Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hello, Dear Ones...that's right! I said Mantlefestation. I'll bet you thought it was a typo, didn't you? Oh, no no Nannette! I made up a new word for my mantle! Yes, I did! I manipulated the word, manifestation:

Main Entry:
\ˌma-nə-fə-ˈstā-shən, -ˌfe-ˈstā-\
1 a: the act, process, or an instance of manifesting b (1): something that manifests or is manifest (2): a perceptible, outward, or visible expression

See? A manifestation is an outward or visible expression! And that's what I did to my mantle! I down right outwards, visibly expressed it! Therefore...mantlefestation! Am I clever or what? :)

Well, I never feel like I get my mantle right. It's a hard process for me. I look at books and mags and at your blogs and I just have such a hard time with mantlefestation.
But I'm trying and this is my mantlefestation. I know, I know, that is a mirror with a picture sitting in front of it. It's a very olden very plain mirror that has been in our family for more years than I'm old (now, that's a long time, you know ~ I'm very long in the tooth). But it's so very heavy and I'm not allowed to lift very heavy things anymore or things that have been fixed might just bust open, so it's still there. Just ignore the mirror for now. :P

This is one side of my mantlefestation...the fashion plate that I so cleverly made, a little green bowl and my every staying put starfish!
Here is the other side of my mantlefestation...another frillier green bowl, tall green vase and a chippy white bird.
Here's the picture sitting in front of my very olden heavy can't remove it or I'll bust out somewhere, mirror! The colors of this painting are so perfect for my den.
These two topiaries in the pretty urns ( I love these urns and can you love urns? You bet your whatevers you can!) were sitting on top and each side of the mantle. But with my mantlefestation, I took them down and put them on the hearth. By the way, I made these topiaries a few years back. I'm so creative you know! :) You know I'm kidding. Also that is a little bitty cricket sitting on the left hand side in front of the fireplace screen. Crickets on the hearth bring good luck! No crickets were hurt or killed in the making of this post! That's a metal cricket!

Well, there you have it, Dear Ones, my mantlefestation! What do you think? Did I get it right or do I need to do some more mantlefestationing? I'm just never sure.

I hope you'll think about mantlefestationing yourself. It was fun and I do love my new word. Please use it appropriately when you can! I would appreciate it. Hey, I've just thought of something. I can start a new dictionary for Blogland ~ The New Note Songs New Words Dictionary! Cool, huh?

Now, please go see our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for more transformations!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You Decorated My Life

All my life was a paper once plain,
pure and white

Till you moved with your pen
changin' moods now and then

Till the balance was right
Then you added some music,
ev'ry note was in place

And anybody could see all the changes
in me by the look on my face

And you decorated my life,
created a world where dreams area apart

And you decorated my life
by paintin' your love all over my heart

You decorated my life

Like a rhyme with no reason
in an unfinished song

There was no harmony life meant nothin' to me,
until you came along

And you brought out the colors,
what a gentle surprise

Now I'm able to see all the things
life can be shinin' soft in your eyes

And you decorated my life,
created a world where dreams are a part

And you decorated my life
by paintin' your love all over my heart

You decorated my life
~sung by Kenny Rogers


  1. This is lovely! I really like the way that the plate ties everything in together. I love your new word!

    Those urns are awesome! And I didn't know that crickets were good luck in front of a fireplace!


  2. Your mantle looks great! I love the mirror behind the art. Actually I've been thinking of doing that! Your plate and all the accessories are perfect. AND those urns are probably the prettiest ever!

  3. Good evening Shelia, Your mantle is beautiful. You got it right ♥ Everything is lovely....

  4. Oh maker of new wordsness...your mantel is stunning. Everything you touch is just perfect, dear one. You do have ....the KNACK!
    "nicknack, paddywack, give your..."
    O, sorry...I tend to get carried away and get off the track because i have been hanging around with you for ever so long..."long in the tooth"..oops..there i go again.
    and i promise i've not been nipping at the blackberry wine today, either. now, i did make strawberry preserves..can strawberries ferment ?? and is that spelled right?
    Oh, good grief..i am just in a silly mood.
    Seriously, your mantel looks great and actually, I love the mirror behind the painting..
    xo bj

  5. I really like the mirror behind the picture. I know so little about vignetting (is that a new word?); but according to what I've read, you're doing things right. You know - odd numbers, different textures, highs and lows. The most important thing is does it look right to you? Have a great week. Sally

  6. looks fantastic!!! you are so sweet to pray for me not to get the forecasted snow.....PRAY HARD HONEY!!!! I need it!

  7. Actually, I like the picture in front of the mirror -- but I like things layered. I like the way the color flows across the mantle, too.

  8. I love it! The mirror looks great behind that pretty painting. My very favorite thing is the little green bowl - is that a pear on it? I am into collecting things with pears right now!
    I once had matching planters for each side of the mantle until my kitty knocked on off and broke it!

  9. Hi Sheila,
    Actually, I was a giggling even before I opened your blog! What a great word you invented, you are so clever my dear! I love your mantle do over! It's pretty, it's charming and so ever creative! I love reading your posts! hugs, Cindy

  10. Lovely! And your plate is fabulous!

    m ^.^

  11. Oh Shelia! You are too funny! Everything looks lovely! But...I could not take my eyes off the urns and the screen! I heart them extra much! Happy MM!!...Debbie

  12. Great job, Shelia! I think it looks great especially with that cricket there. And you're right about crickets. In the Chinese culture, that is one of their lucky charms. I still love those plates you made I'll have to find clear glass plates soon and a fabric I love.

    You have a beautiful home. Thank you for showing the whole wall. ;-)

  13. Great job! I never know if I have my mantle right or not drives me crazy!.....Jo

  14. I LOVE it, Shelia! Great look and well balanced...Christine

  15. I desperately need a mantlefestation myself!! Your plate looks great there and I adore that picture!

  16. Shelia, if we gave a prize for great words, you would win! :-) Love it!

    And I love what you've done. It's great! Love the colors!


    Sheila :-)

  17. Hi Dear One - you and I must be on the same wave this past week. I loved our home 5 yrs ago when we purchased it, with the exception of my fireplace. ugh! I have started sketching how I want to change it. A jackhammer was #1 but DH vetoed that idea. (bummer!)

    But your mantle is a perfect example of what a few pretties can accomplish. I actually like the chunky mirror behind the print. I love the layered look. It turned out really pretty and I love all the small touches.

    Hope you have a great week. Hugs, Barb

  18. Mantlefestation...what a cool concept..guess you have just become the queen of mantlefestation...all ya need to do is display your crown...great post...I've enjoyed this so much....

  19. I don't know what you could do to make it any better, Shelia. It's loverly! And you had better be glad I hate to travel because I would come right to Texas and beg, borrow or steal that purdy floral print. Oh my, I love that!

    At first my hubby protested over painting the wall unit too. (Men and their wood!) I told him I was absolutely SICK of it after looking at it for more than 30 years but I would "compromise" ... we could either spend the money for a gallon of paint or we could buy a whole new wall unit. Well, you can see what his choice was. ::chuckle:: He said he'd even replace the backs with beadboard to make it more cottagey, if I wanted him too! :)

  20. it looks awesome,love the topieres and the beautiful plate,you have done an excellent job!and i'm in love with the builtins on each side..have a great day..


  21. I think the mirror behind the picture makes it look like the picture has a mirrored frame. The fireplace looks great. My mother said crickets (live ones) in the house were good luck. I'm not afraid of them, I just think it would be better if they stayed outside. I would let a cute little metal cricket live on my fireplace.

  22. Hello Shelia; I love your new word, it fits so well. You go girl and make the new dictionary great idea.... hey you did a wonderful job on your mantel redo, love the plate, and the painting looks so good in front of the mirror, I would leave it. I think I might just have to redo mine now... hmmmmm darn now I will have to use my brain again, better get out the aspirin.... lol


  23. Mantlefestation...hmm bet this becomes the new blogland buzzword. Maybe you could have a Mantlefestation party? That would be fun!
    I love you topiary urns!

  24. Your mantle looks wonderful. I like the different heights and colors.

  25. Shelia...I remember your fashion plates. I almost sold some clear plates at my garage sale and then I remembered your plates and thought about trying my hand at it. I love your mantlefestation! And I do think we need a Blog Dictionary...with terms like Mr. Linky and Meme and Pink Saturday, etc... we could have quite the dictionary...don't you think? :-) You mantle is perfect...I wouldn't change a thing! Great Met Monday post!

  26. Oh Shelia - LOVE LOVE LOE Mantlefestation ... and thank you for phonetical pronunciation and definition! :) LOL! It's beautiful (the mantle) love the transformation! Great work! As usual!

  27. I think your mantle has been festationed to perfection. Maybe festation can be a word of it's own too. lol I like the idea of a new blog dictionary. I can see that on your sidebar!
    I love your little metal cricket on your hearth too.
    Hugs, Bridge
    p.s. with your talent and creativity, I would never think you were kidding!!!

  28. Girlfriend...I'm LOVIN' IT ALL! That picture with the roses is 2die4! Manifest all you want! We are sittin' here waitin' for MORE!


  29. Love your new word Sheila Mantlefestation. It's a great word and your mantle looks wonderful. You have balanced it well and everything goes together great. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Oh it looks nice Sheila ! And you really don't notice the mirror that much because of the gorgeous picture that is in front of it.

  31. Crickets are good luck in the house, and the only kind I'd like are metal ones.

    Perhaps it's not a transformation, but a mantletransferness.

  32. I think your mantle looks great, I like the mirror behind the picture. Nice job!

  33. Since I am decorator challenged and hubby is not handy our mantle is always changing. One day I can walk in and he has it all arranged and then I come into the room and put it all back the way it was. My kids come and change it around. People have suggested this and that but it never feels or looks balanced. I have decided the next house will not have a fireplace so no mantle to worry about and all this insanity will just go away here:) I like your little definition of the new word:)

  34. Beautiful mantlefestation! Very clever! You're going to have start a party for it. ;) It's lovely!

  35. Hi Shelia, I think your mantel looks fabulous.............fabulous!!

    Hugs, Barb

  36. Oh...I love you mantel...beautiful!!!

    Enjoy the day!!!

  37. It's a beautiful mantlefestation, Shelia! Hey, my Firefox said I misspelled mantlefestation; there I just did it again! And I'm ignoring Firefox!!!

    I love this new word you invented!!

  38. Shelia
    Thats a very good word...that new word of yours. It works so well with what you are doing.
    Your mantle looks very pretty. The picture is lovely too.
    have a lovely day

  39. Oh Sheila it is just beautiful! You are a natural at this kind of thing. I don't mind that olden mirror at all and I love your new Mantelfestation and your new word! How clever you are. Just in case I didn't leave a message about your previous blog entry...(can't remember?) It was one of the most precious videos i have ever seen! I sent it on to some of my friends who do not blog...adorable! You always have such interesting blog entries...I just wish I could get here more often...that's all I want...a little more time to visit my that much to ask? I think not!

  40. Hi Sweet Shelia,

    I love your mantlefestation...I don't know of anyways you could improve looks perfect! Love the topiaries...You did a good job on them ;)

    Maybe you should have a mantlefestation party... :)


  41. I absolutely love your new mantle, love the new word, and I actually love the painting in front of the mirror. I'd leave it up there for sure!

    Nice transformation!!

  42. I say you did a LOVELY job. My mantle is as boring as can be...especially since it's not much of a mantle but a board that goes the width of the wall!

    You done good!

    take care,

  43. Shelia,
    I just had to stop back by and become a follower of your blog!!! After seeing your picture and your SWEET face I just knew you were someone I wanted to know better!!!

    I swear that is the cutest picture I have ever have the most engaging smile!!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!

  44. Mantlefestation..yes! Yes..I like that. It worketh for me!
    Your mantle is just lovely...all of it. Now I HATE mine! Grrrr...
    ( LOL)
    Hugs and smiles..

  45. It is sheer loveliness - just like you.

    You did good, dear sister.

  46. Oh Pickle I love what you did here...girl I am loving those plates that you made and also you have a new blog dress on so your no longer Neeked I see...looking great my friend...May you have a great week sweet Shelia...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  47. I think your mantlefestation is a sensation! Linda

  48. Luv the word Mantelfestation! How original! I also love your mantel. To me, that's one of the hardest things to decorate, but yours looks wonderful!

  49. Hi Sheila, Your mantle looks mantlelicious! I claimed poetic justice and made that one up myself! :) LOL! The picture is beautiful, and I love that plate! Mantles and and formal dining room tabletops are my difficult to decorate spots! You did a wonderful job! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  50. Oh so beautiful. All the greens come together so pleasingly. And that green floral plate is to die for!
    I also scrolled down to see your amazing fish tablescape. Talk about WOW! I LOVED it. : )

  51. Your mantlefestation grouping is just terrific, never mind the mirror! The picture is beautiful. I can see exactly why you love those urns! I'm having an extremely hard time with a mantlefestation for my living room...this inspires me. Thanks for sharing!

  52. I adore your new word! Nothing more fun than making up new words!
    The mantle is wonderful...fresh and balanced!
    All Things Heart and Home
    ps....i'm being a sweetie!

  53. My fireplace has a raised hearth just like this. I had never thought to place 2 plants on there. Thanks for the idea, looks great!

  54. What a wonderful transformation~ well done!

  55. Girl, I think your mantle looks PERFECT. I even kinda like the mirror behind the painting. But that cricket? He gives me the creeps!

    Justine :o )


  57. I love your mantlefestion! LOL. Urns are my favorite thing in the whooole world and yours are great! And I love topiaries too almost as much as urns LOL.

    All the best,

  58. It is lovely! You did a great job.
    Yes, you can love urns, so much so, that when we go to the big Blogger in the Sky we can be put in one! :)

  59. I can't wait to try out your new word! It's perfect, and we do need a new Blogland Dictionary. Your mantle look so pretty, and I am in LUV (yes, I can be in LUV) with those urns! They are just the prettiest things I've seen in a long while. laurie


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