Saturday, August 9, 2008

Plate Rims for Pink Saturday

Good morning, Dear Pink Ones, and welcome to Pink Saturday hosted by our wonderful sweet and famous Beverly at Thank you so much, Beverly for hosting this fun event each and every Saturday.

I was visiting my friend, Cindy, at and she had done a post showing only the rims of her beautiful plate collection. Well, my pink brain juices got to bubbling around and I thought, "What a great idea for Pink Saturday! I'll just copy Cindy!" She even gave me permission to do this! She is one of my favorites. If you're not familiar with her blog, go see her. She's a master at refinishing furniture and she is a master decorating Diva, too!

Okay, here goes some pinkness for you - Pink Plate Rims...

Now hang on tight, her comes some Spode Pinkness...I just love this stuff! Can you love plates, well um, plate rims? Of course you can - they're pink - sort of raspberry pink!

Are you feeling the Pinkness yet? Just wait, here comes more:

Doesn't this little pink rimmed milk maid make your little pink rimmed heart go piddy pat? It sure does mine!
Now some sweet little girly girl Pinkness...awwwww! I do love this stuff!
Look at that little Pink cross stitch trying to steal the Pink show from the Pink rimmed plate!
Just too precious!
Oh, piddy pat goes my little Pink rimmed heart again! My Pink rimmed rooster dessert plates! Woo Hoo! I'm so excited! Do you think I've had too much Pink caffeine this morning? It is possible, you know!

Oh, look! A little bit of Pink rimmed plates in all their Pink oldness!

Sweet little Pinkness Willow!

This Pink rimness is so special and reminds me of an elderly Pink friend!
uh oh...
Chole Dawn! Hi Darling! You told Mommy you wanted to share a little Pinkness too today! What do you have?
Chloe? Darling? Sweet fuzzy face of Pinkness! What do want to show all of our Dear Pink Ones today?
Chloe Dawn!!
Chloe!!!! Yawning in front of all our Pink friends is not very nice to do! Hasn't Mommy told you to cover your mouth when you yawn? That is not an attractive look, Darling!
Yes, I see your Pink blurry little tongue, but no one else wants to see that!

Chloe! Chloe Dawn!! What? You don't even care! You just want to take a Pink nap? Well, okay. You embarrassed your Mommy a little bit in front of our Dear Pink Ones. Chloe...Chloe...
Dear Pink Ones, I do apologize for Chloe Dawn's bad behavior today! I hope you'll excuse her rude Pinkness and have a wonderful Pink Saturday!!
I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
Pink Panther Theme
Ta dum tee dum (snap snap snap)
Ta dum tee dum (snap snap snap)
Ta dum tee dum
Tee dum tee dum tee dum
Tee dum de dum tee dummmmm
Dumpidy dum dum
* you get the picture don't you? lol
~ Henry Mancini


  1. All of your pink plates are just lovely...thanks for sharing.

  2. Shelia,
    You have the MOST beautiful plates...LOVELY!!
    Thats OK Chloe Dawn, we LOVE your pink tongue!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. Happy Pink Saturday. That's quite a collection of dishes -- I'm a tinge jealous.

  4. I noticed the Franciscan Ware dish with the pink dogwood. I've always loved that pattern.
    Pink may come and go out of fashion, but it will always be one of my favorite colors.

  5. Your plates are beautiful! What is the name of that pattern? I just love your little Chloe Dawn. I Think she just wanted everyone to see her little pink tongue :>) You right great posts!

  6. Good morning Shelia :)

    Give that pink tongued furry baby a big from me LOL

    You have some of the most beautiful plates I've ever seen and I love the pictures you took of them :)


  7. Very nice job sharing the pink edges of your plates. I recognized one edging on a plate that I have :) (Acutally mine are on bowls!). Tell Chole Dawn that that is just how I feel when I've looked at the last blog LOL!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Take care,

  8. Poor Chloe Dawn. Her little pink feelings might be hurt.

    Shelia, I love all of your pink rims. But, I am in love with the one with the rooster. Where did you find that?

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Your pink rims are delightfully beautiful. So many varieties in your collection. Do you pick them up here and there or do you have each set or several of each kind? I like the milk maid and the rooster and the.... very pretty
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a lovely Saturday.

  10. What a great way to look at those plates---I recognized some of the patterns. I LOVE red transferware! Oh and I LOVED you sweet puppy's pink yawn! That was a sweet surprise!

  11. Good Morning Sheila, Plates are lovely, we should all try this post. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Oh Shelia, I can always leave it to you to put a huge smile on my face with your posts, whether pink or not. First of all, I love just the shots of the plate rims. Very artistic indeed! And you've got so many plates! Holy goodness, I have only one of those pink and white plates... holy crappers! I just realized I didn't post it in my Pink Saturday post! Whoops!

    And Chloe Dawn. I could never get tired of looking at her sweet fuzzy face. But she does look like she needs a good brushing. Send her to me, I'd love to cuddle with her while I brush!

    Justine :o )

  13. I love the idea of plate rims...I saw it on Cindy's blog and thought it was genius! You have such a wonderful collection of pink plates...they're gorgeous!

  14. Wow girl, you have the plates don't you? They are all beautiful in their pinkness! Tell Chloe Dawn that I agree with her...good day for a nap, pink or otherwise!

  15. Now how could anone ever top your royal pinkness? You have an awesome collection of plates there missy!

  16. Beautiful dishes, I love dishes and have two china cabinets to house all the dishes. OK I might have a small problem with dishes. Love your post today! Great job, and the sweet dog, is just sweet!
    Blessings, Debbie

  17. Pink Panther that is a good one! :) This was a neat idea, picture of plate rims...and really beautiful too!

    Hope Chloe enjoys her nap! :)

    Hugs, RHonda

  18. Chloe Dawn,
    Thanks for sharing your pink little tongue, and Shelia you have the prettiest china around. I'm sooooo jealous! ~ Robyn

  19. Wow, Chloe, I can see your teeth!!

    The pink plates are just stunning. I love the little rooster plate - its very sweet!

  20. Happy Pink Saturday!

    You have incredible china pieces! Love them! And the dog is the star of the post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  21. You have a whole lot of pink going on there gal.. just beautiful.. hugs to Chloe Dawn I do believe you wore that baby plum out..
    hugs ~lynne~

  22. Fun post, love reading it.Beautiful dishes and Chloe is so cute. Many Blessigs, Virginia

  23. Hi, Shelia! So much pink goodness...You have an exquisite adn outstanding porcelain collection! Thank you for sharing--love seeing the pretty close-up details. And your pooch Chloe is a super cutie-pie!! Happy Pink Saturday :o)

  24. Love your transferware and the tea party pictures were beautiful also.Thank you for sharing. Carolyn

  25. Lovely show of pink today, even from Miss Chloe. I am also a mommy to a furbaby schnauzer. In fact she is laying at my feet right now.
    I hope you (and Chloe too)have a wonderful day.

  26. Shelia, where in the world do you keep all those plates?Great post yopur Pinkness. Kathy

  27. Sheila!
    You're right. My sugar bowl is just like your plate. Thats so neat. You have a good eye....
    Do you know what the pattern is called? I'm going to have to look out for it now...
    Thats so fine.

  28. I love all the pink on the plate rims.
    Hope you have a great day,

  29. Hi Shelia -
    Your plates are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Chloe Dawn, you are such a silly girl!


  30. All of you plates are just exquisite!
    I enjoyed looking at them all.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  31. What beau-T-ful PINKNESS in them there PINK Rims!!!

    Chloe Dawn's too funny!!

    Missed you early this morning...we were up and out at 8am Eastern Time. We made a haul...went to ESTATE sale and a few YARD sales!!! I'll post pix later!!


  32. You know how much I love your plates. I especially like the shapes on those. Not just round ones, but many different shapes to complement the colors.

  33. Sheila, my little pixie, (you remind me of a pixie in the pix with hubs), that Chloe Dawn and her pink tongue are adorable. Yawn on cue!! Also, I think I'll do a plate rim blog. I like it!

  34. this is beautiful rim plates post.. I love all the plates, i mean the rim here.. especially the pink transferware. I do love spodes and johnson brothers.. gorgeous! thanks for sharing.. have a nice pink nite!

  35. That's quite a gorgeous plate collection you have!

  36. Oh, this was lovely. I have a fondness for transferware, but they were ALL gorgeous.

  37. Now don't be to hard on Miss Chloe Mommie, she just wanted to share her little pink for today. Shelia I just love your pink dishes, i mean I really love them. Makes me want to go and look for pink dishes. My you have such beautiful sets. I need to get some grown up ones. lol' Have a great weekend, and you too Miss Chloe.

  38. Hi Sheila, Happy Pink Saturday! What a beautiful idea to show the edge of a plate. I think they are so much prettier close up, don't you? I did see that cross stitch trying to steel the show. Oh that pink rooster plate is just so pretty! Chloe Dawn was so sweet to share her pink with us today. I missed her at yesterdays tea!
    BLessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose COttage

  39. Loving your pink plates! I have many of those exact plates I use for my mosaics!

  40. Thank you so much for your prayers and wonderfully kind comments during this difficult time. Every word made and is making a difference as we begin this new journey.

    Thank you so much for your words of comfort and blessing,
    kari & kijsa

  41. I saw Cindy's post too! But your plates are just as gorgeous and I LOVE all the pink plates! Porcelain plates are a weakness of mine!

    Got to love Chloe Dawn and her little pink doggy tongue! Too cute!


  42. Forgot to add that you have poisoned my brain and I snapped another bathroom pic, this time not at my house! lol

    I slipped it into my upcoming Monday's post.


  43. -Rejoice that I have found so peacefully quiet music - exscellent post! I want you all the best.

  44. Smiling Hello Sheila:)

    What a nice pink article, and such a delight for my eyes early this Sunday morning. Delighted reading the fun story, too. Made me big-smiley one:)

    Your gorgeous pink plate collection is a treasure! Rich in patterns, beauty kept in details..

    Hope you are having a happy Pink Weekend.

    All of my best.

    ~N at CrossRoads in Pink Istanbul


  46. Sheila, as a plate collector, I just adored your plate rims.. A very clever idea. However, Chole Dawn was the star of this post with her oh hum attitude and yes, a blurry PINK tongue. Smile.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my wedding photo.

    Love ya, Jeanne

  47. Sheila , I think you must like pink plates honey ! They are all so-o-o-o-o pretty .

  48. Lovely pink plate rims. I have a couple of these plates too.

  49. Hi, Shelia, I'm Holly! Or have we already met??? Oh dear... I hope to soon have everyone all sorted out! :>

    Thanks for showing us your plates. The pink, blue and yellow plate was my favorite. Pink and Yellow together makes me giddy!

    Have a wonderful evening!

  50. I love your pink dishes! And Chloe is as cute as can be!!

  51. My four fur babies send kisses and hugs to your sweetpea chloe dawn. Happy Pink Saturday. P.S. I think I saw my grandma's plates in there and some of mine as well. Great ideas!

  52. Oh Sheila...such beautiful things and sweet and pretty pinkness! Of course, my favorite pinkness was Chloe Dawn's precious pink tongue!

    I have a few plates that have that lovely shade on them. What a fun idea to only show the rims!

    Have a sweet week! Oh! I still have to take that bathroom shot! Grace wants to do it with me so we have to time this right!!


  53. Hello Shelia, I love those plates! I collect vintage plates to make mosaic out of, so you really had my attention at those pink edges!
    I also love your cute baby's tongue. I caught my furry baby's tongue too for Pink Saturday!
    Love, Ann

  54. Your *pink* plates are so lovely. I really like the pictures of the rims, that's where the best details are and a great way to see it! Chloe Dawn is such a little darling!


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