Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Target Birdies on Holiday

Well, Dear Ones, can you believe it? Our little white Target birdie salt and peppers have flown the coop! It all started with Dear Susan's birdie salt and peppers! They have spread the word to all of the others they could stop being salt and peppers and become real birds. You know, kinda like that old movie "Mannequin" where the mannequin in the department becomes a human! You must go to her blog Between Naps on the Porch to see what has happened! I'm sure you're going to hear all kinds of stories about these amazing birdies salt and peppers.

Here's the story of my little salt and peppers! I have two pair - meet Fred and Ethel and Sonny and Cher. These little darlings sit inside my antique server and just wait for me to put them on the table.

They received the news of the holiday - how? you ask? - why, a little bird told them! :)
I heard all kinds of commotion, scratching and pecking going on in the server and opened the door! They wanted out, they said! They were talking to me (yes they were!) and I almost fainted!

Well, they headed right to the kitchen and hoped up on the counter and wanted me to take their picture with a little Easter decoration! So I did.
Then back to the dining room they went and hopped up into Chloe Dawn's chair to look outside. See, Fred and Ethel and Sonny and Cher know all about Chloe Dawn because they stay in this room. I think they were a bit nervous and had a hard time leaving their comfort zone.
Well, I'm going to tell you right now, Chloe Dawn did not like these four at all! No no Nannette! She ordered them to get out of her chair! Of course they did just that. Chloe Dawn hopped back up into her chair, yawned and took a nap!

They asked me so politely if we could go into the living room. I said, of course! Every one of these little sweeties pulled my pants leg and led me over to the sofa and told me to sit down. They were going to entertain me!
Now what a treat! Fred and Ethel and Sonny and Cher have the most beautiful voices and harmonized wonderfully. Are you surprised? They are little birds ya know! :) Sonny played my piano for the group and sang as well. Let me tell you, that boy could peck the keys off! I sat and enjoyed my concert for about 30 minutes then I couldn't stand it any more.
I told Sonny to move over and we would play a duet! We did and I wish I had recorded it. We were marvelous!
Then it was Ethel's turn. She wanted to read us some poetry! Oh, let me tell you what a beautiful speaking, well, reading voice she has. She read to us and we couldn't take our eyes off her.
Listen...isn't she wonderful? Don't you love the expression and movement of her voice as she reads?
We were a captive audience!

Fred said they had been in the house too long and it was time to go out into the back yard. They all started to follow him out the back door and then Cher turned around and started to cry and said she was scared to go out. They all surrounded her and tried to console her. I could tell she was loving all of this attention and she began to milk the situation! She is just so dramatic!
Finally they were out doors and just sat on a little bench for awhile taking it all in. The cool breeze, the sunshine, other birds flying around visiting them, the morning doves cooing for them. Even a butterfly or two came by to chat! They were feeling very comfortable outdoors now.
The girls went out into the garden and started checking out the angel statue. I know they were really having a nice visit! Fred and Sonny just stood and talked man, um, I mean guy bird talk. Then Sonny went out to check out the hibiscus bush blooms and a pretend birdhouse hanging in the tree. They had a great time in the backyard. But as I said, they didn't want to stray too far from home, so they came back inside.

Ethel and Cher just are so girly and they wanted to serve the guys tea! Ethel was in charge of the cream and sugar. See, she has her little lumps ready. Dear Cher was in charge of pouring the tea. The guys felt so special!
My job was to bake the tea cakes. I did what the girls had asked of me and put them on a little platter. They all loved my tea cakes and ate almost everyone I had baked. Hey, I need to save a couple of the cookies for Mr. Precious! What a lovely tea party they had!Sonny and Cher wanted their pictures taken and they posed for me in my floral arrangement! I told Cher how pretty she looked and let me tell you - it went straight to her head! I should have kept my mouth shut for the next part of the story I'm about to tell you is just awful!
She started out innocently enough talking to all the lady birds in the house. But then she began flirting with all the male birds! She was swishing her tail feathers and shaking back her little head as if she had long hair like the singer, Cher! I felt so badly for Sonny! He just bowed his little head and went into the other room!
If that wasn't enough, Cher prissed her little tail feathers right into my kitchen, hopped upon the counters and began flirting with all the Roosters right in front of their Hens faces! The Roosters were polite and some even ignored her, but a couple of them started winking at her and flirting right back! Oh, my goodness! The Hens had a fit and began chasing Cher all over the kitchen! Feathers were flying everywhere! Even on Mr. Precious' tea cakes!

I finally calmed my Roosters and Hens down and they settled back into their spots in the kitchen. Ethel came into the kitchen after quietly watching as Cher made a fool of herself. Ethel called Cher a tramp to her face and they started fighting like cats and dogs! Man! What a mess. Fred and Sonny were no where to be found. I finally got the situation under control and had a long talk with Cher. She cried and said she was sorry. She went around the house, red faced and with tissue in her hand, um claw, and apologized to the birds and yard birds. Whew!
This ordeal had worn me out and real birds or salt and peppers or whatever, I was not going to cook! I served them some leftover Easter ham on biscuits and they seemed to enjoy it very much. Cher was sure lovey doveying Sonny trying to make up for her wild ways. Fred and Ethel were just very quiet! Oh boy!
After dinner all seemed to be right with my little group! Fred yelled, "Let's go upstairs!" as he led the way. So off they went!
They hopped up onto Edra and asked if I would take their picture with my Matruska dolls. See that Cher? She wanted to be front and center. She thinks she's so hot! :)
Ethel was checking out my olden books. She wanted to find something to read before they all went to bed.
She and Cher had made up and were enjoying themselves immensely as they pored over some of my decorating books. They were very interested in fluffing their nests!
Well, what a holiday my little salt and peppers have had! They didn't leave home, but they seemed very content to be close to me. I loved that. I did tuck them into the same bed, after all, they live in the same cabinet! I kissed their tiny little faces and pulled the covers up tight. I told them a bedtime story of how I would miss them when they had to go back into the server in the morning.

Night night Fred and Ethel and Sonny and Cher!

Hope you've enjoyed my little Target Birdies on Holiday~
Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Lullaby of Birdland

Oh, lullaby of birdland
That's what I always hear,
When you sigh,
Never in my wordland could there be ways to reveal
in a phrase how I feel

Have you ever heard two turtle doves
Bill and coo, when they love?
That's the kind of magic music we make with our lips
When we kiss

And there's a weepy old willow
He really knows how to cry,
That's how I'd cry in my pillow
If you should tell me farewell and goodbye

Lullaby of birdland whisper low
Kiss me sweet, and we'll go
Flying high in birdland, high in the sky up above
All because were in love
~sung by Ella Fitzgerald