Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Oh, Dear Ones! I'm late! I'm late for a very important date! Tablescape Thursday!! Life has happened at my house and I just wasn't able to get my pictures ready until this afternoon. But thank you so much, Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for being our Diva of Tablescapeing!

I know Easter is over, but I had to show you our Easter Sunday table! Forgive me again, I went a little bananas on loading so many picutures. I just love Tablescape Thursday so much!

The table was spread with a white damask tablecloth. I used my everyday Pfaltzgraff flatware and pink depression glasses.
I'm really getting into napkin folding and thought this looked sweet. This is called the Special Pocket fold. I tucked in a little baby's breath and an sweetly wrapped Easter chocolate! :)
Don't you love looking at the layers of dishes?
I poked a little ceramic egg into each Bordallo bowl! Now I wouldn't take a bite out of this lovely! I'm sure a trip to the dentist would be imperative! :)
Now we start breaking down the dish layers...after the egg...the cabbage leafed Bordallo bowl.
Oh, next my newest dish treasure - the dessert plate "Emma's Garden" by Spode - Ross!

Then my olden bunny plates by Bordallo. Don't they look great with Emma's Garden? I certainly thought so!
The Emma's Garden gorgeous chargers! I love these and can tell I'm going to be able to use these with many of my dishes! Oh, I'm so happy! :)
Here are my pink Depression glasses. I've used these many times, but love them. I really don't think the stemmed one is Depression glass, but I said it anyway. I didn't want to hurt her feelings! You know how it is when you're a dishaholic - you must be very kind to all of them!
Okay, I know my table looks like an Easter basket explded on it, so I'm going to just add some song titles to some of the following photos. I added little tea light candles to these little egg cups - I think "Mellow Yellow" works here! ;)
"Dizzy, I'm So Dizzy"
"Red Roses (Hydrangeas) For a Blue Lady"
"In Your Easter Bonnet"
"A Tisket, A Tasket"
"I'll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends"
"And Then He Kissed Me"

"You Lift Me Up!"
"I Only Have Eyes For You"
"Baby Love"
"Come On Baby Light My Fire" :)

"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"
"You've Got a Friend"
Now the sun was setting in the West and I lit all the little tea light candles!
I know, I go a little overboard! I just can't help myself!
Okie, Dokie, Dear Ones! This is my very late tablescape! Please go to visit our most Dear Susan to see many tablescapes that I'm sure were early and on time. ;)
I'm also joining Jan's Tea Party at Rose Haven. If you'd like to see my Tea Party, click on Jan's blog name! Pop over to see her and you can enjoy the parties!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll spare you a little Note Song today since I have you humming so many olden songs.


  1. Better late than never!!! It's gorgeous, as always!!!

    Love the bunnies and the eggs!!!


  2. Sheila - GORGEOUS!! I dub you the new Countess of Tablescapes! It is all so stunning and I heart the hydrangeas so much. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. ~Kim

  3. Shelia, just taking a little break from finals, but I love your dishes! I didn't find those in my Marshall's so I hope we get them up here in No TX soon because I love them Spode!

    Lovely, lovely table as always... I hope you can come by and see mine soon!

  4. Now that's one pretty Spring time table. Late or not, it doesn't distract ffrom it's lovliness. Love the geese!

  5. ahhhh, this is the PRETTIEST table setting, ever! I love everything you do, Sheila...
    Happy day.

  6. It must have been magical eating Easter dinner at your home. I LOVE everything about your Easter tablescape. BEAUTIFUL!!

  7. The new dishes and your Bordallo look great together. Can't wait to see what other tablescapes you come up with using these plates!! Sally

  8. Sweet Sheila, This looks totally fab. I think you are showcasing the same chargers this week that Susan from Between Naps on the Porch is showing. They are gorgeous! Your bunnies all look so precious. I love the napkin fold idea and the baby's breath and bit of chocolate tucked inside is very creative and lovely! Happy Thursday! ;) ~CC Catherine

  9. What a sweet tablescape! It's just lovely.

  10. Hi Sheila, I LOVE your Emma's Garden dishes! They are so whimsical and fun, yet pretty! The entire tablescape is gorgeous! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  11. Your Easter table is beautiful. I love the new spode dishes with your other dishes, it looks wonderful! All your little details are so cute. I like that little duck with the hat on, so adorable!

  12. Oh need to come to my house and decorate!! Girl you have got it going on at your place...I'm telling you! Absolutely the most beautfiul dinner table I have ever seen. I loved every single thing on your table and how grand it must have been to be a guest at that table!! I love it!! Bravo to you and your decorating...what love must have gone into that.:)

  13. Shelia, your plates blend like they were made to go together! What a great eye you have, putting all your pretty Easter things together so beautifully. I've never seen a prettier explosion!

  14. Oh Shelia, what a beautiful tablescape! And guess what! Both you, me and Susan all bought the same plates and chargers. My plates are a little different though, they have the same green and a few pink flower border but the center is plain white so the design looks like a wreath. Very pretty tablescape!

  15. Hi Sheila,
    I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful Easter tablescape.

  16. You may have been late but your table is a front runner. Really beautiful and I love the floral chargers. Great job!

    From Roberta Anne- The Raggedy Girl

  17. Shelia,
    Late is okay with me...that's my way too...LOL ;)
    Love the tablescape! Some of those bunnies look real! And they all make me smile!
    Love the napkin fold too! It's so neat looking!

  18. Now Pickle this is just beautiful girl..You have always had just the right touch with doing these tables..Loved it all...thanks so much for sharing sweet friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  19. You are really getting good at this napkin folding! I am sooo impressed (especially since there was chocolate in the napkin fold)! Your layers of china are so pretty, and I love al of the eggs scattered about on the table. But I loved the song titles for your pictures!! They were all perfect, and so fun to remember some of those old songs. laurie

  20. Love the whimsy of all the little animals scampering around the table top. So cute.~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  21. Hi Shelia - Your tablescape is just beautiful! Love all the layers of dishes, so pretty.
    Karen from just north of Houston

  22. You may be late but your table is lovely and those bunnies are just too cute!

  23. Sheila,
    Your such a hoot! I love the comments you left me and my goodness girl this is gorgeous! I made the pics big just so I could admire it all. I love a woman with gusto and you have it! Oh, and all the china is stunning. Cindy

  24. This tablescape is just precious. What a gorgeous set of dishes and so beautifully paired with the green ones.

  25. This is an incredible tablescape and there are so many gorgeous things that I hardly know where to start! Oh my, all those beautiful plates! I especially love the floral ones, the green bunny plates and those cabbage plates. The glass basket is so cool! And those pink depression glasses, oh my! I do have a very special fondness for depression glass. I also loved all your little Easter creatures and the pretty eggs! Very well done, Shelia!


  26. What a fun post! I love all the pictures. They give us a really good look at how you have things displayed there. I was going to say I thought I saw someone else also use the Emma's Garden plates. I see from the comments that I did see them in other posts as well. Thanks so much for visiting me. I am glad that you and I both can appreciate all the work that went into making that tablecloth I have. Happy Thursday. Well, Friday too!

  27. Sheila, Sheila, Sheila - Wow - I
    am just speachless.....I love all
    the details - Did those little
    cute figurines all have names or
    did you give them names ? The napkin detail is awesome, Can I
    come over ???? Thanks for sharing
    ~ Hugs , Kammy

  28. What a sweet table! I just love all the cute critters! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  29. Shelia your tablescape is gorgeous....a real feast for the eyes. Love your layered dishes and your darling collections.

    Big hugs~ J

  30. * Shelia, Y*O*U are SUUUUCH a "sweetie", & suuuuch a precious, silly goose sometimes, too! Your writing is as CHARMING as your delicious tablesetting!!!

    When I saw the cute sidebar on your "Precious Chloe Dawn, the fuzziest queen in our home", I HAD to smile... BIG TIME!!! It reminded me of the following I think you'll enjoy:

    ~~~~~ Wellll, when we were looking at new homes, I sat in the back while Jim drove & the realtor sat shot-gun (haven't used THAT term since HIGH school... you know, waaaay back in the 1800s!). ANYHOO, I was SOOOO excited about a particular home we came up to see that I quickly & excitedly... a little TOO quickly... jumped out of the car! It was VERRRRY windy, & my hair got caught in the door. After I said "OUCH! My hair's stuck in the door!!!", my Jim, who is the dearest man on earth (& he has a very keen, D-R-Y sense of humor I adore!), calmly said "I TOLD you to shave your legs for this trip!"... It took Jan (the realtor & now a very dear friend) & I a sec to realize what he meant & got the GREATEST LAUGH out of it!!!~~~ SOOOO, when I read your "fuzziest queen in the house", you can SEE why it reminded me of THAT funny moment!!!

    Biggest hugs, kiddo!
    Linda *

  31. Gorgeous Tablescape. Love the dishes, flowers and all your precious bunnies.

  32. LoL Your table is so full of pretties, you have no room for food. Do you always do a buffet?

  33. Shelia, your table is beautiful.....!!

    I love, love, love your attention to the smallest detail!


  34. Shelia
    Your table with its Easter and dishes and adorable bunnies is lovely! Just love it.
    I have one of those Brodollo bunny plates and its green as well and I have a pink bowl. Thats what Madeline eats from when she comes to my place. Those are the only 2 pieces I have.
    I see your bunny and probably the one you made that looks related to my Emily and Andy too!
    thank you for sharing
    have a lovely day

  35. Beautiful always. LOVE the floral chargers and the way you layer all your pretty plates! The folded napkins are precious.

  36. I think you are the Diva of tablescaping;) Your just too good!!! Sorry I haven't been around just been so busy with LIFE!!! Hugs French;) xoxox

  37. Sheila,
    I absolutely love the way you layered your dishes, it creates such an interesting place setting! I am also going to get a better look at how you folded the napkin, it looks very smart.

  38. Hi Shelia,
    Mercy just cannot...I repeat..CANNOT..go too far overboard for me! I can't really do tablescapes all that well yet, so am content to ooooo and ahhhh...over everyone elses...but, I am watching every single little thingy poo that you that I can one day join in. How on earth you mix and match those plates is fascinating!! What fun it is to watch it all come together. Just lovely!! Using the song titles was absolutely adorable! It's those little touches that add SO much!!
    ~smiles and xxoo's~

  39. Oh Shelia; What a beautiful table. I love all the pretty dishes and how you set it all up... Alice would never want to or me...


  40. You did such a beautiful job on your Easter table!

  41. It was all so wonderful! I have those very same Bordallo bunny plates but yours look SO beautiful with the other dishes!
    You do have a knack,a sweet gift, for creating magic!


  42. I just love your tablescape, and I've often been tempted to buy more of the bordallo pieces to add to my one and only piece...The floral dishes are fantastic, and I will try and forget that I really could use them...ha ha...they are really lovely.
    One day I hope to do a tablescape...

  43. I'm so glad I came back to see this STUNNING tablescape. oh my goodness those dishes are gorgeous!! From the bunnies in the wheel barrel to the lil chicks there was so much to behold. Spring has definitely sprung up on your table!

    Sweet wishes,

  44. Oh, Sheila, you crack me up! Very funny...but very pretty, those little egg boxes...soooo pretty!

    I hope all is going well with your mom's move!
    Have a fabulous week!


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