Monday, December 1, 2008

Blue Monday and a Few Extras ;)

I would like to say, I pray you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family! My little family felt so richly blessed this season and we praised our mighty God for it! I appreciate so very much all of your best wishes and comments to me. I want you to know I try my hardest to reply to everyone of you. Love love hug hug and now on to Blue Monday!


For those who may not know, Blue Monday is not a sad thing it's a wonderful day filled with Blueness! This special Blue day is hosted by the Most Smiling One, Sally at If you need a little Blueness in your life today, go see Sally!

Now here is what I would like to show you on this Blue Monday...a little figurine given to me by my Mr. Precious about ten years ago. This little sweetie is from the "Squeaky Clean" first edition and is called "Porky Pink" from the artwork of Sherri Buck Baldwin.

I think she is the most adorable little girl! My Mr. Precious was on a trip and wanted to get me a little gift, he's like that! Don't you just love it!! He passed a shop and saw this little figurine and thought she looked like me! So he bought her and brought her home to me.

Let's see, what do you think? Yes, I have blue eyes and a little fat round face like hers...
Little fat arms and little short fat legs like hers...

Our profiles are exactly alike...

Yessiree! That's my backside alright! Now that I've taken such a good look, I see it! I look exactly like this little figurine! Well, maybe I would choose to wear different clothes and never would I wear those shoes and socks. Other than that ~ this is me!!

Oh, I almost forgot...look at the sweet little piggy with the dirty face! I think Mr. Precious thought this looked like my Chloe Dawn. What do you think? ;)
Well, I suppose all of the turkey and sweet potato casserole affected my tiny little brain. I have the sillies now and just can't seem to get rid of them. You know what? I may just stay this way!! :)
Hope you've enjoyed my silly take on Blue Monday!
Be a bunch of sweeties,
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Hello Little Girl
Hello little girl, hello little girl, hello little girl.
When I see you everyday,
I say: mm mm hello little girl.
When you're passing on your way
I say: mm mm hello little girl.
When I see you passing by
I cry mm mm hello little girl.
When I try to catch your eye
I cry mm mm hello little girl.
I send you flowers but you don't care.
You never seem to see me standing there.
I often wonder what you're thinking of.
I hope it's me and love love love.
So I hope there'll come a day when you'll say:
mm you're my little girl.
It's not the first time that it's happened to me,
It's been a long lonely time
and it's funny funny to see that
I'm about to lose my mi-mi-ind.
So I hope there'll come a day when you say:
mm mm you're my little girl, mm mm mm.
You're my little girl, mm mm mm.
You're my little girl, oh yeah.
You're my little girl.
~sung by the Beatles
I would love to show you what I received from the above Sally's book give away..
this great book written by Joyce Meyer. Isn't this a great title? I know I need to simplify my life and can't wait to get started reading this book. Thank you, thank you, Sally!!
Attention! Attention!! Dear Ones, I must end my post today with another Bathroom invasion. Now this invasion is different than any other we've had! Please come back, Most Terrified Ones, it's okay...we'll all look at what's happened together! Give me your, no not that hand...that's my toilet brush hand!
Okay, let's go. Let me ever so gently slip on my Diva duds...shh...Most Talkative Ones, we do not want to scare our prospective Divas away.
Oh, my!! What have we here? I do see a Diva in good standing, Ceekay, but what is in front of her? Oh, I think it's a very small Diva Dude. Let's see..creamyness of complexion, a smile to win anyone's heart and a hand on his tiny shoulder - the hand of a grandmother and with her other hand, dainty creamy fingers holding a CAMERA!! Yes, we have a brand new little Diva Dude!!
Hold on a minute, Most Rushing Off Ones, I don't think I'm finished with my Bathroom business!!
Look! It's our Most Glorious Diva Ceekay with another little small one! Oh, Most Smiling Ones, this is getting good. I do see the most creamyness of complexions and little bright shining eyes, a smile that make us say - Aw - and her little dainty creamy fingers are encased by her grandmother's fingers! Yes, yes, Most Celebrating Ones, we have another little Diva Dudette!

Little Diva Dude and little Diva Dudette (the most precious grandchildren of our own Ceekay) I now crown you with the most important title that will stay with you a lifetime! The title of Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas! Go my precious little small ones into the world and wear your title proudly!

Oh, this world of Bathroom Divas never ceases to amaze me! I get such joy from my Bathroom business, you'll just never know, Most Wondering Ones!
So if you've sat on the sidelines and thought, "I certainly would love to be a Bathroom Diva" you can!! Take your camera into a bathroom nearest you, turn off your flash (this is very important!) and snap away. When you've done this, let me know and I, the most Admired Goddess of the Bathroom, will come and get you and show you off magnificently to all of Blogland!! This does my body good! Now, go and snap on, My Divas in the making, snap on!!