Monday, October 19, 2009

Gargoyles of Notre Dame

Hello, Dear Ones! I thought I would tell you a little story today. Now you know how I love to tell you little stories! :)

A few years ago, Mr. Precious and I went to Paris! All is so lovely in Paris and one of the big attractions is the Cathedral of Notre Dame!

The building is an impressive Gothic style building. Now you're not scared are you? Be brave ~ I'll be right here with you! :)

Here I stand in front of the beautiful cathedral. Come a little closer...well, this was a few years ago and I was heavier then, so don't look at that! Shoot! You're gonna look now because I've drawn your attention to my tiny little fat belly! Well, I know that could scare you! :)
Okay, on with my little story. This cathedral comes complete with GARGOYLES! Yes, indeed! Now, please don't be afraid! Here...take my tiny hand.

Gargoyles were very popular in Gothic architecture and were seen on various buildings, cathedrals and churches. Some were used as water spouts and were thought of as protection to scare away evil spirits! Now don't be afraid. (I took most of these photos, but found a couple on the Internet.) On with my little story...

Legend has it that gargoyles would come alive at night and fly over the city to guard and protect it from anything evil. Then as they saw the sun begin to rise, would fly back to their perch to rest and turn back into stone. This one looks rather scary, doesn't he? Are you afraid? It's alright, I won't leave you.

Please don't be afraid. Some of the stone faces look terrified. Some look very terrifying. Others look sad and tortured. And others, animal like. (I zoomed in to get the bottom three photos). Cool, huh?

Is this guy making fun of Paris? I think he is. Well, maybe he's just bored with his job! What do you think? Does he scare you? Not me! :)

BOO! Actually, I think he's rather cute!

These nightmarish heads protruding from the stone walls of the Notre Dame Cathedral are still doing their job today warding off evil spirits. See...all's well that ends well! You didn't get scared at all, did you? :)

Since we're getting closer to Halloween, I thought I would tell you this little story about gargoyles. Not fiction, but true! Yes, yes, very true. Now I didn't scare you did I? I certainly hope not.

Now be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Poem~


Winged creatures crouching there,
Longing to glide through the night's air,
Atop buildings and roofs,
we have no proof,

But some of them seem to move.

They guard by day,
At night, they play,
Roaming the skies of their home.

While guarding, they seem so alone,

The extent of their loneliness is somehow unknown.

They long for acceptance,
they long for respect,

So far, not one has gotten it yet.
~by Verana


  1. What a wonderful posting and I LOVED the pictures!


  2. That's such a beautiful cathedral with amazing architecture! The gargoyles remind me of the flying monkeys that were in The Wizard of Oz movie. Thanks for the fun tour.


  3. Hi Shelia,
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paris...I took a few pics of those little rascals myself!

    Thanks for the post...I am always ready for a 'virtual visit' to Paris!!

  4. What a fun story darling Sheila!!! The gargoyles are a little spooky...but I ccan handle it;)!!!

    Paris is so gorgeous...what a wonderful trip!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Shelia... loved seeing your gargoyles! They weren't scary because you were holding our hands! Thanks for sharing these, and your mosaics are incredible. Some day when I get to be a smart magpie, I want to try to make one of those!

    Love to you...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Shelia, those are some amazing photos! They do look scary, so I'm glad you were with me. Great mosaics (and your tummy didn't look even a little bit big in that photo). laurie

  7. What a wonderful trip to get to go to Paris. You look really great to me. Love the story and all the pics. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  8. how beautiful! some of those are a little scary but mostly very cool!

  9. I saw those little buggers in person at Notre Dame Cathedral myself and didn't get scared. I didn't see a single thing in Paris that I didn't believe to be beautiful. Thanks for the memories. Sally

  10. Well...that did kind of scare me! Really..I've never liked them..some how when I was a child, I associated them with the devil. I know they aren't, they are a beautiful piece of art..but! Thanks for the scary story though! Come say hi :D

  11. What a fabulous trip that must have been! I love the history and all the photos! Thanks so much for your visit tonight. Wishing you a grand week.

  12. Oh girl you looked so happy in Paris...Great post my friend..Please come by for my 1 year party...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  13. Scary? Yes. Interesting? Definately!! How lucky you were to visit the cathedral. The gargoyles are fascinating!!


  14. No one could have shared this story better than you, Shelia ... it is an exquisite architecture.

    Have a wonderful, warm week. TTFN ~Marydon

  15. Hi Shelia, What wonderful pictures... looks like you all had a great time... Hope this finds you and yours all doing well...
    You are in my thoughts

  16. What a fun trip that must have been. You look cute as can be in your little photo.
    Hope all is going well with that grandbaby.

  17. Hi Sheila
    I really enjoyed your Gargoyles post. They are such fun. It was great to see The Notre Dam so close up. I have been to Paris once years ago but we didn't get to go there. Hopefully we will get to go back to Paris and for longer next time. It's not really that far for us as we can go through the Channel Tunnel and get there by train now.
    I look forward to the halloween post you told me about and thanks for stopping my yesterday to check up on me.

  18. I came back from my trip in Canada,
    but thanks for a new, beautiful trip in Paris.

    Maybe one day I'll go to Paris
    not only through online.

    Have a wonderful day my sweet friend!

  19. I could add my Monday morning in the mirror face and no one would ever know the difference! Thanks for sharing these - perfect for Halloween!

  20. I wasn't scared a bit because you held my hand through the whole story!

  21. Dear Sheila,
    Thank-you for holding my hand and keeping me safe! Love the pics, your trip looks amazing! Hugs, Cindy

  22. Oh Sheila that was perfect for Halloween! And Paris...oh my..aren't you and Mr. Precious lucky folks! You are so funny talking about your tummy...what I saw was a beautiful woman who is not afraid to show all of us who she really is! I wish I was that brave...apparently I must think about doing one of those bathroom diva things...hmmm. Those gargoyles are a bit scarey looking but such great sculting. I am playing a video game on our new xbox 360 with hubby called Fable II. One of the quests in it is finding 50 gargoyles and shooting them off their stoney perches. The reason?....they speak and insult you until you find them! They have a gaelic accent and are hilarious. One of the insults is "I'd say you are more of a crack pot than a crack shot!" Thanks for sharing your story and you got some really excellent photos of them...especially the closeups! Also...thanks for answering the "inquiring minds want to know"..questions I asked you!! You are super talented! But I guess I already secretly knew that!

  23. Oh, how I love Paris and Notre Dame. I have been fortunate to see it up close two times .... I have a photo of Notre Dame with a rainbow stretching over it on my sidebar that I cherish....

  24. What NEAT pictures!!! I wonder why so many of them look so scary when they are "protectors" of the city? Those are just so fun to look at.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.♥

  25. Hello you sweet thing, I'm sorry I've been so absent from blogland lately. Although I haven't been in sight, you have not been out of mind!
    I love your gargoyle photos and I'd love to see more photos from you Paris vacation. I went many, many years ago but have no photographs as I left my camera in a taxi cab. sob, sob I think I will photoshop my tiny little head onto your tiny little body and pretend this is my scrapbook.

    Hugs, Bridge

  26. Ewwww...I AM scared of these....they have always made me very uneasy and have wondered WHY they were ever even invented!!
    BUT, since you stayed right beside me thru it all, I was able to read it all...:)
    Happy Tuesday,

  27. Wow, you got some fantastic pics here Shelia, and I do believe these were taken before Mr. Precious bought you that spiffy pink camera!

    Jill did not believe me months ago when I was explaining to her the true use of gargoyles. she thought they WERE evil. Had to make her google it.

    Justine :o )

  28. Hi Sheila,
    Loved this post and all the great pics. You are so cute in the pic and I was not scared at all.
    Thank you for sharing the story and the lesson in gargoyles.
    You always have the most interesting info. Love the note song too.

    Blessings to you, Celestina Marie

  29. Shelia, Those are great pics of Paris and Notre Dame. So gald you enjoyed your visit - it's one of my very favorite places! Great explanation of the gargoyles - it does seem strange to have such scary sculptures on a church, but there's a good reason. I like your picture! Adorable! Anyway, the camera adds pounds to us all - silly camera! Linda

  30. I LOVED thiese pics. SO glad you shared them! I am spending my day visiting blogs. No post for me today(maybe later), but Thrifty Thursday will be up this evening. Come see me, and thansk for being such a sweet friend and commenter. I appreciate that!

  31. Oh what beautiful memories you brought back for me.

    Wasn't the rose window amazing?

  32. Oh, I just love that cathedral. I spent so much time there when there was so much else to see!

    Yes, and thank you for the memories.

    The little birdie on my blog is saying thank you to all sweet visitors, bloggers, and a special one that sent me the bird I so wanted.

  33. I'm affraid, very affraid! Thanks for holding my hand or I would have turned back before I got to your lovely poem. OK, I'm better now.
    Great post.

  34. I went there during my 8th grade year. It was my sisters senior trip but she fell sick and I had to take her place. Oh how I wish she had gone. She has yet to go but has sent her two kids there instead. One day I hope she makes the trip....

  35. Sheila-I enjoyed the pictures! There are actually old houses here with gargoyles and I really do not understand the attraction! Hope all is well with your daughter and the little one! Thanks for stopping by!

  36. I tell ya, gargoyles look mad! That's a downright scary group of angry gargoyles there. And good grief, that is NOT fat! Don't even let on that that is fat. I don't think many women who have given birth can get by in life without a little belly coming on at some point. Mine's been coming on for years now. I blame it, naturally, as I always do most things, on menopause! Men-o-pause. A man must have dreamt up that word. Should have been women-o-pause.

  37. Hi Sheila,
    Your tour was magnifique!
    Isn't the architecture in Europe just fabulous!
    It's incredible what they did and what they could accomplish way way back then with the tools they had at the time. It's mind boggling.
    Loved the post!

  38. We just returned from Paris! This was our second trip so we did not visit Notre Dame this time. However, we did take a trip down the Seine and I took pictures of the church. It is amazing and I did hear about the gargoyles being drain spouts. I like your story about them flying over the city to protect it.

  39. Beautiful photos and interesting story! Love seeing different places like that!

    The gargoyles remind me of the funny characters in the Disney "Hunchback of Notre Dame" movie...they talked and had really quirky personalities!!!!

  40. Oooooh it is ALWAYS lovely to be in Paris!!! And your photos of gargoyles are FAB!!!
    Merci Beaucoup!

  41. Shelia what a dream come true! Your pictures of Paris are gorgeous!

    Thank you very much for the well wishes about my new nephew. Everyone is happy and healthy! Always a blessing. I'm soooo excited waiting for the first pictures all the way from Birmingham!

    Many blessings my friend, ~Melissa :)

  42. Hi Shelia,
    You did get some great pics of those gargoyles.
    Have a good weekend,

  43. I loved this post Shelia and I love you!


  44. Shelia, have you read the book "gargoyles?" It really is a touching book. I started reading it when our dear NENE was in the plane accident and suffered burns.
    Didn't know how to take it as first, but I learned a lot from it, and what Stephanie has to endure on an everyday basis. Have you seen her now? Amazing.
    I enjoyed it, but you should read the reviews first.
    Lovely trip my friend.
    Love you
    Love Claudie


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