Thursday, March 12, 2009

Foodie Friday and A Bathroom Diva! :)

Hello, Dear Ones! Welcome to Foodie Friday hosted by our Most Famous Gollum. Please go visit her blog Designs by Gollum and you'll see the most wonderful dishes and can even get some new recipes. Fridays are all about the FOOD! Yea, baby!
I do hope you Dear Ones won't get the idea that I can't cook! I can cook! But sometimes, I just don't wanna and last night was one of those nights! :) But I do make a mean chicken salad sandwich!

Now doesn't this look good? Is your tiny mouth watering yet?
Okay, this is how I make my little chicken salad sandwiches:

I buy the large sized can of chicken breast and smoosh it all up with a fork until it's very fine.
I mix in mayo - I don't measure but like it very smooshy and really moist
I dice up baby carrots, green onions and celery very fine and then salt and pepper to taste
Next I add pecan pieces, about 3/4 of the little bag you pick up in the bakery section

Now you must have some very pretty fluffy looking croissants that you carefully slice into two pieces. I spread a little more mayo on each half of the croissant, add some nice green lettuce, thinly sliced tomatoes then pop the chicken salad mixture on top. Put on the top of the croissant as the crowning glory, add a few little Lays potato chips and you're ready to eat!

Yummy! But we're not finished yet!

Nothing like a little small bowl of Blue Bell Sugar Free Ice Cream with some fresh strawbabies (that's what my kids called them) on the side!


Attention! Attention!! We must interrupt the end of this post to bring you the latest breaking news of Blogland! Oh, my goodness! It just amazes me to no end! Bathrooms are continuing to be broken into and lovely ones are continuing to snap! Well, have no fear, Most Trembling Ones, I'm here! I will do my Bathroom duty! :)

Okay, I'm ready! I do see a Bathroom and a Most Gorgeous One here, don't you Most Amazed Ones!? Well, our special eliteness club of Divas will never a impostor let enter! Does that make sense, Scratching Your Heads Ones? You know what I mean. I must make sure the Lovely of Lovelies is the real thing.

The gorgeousness is definitely there, Most Jealous Ones! Oh, the most creamyness of complexions and I see long flowing locks filled to the brim with Bathroom highlights! You can't get those just anywhere you know, Looking At My Miss Clairol Ones! She is so stylishly dressed to a Tee. I see the most sparkling of peepers! The finest of jewels just dripping off of this Most Gorgeous One! I see two slender arms which have two hands attached and the most creamy daintiest of fingers clutching a CAMERA! Yes, Yes! We have a genuine Diva!! Oh, I'm totally excited, Most Clapping Your Hands Ones!! Woo Hooness! Another Diva! Do you know her? Can anyone guess who this Most Lovely could be? Let me see now...yes, I know, this is our own Nikki at The Scarlet Rose Garden
Make sure you go over and tell Nikki hello and give her a big ole Bathroom Diva welcome!

Okay, Nikki, this is the good part! Would you please stand here with me? Oh, I must get my golden toilet brush. Oops, where is it! Just a minute! I can't go on without it! What am I going to do? Oh, there it is, Most Helpful One, just where I left it - by my golden toilet! What? I don't care how much gold is an ounce, these are my priceless golden jewels. Oh, never mind!

Now, Nikki, I am about to bestow upon you the most coveted and desired title in all of Blogland. You have stepped over the threshold where not many have been, especially with a camera in your hand! Because of your bravery today I now crown you with the title of Daring Darling Bathroom Snapping Diva and you are one now and shall be one forever and ever and until the twelth of never.
Go now and spread Bathroomness all over the world!

Oh, Bathroom business does a body good! If you're wondering if you can be a Diva too and join this marvelous gang, yes, you can if your daring and brave enough. Just run into a bathroom of your choice, turn your camera's little flash off and snap your most gorgeous smile in the mirror. Post it on your blog or either email your snaps and I will post you here on Note Songs and crown you before all of Blogland. Then you can take our little Bathroom button that I so meticulously made with my own dainty creamy fingers and proudly display it on your blog. Now don't be a little chicken, just do it! Snap snap snap on, Dear Ones!!