Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winner of my Giveaway, Blue Monday and Met Monday

Hello Dear Ones! I have so much to share with you today! Are you ready? I have had the best time hosting my own little giveaway! Every day I've hurriedly went to my post and wrote each of your little names and blogs down - with a number of course! I want to thank you all who entered! It was so exciting for me that you would want something I had made!

I used the Random Number Generator to pick the winning number. I was so excited, I've said that already haven't I? Well, I was so excited to have 112 of you sweeties entered!

I poked in the little numbers, said a prayer and held my breath! I was nervous! See my cute little walking cursor? ;) Well, the winning number was 29! Woo Hooness for number 29!
I went to my little list to find out who number 29 was! There she is! It's my sweet friend, Bo at Winks and Blinks from Brown Eyes!! She is the winner. Congratulations Bo!!
So I'll get her address and mail these little gifts to her and a few more little goodies.
I thank you all for making my 200th post so much fun. I really do appreciate all of your kind words and wishes! I'm gonna stay here for another 200 posts! I wish there could have been a way I could have given you all something! You're all very dear to me!! Go over and congratulate our Bo!!

Now, today is Blue Monday which is hosted by our Most Smiling One, Dear Sally! Please go see her and view all the participants in this very Blue day! Thank you, Dear Sally for being our most Blue hostess!

I would like to show you a beautiful piece of Dresden from Germany that I received from a silent auction many years ago at our church. It's quite large and the hand painted roses are just so pretty.
You're looking at the lid and the gorgeous paintings.
Prettiness is painted all around and of course the background color is a very soft shade of blue.

A wee bit blurry, but the marking on the bottom of this piece. I don't know a lot about Dresden

Pretty Blueness for a Blue Monday!

It's still Monday and it's time for Met Monday which is hosted by our Most excellent Susan at Between Naps on the Porch! Go by and visit her and you'll see more transformations and it may just get you into the spirit to tackle a project you've put off! Thank you, Der Susan for being our Met Hostess today!

I'd like to show you a little transforming I've been doing recently behind these little swinging doors...

My nasty looking little laundry room. Now don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful to have a little laundry room. I've had bigger ones and I've had smaller ones. But at the moment this is rather like a little galley laundry room. You can see I'm ready to paint! You'll also notice the big ole breaker box which I showed a few weeks ago that was going to have to be covered up with something. See all the little holes surrounding it? Well, I had a wire shelf there where I would hang clothes to dry. We inherited this most wonderful wire shelf when we bought our olden house. It worked very hard, I'm sure for the previous owners and I know how hard it worked for me, but alas, it finally bit the dust and fell to it's death with all my nicely hung shirts on it! So I poked a shower curtain rod up there - very nasty looking! I had to do something quick!

Well, this is how it looked as you walked in from the back door. See all my little nasty messes? I'll bet you thought I was just as neat as a pin, didn't you? :)

Well, there is a great little sink in here. It's very deep and little Miss Chloe Dawn received quite a few baths here as a baby pup!

Now it's so much better! I painted the walls green, left over paint from the living/dining room - Olive #3 from Laura Ashley. I just love this shade of green!

These cabinets couldn't have been any plainer! No molding...nothing. So after I painted them white, I stenciled a little diamond pattern on to each little door. I took some of the green wall paint and added some white paint to make the stencil color a little bit lighter than the walls.
See the new hardware? It was very important to me to change out the old hardware. If you'll look in the earlier pictures of these cabinets you'll see some old silver handles and they were put on half way up the doors! I'm not very tall and I could barely reach these stupid handles! So I poked and poked and poked in some wood filler, after I took off the old hardware. I let it almost dry and then sanded it to make it smooth. Got out my little ole drill and drilled holes and put on the new hardware where it should have been in the first place. I think a very tall man must have put that old hardware there! :)

I want you to know, I'm a cheater. Yes, I didn't even take the doors off to paint them. I just left them hanging! What was I going to do about the silver hinges? Well, I found some black paint for metal and took a little tiny paint brush and painted the socks off them. Now they're black and match the knobs and I don't think anyone would know I did that? Would you? Am I bad?

Now you've seen my scrapbook paper art work. I never thought anything about that silver hanger showing until you all gave me some great advice on how to cover it up! Oh, my! My silver hanger was showing!
I just loved all the suggestions, but I went with what my Dear Pink Beverly, our Pink hostess for Pink Saturday, told me. She said, "Add a yo yo!" I did and I love the sweet look! What do you think? Thank you, Dear Beverly!

See that sweet little angel hanging there? Well, my friend, Dear Jan gave me that in our Christmas card exchange! This little angel prays for my laundry every day! Bless her little heart! :)
See this pretty little red tin hanging on the wall beside my dryer? What do you think's in there?
Dryer sheets! How clever am I? ;)

I've had this little laundry day chimes for so long. I just think it's so cute. When the air conditioning or the heat comes on the little clothes just sing! I have it hanging on the ceiling vent! Again, did I tell you how clever I am? You know I'm just kidding, don't you? :)

Now you can see how narrow this little laundry room really is. See the edge of the dryer there in the right hand corner. Behind this louvered door is the water heater. You really wanted to know that, didn't you? :)Since my colors are red and green in here, I found these lovely little plates to hang on the wall above doors #1 and #2. That first little plate is hanging over a spot where a very olden fire alarm box was. I got out my wall filler and poked and poked and poked the stuff in there until I had filled up the large hole!I don't know about you, but I need a place to hang clothes that I pull out of the dryer while they're still damp. I found these great hanging bars and I love them. No more old wire shelf hanging just waiting for me to turn my back and then pull the wall down and my wet clothes with it while it laughs all the way to the floor!

See how useful? Hangers work just fine here too!
I've seen so many of your wonderful laundry rooms and have just sighed and wished I had a room like yours. Well, I've just tried to do the best with what I have here. This does look better though. It may be a small room, but I do have lots and lots of storage in here and for that I'm grateful. Guess what's behind those top cabinet doors? Dishes!! I'll bet you guessed that, didn't you?

Now see the olden silver hinges here before I painted them? See the olden silver handle on that little narrow door? Well, I couldn't for the life of me get either of these handles off! They wouldn't budge! They were painted tight and they said - we're not going no where, no way, no how! So I just painted over them.See? At least they were lined up with each other!

I've been making stuff too! I made a little tassel for my little laundry room. Instead of using ribbons I just got out some fabrics I liked and pinked them and used them. I thought this was appropriate for a laundry room, don't you? Fabric...clothes...

My deep olden soft green colored sink! Smile, sweetie! :)I've copy catted again. I've seen so many of you using these great little jars to display your usefulness in! I had to have some too! See Chloe Dawns little cookies?As you can see, I haven't painted the swinging doors yet. They're still yucky cream colored! Well, my little helper is here! She must have heard me say the magic word "Cookie!" Maybe between the two of us we can convince Mr. Precious I need new appliances! ;)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I won't leave you with a little Note Song today since my post was so long.