Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tablescape Thursday - It's All About You!

Hello, Dear Ones! Welcome to Tablescape Thursday hosted by our marvelous Dish Diva Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Make sure you visit her to see many more gorgeous ways with dishes!

We're all so busy taking care of our families, being busy with friends, and jobs we rarely take out a little time for ourselves. So in honor of you today, I would like to send a little blog hug yourway.

I came out on my sun porch and made a little breakfast tray for you to enjoy! This little tray is the removable top of my tray table. I put a nice crocheted doily on it to frilly it up just for you!

I know most of you probably like coffee, but I've made you a pot of tea today! Just good ole hot tea. I've put out some milk - I like milk in my tea! There's sugar in the creamer for you.

I've put out my oldest silver for you to use and the special napkins sent to me by Martha! Thank you again, Dear One!

I must tell you, this is the sweetest little tea set that was given to my by my Mr. Precious for Christmas a few years ago. So you know how special you are to me when I bring this set out to use.

Don't you just love the pretty little hand painted flowers?

Are you ready to sit down now? Look at your special tray I've set just for you! Are you hungry yet?

I made these special honey bran muffins just for you along with strawbabies, blackbabies, cherries and bluebabies! (these were my children's words when they were small and they just stuck!) All this goodness is sitting atop my darling little pink cakestand surrounded by a few little babies' breaths. Faux of course! My saying goes...I love my fauxs and my fauxs love me! :)

Now the muffin is still warm so I've put you out a little pat of creamy butter in it's own individual butter pat dish! Isn't it so cute? I just love cute! Can you love cute? You bet your giggly hee hees you can!

Okay, please sit down. I've put a sweet little quilt over my wicker love seat to calm you down with soft colors and even put the pillow shams at the back for your comfort! I've even placed a wonderful decorating book out here for you to browse through - Welcome Home by Emily Barnes. I was introduced to her and her lovely home through my sweet friend Mona because her daughter lives in Ms. Barnes home now. If you want to see that marvelous house, please go visit Mona ~ she's so sweet and her door is always open!

Okay Sweet Dear Ones, sit down and enjoy and I'll pull up a chair - you see, I have my tiny plate already fixed and I'm going to join you! Hope you've enjoyed your Tablescape Thursday Huggy from a Note Song gal! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You've Got A Friend

When you're down and troubled
and you need a helping hand
and nothing, whoa nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
and soon I will be there
to brighten up even your darkest nights.
You just call out my name,
and you know wherever I am
I'll come running, oh yeah baby
to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
all you have to do is call
and I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've got a friend.
If the sky above you
should turn dark and full of clouds
and that old north wind should begin to blow
Keep your head together and call my name out loud
and soon I will be knocking upon your door.
You just call out my name and you know where ever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer or fall
all you got to do is call
and I'll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, ain't it good to know that you've got a friend?
People can be so cold.
They'll hurt you and desert you.
Well they'll take your soul if you let them.
Oh yeah, but don't you let them.
You just call out my name and you know wherever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Oh babe, don't you know that,
Winter spring summer or fall,
Hey now, all you've got to do is call.
Lord, I'll be there, yes I will.
You've got a friend.
You've got a friend.
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
You've got a friend.
~sung by sweet baby James Taylor


  1. Oh my thank you for the lovely tea. I so enjoyed it. You fixed the tray so pretty and everything is just perfect. YOur tea set is stunning. What a precious gift. The muffins and fruit were just delicious and the tea was wonderful. I had a fabulous time. Hugs, Marty

  2. You have set such a pretty tray and I would love to have a muffin and tea with you-you are such a sweetie!

  3. Hello Shelia, What a sweet tray. Oh it would be heavenly to be served a muffin and fresh fruit and tea on your lovely tray. I have a couple of Ms. Barnes books that I found at thrift stores. I love them. Thanks for another great post.

  4. Everything is lovely Shelia. Hugs to you too.

  5. Everything is lovely Shelia. Hugs to you too.

  6. What a sweet tablescape! I do love a tea party :) Everything looks so nice!

    All the best,

  7. Hey Sheila !
    I really enjoyed tea with you today ! I loved the fruit and little muffin.....Love the quilt
    on the little bench and the tray.
    So nice of you to give me my own
    butter....I love butter ! Thank
    you so much !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. Thank you so much for the tea, Shelia. I am also enjoying all the berries and the beautiful tea set!...Christine

  9. Hi Shiela,
    What a romantic feminine tea you have created. Makes one happy to be a woman to enjoy such beautiful things. Love it.

  10. Thank you for that treat! I love the tea set!!! What a thoughtful gift from hubby! :D Jewel

  11. A great big blog hug back at you!!! Beautiful painted flowers on the teapot. I love your tray! Everything looks soft and feminine. Beautiful!

  12. Oh, this is all so so pretty...just full of cuteness, my dear one.
    I am so intemidated by all the beauty in Blogland, I am getting uneasy about posting. Well...gonna post mine anyway..
    Thanks for the beautiful treats you gave us here...Yummy...
    xo bj

  13. Hello Shelia,

    What a sweet breakfast tray you made for me!! It is all just BEAUTIFUL. I love everything about it. Also the quilt and shams make the wicker so comfy and cozy. Thanks for the lovely treats and tea.♥

  14. Thank you for inviting us for tea and that wonderful little muffin and fruit - oh you do spoil us so! I'm so honored that the little napkin I picked out for you is in your tablescape.

    You ARE THE sweetest sweetie of all!

  15. Oh I do love the colors in your tea tray setting. You even offered food :o). Great minds think almost alike. It is good to celebrate yourself here and there. Blessings!!

  16. Oh how I love tea. I'm ready to curl up on your settee and read that book. What a lovely tea setting.

  17. A very pretty breakfast table --

  18. Oh, Shelia, it is precious!!!! I love pretty and delicate. Makes me feel good just to look at it.

    Hugs to you Sweetie Pie,

  19. What a fun way to share a spot of tea with a friend. I love your little dainty tea set.

  20. Sheila,
    Your such a sweetie for inviting me over~ I love the pampering, everything is beautiful and perfect. I also love your description, you always make me giggle. hugs, Cindy

  21. How lovely Shelia. That tea set is so pretty, and I love the way you have it on the tray just for me, with the cozy blanket and the pretty book - not to mention that lovely food. You are just such a wonderful hostess. Then, when I scrolled down and read the words to You've Got a Friend In Me, I melted. One of my all time favs. Loved to listen to James Taylor singing it. laurie

  22. Oh Shelia! You always have the best posts!!! How did you know I like milk with my tea and fresh berries with my scones? :) I'll be over in a jiffy!

  23. That lil pink cake stand is just toooooo darling! I love it all .. very beautiful!

  24. I can't imagine a more perfect breakfast tray. Thank you so much. I do like milk in my tea and I prefer tea to coffee any day. Breakfast at Note Song Manor is a true delight.

  25. A Lovely breakfast tray.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  26. Lovely tray. The tea set is so pretty and your muffins are making me hungry.

    Thank you for sharing a song with us, too. That is one of my favorite songs, but I love it by Carol king.

  27. What a beautiful vignette! I want to sit right down, relax, enjoy the treats, and thumb through my Romantic County magazine!

    Daring teaset! He's very sweet!

    Thanks for sharing!


  28. Oh Shelia, I wish I was really there with you to enjoy those fruits and tea... What a lovely set! I love it!

  29. I love the tiny pink cake plate! I feel calmer already...nothing better than a visit with you on the love seat...beautiful~
    (love the silverware )
    Oh and as always when I leave you...I'm tryin hard to be a Sweetie~
    All Things Heart and Home

  30. Very pretty tea set! Thank you for sharing it with us. Loved your faux quote! :)

  31. Oh how sweet!!! I love your pretty tea set, Shelia, and that tray is simple and soooo beautiful. :)

  32. Oh Sheila, I love your pretty tea set and I'll be right over. Everything looks so inviting, the quilt, tea set, fruit and muffins. I have that book too and LOVE it.


  33. I do love that pink cake stand and your tea service is so sweet. Thanks for putting out the butter for the muffin, too. I do like butter on my muffins.

  34. A perfect little tablescape for one...

  35. Hi Sheila
    I really enjoyed my virtual breakfast you made me today! Thank you so much. The muffin was delicious and the tea was perfect. You presented it so beautifully. Gorgeous quilt too.

  36. Oh...what a delightfully sweet Post. I could just taste the berries...

    Love the dishes...the tea (with milk!) the tray...

    And love that JT, SONG! One of my favs.

    You inspire me!


  37. Oh Shelia, this is just so lovely. The tea set is beautiful! I love the quilt and I love how you arranged the tray!!

  38. What a beautiful tea setting...thanks for sharing with us and cherries and bluebabies are my favorites...

  39. Dear and sweet sister, this was just what I needed. Everything looks beautiful, tastes delicious and soothes my soul.

    Thanks for the love you give us.

  40. Hi sweet Shelia :)

    I think this is one of my most favorite tablescapes ever. It's so sweet and personal and it gave me the warm and fuzzies :)

    That little individual butter pat dish is so cute!!! Thank you for the giggles today :)


  41. Thank you for the lovely was a nice break. I love the way you continued with the cute way your kids named "fruit"....bluebabies, cute!

    Hope you're doing well!

  42. Oh lol...this is the fourth tablescape tray (including my own) I've seen today. Yours are so adorable and I love how your put everything together, so lovely!!

  43. ooh la la romantic breakfast!!!

  44. Very pretty Shelia. That is a beautiful tea service and it is so elegant and so dreamily romantic. love that quilt in the background too
    thank you for a lovely tea party
    have a dreamy day

  45. I love that tea set!!! and the treats on the plate don't look to shabby either! lol
    I am hoping my post helped girl...keep me posted!

  46. What a truly lovely way to start the day!

  47. Dear Shelia: I'm beginning to feel like I know you. Thank you for the lovely tea. This time of year is soooo busy with end of the year activities for the children. It's so nice to be treated extra special. I wish you were close so we could share that cup of tea in person. - The Tablescaper

  48. Sweet Shelia..
    Thank you so much for the comforting words you left regarding the loss of my beloved Binks. I do miss her terribly.. but do feel comfort from so many like you. I'm truely blessed to have such wonderful friends here in Blogland.

  49. Shelia...your tea scape is lovely! I just love how the tray top comes right off so you can set up tea where ever you like! The napkins are sooo sweet and I'd love some cream in my tea, please. Thank you so's just perfect! I feel completely spoiled! :-) Susan

  50. Thanks you Sheila for inviting me to this special tea. Everything is lovely and I do love a good cup of tea...milk and one sugar for me please!

  51. Hello Shelia; Wow how special I feel right at this moment.. I just adore your sweet pretty tea set. Oh and the yummy muffin and fruit, gosh you are going to spoil me... What a sweet heart you are... I had a wonderful time thank you........ :0}


  52. I would like to say I am never, ever late..but...that would not be true. I missed breakfast...but I am here now...and can see all the lovliness I missed. I tried to get to everyone today..but..not even close! So much is happening in our big family!
    What an adorable little tea tray scape! Ever so sweet and lovely.
    Now..I just want to say this.
    Any friend of yours is a friend of mine and of course my door is always open and they are welcome to brouse through Mary's home AKA/ Emilie Barnes home any time.
    My daughter is thinking of selling their home as all of the children are leaving and the home is very large with five bedrooms and five baths.
    Emilie and her husband did the same thing. They sold when their children grew up..
    Our entire family will miss it when they move. It has been nearly 13 years now and we gather there for every occassion.
    Thank you for mentioning Mary's home in your post,Sheila! You are the sweetest of the sweet. Emilie would thank you also, I am sure!

    I wanted to ask you about the tray. It looks as though there are drawers under it? How cozy every thing looks...and how nice at the end of a long day to look at those inviting pictures.

    I love you, sweet friend~

  53. Just beautiful Pickle...And I do feel so spoiled...and girl I needed this so much right now...I am having one of my bad spells...Now rub my shoulders and pour me a tea...Love ya sis...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  54. How pretty! It put a big smile on my face. You are such a lovely hostess, Shelia. :D

  55. oh how gorgeous, i must get myself a tray for my teacups


    happy weekend

  56. Thank you sooo much for the lovely breakfast....I enjoyed it so much. You are terrific hostess! Your TT tray was just adorable and very cozy!!

    Thank you for sharing. You are a HOOT to read!

  57. Thank you so much...the tea was wonderful and such a lovely tea setting!

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