Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - It's A Chick Thing! :)

Hello, Dear Ones! Welcome again to Tablescape Thursday!

If you come to visit me very often, you know how I adore the yard birds! The Kings of the barnyard (not that I have a barnyard) ~ Roosters! Well, today I thought the Roosters ~ and yes, that's with a capital "R" ~ will have to stay in the kitchen. I'm bringing out the little hens so It's A Chick Thing! We'll have fun!

My little chickies were just so excited that they were to be showcased today! Just look ~ they're all over the place!

I brought them into the dining room so they would feel more special! :)

I'm using my cobalt blue glasses for our peach tea. I just love peach tea, don't you? Can you love peach tea? Well, you bet your tiny little peach pits you can! :)

I've started out with a pale yellow tablecloth to drape the table. Chicks just love yellow! Can chicks really love yellow? You bet your peeps they can! :) I've just gotta stop this stuff! :)

I'm using my dishes called "Rooster and Fruits" by Style-Eyes by Baum Brothers. But I think this looks like a chicken, so just ignore the name of the pattern. Here is the little soup bowl.

I've added salad plates from Pier 1 called "Gemma Baroque".

Then of course the dinner plate. Now for our meal, we must not serve any chicken of any sort on these plates! We certainly do not want to offend one of our lovely little chicks!

My silverware is a 1957 pattern called Exquisite by Rogers and Brothers that I've had for many many years. I love this pattern. Can you love a silverware pattern? Well, you bet your dainty little mouthfuls you can! :) There I go again! I guess I just can't help myself!

Do you see the yellow napkins with red line drawn chickens (and Roosters)? Well, I made these little messy hand and mouth wipes all by my tiny self! I'd had the fabric for about six years and it was sitting in my sewing room cackling at me! So what was I to do? Make napkins of course!

But what I really want to show you are my napkin rings! I was in Pier One and prowling around the sales bins and saw these cute wooden chicken (or Rooster) napkin rings. There was no sale price on them so I took them up to the checkout counter and asked the lady how much they were? .78! Yep, that's right ~ seventyeight cents each! Man, I ran back to that sales bin and got all of them. There were only six, but that's really all I need any way! So I show you my most precious little bargain napkin rings. There's two styles: chick resting and chick sitting up so straight! I love them! Can you love...I won't even go there! :)

Now I'll show you my centerpiece. I'm using the big round platter here topped with what else ~ a cute little chickie bowl filled with sunflowers of course! I love my fauxs and my fauxs love me! I repeat myself a lot, don't I? Oh, did you notice my tiny glass of peach tea sitting on my olden server? I forgot to remove it before I snapped, but I am using a Rooster glass! Please! Don't tell my little chicks! This small detail could really upset them!

Here's a few views of the most lovely little chickie bowl...

Now you know how it is in the barnyard, well, I mean on my chickie must have lots of little chickens. I've done my best to scatter them around my table.

Oh, I have another story to tell you and you know how I love to tell you little stories. I fell in love with the hen and chicks on the right. I saw her at Pier One a while back and knew I had to have her. I paid $15 for her and felt she was worth it. But the other day I was in Ross and saw her there! How dare she ( is that correct English?)! She betrayed me! She was only $5.99~ I was sick for a few minutes, but got over it pretty quickly when I saw her girlfriend with her little chickies on the left for $5.99! So I bought her! It's amazing what turns up at the discount stores and you really can find bargains. I've lived and I'm still learning...the end. Well, not really...

Here's a couple more chickies to show you. The one on the left is a mother hen with her little ones and she is made of wood. She really thinks she's something, doesn't she? :)
The precious little tassel was made by our very own Susan at Bienvenue. She also makes the precious painted signs.

Oh, now this is a piece I absolutely adore!!! Meet Lilly! She is the tiniest little egg dish I've ever seen. Isn't she darling? She was given to me by my sweet friend Jan, at Rose Haven. I just love Lilly! Can I really love this tiny little egg dish named Lilly? You bet your little deviled eggs I can! :) See, I really can't help myself.

Candlelight works for me in the daytime as well at night. So I brought out some of my little Easter chickie egg cups to put tiny little votives in. But alas the openings were too small. So we must never get discouraged because where there's a chick ~ there's a way! I popped in my little faux tea lights. You know, the ones with the little turn on/off switch on the bottom? They worked perfectly and just flickered away. Voila! Perfect!

I brought out some of my Salt & Peppers. If you know me, you know how much I really do love my S&Ps! I really do! See, I really can keep from saying the same things over and over~ :)

See? Lovely little Hens and Roosters. The boys just had to get in here too!

Chick chick chick...

Peep peep peep...

Hope you've enjoyed coming to my barnyard, um, I mean my table today! I've had so much fun setting it all up for you. I guess you've figured that out by now! I'm just a silly.

Please please go visit our very Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. She is our most wonderful Diva of Dishes Hostess and opens Thursday up to all us Dishaholics.

Be a bunch of sweet chickies,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

The Chicken of the Egg
(Sesame Street Version)
Which come first, the chicken or the egg?
Which come first, the chicken or the egg?
How could somethin' so fat and burly
Come from somethin' so smooth and pearly?
Which come first, the chicken or the egg?

Which come first, the feather or the shell?
Which come first, the feather or the shell?
When you see one egg or t'other,
Do you ever think about its mother?
Which come first, the feather or the shell?

Now eggs are all so purty, lyin' on a plate,
Or sittin' here in a carton, neat and straight.
And lookin' inside a box of eggs might make you feel so great,
But do you ever wonder where they was,
Before they was inside that crate?

Which come first, the chicken or the egg?
Which come first, the chicken or the egg?
Now if you wanted to begin again,
Would you start with an omelette or a hen?
Which come first, the chicken or the agg?

The chicken or the egg?
~sung by all my little Chickies