Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bathroom Beauty Shots

Update - August 3rd. Good morning and I'm so jazzed! Check out these wonderful Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas:

Theresa at
Judi at
Carol, well um, Charlie at
Sally at
Kathy at

Update - August 2nd. Okay, sweeties, I'm a little on the disappointed side! Not many of you are taking my Bathroom Beauty Snappers challenge. If you just can't bring yourself to snap yourselft in a public ladies room, PLEASE try taking a picture of yourself in your own bathroom mirror. I know you will look so beautiful in your bathroomness. If you'll do this I will put your link here on my blog and everyone of you can go and look at the others. Come on...

I know you're all so big and brave. Now remember take the logo I made and put it on your blog. I'll just keep this up until Wednesday, August 6, and then I'll be on with other things. But you can still participate later on. Now, don't disappoint me, this is my first ever challenge in Blogland, sweeties! After Wednesday, if you send me a bathroom mug shot I'll give you the logo as an award.

Dear Ones, I just giggled myself to sleep the night before last after I thought about all your comments on my bathroom self portraits! ;) You gave me inspiration and an idea!

Well, Darling Daring Bathroom Divas, I am going to toss out a bathroom challenge to you!

I thought it would be so much fun ( you know I'm all about the fun in life! ) to have a Bathroom Beauty Snappers Challenge. You just don't know the feeling of accomplishment, self awareness and the "I Did It" kind of feeling you will have after you've done this!

Now, Dear Darlings, I want you to go to your favorite eating establishment, camera in your purse, walk into the ladies' room, make sure no one else is watching you... and snap snap snap away taking a picture of yourself in all your bathroom beautifulness!

Now, if you're just a wee bit shy (notice that cute pun? did I ever tell you how clever I am? ;) of doing this in a public place, you can go into your own home bathroom and snap snap snap away. But I must tell you, you will not have the same sense of accomplishment or self satisfaction by just staying at home. I will not call you a bathroom chicken, no, not me. You decide!

I got up early this morning just so I could make the little Bathroom Beauty Snapper logo just for you Darling Daring Bathroom Beauty Snapping Divas! If you're up for this challenge, please take the little logo and put it on your blog along with your most alluring gorgeous bathroom mug, eh, portrait shot! Let me know when your gorgeous bathroom portrait picture is posted on your blog and I'll list you here on my blog. You will be forever an amazing Bathroom Beauty Snapping Daring Darling Diva!

Here's some Bathroom Beauty Snapper portraits of me in all of my bathroom gloriness to get you excited. I've been doing this for years and it really does get easier each time you snap snap snap. Just jump jump jump in with both feet!

Are you inspired now? I surely hope so! Now since I've only been blogging a short time I don't know all the techy things. Could someone please tell me how I can list all of you who participate with a link to your blog that tells your blog's name ( like all of you can do except me! ) without having to have the http/: in there? If not, I'll just put that in.
Okay my Darling Daring Bathroom Beauty Snappers...hit the bathrooms!
Remember to take my little logo so everyone who comes to see you will be so impressed!!
Let's keep this going until next Wednesday, August 6th. I'm excited, how about you? Don't be shy!
Be a bunch of Darling Daring Bathroom Beauty Snapping Sweeties,
Shelia ;)