Sunday, March 15, 2009

I've Been Feelin' The Love!

Hello, Dear Ones! I don't usually post on Sunday - it's my day of blog rest, but I just had to today! You see, I have been feeling the love from The Land of Blog! Oh, my goodness! I do feel loved and accepted by you and I certainly didn't want to miss the opportunity to share with you the love that's been sent my way! I want to show you some awards I've been given, a giveaway I've won and a wonderful gift sent to me for me just being me! Hang on!!!

Awards! Oh, my goodness! Now just sit down and let met get started!

I am so proud to receive this Let's Be Friends award from Susan at Thoughts From Over the Rainbow. She gave this to her first commenters on her blog and I was one of them! Thank you so much Susan. I know I'm breaking the rules and I hope you'll forgive me, but since Susan passed this on to me, I am passing this award along to you, Dear Ones, if you've ever commented on my blog! Feel the love!

This lovely "You Are Truly Beautiful" award was given out by my dear friend, Sally to all of her blog peeps, which I am! Thank you , Dear Sally, for giving me this lovely award! If you're not familiar with Dear Sally's blog, you're missing a treat! She will make you smile!! Since Sweet


Oh, my goodness! Look at this most lovely award! A crown! Isn't this the most beautiful award?
Well, I am considered a jewel in God's crown from my Dear friend, Monica! I met Monica a few months ago and have loved getting to know her. She lives across the land in Norway! Oh, go and visit her and you'll be breathless after see the gorgeous sights of her country! Also, Dear Monica bestowed upon me the above "Beautiful Award"! Thank you, Dear Monica, for these lovely awards! Since Sweet Monica passed this on to me, I am passing this award along to you, Dear Ones, if you've ever commented on my blog! Feel the love!


Lookee! Another sweet sweet award from my Dear friend, Sally! She loves me!! She passed this out to her commenter's! Thank you Dear Sally, I love you, too!! Hug hug hug! :)
Since Sweet Sally passed this on to me, I am passing this award along to you, Dear Ones, if you've ever commented on my blog! Feel the love!

What gal doesn't like shoes? Well, this most gorgeous award was given out to all of her bloggees! I'm one of Laurie's bloggies and I took the socks off this pretty award! Now you must go visit Laurie if you don't know her! This gal has everything! Dishes, pretties and man can she tell us stories! We all love to hear little stories, don't we? Thank you Dear Friend Laurie!!
Since Sweet Laurie passed this on to me, I am passing this award along to you, Dear Ones, if you've ever commented on my blog! Feel the love!
Another beautiful award was given to me by another sweet new friend, Carolyn! She made this! Oh, thank you, Dear Carolyn. I love her blog! She is all about recipes and TABLESCAPING! Please go visit sweet Carolyn and you'll fall in love with her too! Thank you so much for this award, Dear Carolyn! Since Sweet Carolyn passed this on to me, I am passing this award along to you, Dear Ones, if you've ever commented on my blog! Feel the love!


It goes on! I told you I was feeling the love! Oh, my sweet friend Terri passed this most wonderful award on to me. Thank you, Dearest! Here is what this award is all about:

"This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. "
Please give more attention to these 8 writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this clever-written text into the body of their award."

I have given this award to all of you, Dear Ones, in my heart, but I will pick eight to pass this on to. You know this is so hard:

1. Susie at Bienvenue
2. Nikki at The Scarlet Rose Garden
3. Cass at That Old House
4. Jan at Rose Haven
5. Shimmy at Shimmy Mom
6. Mildred at Nalley Valley
7. Carolyn at Aiken House and Gardens
8. Gretchen at Bird Nest Cottage

Pass it own, Dear Blog Sisters!


Now, I've saved my goodies for last! Don't we just love giveaways? If you follow my blog you know I've just celebrated my 200th post and held a giveaway and the day before I announced the winner, I was notified that I had won a giveaway! Double joyness!

A box showed up on my tiny doorstep and I couldn't wait to take my trusty kitchen knife to the tape! Opened it and and lookee! You see I had won the giveaway from Cass at That Old House. Woo Hooness for me!
Precious little note cards by Mary Engelbreit! I just love anything ME! Oh, thank you, Cass!
A card! Look how pretty her handwriting is!
There was even a little dogie sticker on the back. Chloe Dawn was jumping flips!
Oh, and the card was matching the little sticker...just look at this most precious little fuzzy face.
Sweet words to me!!
This is what I won! Is it gorgeous or what? I won this beautiful gravy boat with dish! Now on the bottom it says:
Johnson Brothers
Old Bradbury
Just look at the gorgeous pattern. You're going to see this show up in a tablescape! I love this!
Thank you, Cass! I just love it!!


Now I have one more piece of love to show you!!
The very same day I received the giveaway from Cass, another package showed up on my doorstep!! I looked at the address three times to make sure it was for me! It was for me! And lookee! It was sent Priority Mail! Oh, fabulous joyness!
I get my trusty kitchen knife again and go to town on that clear stick to your ribs tape! I pulled out a little metal box with the cutest little tag on top tied with ribbon!
Okay, now I know who this is from ~ my Dearest Friend Jan at Rose Haven and I must not leave out Mr. Tom who also resides among the roses! Is this not the cutest little tag you've ever seen? I don't know if she made it, knowing my Janness, she probably did!
Doesn't she write beautifully?
Do you see this? Is it not the most precious little thing ever? Now if I can just get it out from between the plastic encircling my gift!
Just a second, I'll get the plastic off. It's coming, just about...okay! I did it!
Oh, my goodness! It's a little Elgin Mini Clock - it's just like my piano where I play my Note Songs for you! Isn't this just the cutest little thing ever? Now, let's see, where will I put it?
Aw the perfect place ~ on my piano! Now when I play my little Note Songs for you I can still see what time it is and will always think of my sweet friends, Jan and Tom. Thank you my Dear Ones! I'll cherish this!


Now you can see why my title today says I've been feelin' the love! Oh, Dear Ones! I am so totally not worthy, but I appreciate your kindness, sweetness, soft gentle words and for thinking of me by giving me awards and my sending me gifts!


You are a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

Since this was such a loooooooooooong post, I won't leave you with a little Note Song today!
I'll just say:



  1. Congrats on all the awards! You are loved buy us all.

    I love the gravy boat and saucer. Oh that is so pretty! And I will have to make sure DD is not looking over my shoulder to see the picture of that clock! She wants a baby grand so bad... {I think she wants a Steinway! I told her to start saving her money...} Beautiful clock! Lovely gifts.

    I am feeling a bit puny this morning so I am staying home from church. DH will have to handle the 8:AM 4th grade buy himself. ;-) LOL! It is the beginning of spring break and it will not be too bad.

  2. You are totally worthy, Shelia!
    You are great friend and your place is always wonderful, interesting and full of humor and love!

    God bless you!

  3. Congratulations on receiving these awards, Shelia!

    What a wonderful gift you received in the mail!!

    Happy Sunday!

  4. Congratulation on your awards sweet Shelia! The gravy boat and plate just scream your name...looks like they found their way home. :) The piano clock is priceless, too.

    Big hugs~ J

  5. Congratulations dear Shelia. You are such a treasured blog friend to so many including me! Thank you kindly for the mention of my blog. I love your gravy boat and cannot wait to see what lovely tablescape you creat with it. Have a wonderful day.
    Also, thanks for sharing the story of the "Golden Bells" hymn with me. What an honor to be asked to play such a lovely hymn for your loved ones. I know they were smiling in Heaven.

  6. Congrats on all the awards! I love your win and special gift. The gravy boat is so pretty. And that clock oohhh I love it. I don't have a grand piano, but it would look cute on my spinnet piano. I have never seen anything like that.

  7. Shelia, you deserve each and every award and gift. You are sweet to everyone!!

  8. There should never had been a question of the love that the bloggers feel for you; from all I've read in blog land you are a diamond to all. Congrads on your awards; well deserved! Have a great Sunday.

  9. What beautiful gifts you got, Shelia, and you deserve every single one of them! That piano clock is SO perfect for you! I love it!!!!

    Justiney :o )

  10. Oh Shelia, You are the Sweetie, you deserve those awards and some! Your gifts were so YOU! Hope the rest of your weekend is a good one! ~ Robyn

  11. We all know how loved you are in this community...congratulations on your sweet awards bestowed upon your tiny little head! You deserve them all !
    The dishes and the clock are just them all..
    Happy Sunday,

  12. Hi Shelia,
    Congratulations on all your well deserved awards.You do spread a lot of joy and I always enjoy coming to visit you.I think we share a love for dishes etc.
    Thank you for sharing your award with me!
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Your new gravy boat is very pretty, it is a sister pattern to my wedding dishes, Rose Chintz. Same shape to the gravy boats, same swirl, even the pattern is very similar but while Old Bradbury is all blue, Rose Chintz is yes mostly rose but it does have lots of green and blues as well.

    I really focus on the Tablescape Thursday until last Wednesday and Bet, my daughter, and I talked about her joining in on the fun but then we had some saddness and she ended up making a grave stone instead. Hopefully this week she can join you. Maybe she will use my Rose Chintz.

  14. Well, I guess you are feeling the love. My goodness, I lost track of all the awards you were given. You are loved, that's for sure. And that piano, was design for just you. And I loved the gravy boat, can't wait to see it on your tablescape.


  15. Congrats on your awards! You certainly deserve to be recognized!

  16. Shelia, you deserve all the awards and what beautiful presents were given to you. A beautiful gravy boat and saucer and that most beautiful mini clock.Congratulations.

  17. What fabulous presents! Congrats on getting them and congrats on all your awards and most of all, congrats on being so well loved. And you are right, we all love you, Shelia!...Christine

  18. Oh, Shelia, you deserve them all! What a great way to end a day, with great gifts and awards from friends everywhere!

    I will partake of a couple of those awards to include in my blog. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us!

  19. There is no doubt in the world why so many love you ... because you are just you! Sweet Miss Sheila! Thank you for always having a kind word for me. Thank you for always being there when I let my silly feelings get the best of me. Thank you for being my friend. I cherish you~

  20. Enjoy your wonderful gifts Shelia. That little piano clock is absolutely precious. Sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend.

  21. You have truly been awarded Sheila . Love the saucer and gravy boat .Pretty.

  22. Oh my! There's been a TERRIBLE MISTAKE. That blue and white dish was meant for ME! Send it quickly, please.

  23. what wonderful goodies and wonderful awards for a wonderful gal! Blog land is a special place for sure! More special because of you Shelia! cherry

  24. Shelia
    You must be in blog heaven with all those goodies!
    You certainly deserve all those awards you received and thank you for sharing them with us too.

    The gravy boat and dish are beautiful...absolutely a lovely shade and style. That is the cutest little piano clock too...very precious. Love the lovely cards too.

    Thank you for sharing your happiness with makes us happy too..*hugs*
    have a lovely day

  25. Sweet Shelia.. you are absolutely worthy!! Thank you so much for the kind words!!! :-)
    What sweet gifts you got.. and that little clock was just PERFECT for you! :-)

    Have a good week my friend!


  26. How wonderful to receive so many wonderful awards. Isn't blogland and the wonderful people here just the greatest. They are all so encouraging and inspiring. Your gifts are both just fabulous, what gorgeous and generous gifts. Congratulations!!! Hugs, Marty

  27. It is like Christmas at your home with all the lovely little bloggy awards from friends and the beautiful giveaway goodies and the sweet piano clock. Nice post.

    Roberta Anne

  28. Shelia, I remember how excited I was for you when I saw that you had won that beautiful gravy boat. Of course, I really thought I was going to win that one, but I'm glad you did. Congratulations on all of your most deserved awards. And that piano clock is just the cutest thing! You are so loved, and I'm so glad you can feel it. laurie

  29. Sheila,
    It is fun to hear how your awards came to you. I also love all the special gifts, especially the miniature piano, how perfect! Cathy

  30. Congrats on the awards and the giveaway and the surpise gift. How adorable was the piano - so you!! Really gorgeous. Well deserved Shelia.

  31. I adore that little piano clock. It is almost too cute to exist. Enjoy!

  32. What wonderful gifts you've recieved!
    Thank you so much for the bloggy award Sheila, : )
    The little piano is just perfect for you!

  33. This is such a fun and beautiful blog. And you are so energtic and full of fun! It's no wonder that you received so many awards. Love the piano clock from Jan. Too sweet!
    Patricia ;O)


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