Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blue Monday and Met Monday

Hello Dear Ones and welcome to Blue Monday! Our most Bluest hostess is our own Smiling Sally. Thank you, Dear Sally, for always keeping our Mondays Blue!! Happy Blue!
As bloggers, aren't we always on the lookout for the perfect inspiration for a post? Well, I was in Hobby Lobby and there to my wandering eyes should appear - BLUE! I am a good blogger and always have my tiny little pink camera with me - just in case! Well, just in case happened! I snapped and now I'm sharing! :) Look at all of this beautiful Blueness!
Oh, how I wished Mr. Precious was the richest one! I would be buying it all! Where would I put all of this Blueness? Well, if he were the richest one I'd just buy a bigger house! :) Yes! That's exactly what I'd do! :) you know I'm kidding!
But lookee, lookee at that gorgeous Blueness of Roosters! Oh and see, there is a lidded jar with a Rooster on it! Oh, I must tell you ~ I bought nothing Blue! I'm so ashamed of myself, but Mr. Precious is shouting "Joyness!"

Blue blue, Dear Ones :)

Now on with my Met Monday post. This most wonderful Monday event is hostessed by our Dear Susan at Between Naps on The Porch. I want to thank you, Dear Susan, for hosting such a wonderful inspirational event. Mondays are just wonderful here in the Land of Blog, aren't they?

Well, if you know me, I kinda like to go off track sometimes. You see my tiny brain is always spinning and sometimes I get carried away in the wrong direction! :) Thus my Met Monday today!

This is a post about the transformation of a very big bulging belly ~ mine! :)
Here I am, in all of my old photo fuzziness, just a short time before giving birth to my dear son! I'm almost hurting remembering this time in my life as I didn't have a very easy pregnancy. My son's twin did not make it into this world, but one day I'll see that little one in Heaven! Not only is my belly swollen, so is my tiny face! I'm barefoot too! :) Isn't there something about being barefoot and pregnant!? Well, I was! :)

Five years later and I'm puffed up again with my darling daughter in that bulging belly. This was a very happy time in my life! Hey, but I gained 60 pounds with this little gal. I blame her for my fluffiness!! But I do have shoes on this time. :)

You can't tell in this olden fuzziness of photos, but I do not have a puffy, swollen or bulging belly. I am holding my two little belly bumps!! God bless 'em!

Fuzziness of photo of my darling daughter. She is blessed, happy and married to the love of her life and lives a wonderful life! But she has not had the puffy, swollen, bulging belly! She has just given me a grand dog! :)

Another fuzziness of photo of my dear son. Here he is as a soloist in the 82nd Airborne All American Chorus. The boy jumped from airplanes and is the reason for all my gray hair. Gray hair? Did I say that? Oh, excuse me, Dear Ones, I do not have any gray hairs! :) He is married to his high school sweetheart and they've given me nothing but two grand dogs! What is a Mother to do!!??

Now please go visit our Dear Sally and our Dear Susan for much Blueness and many transformations!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You Are A Masterpiece
Before you had a name or opened up your eyes,
Or anyone could recognize your face.
You were being formed so delicate in size
Secluded in God’s safe and hidden place.
With your tiny hands and
Little tiny feet
And little eyes that shimmer like a pearl.
He breathed in you a song and to make it all complete
He brought the masterpiece into the world.
You are a masterpiece….
And now you’re growing up your
Life’s a miracle
Every time I look at you,
I stand in awe….
~sung by Sandy Patty