Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blue Monday and Met Monday

Hello Dear Ones! I've just missed the hound dog out of all of you! I've tried so very hard to respond to your comments at night and I'm still busy getting Mother moved in ~ little things now ~ it's taking forever! And I will show you her little place once it's completed.

My house is totally upside down after moving her out! It's stressing me a bit, but I told Mr. Precious I'm not Super Women so just be patient with me and sooner or later I'll get my house set back up! Now that would make a good Met Monday, wouldn't it? ;)

Now that that's outta my system ~ I've missed posting so much and I'm cheating a bit today, but wanted to join in on the fun anyway with my sweet friends ~ Sally at Smiling Sally for Blue Monday and Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday. I'm combining them. I posted this back in August of last year, but with summer on the way I thought I would show it again. So forgive my cheating ways, Dear Ones. Hope you enjoy my combination Blue/Met Monday!

Fish Jugs with Lots of Blue Mingled In

Have you ever seen these little fish jugs before?

There are many sizes, many colors and they're so cute, don't cha think? Here is a Majolica one that only cost $415!

Well, I had never ever seen one of these little objects until I saw my sweet friend, Linda's, from Rate My Space. ( she gave me permission to post her pictures ~ well, she did last year and I'm hoping she doesn't mind I'm doing this again! ). She had these darling little fish jugs and you can see how marvelous she made them look! She just decorated with them all over the place! Her fish jugs were just a huge hit on Rate My Space!

I don't actually 'covet' things my friends have, but boy howdy did I want a fish jug like Linda's. Look, she has three white ones and a great big colorful one in the background! I want a fish jug! I want a fish jug!

During one of my shopping trips, my eyes always looking for treasures, I spied a white fish jug like Linda's at Tuesday Mornings! I was so excited! I picked it up, looked on the bottom for the price and carefully placed it back down on the shelf... was almost $200! Nope nope, I'll continue on my search for another more reasonably priced fish jug.

The same afternoon I went inside a little thrift store and saw two fish jugs! Hideous looking as they were, they were still fish jugs! And at $2 each, I just had to buy them. I brought them home. Chloe Dawn barked her little head off at them. She hated those fish jugs. Mr. Precious said, "Why in the world would you buy those things!" Oh, my sweet fish bubble was almost popped!

They were painted a horrible teal bluish/green with dark yucky gray accents! They looked like they could have been painted by a fourth grader - one who didn't like to paint very much! You know, they really look better in these pictures than they really were.

Not to let some yucky colors deter me, I bought some spray primer, some spray paint and some spray sealer all for glass and china and started to work on these puppies, I mean fish jugs.
Oh Gloriness! Oh Joyness! Oh Fish Jugs! What do you think?
Look at the beauty of the fish jugs singing my praises because I released them from their yuckyness <- is that a word? and brought them into the light!

During my search to find out more about my fish jugs I learned they are actually called Gurgling Cod Jugs! Excuse me, darling jugs! Because when you pour liquid from their sweet little fish lips, they are supposed to make a gurgling sound. Now isn't that the cutest thing? I haven't tried this yet...don't want to mess up my fabulous paint job! ;) Well, since this is a re post I'll tell you - they really do gurgle!

Chloe Dawn and Mr. Precious are very pleased now with my newly resurfaced Gurgling Cod Jugs! I am in Gurgling Cod Jug heaven!! Please don't tell me if I've painted over some vintage antique worth zillions of dollars!

Now please go on over to visit Sally for much blueness and Susan for much makeoverness! I don't cheat very often ~ I just wanted you to know that! ;P

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I will leave you with a little Note Song~ trust me, this is a 'real' song

Fish Heads
Fish heads fish heads,
Roly poly fish heads,
Fish heads fish heads,
Eat them up yum
In the morning,
Laughing happy fish heads,
In the evening,
Floating in the soup,
Ask a fish head,
Anything you want to,
They won't answer,
They can't talk
Took a fish head,
Out to see a movie,
Didn't have to pay
To get it in
They can't play baseball,
They don't wear sweaters,
There not good dancers,
They don't play drums
Fish heads fish heads,
Roly poly fish heads,
Fish heads fish heads,
Eat them up yum,

~ Sung byBarnes and Barnes


  1. Oh Pickle I am so glad to see you back girl...Hows your Mama doing in her new place?? Now I love what you did with these Fishies thingy here..And I so remember when Mom/Linda did her post on RMS with these...of course that gal could take a dirty sock and make it look like a Zillion dollars ha ha!! Oh I hope she don't get me for saying that lol!!Thanks for sharing my friend and we have missed you ya sis, Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Oh I love the metamorphosis of the fish jugs, Shelia! They are beautiful!

    Happy Met Monday and Happy Blue Monday!!

  3. Oh, I love how your jugs look now - fabulous! I have missed your posts. I hope your Mama is enjoying her new home and I hope you will take your time getting your home straight. Just don't overdo! Nice to hear from you again.

  4. So glad you're back -- I've loved those fish pitchers too - but I was also couldn't find any in my price range -- I'll be looking for some "ugly" ones to beautify!

  5. Hi sheila, you poor thing working so hard. Rest yourself and don't overwork yourself. Please. don't worry about your house. It isn't going anywhere.

    Now, I am glad you re-posted these fish, I mean cod jugs. Your collection is gorgeous. I love those funny fish jugs. BIG smile. Thanks for posting them again sheila.


  6. You always make me SMILE! I had no idea about these little fishies before I read your post. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have never seen a fish jug before but I will say that your paint job was a real improvement over the true to life fish green color.

    The Raggedy Girl- Roberta Anne

  8. Your little fishies are quite a catch! LOL I just love them in their new hue. As always, you make me smile.

    Thank you for sharing.


  9. Hi Sheila, I remember this post, and everytime I see this type of fish vases in a store, I think of you! :) Yours turned out great!

    So glad your Mom is doing well. Don't work too hard moving! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

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  11. Hey Shelia,
    Ok.. My first thought was UGLY .. there's noway no how she's gonna make those teal things cute... impossible. Well I was SO WRONG! Oh My Gosh .. Now I want a fish cod gurgling jug!! They turned out Awesome..and look so elegant. You Did Fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing your transformation and your adventures in finding it.
    Have a Great Week.

  12. I am SO loving spray paint right now!! I seriously want to spray paint everything!!

    Your fish jugs came out great :-) So much better white than their original teal colour.

    I have no idea whose kids are in the picture in my Met Monday post -- I'm just really happy they aren't mine!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  13. Hi Sheilia
    I remember this post...and because of you I ended up buying a gurgling cod jug too! I really like the way yours turned out. Mine is a dark greenish colour and I keep thinking maybe I should paint it but so far it hasn't changed colour.
    I BET you have been busy. Take you time you'll get things back in order.
    I can't wait to see your mom's place too.
    It was so nice to see you here tonight even though you are cheating a bit.....
    have a nice evening..

  14. Hi Sheila,
    You are such a great writer, I love your sense of humor. The fish thingy ma jigs turned out great in their new coat of white. Hugs to you, Cindy

  15. Shelia, you are so funny, you make me smile! I don't believe I have ever seen a fish jug before, but they are cute! And that song is a hoot! Linda

  16. Oh dear sweetness...I must tell you that, at first, looking at fish jugs scared the water out of me...not being much of a fish person, I shivered at first...then, by the end of the post, I was shouting out to Mr. Sweet that I WANTED A FISH JUG...He said,"Whhhat? A fish jug?" and I said, YES..A WHITE FISH JUG..just one. I have to ease my way into it...I just wonder if I can find one here in a West Texas town?
    You did so so good on the transformation, dear one...

  17. Shelia, I'm so glad you are here tonight!

    Now I've never seen a fish jug but I do remember the fish heads song! Keep on'll get your home back the way you want it in no time. :)

  18. Now I have never seen fish jugs, but I so love yours and the ones your friend has. They really are the cutest accessories. LOVE it. Hugs, Marty

  19. Shelia, yay you're back even just for a little bit!

    Those were oh so cute!!!! I love fish anything fish! I'll have to show off my Big Lots find soon! Anyway, I will now look for those and even Ebay hunt them. Lovely paint job you did, that's for sure!

    Rest up dear one, so you can blog more later! ;-)

  20. Hi Sheila, you sure did save those fish jugs from their yuckyness! Yea!! They tured out really pretty. Very unique!! Kristen

  21. Sheila,
    I have never seen a "fish jug" before, but how unique. I love the difference now that they are white!
    Thank you for visiting and leaving such nice comments,

  22. I would have passed up on those fish jugs too but once you painted them they look great! I had never seen these before!

    All the best,

  23. * Well dahlin', here I come "just a visitin'", & I see you've given me my "15 MINUTES of FAME"! ("WOW!" and "proud grins"!)~

    I have NO idea how I got "into" this "fish thing~~~ it just "happened", I think, cuz of the biggest GREEN one I first spied... and I said "He's sooo UGLY he's darling!", and "that's the rest of the story", ma deah'!!!

    LOVE the way they turned out spray-painted!!! FABULOUS & SOOO INGENIOUS of you!!! And I LOVE the way you write/tell a story!!! So precious!!!

    Many kudos (n' thanks, too!)& LOTSA warm hugs, Linda *

  24. I remember when you got these! Yep, you sure did make them look beautiful! Well, as beautiful as a cod fish can look!

    Is Mr. Precious helping you to put your house back in order, I hope?

    Justine :o )

  25. how cute! i've never seen fish jugs before. yours look amazing now that you painted them!

  26. I am laughing at your comments and smiling at your enthusiasm. :) The next time someone mentions making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, I may be tempted to correct them with "making an attractive pitcher out of a gurgling cod jug" LOL!

  27. Those are absolutely to die for now. Love the makeover!

    I think it is funny that your dog didn't like them initially. LOL

  28. Glad you are back, Sheila, and yes, little by little!
    Your jugs are great, what a transformation! Good job!
    About that song..:)

  29. I remember this post. They were an ugly blue, and they look so nice now. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  30. Hi Shelia, I really love your fish jugs. It is good to see you back.

    I know what you mean about having your home disrupted. Take it easy on yourself, sweet one!


  31. Girl you sure have been busy. I hope everything settles out into some nice comfortable calmness for you soon. Your fish jugs/gurgling cod jugs are so interesting. I like your arrangement of them on the sideboard...

  32. Hi Shelia! Ooooh! Isn't spray paint the most wonderful thing??? I love your gurgling cod jugs!! Now you have me looking for some myself! I'm glas you reposted, because I hadn't seen this one. I hope you get your world back in order soon!!!!...hugs...Debbie

  33. I love your fish mugs. Do they really make a gurgling sound when you fill them with water? How cool is that? I have never seen anything like them. So unique. Thanks for sharing. Happy Met Monday! Amy :)

  34. Sounds like you are doing great with getting your mom moved into he new home. I remember those fish jugs and they look great painted white! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!♥

  35. Great post, Shelia! Those pitchers are also considered good luck, you know!
    I am hosting 13 giveaways this week. I hope you'll stop by.

  36. I remember the fish jugs. It's amazing how you transformed them ! Don't worry about answering me back right now, I know you love me ! LOL .

  37. I remember the first time you posted this! I was amazed at the transformation. You know, even if they were some precious antique that you painted over, face it, they were orginally ugly. What value is that? lol You made them beautiful.

    I also love the fish heads song. I used to sing it all the time and people thought I was crazy because they never heard of it. I'm glad you have!


  38. What a very unique collection! I have never seen this as a group before. Thank you for posting it.

  39. Leave it to you to make those yucky fishheads into something special. Great job.
    I hope you've managed to find some downtime. I know the house is in disarray right now, but you need to rest at some time.
    Oh my! I lol when I saw your song for today and then I, of course, began to sing it...yikes!
    Have a fantastic day and thanks for coming by and visiting Miss Daisy and I.

  40. Hi Sheila,
    That's a lotta fish. Would you believe I have one exactly the same as the first white one you showed? My son Joel made it for me in ceramics class in High School! Very unique. Happy Blue Monday!


  41. LOVE the fishy makeover... brilliant. Will you make over ME too?

    Seriously, those original fish jugs are not recognizable as the ones you painted white. Great idea.

    I hope your Mom is settling in. I've been there -- I know how hard it is to uproot and move parents. We did it last year with mine, and someday we'll have to face it with Howard's too.

    Hang in there, and don't worry about the house -- it will wait for you!

  42. Your fish jugs turned out so beautifully, Shelia! I am so happy to see you here. I hope your mom's move is almost done...Christine

  43. Well Shelia I certainly received an education on fish jugs today. I had never even seen one before never mind realized how incredibly expensive they are. Fabulous job with your little bargains. They look lovely and now everyone will think they cost hundreds of dollars too!

  44. Congrats on your "Gurgling Cod Jugs!" Now where does one go to buy such paint????

  45. Those gurgling cod's must think you're an angel from heaven. You saved them from a life of ugliness and turned them into total beauties! Amazing what a great paint job can do. I love your fishies and I'm sure Linda would be very proud!!!

  46. Shelia sweetie!! I missed you sooo much!!

    I've started a new blog, my old one went bonkers!!

    Please visit so I can add you to my blogroll and of course you can add me!

  47. Your transformation of the fish jugs is great. This gives me the idea of transforming a few things that don't fit my color scheme which I am storing and not enjoying at all.

  48. Hi Shelia, I'm so glad your back. You must be so tired. Like you say just do a little bit at a time.I enjoyed reading your post. Happy blue Monday!

  49. What a transformation! Those little fish jugs of yours look as though they've always been that color. They are adorable. I'll have to be honest, I've never seen or heard of a fish jug before today. Glad I learned something new.

  50. You really made a silk purse out of a sow's ear Shelia!! I have seen these fish jugs in magazines. They are very popular in England and yes, they gurgle every time you pour. How funny!! Just when you teach your teens not to belch at the dinner table, you have a fish gurgling every time you pour water! LOL!!

    Good luck with all of the work you are doing. Miss all your great posts!!

    Happy Blue and Met Monday! :-D


  51. What a big variety of fish jugs!

    Welcome back, you were missed!


  52. I would never have thought to do that! How smart. They turned out so great! I've always admired Linda's, and now I admire yours too. Great job! Is your mother liking her new place yet? Bless your heart. You have had a tough year. I think you should hire a cleaning service to clean your house, and then you can just play around arranging great vignetes everywhere. laurie

  53. OH! I am so glad you are back. I am not a fish girl..but I will love anything you do just cuz you are back and I missed LOVE those fishies! Hope your Mom is doing well in her new home! So..anyway..did I say I missed you? :)
    ~smiles and hugs~

  54. Morning sweetness~

    I just adore those fishes...too cute. Oh & btw....I think you ARE Super woman. :)

    Hugs~ J

  55. What a great display! How fun are those fish. They look great, white!
    Your poor puppy! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  56. Hi Sheila! Love the fish jugs, and never knew what they were called, or that they made a gurgling sound! I liked the teal color (I've got LOTS of teal/turquoise McCoy), but the white is even better!

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  57. Oh Shelia! Your fish jugs made me smile! I can get things in my head that I feel I have to have, and never understand why they appeal to me so much! Sometimes they are so at odds with everything else in my home that my sweet hubby just shakes his head, doesn't even bother to figure out why I had to have it! Now I've been eyeballing those fish jugs of yours in that lovely, lovely, fresh and pure shade of white ... hmmmmmm, they would look really nice on my buffet ... tee hee! (i like the idea of putting candles in them!)

    Margie :)

  58. Wow! Your story of your fish jugs and their transformation is wonderful! You did a fab job on those thrift store finds! Congrats...they look like a million to me!! Now if ever I see one of these will pop into my mind! Hugs!!

  59. Great stuff!! Love coming here because it is always full of love and soooo soothing to read. I have left a Bella award for you on my blog....go and get it!! You're the best my friend.

  60. I think the fish jogs arewonderful and your tweaking just makes them more so! : )
    I just hopped in to say I have been thinking about you...I know you have your hands full but just know we all love you and care so much!


  61. Shelia, thank you for the tip on the paint. Next time I'm there, I'm going to look for this paint. I'm so impressed with what you did to your little fishys!

  62. I really missed you! Glad you are back and everything is settled with your mother. You are so creative. You did a first class job with those puppies, err fish. Worth zillions? For your sake I hope not but I like te new look much better.

  63. Love seeing your song lyrics once again! Missed them. I know how exhausting it can be moving a parent from one place to another. Take care and stay healthy.

  64. Sheila, I can't believe those are the same little fish jugs! You did a wonderful job transforming them -- they are truly elegant little jugs now!

    I hope this finds your mother settled in her new home ... and happy. You take care and get some rest now.

  65. You PAINTED them??? WOW! They look so much better! You freed them, yes indeed you did, Shelia. They are wonderful in white!


    Sheila :-)

  66. P.S. Sometimes Tuesdays makes me go, "HUH" with their prices. They had some white Bernardaud plates and things that were through the roof. They aren't going to sell. Perfectly plain, and people won't buy them with high sticker prices when cute knockoffs are a quarter of the price and are sitting right next to them on the shelf.




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