Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

Dear Ones, I had preposted this TT before the event of my mother breaking her arm. I want to thank you all so very much for all your prayers and good wishes. I really felt those prayers yesterday! I need an extra boost this morning. She is still in lots of pain. I bought home intercoms for her bedroom and ours and one for downstairs so she could contact me when she needed me. Well, a disaster happened last night! She tried to call me, turned off the unit so she couldn't get me and decided she would get up out of bed on her own and go to the bathroom. Horrible ending! She fell on the floor on her stomach and I came to check on her and she had been lying there for an hour or so! I cannot tell you how we struggled to get her back on the bed, not being able to touch her broken arm and the shoulder.

This is where I need your prayers. I don't have any siblings to help out, I'm not able to lift because of a surgery and Mr. Precious' back is just not that strong. We need help! I'm going to call her regular doctor and see if she can recommend putting mother in the hospital or a place that can care for her. I feel so badly that I can't do what I need to do for her. We have her upstairs and I don't think we could get her down without assistance. Please Dear Friends, pray for us.
When I find out what we're going to do I'll certainly get back with you. This is so hard.
thank you so much, Dear Ones.

Hello, Dear Ones and welcome to another fantastic Tablescape Tuesday. I'm finding myself looking so forward to this day each week so I can get a little glimpse at all of your dishy talents! If you'd like to gaze on more lovely tables, just go see our hostess, Dishy Diva Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/
This was my Christmas table. I draped the table with a white tablecloth and used wine colored place mats and napkins.

These Christmas dishes are very simple with holly leaves and berries circling the plate. I bought these a few years ago from Target and I liked them so much I kept going back and buying more. I have service for 20 or more! I forgot exactly how many I have! lol But if all of my sweeties come for dinner, I can give you a plate to eat from! ;)
Now I've shown you the little Christmas tree napkin rings before, but I love them! Can you love Christmas tree napkin rings! Ho Ho Ho, Yes!!
Here's the dinner plate sitting on a golden charger (I wish!) Isn't the design sweet?
Just plain beverage glasses to be filled with peach tea. How I love my peach tea! Can you love...you know me! :)
Now I have quite a few pieces of this dark red glassware. I didn't put anything edible in this little creamer, but I did sit a little votive down in there and it flickered ever so sweetly during dinner.
Cute little salt and peppers - think these came from Target too! I have a couple of sets so I can set a pair at each end of the table. Do you want to ask me if I love my salt & peppers!? Woo Hoo, I do!!
Now, I think I was really feeling good and a bit silly here! Let me tell you a little story: I don't have a gravy bowl to match my Christmas dishes and I looked high and low around my house looking for something that would work. You cannot serve turkey and dressing without gravy and gravy cries and weeps to be poured into a gravy bowl! But being the most clever one, I found a solution! This is a very large cup and saucer that was filled to the brim with Godiva chocolates! After Mr. Precious went to town on those chocolates this pair was just clicking and clacking to sit on my table filled with turkey gravy! And so a gravy bowl was born on Christmas morn. ;) well, it was Christmas evening but that didn't rhyme!
Another piece of the wine colored glassware - a bowl filled with vintage Christmas balls. Would you like one? They're vintage and they're very crispy! Aw, come on, try one just for me! :)
Here is my centerpiece. I'll tell you another very short story and you know how very much I love to tell my little stories: Once upon a time I saw these three trees in Hobby Lobby. Actually it was a few weeks back but I fell in love with them and walked right out of the store empty handed. I became so sad! The corners of my mouth turned down, tears were pouring from my most gorgeous peeepers, I was sad! I dreamed and pined for these pretty softly colored muted green trees and three days before Christmas - I went back. To my delight they were still on the shelves and they were on sale - 1/2 price! Shoutin' Hallelujah! But it's not the end! It's never the end. :)
Aren't they wonderful? So frilly and lovely! I think they look like Christmas tree wedding cakes - the big one is the Bride's cake, the middle one is the Groom's cake and the little one is for ME! ;)

I always have to have a candle and these two candles are scented a wonderful sprucey aroma!
Here I am being silly again. I sprinkled little milk chocolate Santie candies and green and red wrapped candies all around the table.
I gave each person a little votive with one of those little flickering 'fake' flames. No sleeves were caught on fire at my table! No siree! :)
Are you sure you won't have just one vintage crispy Christmas ball?
Look at my little trees again and see all the candies sprinkled around just tempting my diners.
Now, I must tell you something - I'm a copy cat. I think I've told you that before. If you do something and I like it - I'm going to copy you! I hope you don't mind. You've been hanging pretties from your chandy arms and I wanted to do that too!
See these little iciclely drops? Well, I found five of these and hung them from the chandelier and thought they looked pretty and a bit like Christmas icicles hanging down even if it was 70' outside! A gal must have her fun!
See how pretty?
Well, there you have it - my Christmas table. I think my guests enjoyed themselves and I hope you did too!

Be a bunch of sweeties,
Shelia ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song~ Oh, no! my little Note Song girl disappeared! I'll have to find her!

The Gobble Song

Gobble, gobble, gobble that turkey gobble
Gobble, gobble, gobble that turkey gobble
Gobble, gobble, gobble that turkey gobble
Come on to my house tonight
~sung by a very silly Spencer Barnitz


  1. Oh, my....this is SUCH a beautiful table, my friend...just lovely. I adore your dishes and those little trees are so sweet. Love your use of C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E. on the table, too.
    NOW...crispy vintage Christmas balls ....?.....ok, you win....
    I'll have one!!
    xo bj

  2. I love your table and you are so silly! I was immediately attracted to those Christmas trees in the center;) I have a similar one I found at Michael's that I used for my Christmas eve table but its brown;) Thanks for being you and sharing your lovely table! Hugs French;)

  3. Good Morning my sweet friend... What a gorgeous table you set today. There were some many things I fell in love with on it... The trees were spectacular, The dishes beautiful ( I have holly Berry design too) The candy spread around YUM and Chandy... all dressed up wasn't she cute! Loved it all my dear and the vintage balls in the bowl... what a nice touch. How is momma doing??? Bless her little heart.... Give her a BIG hug & smooch from me... Have a fun filled day... Love ya


  4. Good Morning, It's all beautiful and I love the stories to go along. Blessings to you and yours today.

  5. Oh, how I LOVE your stories!!! Can I love stories? Well, of course, you know the answer to that!!!

    I was drawn to both the Salad of Crispy Christmas Ornaments and the pretty Green Christmas Trees (never saw those at my Hobby Lobby). I LOVE them, too! hmmmm, said it again, didn't I? LOL!!!

    I want to come for dinner and be part of the fun!!!


    ps...if you haven't stopped by...please do and notice all of the changes...and the Prayer List in our Sidebar!

  6. GM Sweetness, How's your Mom doing?
    She is in my prayers. I love your table setting and those Christmas trees just finish it off. I'm so jealous, we don't have a Hobby Lobby near us. Guess it's a good thing, I would never have any money if there was one nearby.LOL I've already bought things to decorate my chandelier next year. I think mine looks just like yours, except I have globes on my lights. Well take care, love.

    Love Ya,

  7. Hi Sheila . Wow, your dishes were such a great find , and how wondeful to have 20 settings.The trees do look like little cakes ! I love your icicles,they look great on your chandy..

  8. Wonderful table...and delightful story to go with it!

    Hope you and your Mom are feeling better!

  9. Sending prayers your way Sheila. I hope you are able to get your mom into the hospital, so she can be watched.

  10. I'm so very sorry to hear about your mother's difficulties. It is truly a terrible situation, but I know something good will happen. Please keep us informed, and know that you are continuing to be bathed in prayer. I know you are very upset and concerned, but I just feel so confident that things are going to work out. Please post again later today, if you have time, and let us know what the doctor said. All your many friends are praying earnestly for you!

  11. Oh Sheila, another scare for you. I'm so sorry to hear your poor mother is down again. Continued prayers are sent your way my dear.
    Your table and all it's beauty is just the most fun. The Christmas trees are adorable on your table. I too spotted them, but I was a good girl and left them in the store. :-( I realize now I could have had the most fun with them..lol. I also checked out Target this year for more dishes..they had none. Now, I ask you what kind of Target are they running in the Midwest? Love the bowl of vintage balls...too cute for words..
    Again, sweetie, continued prayers for you and your family. I hope you can get her some relief.
    hugs ~lynne~

  12. Shelia I figured your TT post was pre-set, I am just saddened that your wonderful mom had to suffer last night, you can also consider home care for her, I just hope you are sucessful in getting her the care she needs, my prayers are with you in this trying time, my friend.


  13. Poor Sheila.I will pray for your mom and for you and an answer.As for your tablescape,I can hardly ever wait to get here.You always do the most amazing things.Happy New Year ...Ann

  14. I am praying for you and your mother. God bless your family.

  15. Good morning, Sheila! I am taking a break from blogging, but was lurking around this morning and saw your post! I wanted you to know that I will continue to keep you and your mother in my prayers! And I hope that you are able to find a nice place for her to recuperate and mend. And don't fret over not being able to do it all on your own. She may be able to get skilled care, that will probably benefit you both in the long run! I pray for encouragement and peace for you too, dear friend! And pray for quick healing for your mother! Big Hugs sent your way! ~Rhonda :)

    PS...and the tablescape is gorgeous! Love the three trees! :)

  16. Shelia, if I were in driving distance of you, I would be there to help you in person! But I can certainly pray for you in person. I'm so sorry about your scare. And I'm coming against that pain right now in Jesus name. I am also trusting that the Lord will send you help.

    I'm thinking of you and came over first thing to get a report. Thanks for sharing with us, dear one.

    On a different note, I love your Christmas table. It is sheer loveliness, and it has your golden touch.

    Sending much love and many well wishes your way and Mr. Precious and Precious Mother's way as well...



  17. Oh dear. I hope there is a facility your mom can get rehab at. This is what I do for a living. Rehabilitation. In a skilled nursing facility. Patients who have a fall such as your mom did usually come to us after a few days in the hospital. Our goal is to teach them how to maintain their balance, dress safely, use the bathroom safely, in and out of bed safely, in and out of the shower/tub safely and to ambulate safely. When an older person breaks an arm, their balance is compromised even though you wouldn't think that would happen, but it does. Especially for an older person. Now that she has fallen twice, the fear could set in too. I sincerely hope for the best care for your mom. You need it, since both of you have difficulties that would hamper that as you found out trying to get her back up again. Your mother remains in my prayers.

    Now on to the tablescape. I just loved it!! So cute with the salad thing you kept wanting us to taste. LOL! The trees are so pretty. The gravy boat idea is wonderful. Everything just looks so pretty. I would love to be sitting at your table and sneaking some of those candies you sprinkled around. Heehee. Happy New Year!

  18. Good Morning Shelia..*tight hugs*
    I am SO sorry about your mom's accident. You posted such pretty pictures of your mother and I feel horrible that she is feeling such pain and having to go through this. You can't blame yourself for that dumb old rug either.*hugs*.

    Hopefully you can find a place where they can look after your mom while she is on the mend. It is very difficult to provide proper care when you have limitations in what you can do.

    Your tablescape is lovely. Just beautifully done Shelia. Everything is just so pretty. Thank you for sharing. Love the china and the trees and the salt and pepper shakers and your stories.

    I hope today is an exceptionally good day with your mom...and things start to work out.
    Keep strong and my prayers go to you. YOu are in my thoughts...positive thoughts.

  19. Your table is yummy as always. Those trees are great! Hope you find a solution to your dilemma with your mom. Hope all goes well there. Happy New Year!

  20. So sorry to hear of your mother's accident..will keep her & your family in prayers.
    Your table is a delight for the eyes...yes the Christmas trees when I first saw them I thought exactly the same thing...these look like cakes!
    Great tablescape!
    Happy New Year!

  21. Sheila, I love your tablescape. I don't know why but I haven't had the guts to post one yet. I will..sometime soon. LOL

    In regards to your mother. I know you want to care for her yourself. But, I think maybe you're right about asking for help. It scares me that she's upstairs!! And it sounds like you health does really allow for you to care for her the way you really want to. It's ok to ask for help!! I will be praying for you!! Hugs, Terrie

  22. Oh Shelia I am so sorry to hear there has been further problems for your mother. I hope you can find some help.

    You are a good daughter and will find the best solution for caring for your dear mother. My sister and I lived so far away from our mother, who chose to stay in her beloved Ozarks. We had to rely on others to care for her when we were unable to be there or get there quickly. There are several options for your mother to stay in your home and still have the help you need to care for her. I'm sure her physician can help you with this.

    My prayers remain with your mother and you.

    Your table is beautiful!!

  23. Many prayers coming from Calif. to you and your family Shelia..I already called my gruoup when I first read this..Please take care..God bless your Little sweet mama..God knows her name..Lovely table girl..I like having salt and pepper shakers at each end of a table..love what you did with the chandy..it all looks beautiful..hugs and smiles dear friend...Gloria

  24. My sweet Shelia, Your mother knows that you will do everything you possibly can for her and I so understand the physical limitations! I hope you find a solution that suits everyone involved.
    You are in my prayers, Bridget

  25. I'm still praying for your mother's recovery and for strength for you to make the right decisions. Your Christmas table was wonderful and full of whimsy! Sally

  26. Hi Shelia! Beautiful! I love everything, the chocolates, and I love how you've dish and spooned up the ornaments. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and I will pray for your family. I know the Lord will help you reach the best decision for her care. Deb

  27. Your table is lovely Shelia, but I am so sorry about your mother. You definitely have my sincerest prayers and I really hope that everything works out soon.
    Many hugs to you my sweet friend.

  28. Sheila,
    I'm so sorry to hear about the recent bouts of accidents your mother has had. I will certainly pray for you and your family. I'm sure it will all turn out ok. Your tablescape is gorgeous - as usual, please let us know how things go with your mom. Best, and Happy New Year!

  29. I'll take not just one vintage bauble but the whole bowl! *grins*

    I'll keep your mother & yourself in my prayers. I cared for my father after his brain tumor was removed & remember how hard it was & how heavy the worry.

  30. Dear Shelia, if you can find rehab for your mother, that would be great. I know even in our smallish city there are home health agencies with staff who could help. Check with Medicare .. they may help with the expense of home care. At least, that would take some of the pressure off of you.
    PS, Great table settings of course!

  31. Your Christmas table is just beautiful! And your chandelier, oh my! My heart skipped a beat just looking at it. All of it is so pretty.

    Prayers to you and your mom. I hope you have a Happy New Year. Michelle

  32. Hi Sheila,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know how difficult it can be. My Mother has Alzheimers and we had her living with us for a while. I am an only child, so it is just my husband and I. We went through the falls, hospital trips and you name it. We had to call an ambulance on Christmas Eve two years ago because of her bizarre behavior. If I can give you any advice, it would be to make sure you take care of yourself. Try not to feel guilty, although it is hard because we become the parent and all we want to do is keep our loved ones safe and happy. God will help keep you strong as you care for you Mom. I pray that your Mom's arm will heal quickly and that her pain subsides.
    You're tablescape is just beautiful.


  33. Oh Shelia, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I know how hard this must be. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.
    Love your tablescape. You always put everything together so nice.

  34. Sorry to hear about your mother.. it's not easy! In Norway we have nurses that go home ot people who needs it.. and help 3-4 times a day.. (to get up and get breakfast, for lunch, for dinner and then for evening meal and bedtime)
    MOVE TO NORWAY! hehe
    Hope she gets better soon!

    Your tables looks lovely like always!

    Happy New Year!

  35. Hi Shelia, your table is just lovely, it always makes me want to come to your house for dinner!

    I'll continue to pray for your sweet mom. These situations are so difficult for everybody involved. You want to do the right thing and provide the best care, but it isn't always clear at the start what that is. Praying you find a rehabilitation center that would work for her until her arm has healed a bit and she's feeling stronger.

  36. Oh my! The three of you DO need our prayers! I can just imagine the frustration of wanting to do simple things, yet knowing if you tried on your own, disaster may hit. I hope the best for all of you!

    Now, one to your gorgeous table. I don't know what I like better...the gravy/cup boat, the teardrops or the chocolate Santas! Maybe it's the punch bowl full of crisp and crunchy ornaments!! It's all just lovely and well thought out.

    You know why I love tablescaping? Because no matter what life throws at you, at the end of the day, you still get to sit a gorgeous table and know you were the one to make it beautiful.

  37. Oh Shelia, I came late today, and I'm glad I did because I got to read your tact on comment at the top. You poor thing; you're trying to do everything, and it's so frustrating when you discover that you cannot! I've been there. My mom lived with us until she needed 24-hour care. I was still teaching; what could we do?

    I will pray that you find a solution. I know it will not be PERFECT, but it will be a solution for your mom's care.

    PS Your table is pretty! I like the gravy boat substitute.

  38. Love your Christmas table. So festive and the s&p shakers would match my "formal" set, perfectly! lol.
    I'm so sorry to hear about mom and how heavy your heart is right now. Stand on faith and know that He will guide you to do what needs to be done "for now". Sending many prayers and of course hugs for you, mom and Mr. Precious too.

  39. Oh Shelia, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's accident. I am praying right now that you all will get the help you need to care for her and not injure yourselves in the process.

    Your Christmas table is just delightful!!

  40. Hey Sheila; You never disappoint with your table scape. I just love your Christmas table. And yes you can love a table setting... lol I love your little stories too, the gravy bowl one was just so sweet and cute, and you did a cleaver job on finding one. Oh and I would love to try one of your crispy vintage ornaments, they look so pretty.

    Happy New Year.

  41. My Dear Sheila; I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. It was just an awful accident, and not your fault. I will be keeping your Mom in my prayers for her to heal and for the Lord to take the pain away. I know just how you feel about looking for a place to care for her, I went through the same thing with my Dad, it was not easy at all, but it was best for him, so please don't be too hard on your self, if you or hubby were to get hurt who then would take care of her. I will be praying for you as well dear friend. God bless.


  42. Your tablescape is awesome--as usual!...I feel for you with the situation with your mama. Bless your heart! I had my 85-year old mama with me at Christmas and she was so sick with inner ear and dizziness. I can't imagine what you are dealing with now, not being able to lift her. My thoughts and prayers are with you--our mamas are so precious to us and this is so difficult.

  43. Shelia, I think I'll have to pass on those crispy, vintage Christmas balls...except for gazing upon them...that I'll gladly do! LOL Now, but let's talk about the chocolate Santas...I think I can relieve you of a few of those! As usual you have set a beautiful table and I'm stillllll crazy about those Christmas tree napkin rings!

    Please do keep us updated on your dear, sweet Mom. I know this is hard. Prayers for you and your family.

  44. Hi sweet Shelia! I haven't been on anyone's blogs in days, but had to at least stop by and say hi. I haven't even read your post yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justiney :o )

  45. Sorry to hear that your intercom system didn't work the way you intended. After my MIL's discharge from the hospital and a brief stay in a rehab facility, that didn't seem to help much with her self-sufficiency, she came to live with us. I had procured from the fire department a sticker to go on the window in her room to indicate she was bedridden, set up an intercom (that worked well for us), and set up an ironing board to bedside height to hold everything that she wanted within easy reach. It still was a very rocky road. No one to really deal with the situation but DH and me. An organization called Eldercare finally sent someone for a couple of hours a week so that I could go to the grocery store. That helped DH quite a bit.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  46. A beautiful table indeed!
    Here's to a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    kari & kijsa

  47. Dear Shelia, your tablescapes are always outstanding. I've been under the weather (can't breathe--but Dr. gollum is on the case), and I am just now reading the news about your mother. My heart goes out to you. Your doctor should be able to send home health care nurses to your home every single day, starting THIS SECOND until you make other arrangements.

  48. Shelia, I am late getting here. I hope by now you have found a solution to your problem with your mother. I am so sorry for all of the worrying you are having to do. You are all in my prayers.

    Now, your tablescape is beautiful. I love the salad servers in the bowl of ornaments! So cute.

    Don't forget to take care of you. laurie

  49. Shelia I hope by the time you read this, help has been sent & your mom is getting the care that she needs. 2008 has had some difficult times for you and my prayer is for 2009 to bring much better things. Love, Bo

  50. Dear Shelia~

    This has got to be a very difficult decision~ I pray for strength and healing for your most precious family.

    I love this tablescape and your centerpiece caught my eye immediately. Love that you brought in the 'gravyboat' and the red glassware! Your decorated chandy is FABULOUS!

    Have a safe & Happy New Year!

    Hugs~ J


  52. This table looked SO fantastic, Shelia! I LOVE the Christmas trees!!!!!!!! I want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I love your vintage "balls" (heeheehee) in the bowl with serving spoons. How whimsical!

    Okay, back to your mom. How on earth did she fall this time???????? Does she tend to fall a lot? Because if not, I would definitely get her back to the doctor. Hell, she could have hit her head when she fell the firs time, which is affecting her balance now. I'm worried, so please keep us posted!

    Justiney :o )

  53. I do love your three trees, they are so lovely with your table. I love the napkin rings tool. Hope all goes well for you in the New Year!

  54. Oh my heart goes out to you and your poor mom! I will keep you all in my prayers...and hopefully you'll find someone or someplace she can be happy and safe and get the rest she needs. I hope 2009 brings better health for her, and joyous blessings to you and your family. Your blog is such a lovely place to visit each day...and I appreciate the grace and beauty you bring here to blogland. It's been a real pleasure getting to know you and enjoying your happy attitude and delightful personality! All the best to you and yours!

  55. You ARE a "Sweetie", and your table, your thoughts and your heart are just BEAUTIFUL!!! What a joy to see n' read about everything... yes, I am STILL smiling because I could feel the pride and joy you have of this all!!! Sooooo pretty... sooo fun... sooo festive and creative!!! Enjoyed every minute visitng, and truly FELT like I was included as your guest!!! So, I THANK YOU, cute redhead!!! Warmest hugs & wishes for a FAB & healthy 2009! XOXO, Linda

  56. *** I didn't even KNOW about your Mom until just now~~~(how did I miss that info?)~~~ Please know I will say prayers~~~ sincere ones, my friend... XO, Linda

  57. Still thinking of you and your mom and wishing all the best for you and for Mr. Precious, too! I wish I could be there to help you, Shelady. Instead, I send my love.

    Happy New Year!



  58. Shelia, I am just learning of your mother's accident, and I am so sorry.

    I am an only child, too, and I know how difficult it is having all the responsibility on you.

    I am praying for you, your mother and your family. May God ease her pain during her healing. Take care, dear one.

  59. Shelia:
    I am so sorry about your Mom. Holding your family in prayer. I went through the same thing so feel free to e-mail me if you need to talk. May God bless you and your family during the New Year.
    Roberta Anne

  60. Hi dear one... just checking on you and Momma. Hope she is feeling a bit better. I think putting her somewhere where she can get a bit of help would be best for both of you. Prayers are going up for yall. Please get some rest. Happy New Year to yall and I so look forward to a New Year blogging with ya~


    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

  62. Just popping in again to see if there was an update on your mother. I pray earnestly that all is well with each of you. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  63. Hello my poor dear Sheila. I am so sad about your mom and her second fall trying to get to you. What a terrible disaster and I know you feel terrible about it all. Please do not blame yourself. as these things just happen. I am praying for an answer to this situation for you. I will keep you in my prayers until all is well again.

    Your tablescape is gorgeous. I have those dishes too. Just a four piece place setting though. My regular Christmas dishes were not enough so I had to have a few more. They are different but I set a table just for four so they worked. Everything you did is so festive and pretty. I love the little candies spread around on the table. Just perfect.

    Wising you and your loved ones a happy new year. I pray 2009 will improve quickly.

    Blessings and love...Jeanne

  64. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!



  66. I wanted to pop in and say
    Happy New Year.. I hope your mother is doing much better...Continued prayers are sent your way...hugs ~lynne~

  67. Shelia... sending much love to all of you on this New Year's Day.

    Saying a prayer right now.

    Happy New Year!


    Sheila :-)

  68. Oh Sheila, I am sending you a great BIG (HUG) and of course you and your Mother are in my prayers.

    God Bless,
    Kathy :)

  69. Beautiful table! I love the dishes and the trees. It all came together to be stunning.
    I'll keep your Mom in my prayers.

  70. Hello Sweet Sheila, I'm so sorry to read about your Mother's accident and then for her to fall again. So sad and I'm sure hard for you and Mr. Precious. I know this is hard for you but I'm sure you are doing the right thing. Your Mother will get good care. I will add her and you to my prayer list!
    Your post were beautiful, tablescape is gorgeous as was your floor, staircase and christmas decorations!
    Blessings to you dear friend!
    Shirls Rose Cottage

  71. Hello Miss Shelia, I am so glad to have met you through blogging this year. I enjoy your blog so much. I am looking forward to many more posts in 2009. I will be praying for you Mom and the situation!
    The table is gorgeous and those trees are to die for!!!! Blessings to you in 2009, and Happy New Year! Nancy

  72. Hi Sheila, Just checking in to see if there was any word on your mom! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom! ~big hugs, Rhonda


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