Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Sneak Peak

Today I would love to show you just a little bit of a sneak peak of our entry. You know, the one where I thought ghosts and goblins were! Well, the wallpaper has been stripped off, the walls textured, primed and now painted. The railing on the stairs was sanded and restained. Boy, that took a lot out of me! Not that I did any of it...but it puts a bit of pressure on a body~~ :)
Are you peaking through the spindles now? See, they're nice and white!

Here the walls and trim stand in all of their gloriousness! I am just loving the creamy color of the walls against the white of the trim.

I've also been trying to do a little decorating in here. Don't know if you can tell, but our staircase 'sweeps''s not just a straight flight up but veers to the left. We had never hung anything on the wall above the wainscoting before but we were ready for something different.

See? I have hung seven framed antique bird prints on the wall. I must tell you, I found these frames with the mats at Michael's on sale for a little over $5 each! Now, sweet little honeys, that is a bargain!

The quality of my picture taking is not very good, but I wanted you to see the pretty little antique bird prints.

This one is my favorite!

Here you can see a little of how it all ties together. I'm really loving this! Can you love walls? Why, of course you can!!
You can see a cross tassel hanging from the chandy. I put this here one Christmas and it's just stayed put! Don't be alarmed! My stairs are not on fire - it's just a little candle in a jar I placed there because I didn't want it in the picture!! But, alas, here it is anyway. I'm really not a crazy lady! ;)
If you know me very well, you know I love olden things. We decided to hang this old vintage bird picture here ~ thus the bird theme. Edra was here, but she decided to go upstairs and is now on the landing. I'll show you Edra at another time because she's not fully dressed yet. You know she is very modest! ;)Here's the pretty old picture. Aren't those about the cutest little cockatoos you've ever seen? The wall looks pink here, but I promise it's not!! I think the wall is a little embarrassed by all the photos I've been taking...the wall is blushing...shhhh!

Mr. Precious' Gone With The Wind Lamp came out to sit in the entry along with my biscuit jar! All color coordinated, naturally!

I dearly hope you've enjoyed a little sneak peak at my entry. We've just ordered our marble for the entry floor and carpet for the adjoining living room and dining room today! I know this is no big deal for so many of you because I've seen where you live and in some gorgeous homes. But our home is old and she needs updating and we're slowly but surely doing it so I'm a little excited, I tell you true, Precious Ones. It could be after Thanksgiving before all of the work is done, but I'll post the finished product as quick as a wink!!
uh oh...

Chloe Dawn, what's the matter Darling? She says she's very sad that I have ignored her all day. See her little toy sitting beside her. She says she wants to play and all I've done is primp the entry and take pictures. Well, I suppose I had better go and attend to my little fuzzy baby!
Be a bunch of sweeties,

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Birds of a Feather

Its easy sometimes when you just coast along
But like it or not something always seems to go wrong
Sometimes people build you up just so they can knock you down
Sometimes they will have you there cause they need someone around
Perhaps you'll receive invitations for tea
Perhaps you'll laugh and make them all smile
Or maybe you'll join them cause it had to be
Perhaps you'll forget you forgot for awhile
Birds of a feather are flocking outside
Like whippets they dance in a curly-queue dance
Of pulses and ringing and campfire chants
Of ritual drumming although at first glance
You thought you could run but you won't take a chance
Its not an experience if they can't bring someone along
They hang on emotions they bottle inside
They peck at the ground
And strut out of stride
~written by Jack McGowan & Edgar Moran


  1. Oh's beautiful!!! I love the creaminess and the contrast of the white spindles, too!

    I was wondering what had happened to glad you mentioned her movements!! I'm anxious to see how she looks on the landing!!


  2. Shelia the contrast between the walls and woodwork is great. I can't believe you got that far already! Pictures on the wall!! Was it hard to hang them on the sweeping wall? Looks like it would be. Can't wait to see what you do.

    And yes you can totally be in love with a wall - when it's your home!!

  3. Your home is just beautiful, Shelia
    and I'm loving those bird pics on the wall, but the "old" one is a standout! So very pretty! ;-) Bo

  4. Hi Shelia -
    If you can 'hate' a wall you sure can 'love' a wall! Your entry is gorgeous. You've done such a nice job pulling it all together. I love the bird prints going up the wall and the big one below is fantastic. Everything seems just right. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

  5. Shelia, I love what you are doing!. Kathy

  6. Oh it's coming together just in time for the holidays! And it looks wonderful;) French

  7. Good Morning Shelia
    Beautiful. That looks so bright and modern and I love the contrast between the creamy walls and white also. I would be interested in the colour of your creamy walls. I have been thinking of doing some painting also...and creamy would be good for me too.

    Your bird pictures are beautiful...simply lovely and I can't believe you got the frames for that price! The side table is coordinated - naturally. I bet it feels like you are in a new place everytime you come down the stairs. That job was well worth the hard work it was for you Shelia!!
    Have a lovely day!

  8. I have similar walls with white, white woodwork; I don't think you can get it too white! Beautiful!

  9. What a warm and inviting entry. I love the bird prints and know how difficult they must have been to hang with the curve of the stairway. I can't wait to see the final results.

  10. Hi Shelia,
    It's very pretty. I love the bird print pictures. You have a beautiful home!


  11. Your new entry is gorgeous. I love the unusual shape of the spindles. I'm so glad you mentioned Chloe Dawn as I was wondering how you took those pictures without her being in the middle of them. Give her a little pat from me.

  12. Hi Shelia,

    Your entry way is just GORGEOUS and I LOVE all those bird prints above the table and going up the stairs....BEAUTIFUL! I think you are teasing us and really live in one of those big ole' island mansions!!!

  13. Hi Shelia--Everything looks just beautiful. The bird prints are lovely and look perfect on the stairs--I love your "sweeping" stairway.

    I also love Mr. Precious' lamp--so pretty.

    Can't wait to see more--I know you're so excited to be updating it all.

  14. Shelia~ Your entry and staircasing are absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful paint colors and the bird pictures are perfect. Now, let's talk about that lamp. It is amazing! Thank you for sharing the close up of that. I can't wait to see you make your grand entrance down that sweeping staircase. :) You have a truly beautiful home.

    Hugs~ J.

  15. All I can say is, "WOW!" It is beautiful!


  16. Wow what a beautiful home you have and that staircase is so dramatic... I love it and I bet it looks stunning all dressed up for the holidays... I love all the bird pictures they put just the right accent on the walls... you did good my sweet little shelia... Love You...
    Have a great day...


  17. your entry is very beautiful. I love how it looks. I love the staircase,,,I only had one in my life and i loved it and miss it.

  18. Your entryway looks so welcoming and inviting. Makes me want to visit you and have tea or something. You have done a great job with the redo. It is not scary anymore!

  19. Your staircase is beautiful! I love the wainscoting-I would love to add this to ours. The bird prints are great too-and quite the steal!

    You are in quite the pickle! Holidays coming up and you already have a full house! A full house, renovations, adn holidays-you definitely have your plate full!

  20. All of those antique bird pictures are to die for! The whole entry looks wonderful and up-to-date. I love older homes that are spruced up!! It's beautiful. Sally

  21. Wow Shelie that looks awesome... That staircase is lovely, very elegant and so unique! Never seen that design before... and I really like how you decorated it with lovely dark frames..... so chic...

    Have a great day sweet lady


  22. I must take my shoes off first dear, do you have any of those Martha Stewart slippers to slip on? :) It's like heaven here, I do love the cockatoo picture and that Chloe Dawn looks so angelic :).

    Have a wonderful day!
    Kathi :)

  23. Shelia I love your colors!! Why did you take so long to hang photos above the stairway? They look perfect! You have wonderful taste, and the marble would be outstanding!

  24. GM Shelia...Oh girl I am so excited to see this all done..We just got our all painted and trim my Len has yet to put away all the ladders and I love the bird prints girl and for those that don't know its not easy hanging pictures on a round wall and getting them straight..I know as we do have matching entry girl...Hugs and smiles dear friend..Gloria

  25. Your entry is beautiful! Love the color and love all the bird prints, especially the old one above the table.

    I just found you while over at BJ's. Love your blog!

    Have a great day!

  26. You have a beautiful home...thanks for sharing...Pat H

  27. Oh Sheila, it looks so beautiful! I love how the wainscote pops off the walls. Your bird paintings are all lovely. I would love to have an entry exactly like it. (I have a love for old fashions too.)

  28. I can just see your voyer decorated at Christmas, it is beautiful. I wish I had something like that. Enjoy...

    Love Ya,

  29. Thank you so much, Pat!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. Hi Sheila , Oh the entry is looking great. I love your color selection. Love the bird pics and especially the cockatoo's.
    Chloe Dawn is jealous of all of those birds !!

  31. Shelia your home is absolutely beatiful. It would put my little house to shame! I love your stairway!! I also love the entry way the way you have decorated it. Simply lovely!!!!

    take care,

  32. Oh is beautiful! I am loving that color on the walls and those bird prints...Michaels,you say?!!! I am going there tomorrow!!!! Everything looks so fresh and pretty...can't wait to see more! lol

  33. I love your staircase and bannister, plus all the pretty art work too!

  34. Sheila, this turned out beautifully. I love the bird prints. I'm so into anything animal related right now. I'm so glad you mentioned Edra..I was a bit concerned about her. But do understand Be sure to give that Chloe Dawn a big pat pat from me..hugs ~lynne~

  35. I love your posts--you are so entertaining. Your walls and the spindles came out great. I love the way the prints were hung and they make a love setting on the wall. This is a beautiful area now!

  36. How very, very lovely dear Shelia! I just adore the antique bird prints you used to adorn the elegant stairway but the cockatoo print on the table below the stairway is truly stunning. Your stairway looks so very beautiful. Congratulations, you are doing a magnificent job! I can't wait to see the marble and the new carpet!

  37. Dear Shelia your entry is absolutely fabulous. So pretty and I love the pictures. Poor little Chloe Dawn. Now Charli is sad because Chloe Dawn is sad. She said to give her a great big hug. We hope you have a wonderful day.

  38. Shelia, I love this sneak peek and can't wait for more. This is gorgeous!

    I love those bird prints, too!

    And anytime I see Chloe Dawn, my little heart goes pitty pat!

  39. Your new entry is just gorgeous! Love the prints above the wainscoting. Can't wait to see it decorated for Christmas...Kathy

  40. Hey Shelia...when you get a chance come pick up your Bookworm Award at my blog... Hugs, Bo

  41. It's so nice to see someone else who loves BIRDS as much as I do! It's the theme in my home, and you pulled it off beautifully.

  42. I LOVE those spindels painted white! And poor Chloe Dawn. Mabel does the same thing, she'll finally just lay on the floor next to her favorite toy and stare at me.

  43. Oh Sheila it came out so nice :)

    I love the way you post, very entertaining, you are the sweetest thing !!!

    All the best, Kathy :)

    ** and how cute is your fur baby !!

  44. Your entry is beautifully decorated. The framed bird prints on the stairs are a fine feature. So are the other decor details you shared.

  45. Wow, it's really coming together beautifully. I like the paint color you chose. Very similar to what I chose for dh and I in our budoir.
    The bird prints are fantastic and Mr. Precious' lamp fits in perfectly. I can't wait to see it all done!

  46. Beautiful, beautiful, be u ti ful! Love the wall color (even when it's blushing!). Your bird prints are wonderful. I can't believe what a deal you got on those! OOOO, can't wait to see the new floor. laurie

  47. Hi Sheila...the bird pictures are cute. And that stair case....holy cow!! Stunning! I want one! ;)


  48. Well now I am thinking I want a two story house, just so I can have a stair case like yours! That is just beautiful!

  49. Hello Shelia; I love what you have done in your entry way. It looks so very chic. You picked out wonderful colors, love the bird photos. Hope you played with little Miss Chloe Dawn.. ha ha sounds like my babies.

    Have a great week.


  50. Now Shelia, I could have bought that rooster for one of you, but then I didn't want to cause any ruckus in blogland! But, I'll have to keep my eyes open for something for the BOTH of you! Love the vintage bird pictures. Even better is how you managed to get them hung perfectly...and I KNOW THAT ISN'T EASY!!! Now, I'll let you get back to Chloe Dawn! I know she needs some shu-ga!

  51. It looks stunning! I love the way you swept the pictures up the stairs...PERFECT!! And those antique birds are really beautiful. I'm so glad you didn't change the stair railing...I just love how unique it is. It is sooooo Shelia!

  52. Oh things are looking so lovely! I'm really happy for you. I'd give my eye teeth for that cockatoo print. I love the other bird prints too. Green with envy!
    Hugs, Bridget

  53. Shelia, that is SO CLASSY. I love the colour of the walls (what colour do you call it?) and against the white stairs and trimmings it looks fabulous. I like timeless, elegant interiors and you have done a wonderful job. The prints also look so effective - someone must ahve had a steady hand to do that in such an orderly way. It must feel like a new house. What fun it all is (when it's finished of course!).

  54. Sheila, This is fabulous! I LOVE the bird pictures! They are so....ME! :) And the table and lamp is such a nice touch! And the rounded stairway is beautiful! Marble in your entry is going to be so grand! You (and Jose) have done a wonderful job! :) ~Rhonda

  55. This turned out really nice, I like the color you choose.

    And a love the bird pictures, I am a Big fan of pictures like those you have. Well done you.


  56. oh Seila,your home and everything in it is beautiful.My house is the one that needs help,especially paint.Since i cannot Paint ANYMORE i just wonder ,will it ever be PAINTED.I am alittle tired of this ya,ann

  57. I love your house so much! It is absolutely beautiful and the arrangements are perfect. I feel like I should just hire you to come decorate my house. I have no craftiness in me whatsoever! Thanks for sharing these ideas.
    Ruth James |


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