Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm A Copy Cat!

Here I go again! I admit it! I'm a copy cat! If I see a project someone has done and I like it ~ I want to copy cat! So I've done it ~ I'm a copy cat! I've been seeing some of you cover the inside back of your cabinets with srapbooking paper and it looks sooooooooooooooo good. I did it too! See my little hutch in the breadfast room? Well, I covered the inside backs with a tiny little red and white check fabric and thought it looked so cute. Well, after seeing your projects with the scrapbooking paper I couldn't stand this!!
See what I did?
Come a little closer...

You can come even closer...

Okay! What do you think? I just love it! I think the red floral looks cute and fresh and everything looks good against red! Did I do good? Okay I'll show you what's in my little hutch. I had to take out all the little pinkness since Fall is coming.
Have you ever seen such perfect little chicken profiles? These little buddies are responsible for me getting into Roosterage! We bought these in Rome about eight years ago. I just fell in love with these guys! All three of them.
See all the detail painted on the sides and look how nice he looks up against my scrap paper background!

I just love this little face!!

On the bottom is written the town or area where they were painted. I was told each area of Italy has their own signature designs that's painted on these little puppies, I mean, chickens!

A few years ago I was searching for treasures in Tuesday Morning and look what I found! A covered dish with a little pear on top that looked very similar to my little chickens! You know I had to have this.
Then as time went on, I'm still searching for treasures, and I go into Marshall's and find this little tray that matches the covered bowl that looks very similar to my chickens. Had to have it!

Just look! My precious little rooster napkin rings given to me by my wonderful sweet blog friend, Jan, have found a nice place to roost! Do roosters roost or is it just the hens who roost? Oh, well...

Now look at this! An olive oil bottle that does look like my chickens which look similar to my covered bowl and tray!

Well, Dear Ones, the saga continues...I found this adorable little stand which looks like my covered bowl, tray and is very similar to my chickens!

Don't these fake orange slices just make your mouth water?

See how pretty this is?

Now switching gears a big. Since Fall is coming I thought some artichokes would look great with my chickens and similar pieces. See how the green looks against the scrapbook paper?
I just love these...they're little votive holders. Can you love votive holders? I sure can!

Chickens and artichokes!!! Oh, and scrapbooking paper! ;)

Hope you're not getting bored, because I'm not finished yet! Lookee! I found this teapot, again at Tuesday Morning, and it matches my little chickens and olive oil bottle which are similar to my covered dish, tray and stand!

And to top it all off...I found a large platter that matches my teapot, olive oil bottle, and chickens which is similar to my covered bowl, tray and little stand.
Now we mustn't be too matchy matchy so I've thrown in some little rooster plates that don't match anything! But look how nice the are against the scrapbooking paper!

This is Prissy! She is the Queen of the hutch!

She is thinking, " I would really love to be a Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Diva!"
Here's Pete ~ the King of the hutch.

He is such a proud yard bird. Or is it hutch bird?

Oh, I mustn't leave out my little very inexpensive cute little chicken pitcher sitting on top of my hutch amid tall black things and hydrangeas!

Well, Dear Ones, that's my copy cat story! If I see other wonderful projects, beware...I do copy! After all, I'm a copy cat! ;)

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
The Copycat Song

I'm a Copycat my friend, and I do everything for you.
I am a copycat my friend, and I do everything for you,
so if you raise your hands up in the air, I'm going to do it too.
Now if you wiggle your nose, I'll be right with you;
run your fingers through your hair, I declare, I will do it too;
and if you blink your little eyes, I'll blink back at you.
I'm a copycat my friend, and I do everything you do.
I am a copycat my friend my friend and I do everything you do;
no matter what you're doing, I will follow you.
Now lean to the left, lean to the right, shake your head, with all your might,
I dare you...I will follow you,
'cause I'm a copycat my friend, and monkey see monkey do...'
cause I'm a copycat my friend...and monkey see. monkey do
~ by The Battersby Duo