Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The First Ever Tablescape Tuesday!!

Attention! Attention!! Dear Ones of Blogland, before we can have any Tablescaping we have just learned we have had another Bathroom Snapping Sighting! Oh, I've just been informed there have been three Bathroom Snapping Sightings! Are your bathrooms safe from these invasions...absolutely not! Lovelies are crashing, climbing, breaking through bathroom doors all over America! But these invaders, in all of their beautifulness, are not dangerous at all, oh no ~ they just want to snap! My heart is leaping in my chest at the joyness I feel at this very moment. But we cannot be too careful, there are imposters out their in bathrooms who want this title and we are only going to give it to the genuine bathroom Divas.

So I must start the examination...let's see, I do see beautiful peachesness and creamness of complextions here, gorgeous locks of hair with bathroom highlightness, the most pearly whitenesses of teeth, bodies attired in the most stylishness of clothes, arms tilted just so and poised in the air with tiny little dainty fingers wrapped around their CAMERAS! Yes, Dear Ones! We have truly found three Bathroom Divas in all of their gloriness!! Oh the joyness of this moment!

Now who do we have here? It our own precious Dawn at http://dawnsdaybreak.blogspot.com/. Isn't she the most wonderfulness loveliest of ones? She could take her title to her classroom this fall...no no, young children are not allowed to be Divas...never mind, sweet Dawnness.

And who is this most alluring one in all of her smiling gloriness? It's our own BJ at http://sweetnothingsbj.blogspot.com/. Even in all of her sophistication, BJ has dreamed of this achievement and I'm so proud of her bathroom gorgeousness!

Oh, my goodness! Who is this most alluring one? This is Glenda, affectionately known to me as Tootsie Wootsie, at http://tootsietime.blogspot.com/. This Bathroom Diva stepped away from her flowers just to snap and be crowned!!
Okay, Dear Ones, on with the most importantness of this moment! Ahem...does my hair look okay? Now, Dawn, BJ and Glenda, I am so proud to bestow upon you the most desired and coveted title in all of Blogland! Because of your bathroom accomplishments you are now Daring Darling Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas and shall be for ever and ever and until the twelfth of never! Oh, please pass me a tissue. This is very emotional for me. Remember, you too can be a Diva ~ just snap, tell me about it and I will give you all the praise I can and introduce you to the world in all of your bathroom gloriness ~~ Snap on, Divas ~~

Hello, Dear Ones! I'm so excited to be a part of the very first ever Tablescape Tuesday which is sponsored by my dear sweet friend, Susan at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/. For those familiar with RMS, you'll remember Susan as MoonlightandMagnolias. First of all I must tell you something...you know how I'm the Diva of Bathroom Snapping? Well, this little lady is the Diva of Tablescaping! She is so good at this and has the most beautiful sets of dishes you've ever seen.

Okay, I will show you one of my tablescapes!

These dishes are by Spode and are called Trade Winds. Living coastal as we do, I just love the look of the tall ships. The dishes have different ships on them. The plates have one, the dessert plates have another, etc.
Here you can see the little saucer with it's tall ship! I have my dinner plates sitting on top of reddish chargers. Now these dishes are not really white but a grayish white with brick red ships and trim. Also there is a gold trim around the outer edges!

Do you see the sweet little silver sugar scuttle on the left there? Well, I have this all because of my sweet Susan who is sponsoring today! Like I said, Ms. Tablescape Diva had one of these posted on RMS along with her beautifully appointed table. I had never seen one and just fell in love with it. A couple of days later I was in my neighborhood junk shop and saw one for about $2.99~~ I was jumping up and down for joy!! I bought this little darling sugar scuttle, brought it home, cleaned it up and here she sits proudly on my dining table.

Does this remind you of Cindy from My Romantic Home? I think of her when I 'do' shells and white!

Dear Ones, you know how I love stories, so I will tell you a story about my dishes...

Once upon a time a certain Mr. Precious came home bearing gifts for his Mrs. Precious. Mrs. Precious always loved receiving gifts from her Mr. Precious and just could not wait to see what was in the bag! In went her dainty hand and out it popped with a dinner plate, dessert plate, bowl and a cup and saucer! Oh, she cried with glee!! Dishes, dishes!! How she loved dishes! Mr. Precious told her if she liked these, he could bring home many more. Of course Mrs. Precious said, "Yes! Yes! Bring me more dishes!"

So Mr. Precious did just that! You see the King he worked for had moved from their old palace to a newer bigger palace and these dishes had been stored away in the dungeon for many years. The dishes had been used in the large eating room for all the special knights and ladies. But alas, the rich King no longer wanted these dishes any more. So Rumplestilkins was going to sell all the dishes to the common folk and make lots of money for the rich King! Word got out to Mr. Precious that he could buy some dishes that had been used at the King's table. And that is how Mrs. Precious ended up with these great dishes.

The moral of this story - dishes from King's castles can end up for all to see in Blogland!!

~the end.

I'll leave you with a little Note Song ~

Castles in The Air

Here my head up in the clouds
I feel I’m spinning around
Dreams will come and go
But this is here to stay
So forever this way
Hold me now, hold me now
And say the things you say
Hold me now, hold me now I pray
So here we are at the start of this road
Together building castles in the air
Words we don’t need without you I don’t breathe
Forever building castles in the air
So softly like a sigh
Sea where the white horses ride
It all seems so real
A feeling deep inside
So our time will go on
Hold me now, hold me now
And say the things you say
Hold me now, hold me now I pray
So here we are at the start of this road
Together building castles in the air
Words we don’t need without you I don’t breathe
Forever building castles in the air
~sung by Don McLean


  1. Well...one day, soon...I will be a DIVA, I promise. I must get out and into a fancy bath, though!!!

    I always love your stories and your tablescape story and pix are beautiful!!!


    *another day to do coat #2 of the paint in the Master Bedroom*

  2. I am sitting here smiling because I can't believe I took a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror to post on the internet. Thanks for sharing it.

    The other divas are splendid looking in their bathroom glory!

    Your table looks wonderful! I love the touch of red and and the shells and star fish are simply a perfect touch!!!

    What a lovely tale you wove for us. :)

    take care,

  3. What a pretty tablesetting. I love your shells with the tall ship plates. That Mr. Precious is the most thoughtful of men, knowing how you love dishes, to snag these from the King.

  4. What gorgeous dishes! But the story is even more beautiful. I love the way your table is set. I'll be right over for dinner! ~Adrienne~

  5. Beautiful tablescape, Sheila girl...beautiful dishes!
    Thanks for the bathroom fun...can't imagine how you will top that one!
    love, bj

  6. Soooo pretty! Im working on mine now... Fall of course. Bet I will be sick of fall stuff before Sept., hehe... Love yours!

  7. I say "Welcome" to the newest inductees to the BBSland.

    Your tablescape is beautiful! I love the King's china.

  8. Shelial, this is beautiful! Well, I was talking about your wonderful table but yes, the bathroom divas are quite nice, too! LOL I LOVE the Spode china Mr. Precious brought home! You are one lucky lady to have such a knight in shining armour! And you know I love your sugar scuttle! :-) Susan

  9. That is one gorgeous table scape, Sheila!!! I love the starfish :)


  10. Shelia great post as usual! I have never done a tablescape per se, maybe one day....

    I have friends that do it, so do you just leave the dishes on the table? I hope you dont mind my questions!

    Love the story of how you got your dishes! Youre so funny!

  11. Sheila...look at you ...you're corrupting blogland one lady at a time lol...Either that or you've started a popular trend...and soon Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston will be snapping pics of themselves in potties all over Hollywood! Your tablescape is really pretty. I love the use of the seashells. Have a stupendous day!

  12. Those are gorgeous! I love them. Your tablescape looks amazing. Great job Sheila!

  13. Your dishes are beautiful. I have a girlfriend that would love them! They sail for a hobby together. Love the shells with the dishes!

  14. What a fun post Sheila.

    I am still enjoying your diva's.

    Your table is just lovely and the story of the dishes- loved it.

    Mr Precious is a keeper.


  15. Pooh,

    Love your table setting, especially the red glassware. I have some red myself and love colored glass.

    It seems that I may be a bathroom Diva myself. Let me explain. A few years back, I re-connected with some childhood friends, (guys, but not love interests)they had sent me their pictures and kept asking for me to send one of myself. I hate to have my picture taken and hate even worse,those that have been taken. But I asked my daughter to take a picture of me for them, which ended up being taken in the bathroom. My three granddaughters seem to remember this and now every time they're here, and I'm putting on make-up or doing my hair (they always watch so I'll share some with them too)they think that I now have to have my picture taken. So they get the camera and take my picture in the bathroom, just as they remember their mother doing.

    Loved the pictures of the girls....



  16. Just a beautiful tablescape dear Sheila! I LOVE those dishes and what a perfect husband to bring them home to you! Bill would probably say, NO thanks! She has all the dishes she needs! Egads! NO one ever has all they need in dishware! : )

    You do set a gorgeous table dear heart.

    I promise to take a bathroom photo...I had planned to do so over the weekend bu the best laid plans of mice and Susie Qs you know...


  17. What a beautiful tablescape!!! And love the romantic story. Your Mr. Precious is a true Prince!

    Now, I'm thinking I may just have to try this taking a picture in the bathroom. After all, I would love to be a diva and it just may be my only chance! And, if BJ can do, then surely I can try.

    I'm so glad I've discovered your blog, so entertaining!

  18. Your table and dishes are just stunning. Love the colors of the dinnerware.

  19. You always have the most beautiful dishes and table displays....so this one is gorgeous as usual!! Just LOVE it!

  20. Thought I'd quit being a blurker and say hello to the QUEEN OF BATHROOM DIVA'S! You've really started something fun. :-)

    I just love Mr. Precious for getting these dishes for Mrs. Precious so we can see them out here in blogland. You really know how to tablescape, and I know Susan is very proud of you today!


  21. Woohoo! More bathroom divas! You have really started something now Shelia!! LOL!!!
    I love your table setting and those dishes are absolutely stunning! I adore your little sugar scoop! I have one somewhere......man I can't wait to go through my storage and rediscover all of my treasures!! he he
    Miss ya!
    Heather :)

  22. So many blogs, so little time. I am really glad I made time for yours. Love the dishes and the fairy tale that went with them. I also have a Mr. Precious, always on the lookout for things he knows I will like.

  23. Very pretty table scape and I loved the storie that went with it . It's a very happy storie and oh so fun . You have a fun Blog .
    Please stop by and pick up your Aword . Mary

  24. Your table is so pretty. I just love the white starfish, shells, and candles. Your blog is lots of fun, too. :)

  25. Your table setting is beautiful and I really love your dishes with the tall ships. How lucky that you were able to buy them from the King or at least Mr Precious could. Aren't the shells pretty. I have to remember doing that too...especially when making a fish chowder..or shrimp or something..well with anything but the latter would be fun.

    Those bathroom diva snappers have shot great pics of themselves...one day I too will have my bathroom pic upgraded from the cinder walls...*g*.

    Have a love evening..

  26. Hi Shelia :)

    I love those bathroom Divas ;)

    What a wonderful fairy tale story about the dishes! They are beautiful and I love how you dressed the table :)

    hugs and thank yous,

  27. well I meant "lovely" evening but love is probably even better!

  28. What a beautiful tablescape you have created! My hubby also surprises me with dishes! What a fairytale life you lead!! Love your blog!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  29. I had such fun looking at all the tabelscapes today. Yours is beautiful as always. I'll check in again next Tuesday too.

  30. So far you are my winner! I have a few more to visit. But your tale got my heart. My mom in law would love this tablescape. She is one of the reasons i do mine. because she loves it so much.

  31. Beautiful dishes! I love the nautical theme. Yes, the shells do remind me of Cindy...perfect for a beach/red/white tablescape.

    Ejoyed the bathroom beauties. Guess I'll need to get my camera out...only if it is a good hair day!
    ~Always a Sweetie...

  32. I am sooo excited to see the three latest bathroom divas, especially since I know them all here in blogland! How fun! And they all look beautiful, just as you would expect a bathroom diva to look!

    Loved your tablescape and the story behind it! I do love the whites and the red just pops! Very pretty!


  33. I put up another bathroom picture this evening!
    I love your tablescape, the reds are so rich, and the story of the dishes makes them even more special!

  34. Your welcome and thank you for your kind words . Mary

  35. Great tablescape! Check out my blog in the morning, I've given you the Twinks Bank Blogging Friend award! Tootles...

  36. Keep a watch on the storm! Thinking of you all.

  37. Such beautiful and brave divas! The tablescape is beautiful! I really enjoy reading your posts!

    Thanks so much for praying for us!
    Have a great night!

  38. Your table is set so beautifully. I especially liked the tablecloth. It's lovely. All of your dishes are so pretty. You have a knack for putting everything together.

  39. I love those dishes! They remind me of far away lands, and romantic Sea Captains. Very pretty!
    xo Lidy

  40. LOVE your beautiful table. The Spode is gorgeous!

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I just might get some bathroom self pics next week! What we will do for a post!

  41. I saw an Alien taking your photo! I have proof!!! Heee.Kathy

  42. Shelia, I just love your plates and you set a gorgeous table for us to look at! How sweet of Mr. Precious to buy those for you!

    And welcome to three more divas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's my Tootsie with her oh so subtle cleavage! And BJ looks like she's having a total blast. LOVE her hair!

    Justine :o )

  43. Your tablescape is very lovely, I did not join in on the Tablesetting Tues event this time, as my DD has borrowed my digi camera (this is going on my Christmas gift list to my DD to buy her one, as I can't live without mine LOL)

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. You set a gorgeous table!


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