Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There's Springness At My House

Hello, Dear Ones! Oh, this morning I came downstairs and the air was so fresh and sweet smelling! The sun was shining through the windows...Springness had arrived at my house!

At first glance I saw something move and was a little frightened, but then I looked closer and saw this little maid gathering sweet little yellow chicks and placing them ever so gently into her little basket.

I turned back around and saw the Springness on my coffee table...

Is this...could it be...Mr. Peter Cottontail?

Why, I do believe it is him and he's gathering eggs!!

Then I heard the sweetest little peeps and saw an Easter buggy filled with little baby bunnies and more little yellow chicks! Hey little darlings!
There was so much Springness happening on my coffee table, I just began to laugh!

The little clan of Easter babies seemed to be guarding this very special nest of eggs. Now do you think baby bunnies or baby chicks will hatch out of these most special eggs? After all, it's Springness time!

This must be a very very special egg to be guarded so closely by this little duo! Or are they playing tug 'o war with the basket?
I heard humming ~ it was coming from these little bunnies holding up this vase of flowers.
If you listen very closely you'll hear them too...did you hear them?
Three very pretty eggs joined in with the humming.
...oh, and the harmony was coming from this needlepoint bunny sitting in the chair. How sweet!
I was just twirling around, my head was spinning as more music filled the room. This little birdie was whistling along!
What a pretty little thing!
The soloist! She was singing praises to our risen Lord! Hallelujah!
After the concert, I walked into the den and more Springness was going on in here, too! This little rabbit was so busy wheeling around an Easter Egg tree! Did you know Easter Eggs grew on trees? They do when Springness is in the air!
You've seen my Joyness artwork. Looks like this darling little bird loves it and she's even brought along her own little light to shine for me. Oh, she's beginning to sing now, listen...'this little light of mine! I'm gonna let it shine'. Sing it little darling!
Now Mommy bird and her baby bird are joining in!
Oh, what was that? I heard scurrying! I flipped around so fast and caught a glimpse of the cutest little family of bunnies you would ever hope to see! They just froze and stared at me with their big ole eyes! "It's okay, little sweeties", I said.

Candles (actually, these are all the same color, but look different here :) were ready and willing to be lit to shine forth the way of anyone who entered this room filled with Springness. coastal, Skinny little starfish was just smiling at me!
There was another Mommy bird with her baby telling me to tip toe quietly around the coffee table because very special eggs were about to hatch under the cloche.
"Be so careful!" they cried.
Well, I leaned in just a little to see the happenings going on under the cloche. The eggs were trembling just a bit and I knew baby somethings were just about to hatch! Mother bird gave me a little wink and a smile as I tip toed away.
Would you just look at all the birds in here? Springness was everywhere? Wait, what is under the teeny tiny little cloche?
Aww, the sweetness of Springness! Don't you just love it? Take a deep breath and savor the Springness! Springness has come to my house! Hallelujah! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

First Spring Day

Early morning's bright sun shine
It seems a bit different today
Open the window
hear the seagulls
spring is finally here
Feel the warm breath of wind
caressing my face in the light
Fill my lungs and taste the air
spring is finally here
After the winter sleep
after the darkness so deep
people gathering to the streets
to welcome the first spring day
Welcome the first spring day
farewell to winter's shades of grey
a toast with few words to say
to welcome the first spring day
Smell the ocean from a distance
I can picture the shimmering white sand
Ice and snow are barely melting
spring is finally here
~sung by me!