Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Piddled All The Way Down To DixieLand ;)

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, I must tell you something...I'm back from piddlin' but before I stopped piddlin' , Mr. Precious, Mother and I ended up in Alabama! Yes, we did. We piddled all the way to DixieLand.
The rhododendrons were piddlin'...
They were piddlin' so much there was even a rhododendron piddlin' festival!
These pointy flowered hydrangeas were piddlin'...
Piddle on most beautiful ones!
The peonies were piddlin' pink all over the place!
My home town was just a piddlin'...do you know where this is? You probably don't, so I'll tell you. This is Fort Payne, Alabama, my tiny little home town where the country group Alabama is all from.
What in the world were we doin' just a piddlin' in Alabama? Well, I was piddlin' with my cousins on my Daddy's side! We had a cousin reunion. My mother is the only aunt (or uncle :) who is still living! My daddy was the youngest of seven children. He had only one brother and five sisters. One sister had five children and all the rest only had one each! So there are not many of us left. Now as you observe the picture, you can see I'm the youngest and most gorgeous one of the bunch! :) You really must know I'm kidding! But it was so much fun to gather and visit and catch up. Everyone is all spread out - well, they're all in Alabama except me. I hadn't seen one of my cousins in over 30 years!

The cousin standing next to me was always my hero - he was a big ole rock 'n roll disc jockey during the 60s and just gave me so many little discarded 45 records from the radio station, which I still have. The next cuz played in a little rock and roll band with Jeff Cook from the group Alabama when he was in high school. My cuz went on to other things and well, Jeff Cook became famous! The man cuz sitting by mother is a dear and he drove my family home from the hospital after I was born. My only girl cuz is a marvelous cook and she has supplied me with cook books from her church my entire married life!

I guess you've noticed, I did not get the "tall" gene all my cousins have. Shoot! Oh, well, I got the looks! :) <---I really am kidding, I just couldn't help myself! I'll tell you more of our adventures later. I have to unpack and wash the dirty clothes! Shoot! Don't you just hate that?!

Be a bunch of sweeties, Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

My Home's In Alabama

Drinkin' was forbidden in my Christian country home
I learned to play the flattop on them good ol' Gospel songs
Then I heard about the barrooms just across the Georgia line
Where a boy could make a livin' playin' guitar late at night

Had to learn about the ladies, too young to understand
Why the young girls fall in love with the boys in the band
When the boys turn to music, the girls just turn away
To some other guitar picker in some other late night place

Yeah, held on to my music, I let the ladies walk away
Took my songs and dreams to Nashville then I moved on to L.A.
Up to New York City all across the USA
I lost so much of me but there's enough of me to say that my

Home's in Alabama, no matter where I lay my head
My home's in Alabama, Southern born and Southern bred

What keeps me goin' I don't really know
Can't be the money Lord knows I'm always broke
Could it be the satisfaction of bein' understood
When the people really love ya and let you know when it's good

Oh I'll speak my Southern English just as natural as I please
I'm in the heart of Dixie, Dixie's in the heart of me
And someday when I make it, when love finds a way
Somewhere high on Lookout Mountain
I'll just smile with pride and say that my

Home's in Alabama, no matter where I lay my head
My home's in Alabama, Southern born and Southern bred
Southern born and Southern bred
Southern born and Southern bred

And my home's in Alabama, no matter where I lay my head
My home's in Alabama, Southern born and Southern bred
Southern born and Southern bred
Southern born and Southern bred
~sung by Alabama


  1. Shelia, that looks like fun! I know you and your mom really enjoyed it. I was wondering how your mom is doing. Has she adjusted well?

  2. Oh I bet you had a blast at your cousin reunion! What fun!!

  3. Why of course you are the sweetest and cutest and smartest. Why of course!!!

  4. I never knew that there was anyone else from Fort Payne besides "Alabama" - now I know you - the cutest, shortest, and most charming Shelia. We have seen "Alabama" in concert several times - always my favorite! Glad you had a good reunion. Sally

  5. Miss Sheila, I didn't know you were REALLY an Alabama girl like me! I guess that that it explains it! (All the good looks, charm and talent! ☺☺☺)


  6. Shelia: You piddled all the way to God's Country!! I live in Gadsden which is about 25 miles south of Fort Payne, so you were in my neck of the woods! Aren't the mountains gorgeous!

    So glad you had such a nice trip and got to spend time with family. Always, always important!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  7. This is a darling post, chick!! Yessss, you got the "beauty" genes for sure. I've always thought you were gorgeous, sugah!

  8. Well Miss Piddle, you've been busy.
    Your cousins are good lookin but they don't have the charm and style of Miss Note Songs <---no, I am not kidding!
    Back to the laundry, my task today too!

  9. Shelia, you sweet thing...I was wondering where you were. Your pictures are so special.....beautiful!!!!

    Hugs, Barb

  10. Hey Sweet Shelia, What a handsome group of cousins you have... I sure hope you have a fantastic reunion and all the memories make you smile ear to ear.... Stay Safe... Love Ya


  11. It's nice that you and your mom got to visit with family you haven't seen in many years. I know in my family, it seems the only time we get to see extended family members is at funerals...and some of us live right in the same city.

    I've been busy piddlin' around with a new blog. (I think I must be the very last one from the RMS "gang" to start one!) I'd be thrilled to have you pop over sometime when you have a minute and say hello.

    (aka "susiehomemaker" on RMS)

  12. That's a powerful lot of piddlin' you've been doing!

    Looks like great fun. How terrific to see family you haven't seen in awhile -- I love doing that!


  13. Hi Shelia...you are the cutest li'l
    piddler of them all...heehee. What a great visit you must have had...
    your mom is looking well & very pretty too! ;-) Bo

  14. Well Lord have mercy girl ! I didn't know you from Ft . Payne !! That is almost in my back door .

  15. Oh Girl...I've never BEEEEEN to Alabama, but it is on my list. You look like you had so much fun with your family...

    I soooooo enjoyed seeing that you are "height-challenged" and all. If you were tall AND FUNNY...well...that would have just been too much for me.

    I love my visits to your Bloggie and always, always, always come away with a big smile. It's like going home...


  16. What a wonderful post and I loved looking at the photos and reading all about your cousins.

    The Raggedy Girl

  17. I have a lot of family from Alabama :) My dad went down there a couple years ago to meet long lost relatives lol. He loved it, I want to go someday.

    All the best,

  18. It must have been lovely meeting up with your family again in Alabama. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful family picture and the lovely flowers too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Glad you had fun, sweetness! I had only four first cousins (three maternal, and one paternal), all boys, and two are gone. They're pretty good eggs as boys go. :-) My parents only had one sibling each. Mama's brother died in childhood.

    I inherited a bunch of boy cousins-in-law (as inherited from my three cousins on Mama's side, they're first cousins to my first cousins). And even though those other cousins aren't my first cousins, genealogy research shows that I'm related to both their mother and their father on my dad's side! So they are cousins with me and my other cousin on Daddy's side... though distant. AND they are cousins to my first cousins on Mams's side, and THOSE first cousin are also a cousin on Daddy's side, though distant. Now, that you are completely confused, let me say, I hope you have a safe trip home!;-D


  20. Sounds like you had a lovely time!! And you did get the LOOKS!!!

    Stop by and see our new puppy!!


  21. I haven't seen any cousins in many years. Don't even know where they ended up. I never knew of any actual first cousins. Just some on down the line. Such is family life in 2009! Kind of sad, really.

  22. Great reunion...and I enjoyed the pictures...beautiful flowers...and I'm attending a "cousin" reunion this coming weekend also...you got me in the mood........

  23. Shelia
    welcome back from piddlin' which I don't know that is??? is it admiring your garden...or visiting your cousins??

    I'm glad you had a nice trip, your pics are lovely and your flowers are so beautiful!!

    hope you have your wash all done!
    have a lovely evening

  24. I want to go to Alabama, too!!

    Wonderful post, Shelia. Missed you!

  25. So now you're peeing all over the south, and with your family????????? Holy cow! ROFL!

    Justine :o )

  26. O, i love family reunions so much. we have them every now and then but our family is getting pretty thin now. So glad you had such a good time..
    and, somehow, I KNEW, before I got to the end, that the song would be this!!! :O)

  27. Oh what fun to gather with family -- and your mother is just the cutest thing! Glad you had a wonderful time.

  28. Shelia! I had no idea you were from Ft Payne!! You were just 15 minutes from me this weekend, as I was in my moms hometown of Collinsville! Holy Cow! You have to email me your maiden name. I bet we have people in common.
    My mom's family are womack's. My aunt is from ft payne, she was wanda plunkett, her sis is Sandra.
    Let me know!
    Hate we couldnt catch up with one another over lunch! Next time. Promise!

  29. You are adorable and you bet you are the best lookin' one in the bunch! How I wish you could take those songs..then when you put on the words we could hear you sing to us! HOW I would LOVE that!!
    Hugs and love~

  30. Sheila pie~

    Now, that's my kinda piddlin! What a joy that must have been to see your family and you are just a cutie patutie! The flowers oh my....just gorgeous!

    Hugs~ J

  31. What fun! Everyone looks happy to see you!
    The flowers are beautiful too..Love the PeeGee (pointy) hydrangea..they come out in Aug here...

  32. Girl, if you had Piddled just a teensy bit further, you would have been in my neck of the woods! Looks like you had soooo much fun with your cousins...what wonderful memories and meaning they have in your life!


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