Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blue Monday: Whoopee! I Have A Christmas Tree!

OOPS!!! Now you can see how bumfuzzled I've been! Forgive me! I know it's not Blue Monday!! I'm confused, I'm crazy, I'm an idiot! I need rest!! lol Just look at my tree - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze and know I'm just thankful to have it up whether it's Saturday or Monday - I don't know the difference.

Being not such a sweetie,
Shelia ;(

Hello, and welcome to Blue Monday. This most Blue event is hosted by the Most Smiling One, Sally at . Go visit Sally and then you can visit other Blue Ones!

Now, this is a Blue Monday post you really can't see. But if you use your imagination just a bit you'll be able to see lots of Blue! ME!I was so Blue, believe me, not having our Christmas up and shining bright! Well, I would have been Blue and singing "I'll Have A Blue Christmas Without You" if we had not put it up! We've never put up our tree this late in the game, but I was not going to be Blue this year, so up it went!
Lights on!
Lights off! This reminds me of that thingy in the 80s. The Clapper - clap your little dainty hands and 'lights on'! Clap them a second time 'lights off'! Blueness is fading, can you see?
We're pretty traditional and I love angels on top of our tree looking after us all! She's certainly not Blue!
Here's a bit of blue in Mary's outfit. Would you call this a Blue outfit or a Blue dress?
Sweet little cherub - not a stitch of Blue!
Little cherub bums - still no Blue!
More from the cherub band - a slight touch of Blue on those little fluttering wings!
Glass angels and angel icicles. No Blue!

I spy Blue behind the cross!!
Quite a few little White House ornaments...
A bit of Blue...
More Blueness...
Blue precious stone in the drop ornament. See the poinsettia? No Blue.
Good ole state of Texas - Blue!! Yay!
Frosty pine Blue.
Little antique looking ornament - again, no Blue.
I have a mixture of ornaments on my tree don't I? Still, no Blue!
Yikes! He's a scary looking little thing! His uniform is Blue. He looks a little dangerous so maybe I had better put him somewhere else.

Well, now, aren't you glad you didn't have to see me all Blued out? I'm not blue, I'm happy today because - Whoopee! We have up our Christmas tree!!

Be a bunch of sweeties,