Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Tour and Tablescape Tuesday

I'm so glad you popped in to see me today! I am so excited to share with you MY NEW FLOORS! Man, was this hard on me! Now I didn't do any of the work - but the waiting, the frustrations, the stress! Hallelujah, it's over!! So allow me to show off just a bit...;)
Here are the three amigoes - the granite floor of the entry (I thought it was marble, what did I know?) the carpet for the dining/living rooms and the patterned carpet going up the stairs. I think we did a pretty good job of blending them.

This is at the top of the stairs looking down. Saturday was a nightmare! This helped me get to be a few bubbles off, you know! Just to make my long story short - the carpet layers came and started to work on the stairs and they didn't even know what they were doing! The little guy said, "You don't want to match this pattern do you?" I almost passed out! Story continues...I'll spare you. Then Sunday after church one guy came and did a beautiful job and even worked on some of the granite that was messed up. He came at 1pm and didn't leave until 11pm! Folks, I'm pooped! While my house was a total wreck, I missed out on showing some of my Christmas things. I hope you're not just sick of looking at Christmas decorations because I want to show you a little of mine and then on with Tablescape Tuesday.

This is where I play my little Note Songs just for you! ;)

Special Note Songs Christmas balls
I love to display my Nativities in my living room. I have more, but just didn't feel like putting all of them out this year.

I love these little copy cat Limoges boxes Nativity. They're very small.
I painted my dining and living rooms this spring and don't have it all decorated yet. Draperies - I don't have any yet and need more things on the walls I think. So just very simple traditional red and green Christmas in here. It does look prettier in person.

This is an old punch bowl my aunt passed down to me and each year I fill it with little simple ornaments that hung on my tree when I was a little girl. Yes, I was a little girl once and we even had Christmas trees waaaaaaaaaaaay back then! :)
These are Mr. Precious' little houses sitting atop my Little Richard (vintage buffet). The two large ones are from the Snow Village collection. I don't think he wants any more, he just wants these out each year - so I obey. You know how obedient and submissive I am!! lol

Cloche just filled with pretty little ornaments. I love cloches. Can you love cloches? Just ask me!

When I emptied out my china cabinet for the carpet to be laid, I decided to fill it with some Christmas dishes.
Now we're in the den. This is the wreath I showed you a few weeks back that I made and it was hanging on my front door. Well, I bought one of those little sticky hangers and stuck it on these 1970s mirrors and hung it there. I really like it here.
This vase filled with Christmas lights sits below the wreath in my crystal bar. This is a dark picture but the lights look so pretty in here bouncing all around on my crystaly things.
I just love sparkly thingys!!
Behind the little nutcrackers, aren't they precious, is an old glass basket filled with ribbon balls like the one in front that I made many years ago.

Woof! Woof! This is Chloe Dawn's little doggie figurine! She's so silly. Thank you for allowing me to show some Christmas.
Now on with Tablescape Tuesday...
Hello Dear Ones and welcome again to Tablescape Tuesday hosted by the Diva of Dishes, Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/. Be sure to visit Susan to see all of the dishaholics!!
Today I'd like to share a very simple little tablescape with you. The table is set just for Mr. Precious and me. I sent my Mother to bed! lol
I'm using the Old Britian Castles dinner and salad plates.
I've mixed in newer and vintage crystal. This little sherbet dish is Fostoria crystal - the pattern is called Colony. I'd love to fill this with a shrimp cocktail! Yummy to my tummy~

Newer crystal glasses.
The sugar and creamer are also Fostoria - Colony. In the background is a three footed candy dish - Colony. The tiny little salt and peppers are Fostoria - Americana pattern.

I dearly love this glass basket and use it all over the place.
Candlelight is a must.
Well, there you have it, my little tablescape for two.

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia :)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

The Look Of Love

The look of love
Is in your eyes
The look your smile can't disguise
The look of love
Is saying so much more
Than just words could ever say
And what my heart has heard
Well it takes my breath away

I can hardly wait to hold you
Feel my arms around you
How long I have waited
Waited just to love you
Now that I have found you

You've got the look of love
It's on your face
A look that time can't erase
Be mine tonight
Let this be just the start
Of so many nights like this
Lets take a lovers vow
And then seal it with a kiss

I can hardly wait to hold you
Feel my arms around you
How long I have waited
Waited just to love you
Now that I have found you
Don't ever go
Dont ever go
Dont ever go
I love you so

~sung by Dusty Springfield