Friday, February 6, 2009

Tea and Toast and Two Unexpected Divas

Hello, Dear Sweet Ones! How I've missed you all! I'm addicted to you and to blogging and just couldn't stay away any longer. I so very much appreciate all your sweet comments and prayers and now I feel much more refreshed and Mother is getting better! Life is good! May God richly bless you all! :)
So I'm up this morning to share a cup of tea with you. I love mine with milk and a couple packs of Splenda! Oh, it smells as good as it tastes! Oh, joyness!
Crispy toast spread with fake butter! Wait a minute - did you take a bite of my toast?

You are all my sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Toast and Marmalade for Tea

Toast and marmalade for tea
Sailing ships upon the sea
Aren't lovlier than you
Or the games I see you play

You're more lovely than the day
When the sun is in your eyes
I see through your disguise
Or the games I see you play
~sung by Tin Tin

Attention! Attention!! We must interrupt the end of this post to bring you the newest and latest breaking news! You all know I have taken a short break from blogging and in my absence Bathroom business has been going on! Oh, Can't Believe It's Happened Again Ones, yes! Now sit down and let me give you the lasted scoop!

What have we here? Oh, look, do I see a Most Nekked (Texan for naked) One? Yes, Can't Believe Your Peepers Ones, this is a nekked one in the tub. If you have little ones around you may want to cover their little eyes! This most beautiful bubbled up one was spotted by our lovely Diva Lorrie at who just happened to have her camera and snapped at the perfect moment! I must get down to my Bathroom business to tell if she is genuine. Okay, I do see the creamiest complexion, hair filled with bathroom highlights, unfortunately she is not clad at all, but look at those long slender legs! Oh yes, Most Giggling Ones, we have a Bathroom Diva in the buff! But Dearest Ones, she is so special! Somehow she is able to make her bubbles in the tub light up! Oh, Samantha, move over! Or are these fireflies? I guess it doesn't matter because this Tub Lady is joining our elite pack of Divas!


Here we go again, Surely Amazed Ones! Look what I see!! This is our lovely Diva Dana at and she has been joined by some tiny itty bitty beautiful one! Oh, I am getting Bathroom visions, Seeing Into The Past Ones, of a tiny beautiful little one who has such special powers to transform, clean, cook, just do anything that is needed with a wave of her itty bitty dainty arms!

Look! She has even transformed our most gorgeous Dana into Workout Dana! Oh, yes! I see, if I squint realy hard, the most creamiest of complexions, locks filled with bathroom highlights, dressed to perfection in a little pink fairy dress, the most gorgeous teeny tiny little smile. Oh, Thinking This Is Barbie But It's Not Ones, this is a real Bathroom Diva!! Oh, it's coming to me now - let me consentrate - um, let's see, um, Eureka!! I have it! This is the Little Pink Fairy who has come to Dana's house to work her magic! Welcome, little magical one to Divaland.

I am so thrilled, being the Queen of Divas that I am, that Bathroom business goes on and on even in my absence! Okay, time to crown!

Please, Most Helpful Ones, hand me my golden toilet brush.
What? No, I've never used the golden toilet brush before! It's perfectly sparkling clean. Shh...

Please stand before me Almost Diva Ones. Whoops, Tub Lady, really, here's a towel! Alright...Tub Lady and Little Pink Fairy you are about to be given a title that will follow you your entire life! Others want it - they can't have it. Some achieve, some don't. But you have won the Bathroom race and are now a part of the Diva pack! I bestow upon you the title of Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas. You are one now and will be for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Now go and create Bathroom magic in your worlds! Snap on, Darling Divas, snap on!

My life is so complete now!


  1. Good Morning Shelia! I love it that the "Calgon Take Me Away" lady that I found has become a true Bathroom Diva! Thank you for bequeathing this highest of honors upon her. I've always wondered if she decided to relax in the bath after attending a Red Hat luncheon--what do you think?

  2. Hi Shelia...I'm so glad to know you're feeling better and mom's doing better, too!

    I love the tub lady!!! You are a hoot with your bathroom business photos and what you've gotten all the ladies doing!!

    Thanks for stopping by! Yep...I have to dress up my blog now that I know how to make fancy headers and backgrounds. I love making extras and sharing them now with our Blog Make-Overs.


  3. Shelia, you crack me up. A little rest is great for your sense of humor! Hope things keep getting better. :)

  4. Oh, Your Sheilaness, I am so so happy that you are feeling sassy again..and so glad to hear your mom is, too.
    I am just beside myself with the Tub CUTE, i can't stand it!! Love her!! I am pretty sure SHE is going to be HARD to beat and will be wearing the CROWN until the end of time!!
    xo bj

  5. So glad to see you back and that things are on the mend. I love toast and tea too. And I thought you wouldnt notice one little bite, sorry. My, what a gorgeous bathroom diva you have there.

    You have cheered me up no end you know particularly after I was feeling so depressed because I dumped George Clooney today. I know, dont say it. He had to go.

  6. Shelia Shelia Shelia, I missed you so very much. Here you are with a lovely cuppa and three great bathroom photos of lovely Diva's. Thank you for brightening my morning and welcome back!!

  7. Oh, Shelia!

    The Little Pink Fairy is just fluttering her sweet PINK wings in unstoppable excitement! She had NO idea she would reach the heights of Bathroom Divaness while she was helping me get ready for my exercise class! She's such a giving and kind soul--her intent was purely to help me. However, all good deeds do not go unnoticed---as evidenced in our surprise appearance in your post this morning! :) Well, we thank you for adding these photos to your Diva Wall of Fame. The Diva in the Tub--well, that's quite the act to follow!!! Woo-Hoo! What a cutie!

    Glad your mom (and YOU) are doing better and you are able to write your great posts and make your sweet visits! Love your little cup and plate!!! Those would brighten any meal!

    Take good care of yourself--so glad to have you back!! Dana

  8. Oh, Shelia, great news!
    Great that you and your mom are well!

    And Your Bathroom business thrives beautifully.
    Both new Divas are fantastic!

    I am wonder how Diva Lorrie made this bublees in light. Very efective! Good idea.

    Diva Dana is amazing!

    Thank you Queen of Divas, dear Shelia
    and have a blessing weekend!

  9. Oh, I'm dancing a happy dance that the Queen Bathroom Diva is back in business! How we have missed your sweetness in our lives!!! :-)

    And I love the new divas... they are priceless. When I saw Calgon Queen, I knew then and there that she would be perfect for Divahood, and or course Dana and the fairy just go without saying!

    Congrats to the new divas, and I'm thrilled that the Queen is back to do the installation!

    We've missed you!


    Sheila :-)

  10. Oh I'm so happy to see you back again, I missed you. Sure glad to hear your Mom is doing better too. Nobody could hold a candle to you the way you post a Bathroom Diva. You're a Pro.

    Love Ya,

  11. Hi Shelia -
    It's so good to hear from you. I've missed you and hope you will check in again soon. It's just not the same without you!

  12. Welcome HOME! (It doesn't feel right without you.)

    I can guarantee you that it was not me who took that bite; there was no jelly on it!

  13. Sheila,
    So glad to hear you are relaxed and recharged. Sometimes a girl just has to take a break!

    Welcome back!


  14. Welcome back Shelia I have seen you here and there so I didn't put your face on milk cartons yet..glad to know Mama is doing better girl..Love the Diva today girls you are looking good!!! hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  15. Morning Shelia,

    Glad you are back and you sound refreshed. Hope your Mom is doing better and you have gotten some needed rest. Have a wonderful weekend.♥

  16. OH What a wonderful photo (trying to hide chewing...tastes like real butter)! Have a lovely weekend :)


  17. Good to have you back and refreshed. Hugs and kisses to your Mom.

  18. Those are pretty dishes!! Have we seen them in a tablescape before?? Glad to see you are renewed and back with us. Sally

  19. Nice to have you back Shelia!! :-)

    Now I feel like having a cup of tea with milk.. I haven't had that for years!!! (! YES, years!)
    I used to drink it all the time when I was younger..

    GREAT bathroom Divas!


  20. Hi Sheila...I'm so glad that both you and your mom are feeling better! And I love the new divas! Have a great weekend...Debbie

  21. Good Morning Shelia! Glad to see you are up and running again and your Mom is doing well, too. And there you are with another set of cute china! ~ Robyn

  22. Shelia,
    Just recently following your blog.
    I am happy yo hear that your Mom is doing better.
    Welcome back!

  23. So glad your are feeling better. I too love my tea with milk and sweet, although I still use real sugar. I also use "fake" butter. I can't believe it's not butter tastes the most like real butter (in my opinion) so that's what I'll buy, but oh how I miss the real stuff.
    Yay more divas!

  24. Hi Shelia! I'm SO glad to hear that your Mother is on the mend, and that you are feeling perky again too! :-) I've been peeking in and am very happy to hear that things are looking up.

    I'm a tea enthusiast as well, and I also like my tea with milk...and one teaspoon of sugar plus one Sweet-n-Low! lol I love your teacup and plate. And I never fail to giggle over your Bathroom Diva funny!

  25. I hope you and your mother are doing well these days.

  26. Welcome back, sweet sister. Be sure to give mom a hug from me. ;-)

    I sure wish we could get together for our toast and coffee.

    Those bathroom divas are growing in number. I am especially fond of Dana's fairy diva.

  27. Glad you're back and refreshed! Also glad to hear your mom is doing better.

  28. Shelia:
    So glad you are feeling better. I wondered if the sweet ones who visit would go away if a blogger were sick or camping in the woods with no electricity or internet. And then I see all your well wishers and it makes me feel better to know that bloggers stick around if one of our favorites has to go away. Also, love the bubble girl. I think this would be a nicer world if we all had to hang twinkle lights on our homes.
    Roberta Anne

  29. All of Blogland is smiling now...
    our Shelia is back! Good to hear your mom is doing better. ;-) Bo

  30. Shelia, I am in the fridge looking for the jam!! Now I am looking for a knife! Now I am poring me a cup of tea,sugar and milk . Now We can EAT! Oh no You ran out of TOAST!!!! Oh give me a spoon I will just eat the jam! hehe Kathy

  31. I'm so glad your back and got the rest you need.
    Love the lady in the bathtub and the Barbie was such a great addition to the newest Diva's shots.


  32. I'm glad to see you back. :) I love toast too, but I like mine with my coffee. One year one of my students gave me a jar of blueberry jam from LL Bean and I had it every day on my toast. It was SOOOOOO good.

    I hope you are getting the rest that you need and that your mother is doing better.

    take care,

  33. Oh I love your dishes in the first post!! What are they? No wait, don't tell me. I'm too addicted to dishes. No, tell me.

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!!

  34. I have missed you but understand your need to rest a bit. So very thankful that you and your Mother are better. Thank the Lord for answered prayer. May you both have a blessed weekend.

  35. Sheila! so glad to see you back! You are so funny with your bathroom divas! I have got to remember to do this! Well, I have to tell you I have officially become a blogger! Don't know what I'm doing but I've posted 3 times! Take a look and let me know what you think! God Bless! Lauralu

  36. Well that settles it ... I want to be a Bathroom Diva too! You and I drink our tea exactly the same way, dear.

  37. Sweetie Pie Sheila, YOU ARE SO FUN! I'm going to stay very "wrinkle free" if I keep visiting your blog! They say frowning really ages a person...not on your dime will anyone be frowning. What a blessing you are sweetie! Hey, don't miss visiting my place to enter a challenge for my first give away! Deadline for the give away is Sun. 2/8 @ 8pm. Come on over friend! ;) ~CC Catherine

  38. Shelia you're so funny... you have such a especial talent to make people happy... joy is in your heart, keept it that way...

    Have a blessed weekend


  39. Shelia, I am happy you are feeling better and it shows! ;-)

    Also happy your mom is doing better. I said a lot of prayers.

    I didn't know about the bathroom diva's but I will catch on sooner or later. Love large diva lady bath I supposed to comment on the pic's????

    Jane (aka Confused Blonde in Chicago)

  40. OH MY
    Just going off to bed but came over to see the Diva's.
    Just wonderful pics of the bubble lady how cool and our very own Dana girl.
    I'm so glad they made it.
    Love You

  41. Hi Shelia!~ I am so glad your mom is better. You and your tub lady are so happy....Christine

  42. Shelia I am glad your mom is doing better! I was worried because you didn't post all week! I kept checking but no Shelia :(
    You know... I haven't put milk in my tea in years and growing up that's always how I had it! you just inspired me to do it!
    Glad you're back! It's not the same in Blogland without you!

  43. I missed you too, Shelia.
    Thanks God your mom is getting better
    and you too.
    Thank you for tea + toast. Beautiful
    and yummy.
    My Congratulations to two beautiful New Divas!

    God bless!

  44. So glad to hear that your mama is doing better! Your tea and toast looks so inviting! The Divas crack me up:-)


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