Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stella, The Wild One!

Hello, Dear Ones. I truly hope you'll like me after this post! First of all I want you to know every bit of this was my fault! That's right ~ MY FAULT! You see, when Stella came to my house I didn't realize in two days we would be so busy moving my Mother to her little apartment in the retirement home. I neglected her, I put my Mother first and then the trouble started!

Okay, sit down, Dear Ones, and I'll paint you the ugly story.

For a week after Stella arrived I was up early and started packing the car with Mother's things and worked over at her apartment until night time trying to get her settled. I told Stella I was so sorry, but I was going to have to be busy and she and I would have our special time together the next week. Stella said she understood and it would be okay! I felt so relieved!

So each morning I left her like this! She said she loved to watch American TV and she would be fine. When I can home each evening, there she was still watching TV. We talked a bit while I made dinner and she would tell me what she did for the day.

She played in my faux flowers a bit.
Rode my exercise bike.
Played with my figurines.
And had tea every afternoon. She's English, you know.

What I didn't know was just about to shock the socks off me! Well, I don't wear socks, but it shocked the nail polish right off my big toes!

Stella got bored while I was away. Chloe Dawn was so jealous of her, she wouldn't play with her. Stella was tired of watching TV so she started taking walks and ended up on the seawall and that's where the trouble began!
She saw a tatoo parlor and went in! Oh, no! Don't do it Stella! I would have said that if I'd know. Well, Dear Ones, she just went right on in and came out with a tattoo on her shoulder!
She loved the sea, well it's the gulf of Mexico, but we'll call it the sea! She saw all the surfers out and thought she'd try it too! She had some of her own money and went and rented a surf board. That's not all she did with her money ~ she bought a bikini! Oh, my goodness! Stella! Put your clothes on! That's what I would have said had I known! :(
I found these pictures on my computer! Seems she met up with some surfer dudes who were ever so willing to teach her to surf and they were always taking pictures. She had given them my email address and would sneak up before I got up and open her emails. She had even made her own folder for her pictures. She was sneaky but still a little naive. I found all of these pictures after all this horribleness was over! Look at her feet! She has flowers all tucked in between her toes!
There she is in all of her Aida cloth paper doll gloriness in just her bikini surfing! She learned to surf and was having a ball! Her tattoo was just a shining! Oh, my Lord! I would have had a heart attack if I'd know this!
She even managed to meet up with the right surfer crowd and got her picture taken with them for a surfer's magazine. They paid her! She told them she was older than she was! Bad little Stella!

Each day while I was moving Mother, Stella was hitting the beach! I didn't have a clue anything was going on. She was just so calm when I came home and the house was so nice. Well, it should have been, she wasn't there all day! I should have realized she was getting a suntan! But it didn't even dawn on me!

Then at 3:30 in the morning the phone rang! It was the police and they had arrested Stella! I couldn't believe what I was hearing! What? No, Stella's in bed asleep! You must be mistaken! No, No Nannette, they said - we have her and we've put her in jail!

Jail? What? Well, needless to say, Mr. Preicous and I jumped in our clothes and off we went to bail Stella out of jail.
When we got there the officer explained he had pulled Stella over driving too fast! Driving? What? Yes, driving a car too fast! She later told me one of the surfer dudes was teaching her to drive and she was sneaking out at night after we'd gone to sleep! When she couldn't prove to the police officer she was 18, she is certainly not 18, and she didn't have a driver's license or any ID and told them she was visiting from England, the police officer thought it all sounded so fishy! So just like the TV show "Cops" which Stella loved to watch, they handcuffed her, put her in the police car and took her straight to jail!
This is how we found her ~ behind bars! Oh, Stella darling! How could you? Well, I take all the blame. I should have been there for her and I wasn't! We bailed her out of jail and put her in the car and drove back home. Praise God she didn't have on that bikini!
When we got home I took her up to the bedroom she was staying in and shut the door so we could have a talk. She was crying her little heart out and so was I! I told her to start from the beginning and tell me what had been going on. Well, she did just that! She told me the tattoo would wear away ~ it was a henna tattoo! Oh I was glad to hear that! She told me she just loved the water and had been watching the Sports channel and just knew she could learn to surf! She continued to tell me the surfer dudes knew she was young and were looking out for her and besides, they liked her accent! Kinda of a Gidget story, don't you think? She told me she would give me the money she earned from the surfer mag picture. I told her to keep it because I had a plan. Now the driving and sneaking out at night was a very bad thing to do, I told her, and she promised never to do it again. I apologized to her and told her it was really all my fault because I had neglected her! We hugged, cried some more and then I tucked her in vowing I'd be a better Blogger hostess to Stella!

Next morning, after we had our breakfast, I put Stella in the car and we drove over to the pet store. I asked her to give me her picture making money and then to pick out a little dog! She was so excited! She found this little fuzzy thing and immediately named her Gally! She said it was because she was in Galveston!

Now let me tell you, Dear Ones! Please suppervise your Aida cloth paper dolls and your children. It's our responsibility to take care of them and give them guidance. I've learned a lesson and I'm going to be a better hostess to Stella and from now on she's going to be the best Aida cloth paper doll in Blogland!

Whew! Glad this turned out okay!
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Wild One

Oh wild one I'm-a gonna tame you down (tame you down)
Ah, wild one I'll get you yet (yeah yeah) you bet (yeah yeah)
You little doll all you do is play, you've got a new baby ev'ry day
But some day it's gonna be me, me and only me.

Oh oh oh oh wild one I'll make you settle down (settle down)
Ah wild one I'll clippa your wings (yeah yeah) and them things (yeah yeah)
You got the lips that I'm mad about
I got the lips that'll knock you out
C'mon wild one be wild about me.

You little doll all you do is play, you've got a new baby ev'ry day
But some day it's gonna be me, me and only me.

Oh oh oh oh wild one I'll make you settle down (settle down)
Ah wild one I'll clippa your wings (yeah yeah) and things (yeah yeah)
You got the lips that I'm mad about
I got the lips that'll knock you out
C'mon wild one be wild about me.

Whoa, yeah (wah wah wah wah)
C'mon wild one be wild about me.

--ONE MORE TIME--(wah wah wah wah)

Ah, c'mon wild one be wild about me.
Be wild about me.
~sung by Bobby Rydell