Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've Gotten Side Tracked! :(

Hello, Dear Ones! Oh, I'm so glad you've popped in to see me today. You know I'm supposed to be getting my house back in order after we moved Mother out and I've been very busy. Did you know it makes a mess to clean up a mess? You didn't know that? Well it happens at my house.

I've just been going to town moving stuff and then dusting and rearranging my pretties! Whew! That'll poop you out. So guess what I decided to do? PLAY!
I cleared my mantle in the den and thought I need a new look! Guess what popped into my tiny mind? FISH JUGS! I decided to have some fun with them and they were very helpful, too! This is the one I showed you earlier in the week. Isn't he just the most charming little thing? :)
Did I tell you I have more fish jugs! Yep, I do!
This dear fish jug is one of a pair and he was so beautiful when I bought him, I didn't have to do anything to him except feed him! I'll bet you thought he was hurling flowers, didn't you? ;) No no Nannette, he's daintily holding them in his tiny mouth!

Oh, and look at this little cute fish jug! He's just a precious little darling, isn't he? He's not hurling either ~ just holding! Did you notice my dainty creamy fingers in the mirror? Oops! ;)
I am very much a silly! I did not realize his handle said PEACE until I started taking his picture! Well PEACE is what playing with my little fish jugs gave me when I stopped my hard working and started my playing!
Here is the second fish jug of the pair! Remember, holding, not hurling! ;) Oh, and since we're coastal I must have a shell or two. This little star fish is one of my favorites and I have to keep an eye on her. She's liable to be anywhere! She plays hide and seek with me all of the time! Little stinker!
Well, there you have it, Dear Ones, the results from my afternoon of play! I don't imagine I'll keep my mantle like this, but I sure had fun playing! Mr. Precious just never knows what'll he find when he comes home from work! Hope this won't shock him too much!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Play Me

She was morning
And I was night time
I one day woke up
To find her lying
Beside my bed
I softly said
Come take me

For Ive been lonely
In need of someone
As though Id done
Someone wrong somewhere
I dont know where
Come lately

You are the sun
I am the moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play me

Song she sang to me
Song she brang to me
Words that rang in me
Rhyme that sprang from me
Warmed the night
And what was right
Became me

You are the sun
I am the moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play me

And so it was
That I came to travel
Upon the road
That was thorned and narrow
Another place
Another grace
Would save me

You are the sun
I am the moon
You are the words
I am the tune
Play me
~ sung by Neil Diamond


  1. Good morning Shelia. I always call the messy cleaning stage "worse before better". If definitely goes that way. Your mantel looks pretty!

  2. Hi Shelia, your fishy jugs look so pretty hurling, I mean "holding", those daisies. lol
    You are a silly girl to not notice that the handle spelled out Peace until you were taking the photo, sounds like something I'd do.
    Stay Silly, Mrs. B. Silly

  3. You silly, silly, girl..I wouldn't have noticed the PEACE, either, I'm afraid.
    I have seen these little fish jugs all over I need to find some? I believe I do, indeed...
    Thanks for sharing...they look so pretty on your mantel.

  4. A distraction is just what you needed! Your mantel looks so fresh. You are right. One of the sad truths of life is that things often get worse before they get better--as in messes! Love those "holding" fish pitchers!

  5. Morning Shelia~

    Your mantle is perfect for gulf coast living in the spring time. :) We have dried out some; just a few sprinkles yesterday but the ground is so saturated I have to wear my pink rain boots to feed the birds in the

    Hope your day is extra beautiful!

    ♥ J

  6. Variety is the spice of life, and your mantle looks fresh and pretty.

  7. Ohhhhh Shelia...I love your fish jugs! Thanks for showing us how pretty they look on your mantel! Now I am out to find some!!! Are they the new Target birdies???...hugs...Debbie

  8. Hi Shelia,
    A little play is always fun...but looks like you accomplished something with your play!

    Your mantle looks fantastic!

  9. Your fish jugs and your humor what a nice way to start the day!

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog with regularity! You are such a fun lady. I enjoy looking at yours too. You must be very, very energetic!


  11. Good morning sweet Shelia :)

    Your mantel looks darling with all your fish jugs up there. I think it's wonderful that you stopped to play. Everyone needs to have a little fun ;)

    Oh and Rich never knows what he'll come home to next either. It's my way of keeping him on his toes LOL


  12. Shelia:
    Good Morning. Before last week I had never heard of these fish vases. Yours are really cute and your mantle looks really great. I know what you mean about cleaning making a mess. We are redecorating our bedroom and our whole house is in turmoil.

    The Raggedy Girl

  13. Love the mantle...and anyone can hurl flowers my way!!!

  14. Sometimes it does me a lot of good to just "play!" The fish look adorable in a group and I'm glad things are settling down a bit for you. It's nice to see you post again.

  15. Your mantel is so pretty with the fish jugs, Shelia!

  16. I love those fish vases! Where do you find them? You have such a lovely home Sheila and you are such a wonderful decorator. I wish I had your talent for that! Thanks for sharing and taking us with you on your playful rest.

  17. Hi there!!

    Thanks for thinking of us and visiting!! I just had to stop by and see your "hurling"...oops, NOT "hurling" fish jugs!!! How precious.

    We're having a GREAT time...and it's almost over!! ;-(

  18. That is very cute - and looks like Spring! So glad you posted it.
    Is your Mom adjusting well to her new place?
    Hugs to you. Ruthie

  19. If playing gets this kind of impact then I need to play more.
    These are so awesome and it looks so beautiful with the flowers.
    I wanta be your playmate for the day; come on over and do some of your magic on my mantel.

  20. Oh oh oh!!! Thanks Shelia!! I'm getting ready to head on over there! I'll repiort back! lol You have started a new fad!!...hugs...Debbie

  21. Hey Sheila! You're a hoot~ I love this FISH JUG post! I didn't even know there were such little thingies., and I'm glad you explained that they weren't hurliing... lol You always bring a BIG SMILE to my face when I read your posts! ;) I think it looks like you had a blast playing... They are precious! ~CC Catherine (I seen you entered my BLOG GIVEAWAY...goodie for you~) ;) Send people over to sign up! ;)

  22. Hi Shelia!

    You can't do cleanup without first doing the breakdown part! It goes with the territory.

    Be patient; the mess will wait for you --it always does. :-)

    As for the fish jugs, you know I love them but honey, I have gutted fish, and I know for certain that they would definitely NOT hurl flowers if they were going to hurl! that is not at all what is inbside FISH. Haha...

    I think the flowers look great, and now I'm on a quest for fish jugs -- love them!

  23. Hehe! Love the fish jugs! Especially the peace one. I like how you arranged them on your mantle! :)

    All the best,

  24. Hi Sheila,
    First visit to your blog, I don't know if I have every seen a fish jug before? What a great way to display your collection. Your mantel turned out great.

    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Hi Shelia,
    The fish Jugs are really cute....I like them....and I know Hubby will like them...I love the fresh flowers in them...or really doesn't matter now a days....they all look so real...
    Mo ;-)

  26. Your mantel looks great Shelia. I love those little fish pretty.... I also love the new look of your blog. Very pretty. I hope you are getting some rest and are having a lovely day.

  27. What a beauties! Fishes and your blog-home!
    You always inspiring me, dear Shelia!


  28. Your jugs look great on the mantle!! :) I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself!!

    I just laughed over the hurling references! Yep, they look a bit like they were doing that, but NO self respecting FISH jug would do that in YOUR house. Especially since they have such a premium display spot!!!

    Hope your mom is liking her new home--I'm certain she loves having you so near!

    Have a great rest of the week and keep an eye on that starfish! L, Dana

  29. Hello dear Shelia; I love those great looking fish jugs. They look so pretty there with the flowers.


  30. I would never dream of saying that your fish jugs are hurling Shelia--they look fabulous!

  31. You have quite a charming collection there. I have never seen a fish mug, but I really do like them. I think you need to rest anyway, it is so much more fun to play than clean!!

  32. I didn't know you got more fish jugs! Cool! They look pretty up there on the mantel.


  33. Shelia, I'm checking in from bloggy break to drop by and say, "I LOVE those fishies!" Oh, how cute! And perfect for summer!


    Sheila :-)

  34. OMG, I'm glad you had fun playing, because this looks FABULOUS!!!!! It's so light and springy! Love it!!!!!

    Justiney :o )

  35. Oh my all that food is so yummy looking! I want to come live with you LOL. You had a nicer Easter setup than I did! I just love those plates they are so sweet. Hey guess what I saw at a flea market today?! A gurgling fish jug! LOL I thought of you :)

    All the best,


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