Friday, January 23, 2009

Very Crafty

Hi Dear Ones! I wanted to show you a little lamp I found at a very discounted price last year at Hobby Lobby. Now I love the roosters and this was just the cutest little thing.
This is a very small little lamp and just as cute as a button. ;)
See that little olden looking face? I just had to have him, but something was missing. You know, the lamp just needed something.

Now before I go on...let me warn you! This craft is not for the novice crafter. This craft should only be performed by the most experienced crafters around. So if you're not accustomed to 'do it yourself' kinds of things, maybe you should leave now. Just know you've been warned!
I have begun to gather my supplies. I realized the missing something was trim around the lampshade! Again, be very careful. This is very difficult.

Oh, my goodness! There is my glue gun and glue sticks. I must warn you about glue guns if you're not familiar with them. They get extremely hot and you could get electrocuted. You can burn your fingers so badly and be injured for life! Now are you sure you want to continue here? I'm warning you, dear not so crafty ones!
Stand back! Iwill put the glue stick into the glue gun and I will gently plug it up! Don't have wet hands! This is where caution is so important! Be so very careful!
Oh, now it's time to really get down to the business of putting the trim around the edge of the lampshade. This is very difficult! You have to be so careful! First you put just a little dab of glue on the lampshade and then place the trim on top of the glue and hold it down very carefully for a few seconds until it dries! Now be careful! You can really burn your little dainty creamy fingers!

You continue gluing and pressing all the way around the edge as shown until you meet up with where you started! You have to be so careful to make sure you've placed the trim straight and not wocky jawed! That's where being an experienced crafter comes in handy.
Okay, now for another very tricky and dangerous act. Very gently unplug the glue gun from the wall socket! Don't just grab and yank! Many eyes have been put out that way! The plug can fly right up to your face and poke your eyes out! Yes, it's happened before. I kid you not! The plug has left many a scar on beautiful faces, too! So very gently unplug...please! Now set the glue gun down on it's little rest thingy and let it cool! Don't touch it! You'll permanently damage your fingers!
Whew! That was making me so nervous! I'm so glad that part is done! Now, I really do try to take care of any leftover supplies so this is what I do with my leftover trim. Since the edges will ravel out all over the place, I take my tape in the olden tape dispenser and and tape it over the edges just like I've shown you here. Somehow tape that is in an olden tape dispenser works best. Again, if you're not familiar with crafting, maybe you shouldn't try this.
All finished! Isn't this the most professional looking job you've ever seen? And it was oh so difficult, but I wanted to share my expertise with you darlings.
Uh oh! Well, I am such an experienced crafter and all, but in my hurriedness I forgot to iron my trim! Oh, my goodness! I'm a failure! I've let you down! See that little cowlick? For shame on me! I do believe I've blown my experienced crafter image! :(
Well, cowlick or not, my job is done! My little rooster lamp sits proudly on my kitchen counter to light the way for someone stumbling through the kitchen at night time.
As I said in the beginning, this job is only for the experienced ones. Don't try this all by yourself! You could really hurt yourself or burn down the house or even be dead! Please don't be intimidated by what I can do ~ I am very crafty and very creative and just wanted to throw this out to you experienced ones just in case you thought you would like to try this too! Remember, safety first! :)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;) now you know I was just kidding!

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

You can climb a mountain
You can swim the sea
You can jump into the fire
But you'll never be free
You can shake me up
Or I can break you down
Whoa-o-o-o-, whoa-o-o-o-
We can make each other happy
(Repeat entire 3 times more)
You can jump into the fire
sung by Harry Nilsson


  1. It was worth the risk! It turned out beautifully; the fringe on the shade was just what it needed.

  2. Dear Shelia, I can use a staple gun, does that make me a professional like you? lol!!

    Your lamp got the magic touch! It looks fab!

  3. Hi Shelia,
    The lamp looks great! Love how you embellished it!

  4. Great job. Fringe makes everything better. :)

    I never would have thought to iron the fringe either. Bet someone crafty will tell you just how to make it lay down.

  5. Shelia~

    This turned out cute as a button!

    Hugs~ J

  6. When sharing a recipe, some cooks purposely leave out an ingredient!

    Ahem. I did not see HOW you overlapped that fringe, so how can I possibly complete this dangerous craft?

  7. What a wonderful job you and your craftiness did with this lovely lamp!! Oh, crafty one!!!

    It looks beautiful!!

  8. Shelia...You are one daring lady!! You really added a nice touch to Mr. Rooster Lamp. However, I am with Smilin Sal, I didn't really see the taping of the fringe part. Your expert advice will be greatly appreciated!


  9. Oh Shelia...what a perfect touch! Now I am eyeing my lamps. Ohhh...wait....I am probably not experienced enough to attempt anthing like that! lol I'd better leave that to the experts! Great idea! (I may be trying this for real!) Hugs...Debbie

  10. GM Shelia..for a minute there girl I thought you were going to make us wear a hard hat to do this crafty thing...looks great Pickle..have a great weekend and give your Mama my best...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Cute rooster lamp. I love what you did with the shade.
    I've been burned before, you can't be to careful now.

  12. Shelia, you did "beautifully" on that one, chickee!!

  13. You really know how to dress up a lamp. It looks fantastic. Or I should say He looks Handsome. ~ Robyn

  14. That looks great, cowlick and all! I should try that on some of my lampshades.

  15. That was exactly what that little rooster lamp needed. TOO CUTE! I just bought a rooster lamp the other day from Cracker Barrel. A small one that is also in my kitchen! I just love it!!!

  16. Sweet Sheila, you make it look sooo easy. I think that little rooster is thanking his little lucky stars that you went out on a limb for him. Oh the danger! It's because of brave ladies like you that our world (and little rooster lamps) are a better place. I hope you were wearing googles, hehe. Love ya!

  17. make the ordinary things in life extraordinary! LOL
    Never a dull moment at your sweet blog! ;-) Bo

  18. Hi Shelia,
    The fringe looks great. I have gotten many blisters from the darn glue gun.

  19. You just spiffed that little lamp right up! It looks great!

    Have a fantastic Friday :-)

  20. Well, well---I must say "Move over Martha, there's a new gal in town!!" What a great Trim Tutorial, you crafty queen you! You were so right to warn the inexperienced as to the dangers of GLUE GUNS!!! I've burned many a digit while working with that pesky tool!!
    Your finished project is a sight to behold!! Thank you for that share!

    Also, so glad to see your swell new rug--and so glad Chloe Dawn finds it comfy! AND of course, I was happy to read the Good Mending report on your mom! It's so great that you girls are getting more rest!

    Have a terrific weekend! Dana

  21. Oh Greatness of Talent, you made a huge difference in that lamp, now it goes with the rest of your elegant house. See, with all the warnings, it's why I don't attempt anything that might endanger my life. :) That's why I'm poor, I buy everything.

    Love Ya,

  22. Beautiful transformation, Shelia! I really like what you did.And guess what! I just started a blog too....Christine

  23. Hi Shelia
    Your lamp shade looks so lovely now. I really like the colour and the type of trim you chose.
    Great pro-fessional job!

    p.s. you asked about how to get the little screw into the birdie? Yes it just screwed right in. First I put it in carefully and then unscrewed it and put just a dab of glue in there, also using my glue gun. Then I screwed it back in. Its a good fit.

    enjoy your day

  24. How cute! I love what you did with the fringe! I don't know if I'm daring enough to tackle a project like that, even though I have some plain lampshades I would love to try it with!

    *sigh* Maybe with my hubby's supervision I could use a glue gun? I wouldn't dare attempt to use it when I'm alone! (tee hee!)

    Have a lovely day!
    Margie :)(:

  25. Great job! That shade looks SO much better after you took it into your very capable crafty hands! laurie

  26. Sheila, you are just too funny. I love the embellishment you added. Put a finished look to your darling lamp.. hugs ~lynne~

  27. I always burn my fingers with those darn things.
    Thanks for the warning. " )
    Your lamp is beautiful.
    Love your note song again
    Love Claudie

  28. You are SO BRAVE Shelia!! ;-)
    LOVED THE LAMP!!! I love roosters too.. and that trim really made it the lamp look even better!! GOOD JOB!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  29. As much as you've SCARED me and put the fear of God in me....I may, just MAY, get the glue gun out this weekend. I promise to tackle something MUCH easier because I'm SURE you wouldn't want my demise to be trace back to you. YOU WARNED ME, Right!??! I'm picking up the gun at my own risk...LOL!!!
    Hope your Mom is doing better each day!

  30. Oh! That rooster lamp belongs in my home! You should send it to me right now! Hurry, wrap it up and post away....:-)))))

    Love how the trim just made it PERFECT.

  31. I am amazed at the skill level this takes. I have the same hot glue gun and I keep telling myself to get one of the new "cold" ones.

  32. Oh Shelia, I don't know if I'll ever be as crafty as you! But I think the cowlick gives it character.

  33. Ha! Sheila, I just love visiting your are such a delight! LOL at "dear not so craft ones!" among other things in this post. All joking aside, I do love how you embellished this super sweet little rooster turned out really sassy! Great job, and you are so right about the dangers of a hot glue gun in the hands of a novice crafter! :-)

  34. I was careful and I enjoyed your post.
    Good lesson. And great job.
    Thanks Shelia!
    Have a bless weekend!

  35. Too cute and funny! And what a difference a little trim made for the rooster. I love little lamps in the kitchen.
    Roberta Anne

  36. You are SO crafty!! It's a good thing you didn't get the iron out to press the fringe - it also gets hot and has a plug - danger lurking everywhere!!! Take care, Sally

  37. ...still chuckling over this one! Good job, it's adorable.

  38. Hello my sweet crafty friend... I will be getting out my super glue gun and attempt to beautify my little shades like you did... It would make a lovely accent in Tassie... Hope mommy is doing well... give her a great big hug for me... Love Ya


  39. Aw, your dainty little fingers did a spectacular job sprucing that rooster baby up! I will admit that I did notice the cowlick though. LOL

    Justine :o )

  40. look at you go! you took a good lamp ...jazzed it up ...and it is fantastic!

  41. Fantasic job on the chicken lamp!!! Enjoyed my visit!


  42. Love the me, my fingerprints are not the ones I was born with since burning them so many times on the hot glue...I understand the pain! but worth it!

  43. Hello dearest crafty one~

    I didn't say anything about shopnbc because I wasn't sure how the quality was going to be~ trust me the 2 items I bought and the 2 Mammaw bought are FAB!! We both purchased little tea pot lamps ( I'll post it soon ) and it's completely adorable. She gets that network on her tv but I don't ( I think my mister had something to do w/that. ) :) So, when something GREAT is on~ she calls me and I can watch live on my pc or just browse their "sale" I'm HOOKED!

    Hug~ J

  44. THe lamp looks great! What is it with the Roosters? They are very addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  45. What a sweet little lamp! I'm so relieved you weren't injured in the process! ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  46. You crafty queen you. This is marvelous! Entirely too highly skilled for me to tackle but I am so impressed with your accomplishment.
    Have a great weekend.

  47. Sheila, I love your rooster lamp. the fringe really does make a huge difference.
    Hugs, Terrie

  48. Love it, Shelia! Your rooster lamp looks smashing with the trim! And I'm grinning about the cowlick... never mind! Just gives it character! Very, very cute lamp! Love it and YOU!


    Sheila :-)

  49. You crack me up! I thought for sure you'd have welding goggles and leather gloves on. I remember when glue guns first came out, we should have had to register them as lethal weapons, now they make them cool to touch!

    Have a wonderful evening!
    Kathi :)


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