Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pink Saturday

Attention! Attention!! Dearest Ones, are you getting used to the constant interruption of this most fabulous blog's postings each day? Just wait, be patient and feast your eyes upon our next Bathroom DIVA! You know the routine ~ bathroom invasion ~ beautiful one ~ snap snap snap! Oh, my goodness! What a gorgeous beautiful one we have here. But looks can be deceiving, you know I must fulfill my role of Divaship and inspect with my gorgeous baby blue eagle eyes. Okay, now...I am seeing a peaches and creamyness of her complextion, a flashing beautiful smile with the pearlyness of whites, oh, and beautiful longness of locks just filled with bathroom highlights. I see two stylishlness garments, pretty little arms draped with the most magnificentness of jewels, and at the end of the arm, small creamy dainty fingers wrapped around a CAMERA! Citizens of Blogland ~ rejoice! We have another Bathroom Snapping Diva. Let's see, do we know her? Yes, yes, we know her ~ this is Ashley who's Mom is Rhonda at . Oh, and I must say, we need to honor this most gorgeousness DIVA one ~ she has just recently had a birthday!! Happy Birthday to our youngest Diva, Ashley!
Okay, to the most important stuff!! What? I am standing up! Ahem...Ashley, dear one, I would like to crown you with the most important and sought after title you will ever receive! You are now a Daring Darling Bathroom Snapping Diva and will be for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Hallelujah!! Divas rule! Snap on, dear ones!!

Welcome to Pink Saturday!
This wonderful Pink event is hosted by
our most fabulousness Pink Beverly at
You can click on the link to her blog to see all of the
Pink participants!

Well, I'm just tired! Some of you know my Mother has been pretty sick. She does live by herself, but she needed me to care for her and that's just what this wonderful daughter did! She has been with Mr. Precious and I for a week and I took her home yesterday. She's much better now. The reason for my little story is ~ I'm just tired! My creativeness and wonderfulness is gone! I'm hoping it will come back next week.
I miss that part of me ~~ so I will do my little bitty best for Pink Saturday!

See, I told you I was tired! But as I crawled all over the house searching for Pinkness, I came upon this desirable Pink notepad to show you! I love the saying! When I get my strength back that may be a good idea. The paper of Pinkness can be used to write yourself notes, make a grocery list or just doodle on. I don't have the strength at the moment to do anything with it! So just look at it and imagine what I would do if I had my creativeness back.

Also, you can feast your eyes on the ever lovely Pink emery board. The vision in my eyes is blurred at the moment ~ did I tell you I was just so tired ~ so I can't see clearly enough nor do I have the strength to pick up this piece of Pinkness and file my lovely pink nails at the moment. I'm sorry if I've let you down, sweet Pink ones, but even wonderful ones like me, loose their creativeness at times. Especially when they are so tired! :(

uh oh...
Here is my most darling lovely little Chloe Dawn (please look at her long and flowing eyelashes)! She is feeling so sorry for her Mommy today and wanted to help me out with some Pinkness! She is so very fond of her Pink Peep! This is the stuffed animal side of the Eastery marshmallowy candy Peeps! She just love this little Pink Peepness. I think she's even shown her Pink Peep before. Thank you my Darling, for helping Mommy out on Pink Saturday. Do you have anything else you would love to show our Sweet Pink Ones?

I guess not! She is shaking her little gorgeous fuzzy black head violently! She said my blog has been 'all about me' lately, and she is very much offended. Sorry, my Chloe Dawn, Mommy will have more pictures of you when I'm all rested up! I guess my little sweet animal of loveliness is tired too! Pray for me ~ I need my creativity back! ;)

I have received this most beautiful award from my sweet friend Maria at . Maria lives in Poland and she actually reads my blog~! Thank you so much sweet Maria!

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

I'm Tired

I'm tired, I can't explain,

All the troubled notions scrambling my brain.

I'm tired, let me be for now.

There was a time when I was interested by you,

But it isn't now.

If only I could escape

Leave a dummy in my place,

Slip away through the walls,

Not listen at all.

I'm tired, I can't explain.

I may as well have been talking to myself

By the look on your face.

I'm high, I don't feel myself.

I think I should feel happy

But I only want to lie down.

If only I could escape

Leave a dummy in my place,

Slip away through the walls,

Not listen at all.

I'm tired, I might go away,

I'm tired,

I've no more to say,

I'm tired,

I'm tired.

~ sung by Butler Bernard