Friday, April 17, 2009

More Changes

Hello, Dear Ones! Well, change is happening again at my house! If you visit me very often you know that in September of last year, hurricane Ike hit our little island here in Texas. Mr. Precious, Mother, Chloe Dawn and I left for safety! You prayed for us and we have seen the results of your prayers! We were so blessed to not have had much damage to our homes. Mother lived in a little condo on the bay side of Galveston and wasn't allowed to go back to her home and had to leave for maintenance and moved in with us. She was blessed also, out of all the downstairs units, hers was one of five that received no major damage. She has been living with us all this time.

Our garage is full of her things, the guest bedroom is full of her things, my sunporch is full of her things and she's taken over two of the bathrooms - one upstairs and one downstairs.

Then at the end of December she fell in our den and broke her arm. Oh, my goodness! This was very hard for us all. She was in so much pain and I became her complete nurse, as best I could. We did get some home health care help and that was great! You prayed for us then and we felt God's presence.

We have really prayed and pondered what we should do when her condo was ready again for her to move into, after all, she's 85 and really don't think she's able to live by herself! The condo is ready now! Well, we've been checking all over trying to find out about assisted living homes and other places. We've found a place for her! It's not an assisted living place, but a retirement community about 5 minutes from our house! It's so nice and she'll be surrounded by other little oldies and she already knows five little ladies there! God has heard us and has answered our prayers again!

So, today we will be moving her things to her new little home. She cannot take absolutely everything because it's only a one bedroom.

Just wanted you to know I'm going to be so very busy for the next week and probably won't be able to post or visit you as much as I want to! I love blogging so much and it's very hard not to blog! Hopefully, the move won't be too difficult! We will have to do most of the work since she's still recovering from her breakage!
I want to say 'thank you' again to so many of you who have prayed for her recovery and now I would like to ask if you would pray one more time for her that the move will go smoothly and she won't regret too badly not being able to go back to her home. I know this is hard on her but she has taken all of this pretty well! God is in charge and I know he's helped us find the perfect place for her and I know he will get her and us through this.
I'll be back as soon as I can with reports!
You are my bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)
I'll spare you a little Note Song today