Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There's Springness At My House

Hello, Dear Ones! Oh, this morning I came downstairs and the air was so fresh and sweet smelling! The sun was shining through the windows...Springness had arrived at my house!

At first glance I saw something move and was a little frightened, but then I looked closer and saw this little maid gathering sweet little yellow chicks and placing them ever so gently into her little basket.

I turned back around and saw the Springness on my coffee table...

Is this...could it be...Mr. Peter Cottontail?

Why, I do believe it is him and he's gathering eggs!!

Then I heard the sweetest little peeps and saw an Easter buggy filled with little baby bunnies and more little yellow chicks! Hey little darlings!
There was so much Springness happening on my coffee table, I just began to laugh!

The little clan of Easter babies seemed to be guarding this very special nest of eggs. Now do you think baby bunnies or baby chicks will hatch out of these most special eggs? After all, it's Springness time!

This must be a very very special egg to be guarded so closely by this little duo! Or are they playing tug 'o war with the basket?
I heard humming ~ it was coming from these little bunnies holding up this vase of flowers.
If you listen very closely you'll hear them too...did you hear them?
Three very pretty eggs joined in with the humming.
...oh, and the harmony was coming from this needlepoint bunny sitting in the chair. How sweet!
I was just twirling around, my head was spinning as more music filled the room. This little birdie was whistling along!
What a pretty little thing!
The soloist! She was singing praises to our risen Lord! Hallelujah!
After the concert, I walked into the den and more Springness was going on in here, too! This little rabbit was so busy wheeling around an Easter Egg tree! Did you know Easter Eggs grew on trees? They do when Springness is in the air!
You've seen my Joyness artwork. Looks like this darling little bird loves it and she's even brought along her own little light to shine for me. Oh, she's beginning to sing now, listen...'this little light of mine! I'm gonna let it shine'. Sing it little darling!
Now Mommy bird and her baby bird are joining in!
Oh, what was that? I heard scurrying! I flipped around so fast and caught a glimpse of the cutest little family of bunnies you would ever hope to see! They just froze and stared at me with their big ole eyes! "It's okay, little sweeties", I said.

Candles (actually, these are all the same color, but look different here :) were ready and willing to be lit to shine forth the way of anyone who entered this room filled with Springness. coastal, Skinny little starfish was just smiling at me!
There was another Mommy bird with her baby telling me to tip toe quietly around the coffee table because very special eggs were about to hatch under the cloche.
"Be so careful!" they cried.
Well, I leaned in just a little to see the happenings going on under the cloche. The eggs were trembling just a bit and I knew baby somethings were just about to hatch! Mother bird gave me a little wink and a smile as I tip toed away.
Would you just look at all the birds in here? Springness was everywhere? Wait, what is under the teeny tiny little cloche?
Aww, the sweetness of Springness! Don't you just love it? Take a deep breath and savor the Springness! Springness has come to my house! Hallelujah! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

First Spring Day

Early morning's bright sun shine
It seems a bit different today
Open the window
hear the seagulls
spring is finally here
Feel the warm breath of wind
caressing my face in the light
Fill my lungs and taste the air
spring is finally here
After the winter sleep
after the darkness so deep
people gathering to the streets
to welcome the first spring day
Welcome the first spring day
farewell to winter's shades of grey
a toast with few words to say
to welcome the first spring day
Smell the ocean from a distance
I can picture the shimmering white sand
Ice and snow are barely melting
spring is finally here
~sung by me!


  1. Well, it looks like you are more than ready for spring. I love to hear the birds signing in the morning. Sometimes I take my coffee out on the porch just to listen to them in the mornings. Have a sweet day.

    Love Ya,

  2. You home is so full of joy and happiness

    I'm so ready for Spring. I love seeing the flowers start to peak out of the ground and can't wait to plant some vegetables!

  3. Everything is arranged so beautifully and the story is told with all your wonderfulness, Shelia. All your bunnies, birdies, eggs, chicks, buggies, and more are soooooooo cute.

    Happy SPRING-ness.


  4. Everything looks so festive and glorious! Enjoy your day.

  5. Your bunnies, chicks and eggs are adorable, sweetpea! Fantastic post! I love it.........

  6. Ooh, look at all that springtime loveliness!!!!!! Love that bunny vase, and the big cloche especially!

    Justiney :o )

  7. Shelia everything looks so pretty. I really like how you put the bunny in the big jar with grass...I just might have to be a copy cat! Happy Spring girly!

  8. Morning sweetness :)

    I think I have a little spring in my step this morning, too. I love all your little treasures. Your home is beautiful!

    Big hugs~ J

  9. Oh I LOVE all your Springness around your home. Every thing looks so beautiful! You are definitely ready for Spring!

  10. Spring as sprung all over your home. Very nice decorations.

  11. What a delightful post and beautiful collection of spring decor! The red and white vase with the two bunnies was my favorite! OH, I just love that one! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  12. Oh my...sweet little birdies everywhere! Love all the precious vignettes you have in your home.

    Make me have "happy feelings" just looking at them!


  13. I can just tell how much care and love you put into decorating for this spring. It all looks beautiful!

  14. GM Pickle ...this just make me want to all your springness...that vase is to die for my friend alway do a wonderful job with every thing you do..hope you have a great day...hugs and smiles Gloria

  15. Shelia, I can hear the sweet little birdies and bunnies humming along in your precious post. Lovely story to wake up to this morning. Have a great day my friend.

  16. You aren't kidding, Shelia, that you have springness! And I love it ALL! That little needlepoint bunny, though, is the sweetest of the sweet. And I love your cloches with springness under each!


    Sheila... who is trying to bring springness into the nest today! :-)

  17. Morning Shelia, You have some of the sweetest Spring decor I have ever seen! You know just how to display it! Blessings, Nancy

  18. I love all you bunny laden Spring decorations and can't wait until my little two year old charge is not here to play with anything I put down low. Thank God for the piano that is out of her clutches. Anyway I really enjoyed all your pretties.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday.
    from Roberta Anne

  19. Sheila...I am not sure which I love more....your collection of spring items or your womderful imagination? You should be writing childrens books or maybe you do or have?...I don't know you that well yet. Are you an interior decorator? You have a magnificent gift for designing and I can tell a deep faith. I have that faith too and it definitely brings joy to me. Great blog and I'm so glad I found you!:)

  20. What a refreshing springness! Now I see the 2 birds just like mine. Love all your spring decor, Shelia!...Christine

  21. What a refreshing springness! Now I see the 2 birds just like mine. Love all your spring decor, Shelia!...Christine

  22. Oh how I do love your "Springness" I can just hear those little birdies sing -- and I bet that you're accompaning them on your piano.

  23. Shelia, you certainly had a great wake up call this morning with the birds and the rabbits. What a wonderful site it must have been. The eggs and rabbits are darling.
    And the bird singing, I can just hear it now. Have a great day, you've had a great start this morning. blossom

  24. Oh My, I just LOVE it all. You have such an eye for detail and your vignettes are all just stunning. Hugs, Marty

  25. Spring has certainly sprung at your house! ~ Have a Great Day Shelia! I'm driving out of my 5 mile comfort zone today - Pray for me - to find the nearest Big Lots with my cousin Jody and Jacob. Then we are off to the outlet mall and an antique mall. (After rush hour, before dark, avoiding highways, etc....) ~ Robyn

  26. Ooooo! Yay! Now can you send it my way Shelia!? PRETTY PLEASE! :) Love all the spring time arrangements you have around the house, all those birds and eggs under cloches are just beautiful!

  27. Oh what cute bunnies and birds Sheila. Spring is busting out all over the place.

  28. my goodness you do love bunnies and birdies.Enjoy,Ms Sheila,Spring is amoung us.Yipeeeeeeeeee...Ann

  29. Hi Shelia!!

    I love all looks just wonderful. The needlepoint bunny pillow is my favorite. How adorable is that!!!!!!

    Happy Spring!


  30. Hello!
    Everythink looks so lovely in your spring fluffed home! I love the bunny vase and the bunny needlepoint pillow!

  31. I love the neddlepointed bunny. There are so many wonderful treasures at your house and you have added love to all of them!

  32. Good Morning Sheila! I just wanted to let you know I made my text bigger! I agree, it was too small! Oh and I love, love all your spring beauty going on! You just brightened my day considerably! Love Ya! God Bless you today! Lauralu :)

  33. What a sweet, sweet post! I love all your adorable little birdies, bunnies, and chickies! I need to refresh my house with Springness too! I need to get busy!

    I saw my first Robin yesterday, and saw a bunch of them in the front yard this morning! YAY! Spring is really almost here!!!

    Have a lovely springy day!

  34. So many pretties but I think my favorite is the vase with the bunnies holding on to it.
    I've been busy putting my creativity into my painting but I will soon tire of that and come back for a little more blogging I'm sure.
    Have a lovely springy day, Bridget

  35. You make me want to go find some more cute spring "stuff". I just love the little chicks. Have a great "spring-filled" week!

  36. Everything looks so pretty! That bunny pillow is so cute.
    Take care,

  37. It all soooo darling-thank you for your encouragement as well!

  38. How cheerful it all looks. I love, love, love that bunny vase (holding). I posted about Spring today too, and I noticed a lot of us are really welcoming "her" in.
    enjoy your day!

  39. What a lovely post Shelia! I love the vase with the two bunnies especially!

    I need to shop for Spring. Would you believe I only have two little bunnies? I think they need some friends ;)


  40. You have been invaded by Spring!! With all of those birdies & bunnies, your grocery bill must be sky high!!! Enjoy the day. Sally

  41. That is so cute!! You've got spring all around you! And they are all so cute!


  42. Dear Shelia... I am sorry to have to break your heart.. but the young man was not alive when they found him in the ocean.... :-(


  43. Hello Sheila,I love your wonderfulness of your beautiful Easter decorations. I love chicks, bunnies and birds too. Your sweet posts are a treasure to me and to many others who love you too. I just keep smiling until my face might crack. Not good. Oops here it come again a BIG smile. Sadly all of my Easter decorations are in the attic and I am not able to go up there yet. My dh would not be able to find anything up there. LOL.

    Thank you for your sweet post today.


  44. I love the springness at your house, Shelia!! I almost bought those little lacy white birds the other day and I may go back for them yet!

    Beautiful post!!

  45. Oh, do have a LOT of Spring in your sweet cottage..I am in a awfully pitiful state..I have only 1, yes, ONE, bunny in my entire house. Every thing looks just perfect, Sheila girl...just perfect.
    I've not been good about visiting much going on, I am running around in circles and my nose is flat from running into my own butt!! Too busy.....
    Oh, but it is bound to get better...
    Happy day, bj

  46. What does Chloe Dawn think about all of these bunnies and birds invading her home?
    Great items displayed beautifully, Shelia!

  47. Hi Miss Shelia;

    I luv all your springness. I haven't had time to get a darn thing out for easter yet. Maybe when I get home off this trip.

    Question for ya. How do you do the bathroom picture thingy?

  48. oooohhhh! I ADORE every little bit of bunny and chickie and eggie Springiness you shared!! What a divine collection of wonderful fun-ness! :) See! You've got me doing that thing with your "ness"! :) Love it--love you!


  49. Shelia
    I love all your springness at your home! Your bunnies are so cute so many different kinds and doing all kinds of sweet things, tug of war included. The birds are beautiful too. YOu have quite the collection of little white birdies...and love your cloches and all youve set them them up with.
    Love it. Isnt spring lovely?
    hope you have a lovely evening

  50. What wonderful spring decor! I very much enjoyed my tour of your lovely home with singing birds and peeping chicks. Your decor is just as sweet as you. laurie

  51. Hello Shelia, Spring has definately sprung at your home, your bunnies are adorable and those eggs are so pretty, enjoy the warmer weather and Mr Peter Cottontail too, hugs, Kathy.

  52. Spring has sprung at your house! It is all do darling.

  53. This post is...gorgeous. How I would like to just wander around in your little cottage and drink in the sweets sights and soak up the prettiness of everything. Thank you for gracing us with the beauty of your home, the joy of watching you do lifes dance and the joy just knowing you.
    Many hugs and much love,

  54. I enjoyed seeing all your sweet Easter decorations!

    Miss you!


  55. What a lovely paean to Easter, to Spring, to renewals and re-greenings and re-connecting with the child in us all.

    Thank you for the words, music and the lovely photographs.

  56. Love all of your Easter/Spring sweetness! The little girl in the 1st picture is hands down my favorite - so sweet!


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