Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Checking In and To Tell You ~ I've Got Muscles!

Hello Dear Ones! I just wanted to check in and tell you I am as busy as a bee trying to get my Mother moved in. Her furniture is all in except a few little tables and lamps and now I've been trying to get her settled ~ putting together the kitchen ~ who needs five, yes, five sets of cookware? Well, evidently my Mother did! :) Sorting through towels and sheets, washing them, putting them up! Just unloading zillions of boxes that have been packed in our garage for eight months! Whew! Wanna come on over and help me? Oh, she has more breakables ~ figurines and doo dads than you could imagine! Where are we going to put them? Yikes!

We're having a little bit of a tough time! Her place won't hold all of her things and that is a little hard on her. I'm having to be bossy - can you believe it - me? Bossy! LOL Boy, I can be, let me tell you!! :P So I'm trying to get done all I possibly can and not have to work on Friday! Man, I'm so tired I don't want to even get out of my chair, but I have to!!

I also wanted to tell you ~ I have muscles! Yesiree! I've got a bunch of them boogers and every one of them is in pain! :) I hurt from the ends of my tiny hair down to my toes. Did you know your toes must have muscles too because mine hurt! LOL I'm just being silly! I can't be bossy all the time!

I'll be back as soon as we can see some daylight!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
The tired and muscled up Shelia :)