feeling to it.

    Happy halloween!

  53. Cute Halloween display, Shelia! And beautiful pictures of Whitby. I loved the story about Dracula and such.

    And poor Chloe Dawn, so *skeered* by those mean old cats!

  54. The entry look pretty with your non-spooky decorations. I am on the fly so didn't get all the way through the spooky story so I will be back for more later.

  55. Uh...yes,yes Nanette, I'm scared. Of all the halloween things I've seen this year that post scared me more than anything! I have to go turn on all the lights in the house now...but real quick before I go I'm have a little giveawy if you want to stop by. OOOoooo, just got the shivers!

  56. What a fun post! I had no idea that Bram Stoker got his inspiration there. It's beautiful (at least in the daytime).

    Your Halloween arrangement is so cute. Your doggie sounds like mine - scared of lots of things but so sweet!


  57. Hi Sheila!
    Love the cats but I am sorry they scared your dog. The pictures of Englad are wonderful. You're a great photographer. The cemetary is spooky. I don't think I would want to be there at night!! Thanks for sharing!
    Paula Grace

  58. SHELIA! How funny. I had watched a very old black and white scary movie wondering to myself..."I wonder who thought up Dracula?" And here you have just answered it in this wonderful old quaint post! I just love it. I got a little breathless to on the stairs but could hardly breathe when we got to the top and saw the "GRAVEYARD"! aaaaaaaH

  59. Sheila, you do have the cutest stories along with your songs. I loved reading about your very scary trip to England. I'm a bit jealous too, as I have never been!

    Delightful reading, Miz Sheila!


  60. what a delightful post...i LOVED are such a charming storyteller...and your pictures are looks like a wonderful trip to England...i love that little face peeking out of the pet door...that is so cute!!!

  61. I like your fall display. Great spoooooky photos from your travels too!

    Thanks for stopping by to say hello!


  62. Hi Sheila, I am so skeered now I can't post !! LOL !!

  63. Hi Shelia, that was quite a trip! As you were narrating about its spookiness, my emotions were building and want to see the end!

    Love this post!

  64. OK Shelia;;;; I won't be able to sleep tonight.... lol; What great stories and such beautiful photos.. The Town is so quaint and pretty.. but all those scary stories going around, not sure I could live there... BOOOOOOOOO!!! Have a great week..


  65. Oh I LOVE those cats... if they are too terrifying for Chloe Dawn, just send them here -- Dion says he is man enough to stare them down!

    And I just LOVED the spooky tour of Whitby.... that ruined Abbey is spooky enough all by itself, but you add in the Dracula story and YIKES.

    Happy Halloween, my dear! I hope ALL your Trick or Treaters say thank you!

  66. Hi Shelia,
    Great post! Fun, fascinating, informative, and ... well, yes, somewhat scary. I've read that children like to be scared, but not terrified. That probably holds true for bloggers/readers, don't you think? ;)

    Thank you so much for sharing the photos from you trip to the UK. The ruins of the abbey are eerily beautiful!

    Happy Halloween!


  67. Sheila _ I love your gorgeous pictures. I would so love to make this trip! My poor trick or treaters get, "what do you say?" from me if they don't say thank you--old teachers die hard :)Have a Happy Halloween. Thank you for letting me visit :)

  68. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely views!

  69. Sheila
    I just love your postings!! I also love history and this was fascinating!! It is hard for me to imagine building that have been around that long! I am always amazed!!
    thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!!

  70. Beautiful photos and an interesting story about one of my most feared characters...Dracula! I HATE vampires and vampire movies of any kind....I won't watch them....but your post was great. You're so cute Sheila. That was a lot of steps to climb...hope you had your tiny little walking shoes on!

  71. I hope you are well and want to wish you and your family a fun and happy Halloween !

  72. Hellllooooooooooooo!!!

    What a spooky story!! (Not really) LOL!!!

    Lovely photos!!!

    We've been away and just returned home again! I'm working on another post, too...with photos!


  73. What does be a sweetie mean???
    You write that everywhere????

  74. Dear Anonymous! Is this so hard to figure out? "Be A Sweetie" is just sweet term of endearment.

  75. Hi Sheila I love your Kitty Halloween deor I sure hope your little one wasn't too upset with all the kitties inside. Thanks for taking us along with you on this trip...enjoyed it..
    Happy Halloween.. hugs ~lynne~

  76. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween!

    What a fabulous post! Love all these photos and your decorations are lovely.

    ~ Gabriela ~

  77. Hi Sheilia
    Oh I'm so glad I was sitting down safe in my place reading your post and looking at your spooky pictures....booooooo... Thank you for taking us on our tour. It was specboocular...

    Now I would know that Chloe Dawn would have manners I'm sorry he was a bit frightened though...of kitties. Nice display..

    have a Happy Halloweeen.......

  78. Hello Sheila. I do love this post about ypur trip to England. Your story was terrific and very entertaining. Now, I want to go there. I love the photos. Good job Sheila.

    Your Chloe Dawn is so cute, we musn't let her be scared. Yes, give her another cookie. You know I spoil my dogs. But not too much. We insist that they should be very good. LOL Your Halloween cats are very scary and cute in your display.

    Happy Halloween.

    Hugs, xoxo, Jeanne

  79. Got me a little spooked from all those pics! Happy Halloween!

  80. O Sheila....I am sooooo scared - trembeling like Chloe Dawn - those cats, I mean Dracula - scared the dickins out of me , LOL ! That cemetary in England - just doesn't look real , guess cuz it is so old and we don't have cemetaries like that around here....just plain errrrryyy ! I am catching up reading blogs - I need more blog allowance , LOL !


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