Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Guest and a Bathroom To Be Remembered

Hello, Dear Ones! Today I have a treat for you! I have a guest today at Note Songs, my friend, Mona from wspresweetly! Isn't that a cute name - whisper sweetly. Now how long did it take you to figure that out? :) This is a dear lady whose life is filled with seven children, fourteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Oh, and I must not forget her precious little dog, Mele.

I was visiting with Mona and she was telling me all about her daughter's unique bathrooms and it was just too special to keep to myself. So I'm going to share these two wonderful bathrooms with you today! Are you ready? Let's listen to Mona as she describes for us these great bathrooms:

Mona says, "This is a picture taken of my next to the youngest of seven children. This vanity is in her bathroom and the photos on the vanity are of my little grandson, Eian, me at about ten months in an old stroller with the beads on the tray. The picture to the right is my grandmother as a child and MaryAlices' great grandmother."
Mona continues, "The two bathrooms are my daughter, Mary's, and the home is THE BARN in Riverside, California, formerly owned for many years by Emilie Barnes, the author of "If Teacups Could Talk", "Coming Home" (which the address of the home is on the opening pages of the older books and features the entire home during the years that Emilie owned it). The home was first Riverside's old Polo Club with tack rooms, a barn, etc. But in 1951 it was converted into a private home with lovely grounds, fountains and paths."

"This first bathroom is downstairs and was completely remodeled by my daughter and her husband over the last seven years," Mona says.

"All the cabinets were built by my son, Danny, for his sister as was all the wood trim."

"The walls were done by an artist friend of my daughters. Mary wanted country scenes and I think she did a lovely job."

I agree with Mona, don't you? It's so beautiful!
Notice this great door with the fabulous hinges, door handle and hooks. I love this! :)

Now Dear Ones, would it not be heaven to sink down into this gorgeous tub filled with bubbles and be surrounded by these beautifully hand painted country scenes? Are you jealous yet? Well, just wait, we have another bathroom to show you! :)

Mona tells us, "This is MaryAlice's upstairs guestroom bathroom. It is only a half bath, but is a nice size. The same artist that painted the downstairs bathroom also did this one."

"The scenery is of the orange groves in Riverside and are called our greenbelt. The entire room is hand painted. No wallpaper was used at all. Both the upstairs and downstairs baths feature the ceramic retro tiles in black and white."

"It took quite a while for everything to be completed with many hours of work involved."

"The beadboard and custom carpentry, etc, was all done by my son, Danny, for MaryAlice and Brock, her husband. He is a craftsman and has been doing it since high school. I tease him and tell him that Christ was a carpenter too!"
"This house was built in 1912 as a stable for polo ponies. It was made into a private home in 1951 and Emilie Barnes and her husband raised their family there as did MaryAlice and Brock," Mona tells us.
Well there you have it, two of the most enchanting bathrooms you'll ever see! I want to thank my sweet friend, Mona, and her beautiful daughter, MaryAlice for sharing her home with us today! Hey, maybe we can get MaryAlice to show us the rest of her home one day! I know I'd love it, wouldn't you?

Now for those of you who know me, you didn't think I was going to let a bathroom moment like this get past me did you? No no Nannette!! Here goes:

Attention! Attention!! Oh, my goodness! We have the latest breaking news to bring to you this very minute! It seems these two most beautiful bathrooms have been broken into right as I speak! So I will never let you down, I'm always on the job doing my Bathroom business just for you, Darling Ones!

Okay...I'm ready! :)

What do we have here? I see two of the most lovely gorgeous ones, don't you? Yes, yes, and I must determine if these lovely ones are genuine Bathroom Diva material! Oh, I see the most gorgeous complexions, hair filled to the brim with Bathroom highlights! Oh, and eyes that are so shiny and bright I have to wear my sunshades! I see the pearliest of whites! Bodies clad in the finest attire dripping with priceless jewels! One gorgeous one has long slender arms with hands that have the creamiest of dainty fingers that are holding a CAMERA!! Yes, yes, Gotta Go Ones, we have two more real Bathroom Divas! Do we know these most beautiful ones? Yes, yes, it's our own Mona and her lovely daughter, MaryAlice! You knew this didn't you, Most Know It All Ones?

Well, Mona and MaryAlice, I would like to ask you to stand and join me as I bestow upon you the most sought after, desired, coveted award in The Land of Blog! Oh, please, Most Helpful Ones, hand me my robe, crown, and golden toilet brush! Oh, thank you, my Mama taught me to always say thank you! Now Mona and MaryAlice, you are now and shall be forever and ever and until the twelfth of never - Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas! Go into the world, Dear Divas and shine your Bathroom lights for all to see!!

Oh, this makes me so proud. Until the next bathroom is invaded...snap on, Divas, snap on! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)


  1. What beautiful, unique bathrooms! Thanks to all of you for sharing. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  2. Those bathrooms are gorgeous. What BEAUTIFUL hand painting throughout both of them. The son Danny does excellent work....very neat!! Happy St. Patrick's Day Shelia!

  3. Oh those murals! Great find and thank you to all of you girls for sharing those beautiful bathrooms. Neat story with the home too.

  4. Oh those murals! Great find and thank you to all of you girls for sharing those beautiful bathrooms. Neat story with the home too.

  5. Oh me, Oh my...what a lovely pair of bathrooms! Fit for royalty!!! I'd love to tour the ENTIRE HOME!!!

    Have a GREAT day!!


  6. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya. Wouldn't it be grand to have a Danny in each of our families?

  7. Just exquisite all the way around! So glad that I followed you here from Melissa's Inspired Room.

    What a nice history to the home, too. One hears so much about Emilie Barnes in Blogdom.

  8. Hi Sheila, Both bathrooms are gorgeous! The painting is just beautiful!! Love your descriptions of the bathroom divas, it fits them well! Kristen

  9. Gorgeous bathrooms! I adore that cabinet that is coming out of the tile wall! And the downstairs vanity, although I just know that I would have waterspots all over that beautiful wood (I wonder if they have it protected somehow? and with what?) Oh, so lovely! (I love Emilie Barnes too!)

    Ok, yep, I'm jealous! I'm GREEN with envy today! tee hee!

    Have a Happy St. Patty's Day!
    Margie :)

  10. Yes, I am terribly jealous! I've always wanted a dining room painted like that. I don't know which bath I like better, they are both marvelous. I would LOVE to see more of that home!!!!!

  11. I love the white clean lines and the murals are really lovely, thank you for sharing them.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day
    from the Raggedy Girl/Roberta Anne

  12. Oh My Shelia, Those are gorgeous bathrooms and so unique! I am so thrilled I got to see them, Thanks to you and both ladies for sharing these gorgeous rooms. And yes, Ma'am I would love to see more of that house! Blessings to you, Nancy

  13. Oh Pickle...I am so glad to see Mona and her daughter here today..I know that Mana daughter lived in Emilie Barnes old home we talked about that once..I just love her and her blog is great..and Yes she shoud show the whole house..Hey I got an autograph tea book of her...MaryAlice did a wonderful job on those bathrooms and what super Brother she has to do that for her...Great post today Shelia..hope you have a great day..hugs and smiles Gloria

  14. Oh my gosh...these bathrooms are amazing! Are they for real????? Wow! I remember seeing in this home in Emily Barnes' books. LOVE the transformation! Beautiful indeed!

    Thanks for popping over to my site Oh Talented One! Love it when you can visit and love to read your "notes" of praise! :)

    Blessings for a wonderful St. Patty's Day!


  15. Wow, what beautiful room. I love the tub. I dream of tubs like that. Loved those hindges on the door also.

  16. How pretty are those ??? Love that tub...

    May you always walk in sunshine.
    May you never want for more.
    May Irish angels rest their wings,
    Right beside your door.

    An Irish blessing

    Happy St Paddy's Day to ya,

    Kathy :)

  17. Oh, be still my magpie heart! Oh, what glorious bathrooms, and those painted scenes and all the beautiful woodwork form cabinets to molding... the tile floors, the wonderful tub, and again that artwork! If magpies could pluck baathrooms, Shelady, these would be in my house. Oh, how wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing and congrats to the two new divas!

    Happy St. Pat's...


    Sheila :-)

  18. My goodness!! What beautiful bathrooms! I can't believe them. I would be in heaven to have bathrooms like these two. Sigh....

  19. What wonderful bathrooms. Those orange groves are truly wonderful and this time of year they smell so sweet. My hubbs used to have to pass them on his way to work everyday.
    Glad there's another Bathroom Diva that has joined the club!

  20. Le Gasp! What a gorgeous bathroom! I love the mural, slipper tub and tile.
    And those fabulous bathroom divas!!

  21. Shelia, those bathrooms are magazine cover; without a doubt.
    Wow your son is so much talent. I don't know which one I like the best. Such a squeeky clean look and so awesome what your son did with the painting and his color schemes. Yes, the orange grove is my favorite! Thank you for SSS.

  22. Hello, dear friend -
    Thank you to you and Mona for sharing these gorgeous bathrooms. And to remember that they were part of Emilie Barnes' former home is even more special. I have seen many photos of this home. The redo of the bathrooms was perfect. The artwork is gorgeous. Oh how I would love to have such gorgeous bathrooms in my dear little house. Now, if I can only find a friend who is an artist!

  23. Those bathrooms are beautiful I love the ceilings!!!! Hi Mona!!!!!!!!! I loved this post.. Guests are fun Shelia!

  24. That has got to be one of the best bathrooms ever!!! Oh my I would never leave that room...smile~

  25. Ha, ha....I just popped over here from Life At Home....we have the same background! Nice site!

  26. They did a beautiful job redoing the rooms. The paintings are stunning and the cabinet, too.

  27. WOW!! What adorable bathrooms!!! Wish I could have a bathroom like that!!! They are gorgious!!

    You are so sweet Shelia! :-) Thanks for stopping by and for your prayers!! They are still looking!


  28. The prettiest bathroom ever!! I would love to see the rest of the house - I bet it is wonderful. Have a great St. Pat's Day. Sally

  29. Yes please convince her to share the rest of this beautiful home! ~ Happy St. Patty's day Shelia! ~ Robyn

  30. Wow! Those bathrooms are all just amazing. My very favorite was the picture of the bathtub. I have always wanted one of those. What luxury! Happy Saint patrick's Day to you and your family♥

  31. OH MY GOSH!! Shelia you SWEATHEART!! You did a wonderful job of presenting the bathrooms...and we are sooo honored to be up there among the Diva's. Maryalice will be delighted. She is not a computer person but Ireland, her daughter, will show her. And besides I will see to it tonight when I am there.
    She is going to love it. I am not so sure I deserve to be a Diva..but what the heck. I did after all put in my two cents now and then...but my daughter did this entire thing herself. I just concurred with a total nodding of the head and "Yes! yes! wonderful! Gorgeous!" and like that. ~smile~ So other then nodding with enthusiasm I was just a bystander..
    Again...Thank you so very much and for all the kind things you had to say about Mary and I. I love you SO much for that!
    With warm hugs and gratitude...

  32. WOW! Both bathrooms are amazing and a pure dream! They are lovely! The murals are fabulous! Thanks for sharing them!

    Hope you are having a Happy St. Pat's Day! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

  33. You got a two-fer out of this post. A guest, AND new divas! Wooooooo hooooooooo!

    Oh my, I so covet that upstairs bathroom. The tub looks divine, and that shower! It's HUGE!!!!!
    What a beautiful job they've done. I would LOVE to see the rest of the house!

    Justine :o )

  34. Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas!
    You are sooo GREAT! LOL

    I love it...and those bathrooms...WOW

    Thanks for all your well wishes...we had a great trip and enjoyed the race

  35. I have never seen such beautiful baths in my whole entire life on this earth!! Absolutely MAGNIFICENT. I am just eat up with envy!! Whew...so so pretty.
    And, I am almost MORE than sure that if sweet Mona will just send in her story to a publishing house, she may well be the next best selling author! She tells her stories so so well!
    Thanks for showcasing these two beautiful bathrooms and Mona and her pretty daughter...not to mention the amazing carpenter work of her son!!
    xo bj

  36. Happy St. Patricks Day Shelia
    I LOVED the tour of your friends' washroom. I cant imagine getting so excited some time ago before blogging with this type of tour. I love the murals on the walls and the hand built cupboards. Isnt it just gorgeous.
    yes yes we want to see the rest of their home too!
    thank you for sharing and I hope you've found a rainbow today...
    have a lovely evening

  37. Sheila, I have been over to visit three times today and each time I was distracted and couldn't leave a comment. The best part is I was able to see those gorgeous bathroom pictures three times. I love everything they did with the art and the woodwork and cabinets. What lovely bathroom divas too. The story of the house and property is so interesting. Sheila, you really did a great job on your post. Thank you for sharing a great story of the families who live there now and in the past.

    Sheila, I also appreciate your kind words and comments about the sadness our family is facing right now. The support of my blogging friends has been so meaningful and sweet.

    Hugs xoxo...Jeanne

  38. Those 2 bathrooms are so unique. So much thought and work was put into them and what talented children Mona has!...Christine

  39. Dear Shelia, I have been busy running here and running there, fluffing here and fluffing there today, so I'm just now seeing this!

    Oh my these bathrooms are gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing them.

  40. Hi Shiela!
    I just came over from Mona's blog. (Isn't she the sweetest lady ever?!) These bathrooms truly are gorgeous. The mural is jaw dropping amazing! You have a beautiful blog. Now I'm off to do some more exploring in it.
    Patricia :o)

  41. Hi Sheila....I LOVE your blog...the background colors...everything about it! Your house also is gorgeous and there is a light about you that is alluring. I found you through our wonderful Mona and my gosh what a bathroom her daughter MaryAlice has. Funny...my mother in law is Alice Mary and she and Mona have connected through the blogs too. She is GeeGee'sGrafitti. What a sweet and darling lady you are. Glad to be on board your wonderful blog as one of your admirers...I've added you to my favorites!:)

  42. Now those are some bathrooms! I loved both of them. Now I wanna see more of this incredible home! Somebody in that home is very creative. Thanks for posting these Shelia, and thanks to your friends for taking us into the bathrooms. laurie

  43. What glorious bathrooms! I've never seen anything like it. I would just stay in there all the time!

  44. I enjoyed your post Sheila. The pictures are beautiful.

  45. Your group of bathroom divas is quite large, and every one of them is lovely.

    And, these bathrooms are fantastic. I am so glad they let you share them with us.

  46. Hey Pickle...what beautiful bathrooms..love those paintings!
    Thanks for coming by girl....did you say you bought two sets of the little birds??? Man....maybe I should of bought two sets..what if one of mine gets chipped or broke..man...now you got me worried!!!!!! lol lol Have a great week sweetie!

  47. Hi Shelia - I don't think that I have ever seen such beautiful, unique bathrooms. Thanks for sharing.

  48. Oh my,alot of loving work went into those bathsrooms. Pretty .

  49. Oh how beautiful and unique;) Thanks to the tour!!! French;)xoxo

  50. Oh Shelia...The bathroom is lovely! The mural is gorgeous!!! Thanks to you and to Mona for sharing...Debbie

  51. Mona and her daughter Mary Alice are such lovely ladies and the bathroom is divine.. The hand-painted walls are such a wrok of art..!

  52. Oh dear,I love tht tub and that vintage dresser.Yowser.........I had a lattice ceiling in my blog last wk too ,remember?
    That is one lovely home.I wish I could sneak that tub out of there without anybody seeing,ha...Ann

  53. Another beautiful bathroom snapped by Shelia! What a great nose you have for great bathrooms!


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