Sunday, April 12, 2009

Met Monday

Hello, Dear Ones and welcome again to Met Monday hosted by our Dear Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Be sure you visit her blog today to see wondrous things!!
Mr. Precious and I live in an olden house. We love our house and it's quite big - 3, 600 sq. feet and we really do live in every room. But, my kitchen is small, very small as a matter of fact! One thing that is quite wonderful about my small little kitchen - I have lots of cabinets and drawers for storage. I think a lady must have helped design this kitchen because there are quite a few little areas of conveniences.

Like this - these fabulous drawers under my little pantry. Yes, that's a little pantry and it is much bigger than it seems. You see these doors open and are lined with shelves and there are two more doors that open and they are lined with more shelves and then the back sides of the doors are filled with shelves! Then the back of the pantry is filled with shelves. I know, it sounds crazy and I'll have to post about the pantry sometimes.

But I'm getting off track - I want to talk about my little below the pantry drawers!

I got a breath of spring air this past week - got the fever and decided to clean and arrange these puppies! Are you ready for a mess? ; ) Now honeys, I'm not kidding!
I had to take out my tablecloths I used for my little round table in the breakfast room
Napkins! So many napkins! Won't you have a few? Naw, I think I'll keep them.
See? Messy messy messy. You thought I was a perfect one didn't you? Please tell me you did! :)
Oh, dear! Which way is up? Place mats, table runners, aprons! Coffee filters? Like I said...messy messy mess! Please don't hate me! I've changed my messy ways! :)
Now, you can say I'm the Most Perfect One! Order at last! I put all my napkins in the top drawer, well, not actually all of them, I have some in the china cabinet drawers.
Second drawer, steak knives, silver and little votives alonge with tea light candles and a few more dish towels. Aren't I the Most Wonderful thing you've seen today! ;) pleeeeeeeeeeeeze know I'm just kidding! :)
This doesn't look so neat, but it is! Folded round tablecloths are hard to fold to look pretty! These are for for my little round table in the breakfast room and aprons. I do wear an apron on occasion!

Now the bottom drawer holds my newly acquired Emma's Garden dishes! I'm running out of room for my dishes! Imagine that! :) But these little drawers are very sturdy and these fit so nicely don't you think? Oh, now I know why I had the coffee filters out! I've used them as bumpers between my dishes. I know you're not supposed to call these thingys bumpers but that's what I call them! At the back of the drawers I have my vintage tablecloths. See, you can fold square cloths neatly!

Okay, Dear Ones, there is my Met Monday post! I decided I wasn't going to go to all the trouble of cleaning out my little below the pantry drawers and not snap for you to see. I know you all do this to, don't you? :) I'm not the most organized and neatest one! Just call me Shetha! You know Martha! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Whistle While You Work

Just whistle while you work
And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place
So hum a merry tune
It won't take long when there's a song to help you set the pace

And as you sweep the room
Imagine that the broom is someone that you love
And soon you'll find you're dancing to the tune

(Spoken: Oh, no, no, no, no! Put them in the tub)
When hearts are high the time will fly so whistle while you work

Just whistle while you work
Put on that grin and start right in to whistle loud and long
Just hum a merry tune
Just do your best and take a rest and sing yourself a song

When there's too much to do
Don't let it bother you, forget your troubles,
Try to be just like a cheerful chick-a-dee

And whistle while you work
Come on get smart, tune up and start
To whistle while you work