Sunday, August 9, 2009

Met Monday - Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart!

Welcome to another wonderful Metamorphosis Monday hosted by our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Make sure you pop over to her blog to see so many changes and transformations ~ your tiny head will just be spinning! :)

Now if you visit me very often, you know we were gone on a trip for ten days! That's a long time to leave my darling little Chloe Dawn, but that's the way it had to be. I went to the kennels to pick her up and this is what I brought home with me...

Chloe Dawn?

Oh, honey! Mr. Precious said, "Is this my Chloe Dawn?" He shook her, tried to find her nose, tried to find her eyes. Even her tiny sausage link tail was fuzzed up! We weren't really sure this was our little fuzzy face. Well, turns out it was Chloe Dawn. But just look at her tiny little very fuzzy face ~ she was just so embarrassed! She hates it when she gets all funky looking!

Well, what 's a good Mommy to do? Pick up the frazzled fuzzy faced funky looking Chloe Dawn and take her to Miss Becky's! Miss Becky is her groomer. And here is what I took home with me...

Ta Dah!!! Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart!
Beautifulness to the hilt! Beautiful Miss Chloe Dawn, my baby!

She was not embarrassed anymore, but so proud of her nice hair cut and she felt so clean and refreshed and smelled very nice, by the way! :) She was even sporting a little banana ~ all girlyfied!

Awwww...there's Mommy's little fuzzy face, so pretty, so sweet, so funny, so precious, so lovely, so cute, so happy...can you tell I love this little dog? She is my little joyness!

This little creature will be 10 years old next month! I can't believe it! She really still acts like a puppy at times. She is just the silliest little thing you've ever seen! She talks to me all the time! Yes, Dear One, she talks, she uses the computer, she types, she sings...the one thing she just can't do is play the piano! :) But we've worked that out ~ I play and she sings! We're a great duo! ;)

Now one more look at my BEFORE and AFTER
Funky fuzzy or sleek ~ this little doggy makes my heart strings so ZING! Can you see her long eyelashes? They just keep on growing and we have to have them trimed! :)

uh oh...
Now what is it, Chloe Dawn? What do you see? Tell Mommy! Chloe Dawn says, "Woo woo woof OOOH ohhh!" That's fuzzy face language for "Here comes Max!"

Dear Ones, let me introduce you to little Max ~ Chloe Dawn's boyfriend ( I think he weighs about three pounds!). He comes to visit through the glass front doors every day. They talk a while and wag their tiny tails and then little Max raises his tiny tiny little leg and pees on my brass kick plate! Little stinker! I guess it's puppy love through the glass! :)

Well, that's my transformation for today! I probably will never have a Met Monday as sweet and dear to my heart than this. I just couldn't resist showing you my baby! My heartstrings are just a ZINGING!

Now pop on over to Susan's for more inspirations than you can shake (or raise) a leg at? ;)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Just a little thought ~ think of the young singers today ~ can they really sing? Can you believe Judy Garland was only 12 and what a voice!


  1. Awwwww Miss Chloe Dawn looks good shaggy or groomed!!! She is adorable! Max is quite handsome too I see why she is in love!!!

  2. Welcome back Sheila and Chloe Dawn !
    Very sweet post and Chloe looks soo much better now ! I bet she missed you awful or visa versa !
    I think her puppy love is cute...
    Enjoyed your post !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  3. Good grief Gertie! I can see why you had questions whether or not that was your sweet Chloe Dawn! It does, indeed, look like she must have worried herself into a frazzle while you were gone. What a beautiful transformation! :)

  4. That poor baby. She looked so pitiful! She sure is happy with her cut and style, now, though. Look at her happy expression!

  5. You are a riot. I am still laughing about Max and the kick plate. Don't you hate that? I have3 a cat who sometimes visits mine.

    Chole Dawn looks ADORABLE, Shelia. She's one cute as pie pooch. And I see why her mother loves her so much.


    Sheila :-)

  6. Welcome home! My Jessie is embarassed when she gets shaggy also and loves to go the beauty shop (as we call it). I really did laugh out loud when I read that Max hits the kick plate daily-Chloe Dawn is a new woman!--and glad to have her family home, I am sure!

  7. Chloe Dawn really did go through a beautiful transformation. Thank goodness! It's hard to be glamorous when you've been at the kennel for 10 days. :)

  8. I would like to go to Chloe Dawn's groomer!!!!! Seriously, she looks so pretty and so much more comfortable with her sleek look. So nice to have you both back. Hope you have a nice week.

  9. What a precious little transformation your sweetness went through. Boy, those kennels must really do a number on them!! :O)

    Oh, yes, that Judy Garland had such a magnificent voice. She also had such a sad life. I'm sorry for that.

  10. Hello Sweetness... I just love Chloe Dawns new hairdo but I think she was so cute the other way too... and MAX... what can I say about him? ADORABLE

    I LOVE Judy too... and you put ZING in my heartstring my friend...


  11. My Mollie the Molinator (my Yorkie Dog) got terribly FUZZY after a 12 day vacation a couple of months ago. When I got home I THOUGHT I would help her groomer out by cleaning her a bit before our visit!

    Wrong thing to try.

    I scalped her in places and nearly zipped off her 'tickle' with the snips. She wouldn't let me near her for two days.

    Her little hair has finally grown out enough to take her in for a repair job. I'm making Mr. AGPMan do it. I'm too embarrassed to show my face.

    I think I need to stick to sewing and painting and leave the hair cutting to Darcy's Dogs...

    Sweet Post! It made me smile...and feel guilty all over again!


  12. wow...she really looks different with all the hair! What a sweetie! Welcome home.

  13. What an adorable dumpling! Loved her fuzzy, too. TTFN ~ Marydon

  14. Chloe Dawn looks beautiful and I bet she smells wonderful, too. Bet she was happy to see you when you got home. Sally

  15. Oh, Shelia, Miss Chloe Dawn is looking so fabulous! She's a sweetie! Missed you!


  16. Oh my goodness. I know she was glad to have you back home again. She is one adorable puppy,even at the age of almost 10. Will she be having a party? Max is too cute to show up daily to say hello to his girlfriend..Gotta love our pets..
    hugs ~lynne~

  17. I think Chloe Dawn looked adorable BOTH before and after her metamorphosis! She's very, very cute!
    All the best,

  18. Miss Chloe Dawn looks adorable ! She looks very content in her home of 10 years!!

  19. Chloe Dawn is just tooooo cute. I think this is a great MM. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  20. Chloe is adorble fuzzy or not. But Max not that's my kind of guy! LOL!

  21. That little stink looks just like she is posing for her pics!!! lol

  22. Hi Shelia, Chloe Dawn is adorable. I know she is happy to have you back.

    Hugs, Barb

  23. Well, isn't she looking like a little minx! No wonder Max comes to call everyday!

    m ^..^

  24. Totally adorable makeover!! Love Chloe Dawn's sleek new look :-)

    And how cute is Max coming over to visit -- although I guess the pee on the kickplate isn't so cute!! ;-)


  25. Love the sleek look! Love the romance, too!


  26. Awww! What a cutie! I bet she was so glad to see you.

  27. LOL! You are just too funny, Shelia! Chloe Dawn sure is a cutie, even before she was groomed...Christine

  28. Oh boy she looks wonderful now ! She doesn't look like the same dog.

  29. I'll bet she feels better now! Cute doggie! Linda

  30. Awwwww how adorable. Your Chloe Dawn is a lucky little girl.


  31. What a fun post! She looks much better and I'm sure she feels better too!

  32. Hi Sheila
    Chloe Dawn looks a picture after visiting her groomer. I love her little scarf, she looks so pleased with herself. I love the before and afters, she looks like a completely different dog. Max looks very handsome but how dare he pee on your kick plate!
    Best Wishes

  33. What a delightful post. You gave me quite a chuckle!
    I love a good love story!
    I always picture the spaghetti scene from "Lady and the Tramp"

  34. She ought to be in pictures! Oh, that was a song-- and you did get some cute pics. She looks adorable all sleeked out and smiling.
    Have a good week.

  35. Too cute! Aren't pets just wonderful? They are the perfect companions, they love you no matter what...

    Your puppy is precious! I do like him all clipped and clean, but there's something neat too about them being all fluffy. I love Max too. How funny your place is his daily stop!

  36. Mine would look like that in a very short time. I take them to get groomed every two weeks. Poor Chloe Dawn! Surely her boyfriend didn't see her like that, did he?

  37. Oh dear Shelia
    I can see what you and Mr. Precious were thinking about when you brought that poor little baby home. She must have been missing you. Chloe Dawn looks absolutely beautiful after you took her for a her little grooming visit.
    Oh my. They do feel so much better themselves too don't they?

    I know how much you must love her and keep her looking so lovely.

    hope you have had a lovely day

  38. You precious thing! What a good friend you have been to me. I appreciate you SO very much, Sheila!
    Cloe Dawn...and Mele should meet! :) I must post a picture of her one day...
    Don't they look beautiful and sweet after being groomed? And she smells so good! Probem. Her fur is sooo long that it drags the lawn..picks up tiny bits of twigs from under the tree's ...LOL and she comes in looking like a...a...street walker after a bad night! Ok...sorry...but she does...:) Is that alright to say?
    Ok..she just looks kissable?
    Cloe looks like a little doggie angel all clean and sweet! Tell her Mele says "hello!!" :)
    Hugs..and love..

  39. Hello Sheila, Thank you so much for stopping by. Oh my Chloe Dawn sure does look pretty, curly or not. How sweet Max is, is he a Yorkie? I've always wanted one but Molly the Newf won't hear of it. LOL Your vacation pics are just beautiful, looks like you had a wonderful time. Oh those pasteries looked delish!
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  40. Awww.... Little Chloe Dawn looks just beautiful ♥ Charli likes to go to the groomers too. Max is a hunk. Tell Chloe Dawn that Charli is jealous LOL I'm glad your back with us Shelia.

  41. Adorable post! Chloe Dawn is so cute!!! My Miss Reba gets embarrased too & aren't they funny when they do. Some poeple think they don't know but, OH THEY DO! Miss Reba goes for a bath & nails in the morning. She will not be happy. But, when it's over she'll forgive me. Does Chloe Dawn get mad when you take her & leave her at the groomers?

    Thanks for visiting me & seeing my friends little trailer. I wish it was mine. But, I am looking for one that I can fix up. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the prince. Most of these trailers are so nasty you don't want them near you. But, I'm looking. Watch for a post on her other one. Lillie Pearl. Cute Cute Cute.

  42. How adorable Miss Chloe Dawn her bandana too.

  43. Your little angel is such a pretty girl. I bet my boys would love to come and visit her on their morning walks. Of course Clapton would probably also pee on your door! LOL!

    First you went away - then I went away -- been missing you! Glad to be back and catching up with my bloggy friends!

  44. I've never seen a schnauzer that wasn't clipped. Interesting.

    Chloe Dawn definitely looks better with every hair in place!

  45. Oh look @ that happy Chloe Dawn~ she is something to ZING about!

    Hugs~ J

  46. Kipper want you to know Miss Chloe Dawn, that he thinks you are a stunner. He is now wearing his heart on his sleeve...not that he HAS sleeves mind you...for you.
    You are such a pretty pup. Sure are...none cuter!

    Sue and Kip

  47. She DOES look soooo much prettier!

  48. OMG, did her fur have a growth spurt while you were away? She was downright shaggy! But look at her now, all sleek and shiny. Beautiful!~

    And oh, but Max is definitely a stud, even if he is only 3 pounds. Why don't you either let him in to play, or let Chloe Dawn out? Maybe then he won't pee on your kickplate. Gross!

    Justine :o )

  49. What a cute dog! Like the cool summer cut!

  50. Sheila,
    That is one sleek and beautiful dog! Chloe Dawn looks fabulous my dear! Cindy

  51. Chloe Dawn is beautiful. And, so is her sweet mommy.

  52. Chloe Dawn is just like any other lady...she had to boost her loveliness by visiting her "hairdresser." No wonder Max comes to call on you beautifulness! Sweet post!

    Also loved your chickens tablescape. Everything about it was just too cute!


  53. Oh, we ladies have to keep our hair done! If not, it affects our moods and everyone around us! What a good mommy you are to make sure your baby looks good!

  54. Chloe Dawn really DOES look ashamed and then proud! How cute is that? Love Judy Garland, and it is so hard to believe she was only 12 yrs old and could belt that song out that way. laurie


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