Thursday, July 3, 2008


I thought I would share our little sunporch with you today. It's located right behind our den and one little step down. I've been a'spiffin' it up a bit. Painted the walls, made the little butterfly valances, pillows and flower arrangements. Hope you like it, too!

Do you see the shutter in the corner here? These were on the windows when we bought our house many years ago. I didn't like them on the windows and took them off but just couldn't get rid of them. So I put them to use in some different ways. In this corner I just propped one up and hung these cute little red tins I found at Marshalls on this one. Three tins were too heavy to hang so I could only hang two, the third one is on the floor filled with magazines.

Just some little pretties sitting on top of a tray table. I really do love my little bunny vase, it just makes me smile! I smile alot!! ;)

Here's the little wicker love seat filled to the brim with pillows that I have made. The little white one is a little battenburg lace placemat folded into.

Don't you just love this tea pot? I've seen it all over Blogland! Here's the other corner of the sunporch. I have live flowers and silk ones in here

The sunporch is the entire width of our house, so it's quite long. I like to scrapbook and set up the area on the opposite end for my little hobby. But if you scrap, you know the mess it can make. See the shutter screen back there? I made that from five of the old window shutters. I think it makes a great little divider here. I can just make the biggest mess you've ever seen and no one knows, well, maybe Mr. Precious knows.

This is a little table I found years ago at a junk shop. It was rather beaten up and looked like someone had made these extra long legs for it ~ they just looked like they didn't belong! I did feel kinda sorry for the poor little thing and brought it home. Mr. Precious said to "throw it out!" I begged him to give it a chance. He surrendered ~ he always does! ;) I painted it up and added a few little stenciled gold stars and Wa lah! the little table had a new life!

This is a rather dark shot, but I wanted to introduce you to Mr. Gorgeous ~ the rooster lamp. Told you I like the roosters.

Isn't he grand?! I just love him and he makes me smile too! ;)

This is a floral arrangement I made just for Mr. Gorgeous! I truly hope you don't think I'm totally crazy! Well, I guess I am, just a little!

Oh, this is the cutest little tassel I found in Maryland. It has chenille strands hanging down and beautiful ribbons with little beads sown on. This little sweetie also cried out "take me home, take me home". Of course I was listening. See the darling little butterfly! How appropriate for a sunporch!!
This little wagon is a story in itself. I told my Mother about 10 years ago, I had always wanted a little red wagon as a child. She said, "You never told me that or Daddy and I would have gotten you one!" I told her I was afraid my friends would think it was a boy's toy, being the girly girl that I was. Well, a few days later she showed up on my doorstep with this little mini Radio Flyer red wagon! I just cried! How sweet was that? I'm an only child and I'm not spoiled, no not a bit!
So here my little red wagon proudly sits under my 'given a second chance table' filled with some of my 'babies'. I don't think I've grown up yet and I'm still a girly girl!

Well, this is my sunporch and hope you've enjoyed looking at it. Come back anytime and we'll drink peach tea and visit. Oh, but the rocker on the right is where I sit ~ you're welcome to sit anywhere else! Hum...I think I need to white wash the gold frame over the love seat, don't you?

And I'll leave you with a little Note Song~

Porch Swing in Tupelo

And this place don't change
Some places move slow
I'm just rocking' myself on this porch swing in Tupelo
I got nothing to do but hang in the breeze
The ghosts of the old south all around me
Yea swing high, yea swing low
On this porch swing in Tupelo
~ Bernie Taupin