Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Fish Jugs

Hello, Dear Ones! Before I get into my post today you may have noticed my blog dress is gone! Yes, my dear little tiny blog is nekked (Texan for naked)! I had a tiny little button pop up on my blog yesterday saying my Bandwidth was exceeded - whatever that means. I tried to surf the web and get help (Blogger help pretended it didn't know what this meant! ) and some places said it was the background - so I took off my blog's pretty little dress. The button was wanting me to upgrade, with a fee, to Pro Today from Photo Bucket. I didn't. If anyone knows about this and could give me some simple directions of how to put another dress on my tiny blog without exceeding my Bandwidth I would appreciate it so much.


Okay, now to the fun stuff! If you've visited me very often then you'll know I love Fish Jugs!!
If you don't have a clue about Fish Jugs you can click here and here to see an earlier post on them.

I should have had this posted for Blue Monday! See! Oh, lookie lookie! Another pair of Fish Jugs! I'm in Fish Jug heaven! That's such a nice place to be. I found these little blue darlings at T.J. Maxx!! Woo Hooness! They swam all the way home with me! :)

Look at this lovely shapely Fish Jug...

Look at this gorgeous Fish Jug profile...

See how well my new blue Fish Jugs mesh with my Fish Jug family?!

All my olden Fish Jugs were so very happy to welcome in the new Blue pair!

The new blue Fish Jugs were given center stage. No jealousy among my Fish Jugs!

Listen! Can you hear the lovely music! I now have a small choral ensemble! Sing my sweet Fish Jugs! Sing!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Sing A Song

Sing, sing a song
Sing out loud

Sing out Strong
Sing of good things not bad
Sing of happy not sad

Sing, sing a song
Make it simple to last
Your whole life long
Don't worry that it1s not
Good enough
For anyone else to hear
Just sing, sing a song

Sing, sing a song
Let the world sing along
Sing of love there could be
Sing for you and for me

~sung by my Fish Jugs and The Carpenters


  1. I don't know anything about bandwidths! Wish I could help.

    Your fish justs are all lovely. They look great grouped together.

  2. Haha, Shelia, the fish jugs really look as if they are singing! I love them, and I now understand that I am truly Fish Jug Deprived. I'll keep my eye out -- I'd love some of them, too -- they are just so sweet.

  3. Sheila, I love them, too, though I only have one pair to date. Yours are WONDERFUl.

    I'm sorry about your nekkidness, but actually quite easy to read your blog this way. Mine is so bright and white that I've been tempted to either go black or get rid of the dress and go nekkid, too! Did you change your template or has it always been like this??? I like it!

    Sending love to you today and always as I prepare to dive headfirst into a bowl of gelatto, my new favorite food! ;-)

  4. I always get such a kick out of your posts,and your fish jugs are just fantastic. Love them all. Hugs, Marty

  5. They are beautiful grouped together. You have such a flair for arranging things. I wish you could come stay for a while with me. We have a new TJ MAXX if that helps to persuade you!!!

  6. wow shelia so pretty ,i love all of them but the white ones are beautiful, i love the way you displayed them, beautiful collection i'm gonna keep my eyes open for some...great post..


  7. I know nothing about bandwidths so when you find out please clue us in.

    LOVE the new blue fish jugs. They are just beautiful with your other ones. It is funny cause it does look like they are all singing away!!!!!

  8. Hi my sweet friend...
    The lady that does my blog dresses...(I have my own dressmaker you know...only because I am so ignorant of blogging I could not do it myself!!) and she says to be sure I had mine on minima...whatever that means. Mine does not go so far from one side to the other and yet it is three columns ...did I spell that right? Anyway...I think if you would ask Debbi at Marionberry..she would be happy to help you..sweet person ever. Her little button is on my sidebar...and she is very kind.
    If you change to minima...you can probably put your very own blog dress on your blog. I did before I met Debbi. Also..the lady that does, is it Fairy Backgrounds? She also to me to be sure and put my blog on "minima"
    I hope this helps a bit. Just go to customize..and it should lead your right to it...I'll go look and see if I can remember how...
    Unless it is something else you are asking about...oooohh...I hope I didn't misunderstand. Got a feeling that might be your answer though. TWO savy women have told me that now..

  9. Yep...Sheila...you go to Customize..then to "pick a new template" and then you go the the very first layout..and click on "minima" and then you just pick out a blog dress you want..from Background Fairy or who ever you chose or if you know how to do it yourself (I can't.) I can do my own..but I have not learned how they make them up. One day I might learn.
    I hope that helped..if not..then I misunderstood.

  10. Actually...You have a darling header...I can't even do that!!

  11. Those fish jugs are the pretties color of blue, and all of them look swimmingly happy together! You have a whole school of fish jugs! laurie

  12. Hi Sheila...I love your fish jugs! Alas, I am jugless thus far...lol! None at my local TJ Maxx, you see! However, it's one of the things I look for everywhere I go. Yours are beautiful! Have a great week...hugs...Debbie

  13. * I L*O*V*E THEM, don'tchaknow?!?!?!? (Well, how could I N*O*T love them, my "fellow fish-jug lover"!!!)~~~~~ "They look simply mahhhhvelous, dahhhhlink"!!!~~~~~~


  14. You have quite the collection now! I really like the blue ones :)

    All the best,

  15. Hi Sheila,
    I am reading this with one eye closed as to not embarrass you with you neckness. LOL. I got that same note too and I just ignored it, I thought it was just a popup ad. I think your fish jugs are way cute and I love how they all get along so sweetly. hugs, Cindy

  16. Hi Shelia,
    I like your fish collection
    and I like your "nekked" blog.

    Here is link from I take my template:
    Very easy to make.

    Have a bless day!

  17. Love your display, Shelia! I've got to get myself at least 1 fish jug!

  18. Your fish jug are darling and I know nothing about bandwiths but if you find out let us know. Your blog looks really nice right now. When my old blog died I gave up dresses and lots of other things and just went for simple.

    The Raggedy Girl

  19. GM Pickle...now girl in all my collecting I don't have a one fish jug...I wonder if Len would kill me if I started another collection...ha ha!! Thanks for coming by and seeing me Dear friend I always love your visits...Now I started a test blog to see how I could do eveything with the bigger pics etc...and I think I have it all figured out...I also did a backup of my blog just in case I loose it ha ha!! So any way tonight I am going for bigger and better wish me luck...I am not doing a blog dress...could't fine a one to fit right..with the strecth I gained 10 lbs ha ha!! Thanks girl for all your help with that...May you have a great day my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  20. Hi Sheila! Believe it or not, this post made me laugh harder than any other I have seen you do...not sure why? The clincher was the last picture of them from above, with all their mouths wide open! Hysterical! I love it! I love the way you make things come to life with your wonderful words. Sooooo precious. You are such a happy girl Sheila. Are you always like that?? What's your secret? I'd love to hear about why you have such a wonderful attitude in life. I want some of that!

  21. OMG....It's me again....I meant to tell you...my husband is the computer mechanic of our town. I will ask him about your computer question and get back to you. If you ever wanted some free advice you can go to his website too at www.flippingbits.com and tell him you know me! He will write you back...guaranteed! He loves helping people when it comes to technology.:) Keep that in mind my friend...ok?

  22. That's a lot of mouths to feed! Thank goodness they just eat imaginary food! Enjoy your day. Sally

  23. Well, I just can turn the computer on, so I am NO help at all with your problem! Sorry...hope someone can help you soon! :)

    Love your new blue fish jugs! Everytime I see one of these in a store, I think of you! :) The blue goes so well with the white ones! Great collection! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  24. Hi Sheila
    Your fish jug collection is lovely. They look great displayed there all together.
    What's a blog dress?

  25. Love! Love all your fishes! Do they really gurgle when you pour?

  26. Sheila you always amaze me with your collections, absolutely awesome and grouping the way you do adds a larger impact. The fish jugs are so cute.

  27. What a wonderful collection you have and the new blue fish jugs just fit right in to add color and honor to all the other ones.

    Hope things are well with you. We've been camping - so gone a lot in May. Now getting caught up on my special blogger friends. :)


  28. I wish I could help with your nakedness but I am clueless when it comes to that stuff. You do make me want to go fishin' with ya! Take care and hug Miss Chloe Dawn for me~

  29. Your fish jugs are hillarious with their mouths open....reminds me of me when I am hungry!
    Sorry bout the bandwidth...what ever that is...I am having issues too, but something different. I like how wide your blog is...wish I could do that!

  30. The fish are a hoot! And I am loving that long crocheted dresser scarf.

    I like your blog without the wallpaper. Some of the blogs have so much gobbledygook that they are hard for me to read. I have eye issues (translation: blind as a bat!) and when the blog is really glopped up with a lot of busy stuff, especially dark stuff, I have a hard time reading it!

    That's just me --


  31. Shelia~

    I just adore your fish jugs...they are too cute. I think they dress your buffet just fine. :)

    Hugs~ J

  32. Really lovely, I like the seahorse plates so much.

    The Raggedy Girl

  33. I love em, love em, love em!!!!!!!!!!

    Justiney :o )

  34. I love them enough to cross my fingers and find them at my TJ Maxx! Lovely pair!

  35. A chorus of fish jugs - how funny and cute is that. i havent been around the blogosphere much as have been busy so I will have to get up to speed with whats been happening in your life.

    Not sure about the blogger issue although I think this dress is awfully pretty as it is.


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