Thursday, July 3, 2008


I thought I would share our little sunporch with you today. It's located right behind our den and one little step down. I've been a'spiffin' it up a bit. Painted the walls, made the little butterfly valances, pillows and flower arrangements. Hope you like it, too!

Do you see the shutter in the corner here? These were on the windows when we bought our house many years ago. I didn't like them on the windows and took them off but just couldn't get rid of them. So I put them to use in some different ways. In this corner I just propped one up and hung these cute little red tins I found at Marshalls on this one. Three tins were too heavy to hang so I could only hang two, the third one is on the floor filled with magazines.

Just some little pretties sitting on top of a tray table. I really do love my little bunny vase, it just makes me smile! I smile alot!! ;)

Here's the little wicker love seat filled to the brim with pillows that I have made. The little white one is a little battenburg lace placemat folded into.

Don't you just love this tea pot? I've seen it all over Blogland! Here's the other corner of the sunporch. I have live flowers and silk ones in here

The sunporch is the entire width of our house, so it's quite long. I like to scrapbook and set up the area on the opposite end for my little hobby. But if you scrap, you know the mess it can make. See the shutter screen back there? I made that from five of the old window shutters. I think it makes a great little divider here. I can just make the biggest mess you've ever seen and no one knows, well, maybe Mr. Precious knows.

This is a little table I found years ago at a junk shop. It was rather beaten up and looked like someone had made these extra long legs for it ~ they just looked like they didn't belong! I did feel kinda sorry for the poor little thing and brought it home. Mr. Precious said to "throw it out!" I begged him to give it a chance. He surrendered ~ he always does! ;) I painted it up and added a few little stenciled gold stars and Wa lah! the little table had a new life!

This is a rather dark shot, but I wanted to introduce you to Mr. Gorgeous ~ the rooster lamp. Told you I like the roosters.

Isn't he grand?! I just love him and he makes me smile too! ;)

This is a floral arrangement I made just for Mr. Gorgeous! I truly hope you don't think I'm totally crazy! Well, I guess I am, just a little!

Oh, this is the cutest little tassel I found in Maryland. It has chenille strands hanging down and beautiful ribbons with little beads sown on. This little sweetie also cried out "take me home, take me home". Of course I was listening. See the darling little butterfly! How appropriate for a sunporch!!
This little wagon is a story in itself. I told my Mother about 10 years ago, I had always wanted a little red wagon as a child. She said, "You never told me that or Daddy and I would have gotten you one!" I told her I was afraid my friends would think it was a boy's toy, being the girly girl that I was. Well, a few days later she showed up on my doorstep with this little mini Radio Flyer red wagon! I just cried! How sweet was that? I'm an only child and I'm not spoiled, no not a bit!
So here my little red wagon proudly sits under my 'given a second chance table' filled with some of my 'babies'. I don't think I've grown up yet and I'm still a girly girl!

Well, this is my sunporch and hope you've enjoyed looking at it. Come back anytime and we'll drink peach tea and visit. Oh, but the rocker on the right is where I sit ~ you're welcome to sit anywhere else! Hum...I think I need to white wash the gold frame over the love seat, don't you?

And I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Porch Swing in Tupelo

And this place don't change
Some places move slow
I'm just rocking' myself on this porch swing in Tupelo
I got nothing to do but hang in the breeze
The ghosts of the old south all around me
Yea swing high, yea swing low
On this porch swing in Tupelo
~ Bernie Taupin


  1. Sheila -
    Your porch is beautiful. I would love to have one on my home but there's none. What a nice place to relax. Or do your scrapbooking. You've decorated it so nicely and with so many sweet things. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Sheila, your sunroom is just beautiful. I know how much you must enjoy it because I know how much we enjoy ours.

    I'm a scrapbooker, too. ;-)

  3. Oh my goodness, your sunporch is just beautiful! What a terrific place to relax and enjoy life. :) Thanks for sharing it with us, and you know that I just LOVE Mr. Rooster!

    Have a happy Fourth, Shelia!

  4. I'll be over with a good book soon to enjoy your sun porch. It's absolutely the best sun porch I've seen. It has everything! I need to tell Rhonda at Scooterblu's whimsy to come over and take a look at that rooster lamp too! I discovered something this morning as I reread my blog, don't post a blog late at night! Numerous typos....oh well, live and learn. Loved your post today. I'll come back later and read the one I missed the day before! Cindy

  5. Your sun porch is so welcoming just like you!! Love the wagon story!! (And yes, you are spoilt)


  6. Ooh Shelia, your porch is just divine! I wanna come sit with you for a while and chat! And look at all your beautiful treasures. I might be tempted to abscond with Mr. Gorgeous though. I love him. And that "ugly" table? Ooh, you made it beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Justine :o )

  7. Sheila, I loved my visit on your sunporch and all of your stories about how you collected the various things. Love your rooster lamp and your uses of the shutters--you are so creative! I think my favorite, though, is the table you restored. So pretty and useful! Fieldstone/Pam

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for your hospitality and the tour. You have such a talent for decorating. I especially love how you give things "new life" I love to refurbish. I'm not as good at it as you are yet. I get a lot of help from my mother in-law. I LOVE your rabbit vase. We breed rabbits and so anything with rabbits on it catches my eye.

  9. Thanks for stopping by! It's nice to "meet" you. The best part of blogging to me is meeting women with shared interests.

    Your sunporch is fantastic! I love it! I saw a tray table like yours at my favorite flea market store just the other day and I was wondering if I would like it all painted up. Now I know. Yes!

  10. Hey sug.. taking a bit of a break here in the shop... stopped in for a peak.. and yes.. what an adorable sunporch.. I can see many hours spent out here enjoying sweet tea and a good visit.. I totally am in love with that Rooster lamp... Oh my goodness I'm sure I could room for just ONE more.... hope you have a super fun-filled w/k.. hugs ~ lynne ~

  11. Hi Sheila, Cindy sent me over to see your rooster lamp, cause I am a fellow rooster lover myself! And I absolutely adore yours! What a mighty fine rooster lamp you have! ...Just love him! Your entire sunporch is beautiful! I also love the rabbit vase, and the red and white toile objects! I have enjoyed my visit here! :)

    I was on RMS several months back, and remembered your id. I was "Southerndecor". I came over to blogland and like it much better here!

    Hope you have a wonderful 4th, and it was so nice to meet you!
    ~Rhonda ;)

  12. Oh Shelia. I love it . It looks like it was made with love and that makes it even better. HUGS! Kathy

  13. Pooh,

    I love everything about your sunporch, but the rooster is the best. You might remember I had my kitchen posted on RMS and showed all of my roosters. I just might have to do it again on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing.....

    'D' @ 'D's DayDreams

  14. Thank for visiting, sweetpea!! I always love having new people find me. I adore your southern home, sweet thang. I'm so glad ya like "Hoots" cuz I am definitely one of those. Oh my, your house is soooo cute and so is your decorating. I'll add you go my favs on Google Reader so I can keep up with ya, my little chick. Just did it and you're now on my updates! Yup, been married quite a lot of years to hubs - aka Love Bunny!!

  15. Sheila, I love your sunporch! So cozy and inviting. I love to scrapbook, too - so I can just see you sitting in that pretty place scrappin, to your heart's content.
    What fun.
    Would love to visit and have tea.

  16. PS. I'm pretty new to blogging too - so what is RMS?

  17. thanks for the tour! your room looks wonderful...for a tiny space, you have managed to pack in a whole lot of charm

  18. thanks for the tour! your room looks wonderful...for a tiny space, you have managed to pack in a whole lot of charm

  19. Sheila thank you for inviting me over from RMS to your beautiful sunroom! I love your room and your whole space! You are hilarious! I knew you must be a fellow southern belle! I can't wait to try the corn recipe! My husband's already wondering if your husband's called Mr. Precious what am I going to call him? I'm too much of a southern belle to repeat it here!lol :)I got to sing all of "Getting to Know You". I didn't know all the words! I'll keep visiting!

  20. I'm jealous ...I would just live all the time out there . It looks very cozy & inviting .

  21. Shelia how I love your sun porch.You have such great taste, everything you have I love, the rooster lamp is divine, I have been looking for one for ever. I will not give up until I find one. And how sweet is your Mom, surprising you with you red wagon. She is a doll. Thanks so much for giving us a tour of you Lovely home. Have a great fourth.


  22. Sue, thank you for stopping by my little sunporch. Come by anytime.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  23. Sheila,
    New to blogging?? You look like a pro my dear!! Your blog is fantastic and this post......ahhh... has me dreaming! I could live out there! It is bright and cheery and filled with so much eye candy! The bunny vase is absolutely precious, your Rooster lamp is fabulous and the toile pillows on the wicker....... a girl after my own heart! I can not get enough of toile! Somehow it manages to sneak into every room in my home!
    It was so nice to "meet" you! Please do come by anytime and I will be visiting you often!
    Have a great weekend!
    -Heather :)

  24. Hey sheila, thanks for stopping by...I love your porch...This looks like a perfect place to curl up with a book...and your roosters, LOVE THEM!! Well, I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th of July... toodles, Monta. :))

  25. Hi Sheila,
    I'm here from Jill's blog.
    Your sun porch is beautiful. I don't know which item is my favorite, maybe the shutters with the hanging tins on them - charming!
    And the post, to end it with something from Bernie Taupin speaks to my heart.
    Happy 4th of July!
    My Petite Maison

  26. Just love what you've done to your room. It is so inviting. Anyone would love to come sit awhile and have tea with you.
    Happy 4th.

  27. I just love your sunroom and all the pretties you have there. That tray table and dishes are so pretty. Hope you have a Happy 4th too!

  28. I loved all the pictures of your sunporch. Everyone needs a wagon! I'm glad you have one now!

  29. Also, I'm an "only" too :)

  30. Pretty...lovely....*smiling*.

  31. This is my first visit to your blog, and it was a treat! I love collecting lamps, and you have some real gems!

  32. Hi Shelia, I have just been enjoying myself on your blog today. I hope you don't mind. This sun porch is beautiful! I am in love with the rooster lamp. Well, I love it ALL! Nancy

  33. Yes~ I love this room....great idea with the shutter, too!

  34. I think the word you're looking for is "voila" rather than "wah la".

    Love the sun porch. They are always so pretty!


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