Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

Hello Tuesday Ones!! and welcome to Tablescape Tuesday! There are many of us who just love our dishes and love to set pretty tables. This all started with our very own Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/. She has so many beautiful dishes and can really set a table that will knock your socks off! Go check out her displays and sign up and join us if you wish.

Okay, today I'm taking you into my breakfast room to show you my little tablescape! My table is clothed with a light yellow tablecloth with matching napkins. My dishes are fairly new and I do love them. Can you love dishes? I surely can!
The pattern is called Blue Bird by Dario Farrucci. Here is the little salad plate sitting atop the dinner plate.

The dinner plate...
I love the squareness of the dinner plates! It's hip to be square! That's a song, you know...

This surely must be the Blue Bird of happiness! For me today, it is!
Here is a close up of the napkins and the napkin rings. The color is not this gold - really it's a soft yellow.

Yellow and red...aww...

In the center of my table sits a cloche filled with hydrangea blooms. The cloche is sitting on a footed cakeplate.

I have placed a few little faux berries on just one side of the cake plate.
The loveliest of colors...for autumn!

It's always nice to have a little candlelight! Since my table is so small, I've used these little round candles.

These little candles have a very nice scent, too. Can you smell the aroma? sniff sniff...
I love these little salt and peppers. Again, can you love salt and peppers? I really can! They do not belong to this set of dinnerware, but I think they look perfectly sweet sitting here. The salt and peppers are called Global by Fitz and Floyd.

Now look at the shape of the bowls, they're almost footed!! I love these, don't you? I know you can love bowls!

Now if my tablescape was not Fallen enough for you, maybe this one will be! I've place a different little gourd into each bowl.

Aren't these little gourds just adorable? I purchased them from my local grocery store and would love to dry them and hopefully be able to use them for years to come. Does anyone know anything about drying gourds?

I exchanged my little round candles for my precious little artichoke votives. I just love these!! I love just about everything, don't I?
These are so cute, I thought I would show the other one to you!I hoped you've enjoyed my tablescape today in my little breakfast room! Please come back again and maybe next Tuesday - I'll serve you some food!! ;P
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Blue Bird, Bring Back My Happiness
Blue Bird,I confess,
That I love your story;
You bring hapiness with your melody.
Tell me, is it true, or an allegory?
Blue Bird, can you bring back to me?
The treasure trove, the perfect love, the days that used to be;
The tenderness of each caress, my happiness to me?
Blue Bird, carry my happiness back to me.
Blue Bird, you've heard me call;
won't you answer to my pleading?
Fly high, into the sky; o'er the land;
o'er the sea.Blue Bird, go bring back my happiness;
Bring back my sweetheart to me
Bue Bird, can it be,You are love's tale bearer?
Do you hear the plea of two heart apart?
Do you fill the need, make their world seem fairer?
Carry love seed from heart to heart?
If this is so, then Blue Bird go, and sing your melody;
Below, above, go bring the love,
I'm dreaming of, to me?
~ sung by ?


  1. What a lovely table! The square plates are divine, and I adore the pattern of the dishes. The salt & peppers look like they came with the set, I wouldn't have known they didn't!

    Have a lovely day!
    Margie :)

  2. Beautifull!!! I just love it all!! What a wonderful Fall Tablescape!!!
    Those dishes are so perfect!!!

  3. Good Morning Sheila!

    That is a beautiful breakfast table! What time is breakfast served? I love the square and round contrast, very pretty.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Kathi :)

  4. LOL! Sheila, those tables were so big and the room so full of women all talking at once, we had to holler to talk to the people across from us. So conversation across the table was a mute point. LOL!

  5. Beautiful tablescape Shelia, I love bluebirds...your plates are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers.

    Hugs~ Jessica

  6. "Can you love dishes?" You certainly can! Heck, I love your dishes too... They're beautiful!!!

    Nice table...really like it w/ the fall accents.


  7. Morning Sweet Pickle...an absolutely gorgeous tablescape today as always...love the new dishes and the shape of them is so neat! Those little artichoke candles holders are so pretty and the little gourds....ohhhhhh how sweet and Fallish is that!!!! lol Have a beautiful day you little sweetie!

  8. Yes! I'm with you, I love dishes. What a great table you set here. Your dishes are very cool. I really like the artichoke candle holders. You know it wasn't until tablescape Tuesdays that I even learned what that glass domey thingee is called a Cloche! Now if I only knew how to pronounce it!
    :0)Love the color combinations here too! Have a lovely day...

  9. Oh Sheila, I love the square plates.. and the cloche dome on top of the cake plate is perfect for this tablescape..I know you had a lot of fun putting this together.. Guess who just dipped their feet into blog world?? Yepper..you got it, little 'ole me.. I would love if you could swing by when you have the time..
    hugs ~lynne~

  10. What a wonderful and pretty fall table you have created. You are so talented in making things lovely...and I would love coming to dinner at your pretty home with such a beautifully dressed table....
    love, bj

  11. Oh Shelia,

    Another gorgeous tablescape. Those square plates are FABULOUS and I LOVE your cloche filled with the blooms!! It is a beautiful Fall tablescape!!

  12. I, too, love love love dishes, especially your new ones. The square plates are wonderful. I have square plates in my Dessert Rose that I haven't shown you yet. We'll have to have a square plate festival!! Sally

  13. I am a sucker for square plates!! Love them! Beautiful table setting! So soft and inviting.

  14. Love the setting!! Watch your blog. I just had to detete 12 Spam comments from heavy equipment. It is just stupid. Kathy

  15. I love love love your dishes... You always have such beautiful table settings... I use to think I had a lot of dishes with four sets but you guys all blow me away... It is simply gorgeous tablescape today... I loved everythig about it... As alway Sheila you entertained me compeletly...


  16. The square plates are eye-catching and the salt and pepper shakers seem to match just fine. I like your autumn table.

  17. Good Morning Shelia
    What a beautiful Tuesday Tablescape. Your dishes are beautiful and complemented so beautifully with the tablecloth and the candles and everything about it is so lovely.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.
    and have a lovely day too!

  18. Well, I LOVE your china. That square plate and those "footed" bowls are nothing short of fabulous! If I had more room in my cabinets, I'd be very tempted to go out and purchase this china. Yes, if I can LOVE your china, you certainly can love your china! laurie (bargainhunr)

  19. Shelia, I love your tablescape...can one love tablescapes?;-) Those dishes are gorgeous! I feel the "need" to go dish shopping!

  20. Now you went and did it Shelia! You made me want to tablescape!!! How can I not? This is so beautiful!!

    Your dishes are beyond lovely! And you show then so well!!

  21. Girl...I am lovin those plates!!!! that is fantastic! thanks for the show!

  22. Your table is gorgeous! So lovely. I am ready to eat some yummy breakfast there with you.LOL! Have a wonderful day!

  23. I enjoyed this post...your lovely table setting is so bright and cheerful...your dishes are a great design and the accessories are delightful.

  24. What a lovely table. I'm ready to be seated :0).

  25. GM Shelia..girl you asked me if I remembered you??? Good lord girl we were in the same chat room together and I so remember you from RMS as Pickelpoo and had you on my prays list durning the Ike thing and was so worried about you and your Mama.. OK enough said..I am loving this china girl and I love Fitz and Floyd china...I have Christmas dishes from them Called Santa's List that I just love and use every Christmas now for 13 years...I am going to add you to my blog list girl..Glad to know your safe..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  26. Those really are beautiful dishes...love the rope detail and the square plates. And of course the beautiful colors.

  27. I loved it very much! The square pates really ARE hip, those dishes are to die for! Beautiful setting Shelia~
    Buffie : )

  28. Beautiful, Shelia. And, I agree that it is absolutely fine to love dishes. Of course, I must agree because I have dish love, too.

    In fact, I have my eye on some salad plates that I hope they mark down very soon.

  29. I love the tablescape! The dishes are just beautiful especially the fine detail! I love how you placed gourds in the bowls! Everything looks warm and inviting!
    -Ruth Ann

  30. Hi Shelia :)

    Beautifully done and I love those square dishes too! Very cute artichoke votive holders :)


  31. Hi Shelia...a girl after my own heart...we both have dish LOVE...
    but now I'm craving some square plates and footed bowls! I have some of those artichoke votives too, and yes I also LOVE them! I read on Squawmama's blog you're from Ft. Payne, isn't that where the Oak Ridge Boys are from...we lived in Gadsden. Al. for a couple of years...it was so pretty up there. Hugs, ;-) Bo

  32. It looks beautiful, Sheila! Where in the world do you store all of your beautiful dishes?

  33. Love it! The dishes are exquisite! And I am proud to say I also have the artichoke candles. I got mine in Blowing Rock, NC last summer. I love the complete look- and the candlelight is so welcoming and just blesses my spirit! beautiful!

  34. Oh what a beautiful table you set.Everything about it is magnificent.Those dishes are awesome.That artichoke votive,you best watch it,some purses might be alittle heavier after we leave,ha.It is soo unique.I bet everybody wants one,don't they?The candelight,the way you took the photo,it looks so romantic and just delicious.I adore those rooster salt and pepper shakers.My purse maybe alittle heavier when I leave,Ha.
    I really enjoyed my trip to your home,now,when do we eat>????????????...Ann

  35. oh wow! what a cretive and fun idea you got in here. The dinnerware were very elegant and the table setting is exquisite. Excellent job. I wish I have that inclination. I love the pictures. I love your dinnerware and I love your blog.

  36. typo error: i meant CREATIVE...my finger is jumping with joy on how informative your blog is.LOL!

  37. Gosh you are so clever - I love the tablescape and YES, you can love plates and all. I really love the bowls - they make a statement all on their own.

    You are very artistic and humorous too. Thanks for sharing your creativity. By the way I love how in my blogroll your site comes up with just a fullstop and no name. The funny thing is you are way more than just a full stop. But there you go jsut another side to your creativity. What is your favourite colour by the way?

  38. Dearest Sheila...YOU are such a joy! I hope your week is going well! :)

  39. Shelia...love your tablescape. I saw those dishes recently at HomeGoods and barely manage to tear myself away! They are beautiful!!! Dario Farrucci sure knows what we like, doesn't he? The dishes in my tablescape today or by him, too...isn't that funny! I love how you put the cloche on the cake stand...I need to copy that idea sometime...looks great! And I love the gourds...nice touch! Thanks for sharing this today! Susan

  40. Oh Yes! You can LOVE dishes and I love, love, love yours! Your table setting is scrumptious!

  41. Theses dishes are amazing! I love the colors...you always do such a wonderful job with tablearranging. You are a such a talent!


  42. The dishes are gorgeous. I love the shape, and those darling little dessert cups add so much variety. The colors are perfect! I have to get some!

  43. What a pretty table! What darling dishes! I love those little artichoke votives, too. ~ Robyn

  44. Hey I love your dishes too. Wow you sure can set a table, my green is showing. lol I just love the new square ones out there. Every thing is so lovely, I enjoyed myself.


  45. Sheila, Your tablescape today is stunning. Those dishes are fabulous and I love the bird. The colors are so pretty and the table looks so elegant.. I love the squareness of the plates too. It is fun to see the gourds in the dishes. Yes,
    Sheila, you love everything, that is the most lovable part about you. smile.

    Hugs and love...Jeanne

  46. Ooh, this table setting is just gorgeous. I LOVE the plates and bowls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a great job my friend!

    Justine :o )

  47. Love those dishes girl. I have been wanting to get me some square plates. Love the bowls too.

  48. Ok, got to tell you, I'm a dish freak & they rock!!! And I'm lovin' the cloche! Am I the only person on earth without one of those? Looks like I gotta get me one!


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