Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue Monday

Hello, Dearest Ones, and welcome again to Blue Monday where we post something Blue!! Now to make sure your life is filled with Blueness, please go see Sally at to others who are participating today.

Now I would like to post my Mr. Precious for my Blueness today. You see Sunday, he ran in the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. Here you see Mr. Precious in his Blue shirt, holding his Blue jacket and the Blue bag for his goodies from the Expo.
This was actually on Saturday as he was getting his running packet. He has been running in this Marathon since 2002. He's run the entire marathon a couple of times (I do think he's crazy!) which is 26.2 miles! Can you believe it? This year he ran the half which is 13.1 miles. That's still crazy to me, but much better than 26!
Wakeup call at 5:00am on Sunday morning and Mr. Precious begins his little strecthing.
Man, has he got some hot legs or what? I'm always teasing him about his hot legs. He's been running since the early 70s. He is addicted to it! I just can't imagine that, but I am his biggest supporter! :)

He's pumped and ready to go!!
Now there were around 23,000 participates this year and over 200,000 spectators. Boy, was it ever crowded!
Every year I am always close to the finish line to take a picture of my Mr. Precious as he's coming through. Here he comes with our friend Monica. Woo Hooness! Y'all can make it!
They even stopped and ran in place for me to take their picture! This year they actually put their little names above their bib numbers. That was smart. You could stand on the sidelines and cheer the folks on calling them by name.
The finisher! I always go inside to meet up with him after the run and we paused for a picture.
My Mr. Precious with his 'finisher' shirt and medal on! I love this man and I'm so proud of him. It really takes a lot of training and discipline to run and he has what it takes. Don't tell him I told you, but my Mr. Precious is 64 years young and in great shape. Another reason I'm so proud of him is the fact that he can do this. Now I just want you to know, he is seven years older than me! Just wanted to set the record straight. I'm old but not THAT old yet! ;)
A very proud Mr. Precious waiting for breakfast. You can see his Blueness is all around him!
Now, you know me, I won't let you down. I've snapped for you. Well, maybe I shouldn't have shown you this picture - I'm looking kinda worn out! I have bags all under my eyes since I'm not getting enough sleep tending to Mother. I've even lost eight pounds! Now the Lord knows I need to loose a lot more than that, but I haven't even tried and I've lost! I'll say, "Woo Hooness"! No, no, Dear Ones, I didn't just pull the sides up on the hospital bed and leave Mother all by herself. We had a friend from church come and stay at the house with her so I could go and be with Mr. Precious. I'll bet you were thinking I was a very bad daughter! Naw! I'm a good one! Just so you'll know! ;)

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Dream On

Every time that I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face gettin' clearer
The past is gone
It went by like dust to dawn
Isn't that the way
Everybodys got their dues in life to pay

I know what nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know its everybodys sin
You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life is in books written pages
Live and learn from fools and from sages
You know its true
All the things come back to you

Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, if its just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away

Dream on, dream on
Dream yourself a dream come true
Dream on, dream on
Dream until your dream come true
Dream on, dream on, dream on...

Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter and sing for the tears
Sing with me, if its just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away
~sung by Aerosmith


  1. A very handsome man and you look gorgeous. Wow, an athlete. I can barely walk to the fridge. HA

  2. Wow Shelia what a fabulous post. First, we would never think you were a bad daughter and I think you look gorgeous in that photo. Beautiful eyes and skin! As for Mr Precious, well I am really impressed and he puts everyone else to shame. And tell him for me if he can promise that I would get shapely legs if I run like he does then I may consider it. Yes he has hot legs!! Great post and congratulate Mr Precious for me. Wonderful!

  3. Great should be proud of him....what an accomplishment!

    Congrats on the finish!

    (How's your Mom?)

  4. A wonderful post today. You should be so proud of hubby, to be addicted to running? I can't grasp that one. You did a great job with posting his day.


  5. Great post Sheila! It does take a lot of work. I was going to run/walk a 1/2 marathon next month. But I have not been training. There for a while I was teaching 8+ fitness classes a week and you know, training for that got into my blogging time... LOL! No, actually, there is only so much time I have to exercise a week and I did not want to overtrain...;-) LOL! I still might walk it, my feet just will not feel good the next day and I will need someone to teach for me.

    Congrats to Mr. Precious! And good for you going with him. I know it is a lot of fun!

  6. Oh Mr. Precious is even more precious for running that marathon. WOW good for him and he looked mighty fine in all those blues.
    Happy Blue Monday Shelia
    Love Claudie

  7. I knew Mr. Precious is sweet and generous and now I find out he's handsome and athletic? Watch out, girl, someone may try to steal him! You are very lucky!

  8. What a handsome couple you two are, Shelia! And Mr. Precious is that... precious... just like his wife! I love his blue medal and all the blue in today's post. I also feel the love you have for that sweet man! :-)

    And I would never think you were a bad daughter... only the best one EVER! I'm proud of you about the eight pounds, but you look beautiful to me just the way you are.

    Sending love to the entire Precious Clan...


    Sheila :-)

  9. I knew it!! I absolutely KNEW it!!! From the picture of you, standing next to Mr. Precious posing after the race...I KNEW you had lost weight. I could TELL!!! You look wonderful, by the way!!!

    Congrats to Mr. Precious for completing his section of the race!!

    I'm so glad that you were able to go with Mr. Precious to that race, that there was someone from church willing to stay with your mom and free you to go!!


    ps...I'm late in posting today, but there is a post from yesterday...a Give-Away...a 15 week Give-Away!! Take a peek and then come back for my posts that I still want to get "up".

  10. Shelia you crack me up. You and Mr. Precious are perfect for each other. Tell him that we are all proud of his marathon running. I just can't even imaging doing that.
    Those are great pictures of the two of you.

  11. Shelia~

    Ya'll are the cutest couple EVER! Wow~ a marathon! Now that is impressive! I think you should change his name from Mr. Precious to Mr. Hot Legs....or Mr Precious Hot ( winks )

    We know you are the sweetest daughter~ & the sweetest friend!

    Hugs to all of you~


  12. Shelia my diva bathroom chickadee, after Mr. Love Bunny's s*xy legs, Mr. Precious/Blue's are the best I've ever seen on an "over 39" guy!!!!!!!!! Yep, he can take the cake, honey. Hey, I ain't dead yet and still notice a great pair of legs..... Hah.....;-)

  13. This is a fabulous post Shelia--congratulations to Mr. Precious! I loved seeing the race photos and seeing you together too. So glad you had a day away to have such fun. Oh yes, the stress diet as I like to call it--it always does make those pounds disappear.

    Hoping Ms. Lucille is doing better each day.

  14. WOW Mr. Precious runs marathons. He is in fabulous shape! Great picture of the both of you. Eight pounds is great even if you are not trying. You look WONDERFUL! I hope your mother is getting better every day.

  15. Hi Shelia! It was good to see you and Mr. Precious today! Mr. Precious is definitely a keeper. I admire his desire and determination to keep at the running. I'm afraid that exercise is so far down on my list of things to do, it doesn't even appear!!
    How is your mother doing? Hopefully she is mending according to schedule. I'm sure she is tired of being "wounded", and you would like to see light at the end of the tunnel. Keeping you both in my prayers. Becky

  16. Congrats to Mr. Precious! You both look wonderful and very happy. In my post yesterday about my bath remodel, I nearly broke my neck staying OUT of the photo because I looked terrible, but Ditto (cat) made it in the pic and I thought of you!!! I hope your mother continues to improve; I sympathize with you about being tired and run-down as caretaker. My advice is to rest whenever you can. God bless you all.

  17. Dear Shelia this was such a great post. You are a wonderful daughter to take such good care of your mother. She is blessed to have you. Congratulations to your hubby. It's realy hard to run like that. He should be so proud of himself.

  18. Congratulations to your Mr. on running and finishing the marathon!

  19. HA! So now we know his real name is George! But, I like the sound of Mr. Precious better. Give him a big congrats and a hug from me. 64 years old and looking hot hot HOT. I mean really, those legs? Yowza woman!

    Justine :o )

  20. This was such a fun post. Congratulations to your husband for finishing the race. Bless you for taking such good care of your mother! I hope she continues to improve!

  21. Congratulations to Mr P! Love that photo of the two of you!

    Great post!

    Happy Blue Monday, Shelia!

  22. ahhh, this is the bestest blue postness.....he is so handsome and so fit and i know he loves his Sheilaness so much...just like you love him...
    Way to go, MR.PRECIOUS!!
    xo bj

  23. You and your precious mister both look very lovely!!! Nice to see you up close Shelia!! :-)
    You make a beautiful couple!


  24. Wow Shelia...I'm impressed by Mr. Precious and his commitment to running! I hope your mom is continuing to improve. You look lovely, by the way! Hugs...Debbie

  25. You both are precious Sheila! Congratulations to Mr Precious for crossing that finish line! It's a real commitment :).

    Have a fantastic Monday,
    Kathi :)

  26. Ms. Shelia ... you are thoroughly adorable! My hat is off to your husband as he is keeping heart, lungs, body and brain in great working condition - for you!

  27. Hi!
    Very handsome man you have there!! Congratulations on the win! Have a great day!!


  28. Hi Shelia...a big congratulations to Mr. Precious!! I'd probably be worn out just standing on the sidelines watching...You two make the cutest couple (even if he did rob the cradle--heehee)... ;-) Bo

  29. Great Job! I also love your post last time on being thankful. So often we tend to look at the negative and forget the positive in our lives, and it is SO much better to dwell on the positives!!

  30. Hi Shelia
    Congratulations to Mr. Precious for his run! He certainly looks as fit as he would have to be to do that. I don't run but know people who do run and it is like an addiction..always on the run.

    Great pictures and picture of the 2 of you also.

    I hope you are taking time for you at this time of added things going on.

    Keep well and enjoy the day

  31. Forgive me, but I'm a sucker for hot legs,and find myself lusting after your husband, from the knee down! Loved your blue post! (Midwestern Family) My pink post is on It Could Be Worse!

  32. This is truly one inspiring post!! I wish I was in a good a shape as your Mr. Precious!!
    And I don't think, and never would that you are a bad daughter, 'been there, done that'.
    May you be richly blessed for your devotion to your sweet mama!!

  33. Mr. P is amazing, AND he has HOT legs! (I won't tell about what part of the anatomy I my husband has that looks HOT!)

    My modum is sick and my local internet company is fixing it. Mr. Linky is up now; please come link in. Happy Blue Monday.

  34. Well congratulations to Mr. Precious.....and he does have HOT legs. And look at you and all your prettiness (is that a word).

    Have a WONDERFUL week!

  35. WAY TO GO MR.P...this is just great Pickle that he keeps in shape this way..and I knew you would't just let poor mama fetch for her self..have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gloria

  36. WAY TO GO MR.P...this is just great Pickle that he keeps in shape this way..and I knew you would't just let poor mama fetch for her self..have a great day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gloria

  37. Mr. Precious is very lucky to have such a pretty wife. Thanks for sharing his running tales.

    Happy MLK Day and Blue Monday!

  38. Shelia, fun post today! I could just hear you telling your hubby, 'these pics are for my blog!' it's nice when hubbies understand our love of blogging!

    A half marathon at 64 is impressive! You look wonderful too! Always love your diva shots!

  39. Shelia - what a great post. You can be very proud of your hubby. Please remember to take care of yourself while caring for others.

  40. I hope you got to stay over night in Houston and have some alone time together. You have been quite tied down recently. Take care, Sally

  41. What a lovely photo of you. And from someone who couldn't run to the back fence I am so impressed. Happy Blue Monday!
    Roberta Anne

  42. Hello my sweet friend... I finally am around to visiting again and what a great day to come by... To see Mr. Precious in all his glory... What a HUNK! And what a great thing to participate in that race... you & he should be very proud... How is MOM doing??? I have thought of her many times... I have missed ya... Have a wonderful day...Love Ya


  43. Hi Sheila! Your blog is such fun...I became addicted when I found it last week, and have read all of the archived posts, so I'm all up to date now on everything! And wow! Mr. Precious is an athlete...I can tell you are very proud of him, and rightly so. How wonderful. And the two of you are a great looking couple! :-)

  44. WOW! All's I can say is your man's in shape! You look really pretty in your bathroom diva pic! :)

  45. Sheila~

    Rue from Rue's PB & J Life told me that you had a bathroom diva photo of me! I just found it :-)

    Thanks so much, you are a doll!

    I love your bathroom diva have such pretty eyes and skin! You don't look bad at all---quite the contrary!

    Wonderful blog....I will be a follower and come back for a visit soon :-)

  46. CHEERS HURRAH and Way to GO !!!
    Alright I have found a running buddy! Woo Hoo!!!

  47. Holy cow....Mister Precious does have HOT LEGS!! He has the legs of a 20 year old guy! Amazing. And so cool that he is in such great shape. I admire people who run. I can't even run to the fridge and back.

  48. A big hurray to Mr. Precious! ;) there is something for you on my blog... come get it!


  49. Hello and Happy Blue Monday, this is my first for Blue Monday and it has been fun. Love your blue post Sheila Mr. Precious did really great, I wish I had that energy! Loved you blue accented tablescape and your pet pink post was just so cute!
    Bless You, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  50. Hey Hey Sheila; Woooo Hoooo your hubby does have some great legs. Oh dear can I say that,,, congrats to him for all the hard work and running in the race. Now for you missy you had better take care of your self too, I know it is hard, but you must be healthy for your Mom and Hubby, oh ya and us..... he he


  51. Hi Shelia,
    You too make a great looking couple! Congratulations to Mr. P!

  52. Give him a big congratulations from me. That is amazing. I like you think runners are a little CRAZY, but I really respect their discipline.
    Great post.

  53. I enter all these races...5k's and Bless his heart, literally!


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