Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Technical Difficulties!!

uh oh...
My Mommy wanted me to tell you she has had problems with her puter. The man came to our house and I barked at him so hard! He worked on the puter and said my Mommy didn't have the thingy screwed in enough!! I barked at him again and he didn't even care.
He's gone now. I'm glad!
Mommy told me to tell you she would have a post tomorrow. Please don't tell her I told you her problem was her fault.
I'm going now because it's time for my nap.


  1. I hate having "puter" problems. Cause I'm on much of the day reading blogs and such! You rest a bit now, I know what this stuff takes out of a woman. And good dogs bark at strangers!

  2. Chloe Dawn, did good, barking at that puter guy! And, you have my word...not a MENTION at all that it was your MOMMY's fault that she was having puter problems!! Go get yourself one of those "treats" I sent you...and throw all of the pillows on the floor.......and don't tell mommy I told you to do it!! LOL!!! poor thing...with those nasty puter problems. I think maybe they were in the package I sent to you...jumped into it here! Cuz, I've been having PUTER problems, too!!! What a bummer!


  3. I hope all your problems are solved and you will be up and running with your computer.
    Your cruise pics are wonderful. So glad you had a good time.

  4. I hate "puter" problems. But they happen to the best of us.
    Enjoy your "day off" and we'll see you tomorrow!

  5. Clhoe Dawn, I am so glad that you took care of your mommy and that she didn't get so mad at the puter that she threw it through the window...I KNOW how tempting that can be. I am sure you are so tired from all your better take your afternoon nap to get ready for your late afternoon nap! Good dog!

  6. this was cute. just wanted to say hi.

  7. :D I was having puter trouble this morning was blogger, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thanks for letting us know Chloe Dawn! :)

  8. Sorry to hear about your puter problems! Chloe Dawn, you are tooo cute for words!

  9. Hey a cutie pye... I promise not to tell Mommy that you barked at that ole puter guy.. I think since Mommy's back is turned she won't mind one little 'ole bit if I give you just one more little treat today... there ay go.. good girl.. you go and enjoy that sugar... OHHH hugs to you Sheila.. Lynne

  10. Chloe Dawn; you are such a little sweetie. Don't worry I won't tell your mommy what to told every one on blob world. hahaha But I hope your mommy's puter is working better. Have a good nap sweet little lady.


  11. Chloe Dawn! That was very naughty of you to get on your mommy's computer and TELL on her! You wicked girl you. Here, let aunt Justiney give you a treat, 'cause you made me laugh. What a dope your mommy is. Calling out the geek squad for a loose wire! heeheeheeeeeeee

    Justine :o )

  12. Good girl.....tell Mommy not to feel bad... I just learned how to use mine, hehe... Susie h~

  13. Chloe Dawn, It'll be our little secret, sweetie! You tell mommy Sheila, we will look for her tomorrow. You are one fine guard dog! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  14. Thank You Miss Chloe Dawn for telling us what was going on. You know how we would all worry about your mommy if she didn't post! But do tell mommy that we all do things like that sometimes- the other day I thought I had broken my husband's laptop- come to find out I had forgotten to plug it back in and the battery died!
    But hey- your secret is safe with us!! Now be a good girl and go pull mommy's pillows off the chairs! LOL!!
    -Heather :)

  15. Chloe you little cutie, your secret is safe with me. That's what we call "user error!" lol

  16. Hello Chloe Dawn, your Mommy sounds like me, I make alot of puter mistakes! You did good to bark at that man, you let him know that you were taking care of things. Did I tell you how pretty you are? Molly would just love you!
    I won't tell your Mommy a thing!
    Blessings, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage


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