Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stop Me! Can Somebody Please Help Me!?

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Oh, Dear Ones, I have a confession to make. I think I've made it before, but I'll be brave and repeat myself. I'm a dishaholic! Yes, that's right. I can't help myself. Can anyone out there help me?
You see, I can just be driving down the street and I will feel dishes softly calling my tiny name! I will turn the car around if I have to and go to the nearest thrift shop! Yes, I will do just that!
Last week I was returning from the grocery store and I heard the calling! I started to tremble and my car starting waving back and forth on the road! Oh, no! It's happening again, I said to myself. I immediately picked up my cell and dialed my Mother and told her there was so much traffic on the streets and I was going to be later coming home than I thought. I was headed straight to the nearest thrift shop!
Do you see what I just did!? I lied to my Mother! Dishaholics do these sorts of things! She told me later she knew what I was going to do. I wasn't even fooling her! Oh, the agony of Dishaholism! It's terrible, I tell you! Just Terrible!
Is there any help for someone like me? Would any of you admit to being a dishaholic!?
I want you just to look at this temptation! I really do try to be strong, but hey, I love dishes! They don't have to be priceless, or antiques, or even beautiful - they just have to call my name and believe me, I can hear very well! Oh, I'm so ashamed!
Well, you're not going to even believe this! I started loaded up the above nine plates! Yes, I said NINE plates! See? It was already worked out for me in case I broke a plate I would still have service for eight! I have dishaholism very badly! Do you see these kitchy glasses? They're really not pretty at all - they are peach and blue already! How 80s! But with my disease, I had to have them, Dear Ones! They matched the plates and there were NINE of them! Can you see what a bad shape I'm in?
Kitchy glasses to match the plates, nine of each, they were all coming home with me. I was reeling! Almost passing out! I had to steady myself by leaning on the checkout counter. Man, this is so bad. I'm so ashamed!
Just look at these glasses! Would anyone in their right mind bring these things home? Well, if you were a dishaholic like me you would. You really wood.
Now dishes are dishes whether you can eat out of them or not. I turned to leave the shop and right then and there I had to stop! It was happening again...can you hear it? What?
Ever so softly...Shelia...Shelia! Oh, the voice is so sweet, I just couldn't help myself! I grabbed this lovely vase, after all it will go with all my red and white transferware. See, I even reason with myself! I'm such a dishaholic! Will I ever be cured? Can I ever be cured? I just don't know!
I flipped this little lovely over to look at the mark on the bottom, you know dishaholics do this too, and I almost fainted again! It said FTD and there was the flower man! Oh, my heart was just pounding! Someone had ordered flowers for a dear one in this very vase from a florist and it was delivered right to the door! Special sweetheart roses or springy cut flowers were resting in this and it was held in love by somebody! Was that somebody a dishaholic? I don't think so or they wouldn't have let this little beauty go.
Well, there you have it. I've been as honest, except to my Mother, as I can be with you. I am a dishaholic and I have dishaholism very badly. Can anyone help me? Can anyone stop me?
No way! Only if Mr. Precious takes away my credit card!!! I'm about to run out of hiding places!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Bottle of Wine
(well, you know what I mean! ) ;)

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine,
when you gonna let me get sober.
Let me alone. Let me go home.
Let me back and start over.

Well, I've rambled around this dirty old town
singing for nickels and dimes.

Times getting' rough.
I can't get enough to buy me a little bottle of wine.

Well, little hotel, older than hell, cold as the dark in the mine.
Light so dim, I had to grin, I got me a little bottle of wine.

Well, the preacher will preach
and the teacher will teach.
The miner will dig in the mine.

I ride the rods, trusting in God,
huggin' my little bottle of wine.

Well, pain in my head,
bugs in my bed,
pants so old that they shine.

Out on the street, I tell the people I meet
to buy me a little bottle of wine.

Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine, when you gonna let me get sober.
~sung by The Kingston Trio - poor things


  1. 200 POSTS! Congratulations! That's a lot of posting! I love your new dishes AND your new glasses! My name is Laurie, and I am a dishaholic. I would have bought every single thing that you came home with from the grocery store trip! laurie

  2. Am I the first! Ya'll are all crazy! Crazy for dishes! And you're dragging me down with you! Now everywhere I go I look for dishes and their prospective tablescaping possibilities! Yours are precious! but the glasses?! what were you thinking girlfriend?! LOL But you're right they match perfectly! Add a little sweet tea and they won't look near as bad! God Bless! Lauralu :)

  3. LOL Sheila! Well the only way I know how to help is have you send me all of the plates you buy and I can turn them into mosaics! Would that help?
    p.s. LOVE the red and white vase!

  4. Dishaholism, lol! Admitting it is the first step to recovery, right? Well, if loving dishes is wrong, I don't want to be right! (But sadly I think you are right about those glasses, oh my... I think I have some legwarmers to match!) The rose plates are very pretty and the vase is GORGEOUS. Great finds! Let me know if you find a 12-step program so I can steer clear of it.

  5. Why in the world would you want help with something that is NORMAL, chick???? There's no help for it and it's fine. Breathe deeply and keep repeating.....I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine. It's normal, it's normal, it's normal. There now, don't you feel better?!?!?!

  6. I am not listening. LA la lah lah. Because as you saw, dishes called out to me from the thrift store. And now I think I'm HOOKED and want more! Oh MY! I really do not NEED another addiction. I already have blogging, redecorating, junk finds, makeover trash....dishes.... NO not yet. Now everyone is chatting about this scaping on some tables. Interesting. But I need more dishes in order to do that! Oh dear and I do LOVE the pretty dishes you bought.

  7. Yes.. my dearest... you have a dish problem you need Dish recovery therapy. DA classes needed!

  8. i just feel so warm and at home i'd just come in an old friend's home.

    You have a beautiful place here, Sheila.


    from One Day at A time /Reflections

  9. I guess we are both gonna be locked up for being dishaholics. Problem is, we'll like the prison dishes too! Love the sweet pattern on the dishes. You know, candy bars call out my name too!

  10. Well, I'm what's called an enabler, so I don't see your problem at all. What I think you need is a nice bottle of wine and some pretty wine glasses to go with those dishes.

  11. These are fabulous!! I haven't had this sort of luck in thrify places in our neck o the woods. I'm definitely going to beg J to stop in Jeff City on our way home tomorrow! I really "need" more dishes.

  12. Sorry, I can't help you, Shelia, cause I have to be honest, I have the same problem...I am a dishaholic too. Just today, I got a shipment of 2 sets of dishes, one of them were from 1920 and I got a service for 12 so I have been busy washing them by hand cause I did not want to take a chance washing them in a dishwasher. I love the dishes and even the glasses that you bought....Christine

  13. Oh, women are BORN with it...born to want dishes..even as tiny little girls, we love dishes. Our men never really 'get it'...they seem to have the silliest notion that all you need are the ones HE eats off of...Oh, yes...I am beginning to hear my little name stop by a few thrift stores soon...
    Oh...and I LOVE YOUR DISHES and THE GLASSES!! Good score!!
    xo bj

  14. I think I'm becoming just that bad. I feel almost like I'm being punished if I can't go look and see what's new at least once a week. I will try to get control. Great post and I love all your new finds. Hugs, Marty

  15. LOL! You are a hoot! I, too, heard the calling today from Pier 1! And inside was the prettiest plates I've seen that's perfect for our family and 4th of July! So to convince my dh, I told him that I'll be returning these goblets (I now hate cause they're so huge) and the RL tablecloth (never used) to pay for them. And they were 50% off!

    So yes dearie, you are not alone. I am still doing the cartwheel over my Bordallos, hee, hee...

    Carolyn of What Now? Tablescape

  16. Love your new finds, by the way! Go find more!!! LOL

  17. Hahahaha!! Shelia, your posts always make me laugh!! :-) I can relate to your dishaholism, only I'm that way with cushions and lamps. I mean, really, how many lamps does a person need?!

    I'm thrilled to hear that my hallway post inspired you to paint your doors chocolate brown :-) I'm sure you'll love them!! Who says doors have to be white?! :-)

    If you'd like any tips on how I painted my doors, drop me a line and I'll help you out :-)


  18. Enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing it.


  19. You are just adorable. Totally. No wonder your mother lets you lie to her and Mr Precious doesn't cut up your credit card. You are too much fun!! LOL. Yes I am a shopaholic and a dishaholic. I am going to do a new blog some time soon with lots of inpsirational things on that I like. Dishes will be amongst them. there is no help sorry Shelia. You ust have to keep finding them and givng them a home. Look at it like that. You are givng them a home, he he.

    By the way if you have been having trouble with followers - people are complainig that they lost followers overnight hre is some info.

    To fix the Follower issue, go to Dashboard. On the left you will see "Manage". Click on that. To the right of each blog if you see "Anonymously" against any blogs you are folloowing, you needs to change it to "Publicly." It often reverts to Anonymous for some strange reason. Now you will appear on that person's blog. I imagine they have to do the same to reappear on your blog. So spread the word! If you have trouble go to The Daily Blonde and read her post. She has more information.

  20. Oh Lordy Sheila, I almost passed out when I seen your blog ! I know we are kin now girl . I think I am your long lost sister your mom never told you about LOL . Tell her I am just kidding!
    I couldn't have passed those up either.Go look at what I didn't pass up.

  21. I'm not a Dishaholic yet but y'all are bound to turn me into one sooner or later! I think it is a hoot that your Mama saw right through your little white lie.
    I think your motto should be "I never met a dish I didn't like!"

  22. I can help you, yes I can. Just send a set of your prettiest dishes on to me, and part of your problem is solved, lol. The first step is admitting you have a problem and that things are uncontrollable. The second step is, yep, just what I suggested above. lol

    Those are such pretty plates, and yes, the glasses may be old fashioned, but they are perfect with the dishes and too cute!


  23. You made me laugh so much Shelia. I love dishes too and especcialy I love coffeecups and saucers.. Always need to buy some when I see the lovely ones.

  24. My blog buddy Linda ( Royal Touch) and i are going to a DISHAHOLIC meeting next week. It is right by 2 Antique stores . We thought we would stop at them before we went to the meeting. Wanna come??? lol..mishelle Ps,. I think if you gave me the red toile cute vase, your quilty feelings would lessen.....

  25. Morning Shelia~

    I think you are out of control and I love it! :) The dishes are adorable and I adore the sweet little blue flowers~ I'm looking forward to your tablescape!

    Big hugs~ J

  26. Dishaholism...the first step is admitting you have a problem...LOL

    You find the prettiest things and matching glasses too!
    I love the red and white vase!

  27. It's OK honey!! We understand totally and I bet your mother does too. ;)

  28. I can see why those dishes were calling you... they are just too cute to be stuck in the store. They needed a home that would love them!

  29. Oh Miss sweet Shelia... I can understand 100% about being a dishaholic... We woman tend to click with something and we can't get enough of them... Be it Shoes, Jewelry, Clothes or Dishes... Then you get some of us who are just addictive people...Like me... I want it all. LOL LOL I always buy an extra place setting if available just in case of breakage... Your dishes are lovely and the bowl is really beautiful... Even those poor little glasses are cute since they match the dishes so well... Have a fun dish day... Give mom a hug from me... Love Ya


  30. Morning girl...loved those dishes and yes I would have bought the glasses too....they say confession is good for the you have just delivered your soul! lol But lying to your own mama now that might cost you a few points! lol

    I am the same way when I buy dishes...I always think I need an extra piece just in caae one gets broken! Embrace your 'sickness' are in goooood company! lol

  31. Dishaholic???
    Why not?
    I like people with passion. I learned more about dishes from you!

    God bless you and God bless your passionate life!

  32. GM Sweetness, I have a question, do ya'll buy one of those metal storage sheds to store dishes. LOL
    I had 5 sets, then when we moved into this house, I only kept 2, my china, which I rarely use and my everyday dishes. I had many a depression glass set that I gave to my daughter. I hope she still has it.I had so many pieces to that. enjoy your dish hunting, you're very good at that.

    Love Ya,

  33. Love all the new dishes and glasses...understandable how you would be addicted to beauty!!
    Congrats on 200!
    kari & kijsa

  34. Dishaholics UNITE! We know who we are....can we alone cure the economic crisis? I think we might!
    Oh, and 9 dishes??? 9 is a good is 5 and 13!
    I feel your pain....and if you need to talk, please wait until later today....I NEED to go to Homegoods, lately, I have been hearing my name...

  35. Shelia, relax, take a deep breath...everything will be OK.

    I'm here to help you.

    I've known other dishaholics and trust me, the ONLY way to end those "little voices" calling your name, is to:


    That will end your "voices", save you from lying to your mom and prevent Mr. Precious from cutting up your credit card!! It would also help with the "no place to hide anything anymore"!

    I will email you my address. Take your time wrapping everything...and I will be expecting a LARGE, or SEVERAL LARGE packages from you!


    *Chloe Dawn...don't let your mommy know that I'm a Dishaholic, too!!! Cuz, then, she wouldn't probably send all her dishes to me!! And, just think...if she does, she'll have MORE time to LOVE on you!!! OK, Chloe Dawn?*

  36. We understand!! There are a lot of us out there - just cannot resist buying a dish. I was a Kingston Trio fan years ago, but don't remember that song - it is too funny. We may have pain in our head, but hope there are no bugs in our bed!!!! Rest now, after your little excursion to the grocery store. Sally

  37. I don't blame you Shelia!
    Those dishes are sooo cute!

  38. Nope, I am not going to stop you at all! I am just going to sit back and enjoy the dishes that you buy! I may have to start joining you though!

  39. Hi Shelia
    The dishes are gorgeous. I love the shape of them and the rim and the pretty flowers in the middle. Just beautiful! You were right to heed to that have to ...I know.
    I'm so into dishes too... perhaps contageous from you...thats how it is.

    Enjoy and we'll look forward to a tablescape soon I'm sure
    have a lovely day

  40. Hi Shelia
    The dishes are gorgeous. I love the shape of them and the rim and the pretty flowers in the middle. Just beautiful! You were right to heed to that have to ...I know.
    I'm so into dishes too... perhaps contageous from you...thats how it is.

    Enjoy and we'll look forward to a tablescape soon I'm sure
    have a lovely day

  41. Hi Shelia
    The dishes are gorgeous. I love the shape of them and the rim and the pretty flowers in the middle. Just beautiful! You were right to heed to that have to ...I know.
    I'm so into dishes too... perhaps contageous from you...thats how it is.

    Enjoy and we'll look forward to a tablescape soon I'm sure
    have a lovely day

  42. You must live by some amazing thrift stores. Or maybe I just need to visit the ones around here more. The plates and the glasses were made to be together, thank you for not breaking up a family.

    Roberta Anne

  43. Yep, you definitely need help girl, 'cause those glasses are ugly! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! The plates and vase are cute though!

    Justiney :o )

  44. Good Morning, Friend! Well yes, I can certainly understand and I know there are many others in blogland that share our problem. I am spending way too much time in thrift stores these days looking for old dishes. It is a fun and fairly harmless habit, right? Unless we start lying to our dear mothers! LOL! Too cute...

    Enjoy those finds. Those glasses will be perfect with your new dishes!


  45. I don't blame you one bit Shelia because I love dishes too. About ten years ago I gave away quite a few sets and now that I'm retired I could just kick myself. Well figuratively speaking of course. You just keep buying those dishes. They are all beautiful and it makes you happy. It makes all of us in blog land happy to see them too.

  46. Shelia, I have something special for you, please come by and pick it up!

  47. Oh, my dear sister. I do see the twelve step program in your future. But, seeing as we are sisters, I will share your burden. I'll take half, and we can each do six steps. ;-)

    Loving them!!! And, you!!!


    You need to buy smaller dishes so you can put them in your purse when you sneak them past your husband. (Lauri - I think!)

    You can hide dishes in the puddles of your curtains. (Gollum)

    Dishes will call your name from miles away. (YOU)

  49. Congratulations on your 200th post Shelia!

    You are one of the sweetest bloggers out there.

    As some of your readers have noted, admitting you have a problem is the first step! But the way I see it, you could have problems a whole lot worse than this. LOL

  50. Hi Sheila,

    Oh my goodness - a fellow dishaholic! It is an incurable "good" type of disease! ;)

    Thanks for visiting me -- I am glad we are now connected. We dishaholics have to band together!

  51. You are soooo funny. I don't think it is bad to be a dishaholic. They are beautiful!

    By the way, how is your mom doing?

  52. Dishaholics UNITE! I'm right there with you, Shelia. Between the two of us, we could sink a battleship with our dishes! I love this holia. Who cares what they think... dish away, Shelady! Dish away!


    Sheila :-)

    And congrats again... I posted on the previous post. :-)

  53. Sheila, you are not alone with your addiction. I love dishware too. But, my other addiction is easier to store. If I had a lovely old fashion pantry, it would be loaded with all kinds of dishes and such. Keep showing us yours, it makes us happy.

  54. Yep, I'm a full blown dishaholic also and I've run out of places to store them. I'd love to have boxes that stack and are the same size but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. And not only do I have sets, I have odd plates because they are so pretty I can't not buy them.... Whats a gal to do!


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