Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm So Sad :(

Dear Ones, I really do try my best to respond to all of you, but alas, there is a little trouble in Blogland. Last night a sweet one told me the trouble was with 'sitemeter' - whatever that is! I checked and I don't have it, but if you're using it on your blog site, I can't come to see you, I can't get onto you site. So if you don't hear from me, that's why. I've tried over and over to get on, but with 'sitemeter' on your blog I guess I'll have to be absent. It makes me shed many tears because some of my dearest sweeties must have that ole 'sitemeter' thingy going on.

I miss you,
Shelia :(

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  1. Pickle what is a sitemeter and I am having trouble getting onto some blogs this morning says internet explorer cannot open that webpage.tell me what it is

  2. Hmmm I am having trouble getting onto some blogs too! Internet explorer aborts the operation. I wonder what's going on! Don't the powers that be know it's pink Saturday?

    take care,

  3. I had the same trouble this morning, too. So sad that we can't enjoy contact with some dear blog friends. I hope they get it fixed. ~Adrienne~

  4. SiteMeter...dear a widget you can put onto your blog to COUNT the number of visitors you have to your blog. It gives you LOADS of information about the visitor, too!

    It's good while it works...but AWFUL when it doesn't!!

    As you know...I couldn't EVEN get INTO MY OWN BLOG!!! I cried!!

    Glad I'm back and got that email from you!!


  5. Oh Miss Shelia...Im going crazy! I have sitemeter on mine but cant even get on it to take it off. I dont know if that is the problem... Blogspot says it is having problems with some blogs..they are coming up spam..ugh! I hope they fix it soon. I can only visit a few. So if you ant to respond to me just leave a comment on yours and I will check back. Shame on spam!!! ((hugs)) Susie H~

  6. can you get to mine? i have a counter..but not sure if it is sitemeter...let me know...even via email sweetie...I am gone now for about a don't rush for me!

  7. Shelia, I've heard of this problem. Glad I didn't have it. I'll try to help spread the word and hopefully that old stie meter will be deleted. I know Buffie took hers off last night and it fixed her blog.
    Hugs, Bridget

  8. Sheila, I was wondering why I couldn't get into some of the blogs! I guess I need to check mine and see my meter is from sitemeter. Thanks for the heads up! Hugs, Rhonda :)

  9. Hi, well you are one that opened up...I saw this late last evening. Ran all my spyware stuff...did nothing...I was hoping it would be gone by this morning....Hopefully soon. Have a semi? good Saturday!!!

  10. Come on by, Shelia...we're back from the lake and I don't have sitemeter.

    I was so upset yesterday when I tried visiting my blogs and finally gave up!


  11. Sheila, I was one who couldn't get into my own blog last night!!! I thought it was just me. But now I find lots of others had the same problem. Today, I could get into my blog - so hopefully, it is fixed! Come over and try. I do have a sitemeter, but have had it all along and no trouble before.
    So let me know if you can get on.
    Thanks. Ruthie. If you can't get into my blog - speak to me here at yours and I'll come by to read it.

  12. I havent had any trouble , but I have been gone I posted at 2 something this morning. Kathy

  13. I took my sitemeter off my blog a few weeks ago when it was freezing my blog. So I am sitemeter free, please stop by. Happy Pink Saturday. Your pink hutch and dishes are gorgeous. Karen

  14. So that's why I kept getting shut out of blogs yesterday! I thought it was my computer! I will have to go back to the blogs I visited yesterday and see if they work now. I also read the message on Dashboard talking about how some blogs were being accidentally tagged as spam! Geesh, don't you just love the bugs on the internet?

    For those who don't realize this, you don't need a sitemeter. Go to your own profile. There should be a counter there for profile views.

    Thanks for posting this info, Shelia, I'm glad to know what the problem is and can alert my blog friends about it.


  15. I was having the same problem last night and this AM with some blogs...I had to use Firefox (instead of IE) to view those sites....but now everything seems back to normal, at least I hope so!

    I thought you were going to say that you were so sad because no one wants to take a pic of themselves in a public restroom ;)

    Take care, Sheila!!!


  16. Hi Sheila,

    That sitemeter thingy sounds nasty. I don't have one, don't ever plan to so come on over when you can.


  17. Sheila,
    Be sure and check my blog tomorrow! I have pictures!
    Your 1st BBS
    (Bathroom Beauty Snapper)

  18. oh no...I have had the very same thing and its just started with one blog that I noticed last night. I had the same message that it cannot be opened. *sigh*. I hope that nonsense stops. But I can still come in here and hope you can come visit me too.
    I added your blog into my post again today and hope you don't mind.
    You might be interested in reading...
    Don't be sad anymore..maybe it 'll all fix itself up somehow. It sounds like perhaps its just a glitch in the systemand temporary.
    I hope your weekend otherwise has been absolutely lovely!

  19. Hi Sheila,

    Swing on by if you have a chance. You have been tagged my friend.

  20. I couldn't get on my own blog last evening. Today, I think everything is okay. Please let me know if you can view my blog.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  21. Hi Sheila:

    This was nuts, huh? Has something to do with Internet Explorer, so I've been using Firefox for my browser today.

    You can download it here:

    and use it instead of Firefox if the issue isn't cleared up yet.


  22. Hey, sweetpea, I heard the same thing from the other blogger but I'm experiencing no such thing, probably because I'm on Mac. I'm sorry for ya, chickee, but switch browsers and that should help. IE is one of the worst browsers in the world!!
    Oooooh, try to visit me and go to my Profile page to email me if you can get into my Profile page. Just please let me know.

  23. Hi Sheila,
    It sounds like it might be a temporary situation? My sister and brother-in-law both said they couldn't get in yesterday and I thought it was their service. Can you do me a favor and try to get on my blog tomorrow? I want to see if it is still a problem.
    Lisa & Alfie

  24. Oh I know! I was having a terrible time with my blog. No one could get to it. I found the info about the sitemeter in a discussion group on the help page. As soon as I took it off everything went back to normal...

  25. Sheila,
    Hi hon. I couldn't even get on my own blog this weekend. This goofy message kept popping up when I tried to log on. I could get on some blogs but not others but never made the sitemeter connection. Very interesting!
    Your bathroom pictures are a riot. You look so good in them. When I used to try and take my picture at home for a makeup board that I belong to I could never get even a decent picture, let alone an actual good one. Anyway, love yours.


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