Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Living With Imperfections!

Attention! Attention! We must interrupt this blogging post for today with a very important announcement! Bathrooms all over American, especially ones in eateries, are being invaded! Yes, that's right, citizens of Blogland! Very beautiful ladies are entering with cameras in hand and are snapping pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirrors! We have the photos to prove it! Wait a minute, this is a great thing that's happening! Just look who has snapped away and has lived to tell us her story - the famous Justine! This lady, for those of you who do not know, is an official member of the Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas! That's right, she is a Diva! Give her honor, give her praise, but please do not give her any more toilet paper!!

Look closely at Justine's beautiful new blouse!

Yes, yes, work it baby!

The new neckware trend for fall - toilet paper scarves!
Oh, the coy look of the very beautiful Diva - Justine!

Now this look would work for the very frugal bride - a toilet paper veil!
Now, Blogland, back to your scheduled blogging!

Someone a few weeks back was talking about living in homes that were not quite perfect, in a decorating sense. I apologize, I can't remember who it was. Is your home decorated perfectly and looks like it flew right off the pages of one of our favorite decor magazines? I know some of you have homes like that, I've seen them. Well, I have an imperfect but very beloved home.

Our slow process of remodeling started last year. We've finished redoing our den. I showed that room in one of my earlier posts. I wanted a totally new look so I repainted our dining room and living room an olive green color. Loved the color, but the blueish greenish old carpet didn't look so nice with it. That's okay. I can live with it because we're getting new carpet a little later on down the road. I took down the old curtains and now we're just living with little mini blinds on the windows - two in the dining room and two in the living room. I have some 2" blinds ordered and they should be in soon.

But I'll have you know, Mr. Precious and I have been living with an almost nekkid (that's Texan for 'NAKED') living room. We're slowly but surely redoing our downstairs and it was time to toss out almost everything in the living room. Well, just the sofa, coffee table and end tables. So we've been sofaless and tableless for about six months now.

You know sometimes it's hard being without certain things and living in an imperfect house! You can even have withdrawal symptoms. You start out thinking, I don't like this piece of furniture, don't need it, so get rid of it! Then when it's gone, you say, "What was I thinking!" None of that happened to me.

Now the search was on for the perfect sofa. Weekends would roll around and Mr. Precious and I would hit the streets looking in all the furniture stores for just the right sofa. Didn't know what we really wanted, but I knew when we saw it we'd know it was right. That's just what happened! We walked into the furniture store and fell in love with this sofa! Isn't she pretty? I know she's a she - just look at her curves!

I've never had a sofa this color before but I think I love it! Also love the oldish looking print and the fabric is linen. I surely hope it holds up well. I simply do not want to iron it - you know how linen wrinkles!! ;)

I like the color combination - well, the old carpet kinda throws it off a tad. But I'm really loving how the walls and the sofa look together - it almost reminds me of a forrest - the green of the tree folage and the soft beigey and rust color of the tree bark.

I know, I'm a silly! You can see one of my winged back chairs peeping over the arm of the sofa that is going to be recovered. Too embarrassed to show you how the two fabrics clash!!

Isn't she the cutest thing!?
Now, I know the pillow in the forefront is not the same rusty color as in the sofa, but they look so good together, I think. Do you? It almost has the same pattern but in reverse - colored in. Had this pillow pre-sofa days. The green pillow is one I made a while back because I loved the colors in the fabric. Didn't have a clue this would end up being the colors we'd pick for our living room. I'm not sure though, if this pillow looks good here. What do you think?

Tell me what you think! I'd really like to know! Now my next phase is to find the right coffee and end tables and to recover the two winged back chairs. I'm off to the races! Being in a stage of imperfection is rather fun. Heck! I like it so much, I just may stay there when I get finished. Do you ever get finished?

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~
You Decorated My Life

All my life was a paper
once plain, pure and white;
till you moved with your pen
changin' moods now and then
till the balance was right.
Then you added some music,
ev'ry note was in place;
And anybody could see all the changes in me
by the look on my face.
And you decorated my life;
created a world where dreams are a part.
And you decorated my life
by paintin' your love all over my heart,
You decorated my life.
Like a rhyme with no reason in an unfinished song;
There was no harmony life meant nothin' to me,
until you came along.
And you brought out the colors,
what a gentle surprise;
Now I'm able to see all the things life can be
shinin' soft in your eyes
And you decorated my life;
created a world where dreams are a part.
And you decorated my life
by paintin' your love all over my heart,
You decorated my life.
~ sung by Kenny Rogers


  1. Sheila - I love that sofa. I really adore those colours. As I've mentioned before one of my favourite colours right now is what I call a "bricky red". I have a leather chair in that colour and I've made a cushion, and have accessorized with and purses too. So I truly love that colour.

    Those colours go along with your transfareware china and other accessories you have so I think the theme is great!
    The 2 cushions in the reverse but like type of pattern look fabulous. I'm not so sure that you need that other lovely one you made though. Its hard to tell from a picture.
    Love the colour of your walls.
    Good luck finding your coffee and end tables.
    One day you'll find JUST the one to go with your new sofa.
    Have a lovely day

  2. WOWZER!!!

    The CREATIVE chick strikes again!! I love the SOFA and the pillows.

    You're doing a GREAT job!!

    Jan more painting this week...finished the Master Bathroom yesterday...Master Bedroom gets painted next week.

    I'm getting tired of everything in a mess ~ so need to clean today. New window Shades are slowly getting hung at night ~ getting rid of 2" blinds! LOL!!

  3. Great sofa...sooo pretty!!! Worth all the weekends of looking!
    Have a good day!

  4. You're asking ME, sweet singing chickadee?!?!?! Hah, I can't even decide where I want to put all the pix I've got on the floor from the remodel!!! Sheeeesh.....

    But I'm with you on that square pillow in the middle - not too crazy about that one with the sofa, which, btw, is just lovely!! You did good, sweetpea, to wait and get it right. Loooooinnnngggggg good!!


  5. Yes! I'd like to see the darker color--bricky red, Judi called it--for the carpet. It'd be a good choice for the wall too, but not both carpet and wall. Or it could be good for one accent wall.

    I decorate the same way. I call myself a plodder because I add this and then sloowly shop and add that and then....

  6. I love your sofa and the pillows that accent it. I'm hopeless when it comes to decorating my own home. I need to order new curtains for my middle parlor but it has been over a year and I'm still stuck.

  7. Hi Shelia,
    I like your sofa. It looks so plush and comfy!
    the pillows look great with it. The sofa looks like it is fairly large...maybe you can find some more pillows!

    As far as the carpet, we put a rug over our carpet until we could afford to have it removed!

    I think a state of imperfection is more us something to do! I have lots of imperfection in my house too!

  8. I like the sofa very much. I also like all the pillows on it. I hate the pillows that came with my couch! I know I can redo them but I'm not that excited about doing it.

    It must be fun watching the transformation of your new room.

    take care,

  9. Hi Shelia -
    I love your new sofa. Those arms are absolutely gorgeous. I like the pillows. You're getting your room together slowly but you will be happy with it when you're finished. Better than throwing it together quickly and regretting it forever.

  10. No You never get done with the house. One thing leads to another, then another. By the time you get done with thhouse you need to tweak the first one. Heee. But that is the fun of it. Love the sofa...Kathy

  11. Ooh, definitely loving the new sofa, and the rust colored pillows look wonderful on it. I don't think the green one looks as well though. Hey, you wanted honesty!

    Shelia, you must pop over to the blog and see my latest post!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  12. Shelia,
    I L-O-V-E it! "Imperfections," are what make us each so unique and wonderful don't you think? Your new sofa is gorgeous and those throw pillows look amazing with it! You've got a great eye! Hope you're having a great day!

  13. Wow! It looks like everyone is in the remodeling/sprucing up mood. I just bought a sofa myself. Haven't blogged about it yet...

    It's really a beautiful choice, Shelia. The pillows are great compliments to the sofa.

    Have a great day!

  14. Oh my, Sheila, when I first read your post, I was skimming over it quickly, because I have chili simmering on the stove...and I thought you wrote, you and Mr. Precious were nekkid on the couch! LOLOL! Woaaa...I had to back up and reread, thinking I missed something important before my lapse of misunderstanding! LOLOL!

    The couch is beautiful! Love the fabric! And to answer your question, No, I personally NEVER finish decoration a space, and live daily with the imperfections...but that's okay! Gives life character, Huh? :)

    Hugs, Rhonda

  15. Morning girl...oh those pics of Justine have me rolling!!!! lol Pickle I love that new couch..the colors are beautiful..please could you tell me where you got it...or at least if I can find it on line? I have been looking for new living room furniture for months and I get so disappointed out what is out there right now around town....that is beautiful girl!!! and I love that rusty red pillow with it...great find girl!

  16. I love your post. Imperfection is our homes middle name. We have so many "later down the roads". We start a project or redo and right before it is finished we jump on the next. I do love your sofa. I think some ecru lace curtains with that couch would look very pretty.

  17. Love the sofa...and those two rust colored pillows are PERFECT. I'd add a couple more pillows in a solid fabric in a pretty color...but although the one you made is doesn't quite work here...I'm sure you'll find a perfect home for it.

    I was laughin so hard at Justine...not only does she have the spunk to photograph herself in the john...BUT SHE ACCESSORIZED!!!

  18. Miss Shelia there are some people in this world that I just fall in love with and could wrap my arms around them and hug em tight. You are one of those just make me smile... So I wanted to give a little something back to you.. I did it! I took a bathroom picture. It will be on my blog tommorow... It's all for you! ((((HUGS))))

  19. I like your new couch. It looks very good against your green walls, which I love! Green is one of my favorite colors to decorate with.

    I love You Decorated My LIfe too. Kenny Rogers is awesome!

  20. The sofa looks lovely....but it was the song that got me!! 29 years ago yesterday was the anniversary of meeting my husband...and he remembered!! That song, "You Decorated My Life," was one of my favorites at the all time favorite...OUR song was "Don't Go Changin'" aaahh the memories...thank for making my day!

  21. The sofa is lovely...but it's the song that got me! 29 years ago yesterday, I met my wonderful husband...and he remembered! That song was one of my favorites, and was in the running for OUR song for our wedding celebration. It was beat out by "Don't Go Changin'" Thanks for the memories!

  22. Love the new couch with the brick red pillows! I meant to comment the other day to have you tell Miss Edra that I love her new red dress, especially with her distinguished looking glasses! Sally

  23. Hi Sheila,

    Wow, you two found a beau-ti-fullll sofa. I love the colors, the curves, and it looks so comfy. You have been busy, I'm playing catch up reading your posts.

    That photo of Chloe Dawn on the bed is too funny. She is such a little doll. My Tommy says "hi".


  24. The pictures Justine took are too funny. She really does it "her way!"
    Your sofa is so pretty. I love everything about it. I have never in my life ever been "done" with my decorating.

  25. I love the bathroom portrait.

    Your new sofa is gorgeous! Love the pillows too.

  26. Good afternoon. I hope you're having a good week. Thank you for stopping by and your continued get well wishes.

  27. Love the sofa, love the curves and most of all I adore the fabric. Excellent choice!


  28. OMG, your commentary had me cracking up! Love you so much Shelia girl!

    Justine :o )

  29. Sheila, I only have one word. Stunning!!! I love the wall color too. You know what? That couch was worth waiting for. Have fun finishing the room. Don't be in a hurry. When I am decorating I am always sorry when it is over. I love the hunt.

    Love the bathroom diva too. She really got it good. Smile.

    Have a great evening, Jeanne

  30. Hi Shelia,
    I think your sofa is beautiful. I love the style and it does look very cofortable. You have a lovely home.

  31. Shelia; what a gorgeous sofa. She is a beauty. And the pillows go so well with it, You did a wonderful job on sewing them love the fabrics. I would use the middle pillow in one of the wing back chairs, but that is just me. Love the wall color. Just loving it all.


  32. I am soooo in love with your sofa! It has the best shape and the fabric is PERFECT! Great job!!

  33. I am loving that fabric. I am in search of new living room furniture. Right now I have sage green and linen smaller 1/4" checkered loveseats and a large 3" sage green and linen checkered chair and ottoman. I still really love the furniture style and colors, but I had them for 15 years! They still look fresh (It used to be one of the living rooms that nobody sat in - my brother called it my furniture museum -but in this house it is a more open and usable situation.) Sorry, I didn't mean to go off.....I think that the pillows on the sofa match beautifully. 2" blinds will look classic, and the wall color is very rich. Have you been to Gollum's blog, her buffalo checked fabric may look cute on your wing chairs.
    ~ Robyn

  34. Love your new curvy gal-friend l Shelia. Very pretty pattern. I have a feeling you and her are going to best of friends :)

  35. LOVING the couch! And Nekkid!!! HEHE I totally giggled at that one, being a fellow Texas myself, I knew just what you ment.

    And dying over the photos in the restroom! Too funny!

  36. It was so fun to come here today and find Justine featured! Nice to know she and I are in the same Diva club!

    Love the couch, and the pillows look like they were made to go with it! You're living room is going to be awesome! A beautiful couch is certainly a big part of that!


  37. GORGEOUS sofa Shelia!! I love the colors!!

    I was too chicken to take my pic in the bathroom :( I should have done it at the B&B dang it!


  38. Love the new sofa. The arms slope down nicely so you can take a nap resting your head on them with a soft pillow. Sooooooo pretty.

  39. Love the sofa! Great choice! Screaming Meme

  40. I'm a sofa snob. It took my husband and I 5 years before I found THE ONE. I've kept it 14 years now and Hubby wants it GONE. I just can't part with it. I still love it so!

  41. Love this post...I have an imperfect house, too! ;) Of course I admire the "perfect" ones but there's a charm about the imperfect ones, as well (or at least I like to think so!). Some of the charm is the POTENTIAL. Rather like one of those gangly 12-year-olds you can tell is on her wait to being a beautiful woman, but isn't quite there yet! Love that Kenny Rogers song. Don't think I've ever paid attention to the words, though. Thanks for taking the time to type them out. Just precious.

  42. That fabric, the colors and the pillows are all gorgeous!
    My house is SO imperfect it stings but I love it anyhoo. : )
    Your house could never NOT be perfect becasue YOU live there!


  43. Sheila.. I adore the 2 pillows with the fringe... the one in the middle not so much with this beautiful fine lady.....hope you don't mind my frankness.. but you did pat pat to Chloe Dawn...hugs ~lynne~
    p.s.. did you know Susan started a blog??? It is terrific... if you get a chance I know she'd love for you stop by and say ya sug..

  44. Your sofa is great to look and full of comfort the pillows are really good, you have done excellent make over to your living room.
    Just love your arrangement.
    recliner chair


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